The Sandbox[S] Martin

It's only my [i]job[/i] to teach. Nowhere does it say I'm forced to be all proper about it.

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by Иanophяeak

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Martin's casual emo-ish style of clothing, black dress shirt, tight black pants, nondescript black belt, and laceless black boots, is grudgingly turned preppy by a white undershirt and tie. These last items are part of his required wardrobe, rather than personal preference, to mark him as an Infobot. This, along with other features, helps others locate him for teaching and informative purposes.

Martin's face is young and hawkish, with a thin, sharp nose and searching grey eyes. The dust-grey color is the primary way of identifying him as an Infobot, seeing as of the 24 Centurion model lines, only Infobots all possess this identical feature. The main advantage of Infobot model eyes is that their visual range extends through visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet, and x-ray light. Only one of these spectra can be active at one time, however, though each eye can have a different filter applied at one time.

Aside from this, Martin's body possesses a lean, hard muscle of nanofiber muscles, which give suitable strength in very small amounts. Most of the actual definition in his muscles is from shaped packets of arranged crystal liquids around the nanofiber cords, able to flow into shape as he moves, but which retain a solid feel when pressed. He's moderately strong, able to bench press a good 100lbs with these artificial muscles. Below the muscle covering, rubber and silicon organs use power generated by burning the air he breathes, extracting calories from what he eats, and a small amount of fusion-fission, to keep his body running. His skeleton is a reinforced steel-titanium alloy structure with underlying nanomaterials and diamond powder coating. This helps to prevent broken bones from regular human injuries such as falling, sharp blows, or bending.
Overlaying this is an artificially grown organic skin, extending about half an inch down and covered with all the quirks of regular human skin, including moles, birthmarks, freckles, and scars. These formed naturally from the time of Martin's assembly as an infant, then throughout his 38 years of active function. His appearance is of a 19-year old man, he has no beard, and he wears his hair slightly long and well-mussed.
Martin's model possesses functional sexual organs.


Disregarding the regular attitude of those in the teaching profession, Martin prefers to keep a dark, poetic outlook on the world, finding patterns of hope within the eternal despair that is life. His attitude is attractive to some, who find him introspective and deep, and has earned him a steady girlfriend, who is also a Centurion model.

Martin's model type have an internal compulsion to diverge information when it is needed. Connected to a mass database containing all known information, the amount of information they possess is unimaginable and incredibly useful. They have, from birth, memorized what a human could not learn in a lifetime, and can recite all they know readily. This factual knowledge does not, however, lapse over into actual computational intelligence. Martin himself possesses an IQ of 127 on a standard test.


An immense factual knowledge, constantly updated by an unbreakable internal e-link, and a set of multispectra eye units, which can view up to two spectrum at once.


Martin model [S] was produced at Centurion Companies Japan factory, and is number 19 in a line of 26 mixed gender infomative cybernetic models. Model was given faceplate model 2 with Infobot Special eyes, a 1|1|2 nose, and 1 thickness lips on a Series 22-A mouth. Body growth has been small-strong build at full development, body shape 5 lean. Model tracking number is therefore S192112122-A5. Model released on 27\2\34 of the millennium 23, sold and activated on 2\3\34 of the millennium 23. Model S has been active for 38 years with no system errors. Model S is sexually engaged with a female partner, no irregularities within relationship or physical status.

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[S] Martin's Story