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The landlady of the Rusty Shuttle pub, stern and motherly about her patrons. A Creatobot, Harriet is a master of the kitchen, creating extravagant dishes with ease.

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Harriet is a rather plump woman, with rosy cheeks and a broad smile. She is a handsome woman, but in no way beautiful by the traditional definition. Her hair, which she normally keeps braided, falls to her mid back, and is a straw blonde color. Her eyes are bright blue, giving her a somewhat norse appearance combined with her hair. She is of medium height, and has muscled arms from the aforementioned chopping. Harriet normally wears simple dresses in whites and browns, and of course her apron.


Harriet is a jolly woman, with a good sense of humor and an entirely unfeminine aura about her. She laughs at dirty jokes that would make most women blush, not to mention making them, and is very hands on in her approach to a lot of things. She takes a no nonsense attitude around her companions, and any disputes are swiftly solved with a bashing together of heads and a scalding. Though she is only 29, she has a very motherly and disciplinary nature to her that can bring even older men and women in line, mothering over everyone and keeping order. She of course, defers to more experienced companions in combat situations, but domestically, she is the boss. Or ye'll be gettin' a fine dose of the rollin' pin won't y'!


Harriet has a strong arm, after long hours of chopping up tough carcasses, and dealing with rowdy customers. She can swing a saucepan with enough force to knock you out cold, and can wield a cleaver with a similar level of skill that a soldier wields a sword. She is unused to using it in combat of course, but she has always been a fast learner. Overall, Harriet has a lot of brawn for a woman, but is unpracticed at using it beyond clubbing people with pans and rolling pins. Beyond combat skills, she can cook masterfully, and is a real gossip - giving her eavesdropping skills.

She carries her cleaver and rolling pin with her at all times. It's a thing.


Harriet had a fairly normal childhood, given to a human couple who were infertile. Her 'mother' was part Irish, and her 'father' part Scottish, meaning she grew up with a thick accent that can't be entirely placed in either location. Going through the education system, Harriet was always an assertive figure amongst her friends, if not the most brainy - and by the time she left school it was clear she wasn't going to do anything academic with her life.

No, she had her sights set on starting her own business, a small venture, traditional and suited to her greatest talent: Cooking. Though Harriet has an aptitude for all things creative, through experience and practice her ability with cookery is above and beyond a mere aptitude. Harriet bought the building that would become the Rusty Shuttle pub almost a decade ago, and has been running it since - it is a highly recommended establishment, though with the expansion of the premises into the neighbouring property to increase capacity, Harriet can no longer oversee all the cooking. While with cooking to qualify it as a restaurant, Harriet prefers to keep the tag of pub, and the traditional atmosphere and options for eating and drinking, in addition to the more extravagant menu items.

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Harriet's Story