The SandboxOrion Avery

6 feet tall, male, dark, straight hair tied back hanging to mid-back, slender build, relatively close-fitting clothing, mainly in black.

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by DragonSinged

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Orion is male, six feet tall. The young man could be anywhere from sixteen to twenty-two years old. He has straight, black hair that is tied back and hangs to about midway down his back.
Golden eyes, and fairly sharp-appearing facial features, including a noticeably pointed nose. He has a slender build, though not so much as to appear fragile. He has a somewhat nervous bearing, his eyes are always shifting, taking in his surroundings, and he frequently looks over his shoulder. He dresses in close-fitting black boots, pants, and shirts, and wears a long brown oilskin australian riding coat.


Orion is a fairly nervous person, with a quick sense of humor. In conversations he makes jokes and quips almost involuntarily. He's not a pacifist, but he would definitely rather avoid a fight if possible. In furtherance of this desire, he's taken training in Tae Kwon Do and knife fighting, his theory being that if he knows how to fight, he should be able to avoid it. It makes sense, in his head.


He dresses in close-fitting black boots, pants, and shirts, and wears a long brown oilskin australian riding coat.
He carries several ceramic combat and throwing knives beneath his coat.
Other than that, some cash in his pocket, a mocked ID Card and the keys to his apartment cube, that's all he keeps on him regularly.


Orion was born a Dextrabot in one of Centurion Companies' labs, but was smuggled out at a young age by his Warden, who had become emotionally attached to Orion during his creation process, and didn't want him to be stuck in one of Centurion's factories building microweaponry for the rest of his life. [[Note: The Warden's concerns were not actually based on reality. In fact, Centurion Co. tends to be very moral in their treatment of the bots. Regardless, there will always be people do not like "Big Business", despite the company's actual practices.]] Orion's Warden was shortly apprehended and rehabilitated, but the damage was done; Orion's Warden had gotten the infant Iota to the underground railroad, and Orion was to be raised from that point by Autumn, a beautiful rogue Breedbot.
This had an odd effect on Orion's psychology: Orion is a Dextrabot that wants to be a Lifebot.

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Orion Avery's Story