La Nation du Regiment Francais (NRF)Poppy Damiana

5'5", Red-headed techbot, smaller build, glasses, white trenchcoat. Smiles and waves =)

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by DragonLady

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'Dr'. Poppy Damiana's appearance, while sometime harried and frazzled, has nonetheless been created to be an attractive techbot. When on the job her red hair is most often kept back in a soft, messy bun, though her blonde streak (gained when trying to repair a defibulator that was on the fritz) is rarely contained within it. When not in the daytime emergency cyborganic clinic, her hair falls to her shoulders in firey sheets. Her slightly glass-like eyes are the blue-green of the Mediteranean, and are usually smiling. They are usually situated behind a pair of small, black, oval framed glasses, which she has fitted with something of a transparent HUD. She is often seen peering over them when working, as they can be something of a sight hinderance...
Poppy is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, looks around 25 years old, and, while not slight, is smaller in build, allowing her to fit into the spaces where her occupation sometimes requires her to be.
Poppy's work clothing consists of a slim fitting multi-pocketed white labcoat, faded black cargo pants, a usually olive green 'scrubs' style shirt, rubber-soled, steel-toed, yet somewhat feminine, brown boots, and an earth-brown toolbelt. When not on the job, she is usually seen in a white, stain resistant, form-fitting, ankle length trench coat, evergreen tank top, charcoal coloured jeans under calf high, chocolate brown (rubber-soled) boots... and a smaller version of the toolbelt. Poppy is also rarely seen without her red-cross necklace, a tasteful pair of crossed wrenches done up in tiny red glass stones, worn up close to her collarbone.


Poppy generally comes off as sweet and cheerful. This isn't to say that she is naive, or immature, however. She finds interest in (and something like affection for) almost all things that are solely mechanical. Not to say that she is not interested in things organic, or partially organic. She likes people, and she finds her job and all of the aspects of it interesting, if sometimes somewhat stressful. She tends to be engrossed in her work most of the time, though has a fondness for crossword puzzles and taking long walks under flowering trees. She hasn't had time for a stable relationship in a while, and tends to befriend co-workers more readily than those outside of work. However, due to the long hours they spend together at the clinic, not many of her work relationships take place outside of the clinic. If she were looking for a romantic relationship, it would likely be with someone who shares in the joys of puzzles, whether they be mechanical, word related, or techbot.


Poppy's equipment usually varries from work to play; her work toolbelt and coat generally contain more complicated tools, often of her own design. Day to day, however, her belt and pockets contain her adjustable multitool, whose nanites rearrange themselves as needed, her PDA, which doubles as a pager and cellular, and connects easily to her thumbdrive, a few adhesives and lubricants, different lengths of wire, different lengths of string, and her trusty scalple.
She also has on at almost all times her HUD glasses, capable of various scans and information storing, monitoring heartrates and scanning for anything from broken bones to loose wires.


Poppy was raised by a Manbot (Erich) and his human wife (Mercy), alongside their human daughter (Lily). Mercy was an ER doctor who adopted Poppy when she and Erich were impatient to conceive. She was raised in a loving home, and gained her interest in helping and healing her fellow man ( or bot) from her fostor parent. She keeps in touch with her parents and is on good terms with her sister, who works overseas at the moment. She works at a daytime emergency cyborganic clinic, both as one of its medical staff and as an equipment technician.

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