English Parlimentary (EP)Ken Blood

Look both ways before crossing the street, because I'll likey be in both directions.

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by Kama

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Ken, a very muscularly-defined killbot, stands at a frightening six feet nine inches, with a demeanor that suggests his mind isn't quite there -- his deep, compassionate, light blue always looking somewhere else, and you wouldn't know if he was listening to you until he responded, which could take a few seconds. He never stands up straight and never moves very fast, except when in combat. His face is very handsome, and sports a small goatee; his features are very chiseled, and you recognize him if you saw him again. Slick black hair falls to neck.

He usually wears a simple black or white t-shirt and jeans, with his light grapple on his back.


You never know what Ken is thinking about, only that he is thinking about something -- he rarely ever seems like he's actually in the room with you. He rarely talks, and never speaks without thinking -- everything his says is well-thought out. He opens up to very few people, and almost no one knows much about him; he prefers to keep it that way.


He only carries one thing on him consistently, and that's his light grapple, the weapon he was given at birth. The light grapple is an advanced piece of technology -- it's a gray cylinder roughly three feet in diameter and four feet in height that shoots out beams that look like light. These beams can pick up objects and bring them back to the user; however, the larger the object, the longer it takes.


No one knows exactly.

(To be completed later.)

So begins...

Ken Blood's Story