English Parlimentary (EP)Luca Iver

The boy who's trying his hardest not to fit in, and maybe making friends along the way. Maybe.

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by Zemyxaphile

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Luca has shoulder-blade length blonde hair that is heavily layered. Being a Freakbot, his hair went wacky on him at a young age and now a segment of his hair sticks up from the rest of the strands, giving him a quirky yet not altogether bad look. He is relatively short, standing at 5'6", and fixes this by wearing thick-soled shoes, therefore usually looking around 5'8" or 5'9". His eyes are narrow and contrast his hair with a strong purple hue. He carefully chooses his clothing for the next day each night before he goes to bed, and often accents his outfits with small lines of sewed-in lights for originality. He is slightly over-average in strength, and does routine workouts in his house twice a week to maintain this. His physical age is 20.


Luca loves his friends. He loves them to death, and always keeps them close. However, he treats people who aren't his friends curtly and with borderline friendliness. He pretty much has two personalities: the one that shows up when friends are around, the one that is friendly, loving, and humorous; and the one that shows up whenever he's in crowds or forced to interact outside of work or other familiar environments, which can be cold and quiet. This demeanor can be broken easily with a stubborn, naive, or strong person though. His cold shell does not go too deep. Just press him a bit and he'll get a bit nicer in time.

Luca is a strong-willed person to a very stubborn point. If he doesn't know someone in any way, they will not be able to sway him in any idea or view he has or creates. His friends have a little more of a chance to persuade him in or out of things. He is an average worker because of this, being responsible enough to stay on task in the workplace, but too stubborn to give up his dream: becoming a Sneakbot. He has several abilities that he obtained throughout his life that mimic the functions of a Sneakbot due to this dream.

A single look at Luca's apartment, and one would come up with the phrase "orderly chaos." Being very busy at home with chores and activities, Luca finds it a waste of time to put everything away, but yet can't stand it being too messy. He can find anything as long as it was he who put it in that spot. He usually doesn't have friends over, but if it were commonplace, guilt would get the best of him and his apartment would probably be a lot cleaner.
But it isn't commonplace, so down on the floor that book goes.

Luca doesn't want to be like other Freakbots. Paradox much? He strives to be his own unique being, yet at the same time not being stereotyped with other Freakbots. He is largely unsuccessful at this. While he has his own tastes that he's developed, his abilities and quirks scream "Freakbot." For this he is somewhat resentful, but knows he cannot do much about other than being himself.


Because of his love for Sneakbots, Luca has slightly customized abilities that he has made or purchased. He has ten standard interchangeable parts, followed by several slight tweaks in both himself and other parts to make him feel more unique.

- Interchangeable legs enable him to do a small variety of legwork, his favorite part about them purchased at a customization store. They are spring-loaded like the Sneakbots' legs, albeit not as perfect as their leg systems.
- Changing his torso enables large storage space to be shipped around the world. This body part is required by his job.
- He also has another torso that acts as several electronic devices, such as a computer, TV, radio, etc.
- His other head can do several things that involve the destruction of an item, from shredding to wood-chipping and making scrap metal.
- Interchangeable feet better his balance and can grab a hold of things like hands.
- Another pair of arms are extendable, again required by his job to help unload shipments.
- Attached to a different spine is a propeller, much like that of a helicopter, which is able to fly him places with ease, such as his workplace and his apartment, both of which are many stories up in their respective buildings.
- He has a few different hands. A couple are claw-like and have no practical use, while another has hidden compartments which contain scissors, knives, and many other useful tools.
- A set of facial features enables him to light up areas, such has glowing hair and eyes that act as flashlights. For fun, he also purchased a glowing tongue and teeth.
- His interchangeable neck breaks up H2O into H2 and O, letting him breathe underwater, and can elongate.


As a child, Luca was fairly social. However, the more his personality developed, the more of a recluse he became. He kept his friends, but has always resided in the same city in fear of leaving familiarity.
While he was developing into a full-fledged Freakbot, he and the other developing Freakbots visited a couple Sneakbots as part of an "Branching Out" educational program. It was then that Luca got the childish dream of becoming a Sneakbot that stayed with him his entire life.

At the physical age of ten, he found a job in the shipping industry. He loaded, shipped, and unloaded boats, planes, carriers, and trucks of bot parts for the regional bot producer. Several of his interchangeable parts helped him in this job.
However, the day in, day out schedule of his job made him frustrated, and this led to an interest in education. Moving into a cheap apartment, Luca upped his hours at work to bring in more money so he could go to college.

While he was there, he made a couple of new friends, a large feat for the recluse. He opened up a little more, making several more acquaintances and being generally nicer to be around. He developed a liking for parties if a friend was near him, especially with his glowing counterparts that people complimented him on.

He is currently still enrolled in college and has the same shipment job. He is relatively okay with life.
Aspects that he's working on now: becoming more Sneakbot-like as always and shaping himself into more of an individual.

So begins...

Luca Iver's Story