English Parlimentary (EP)Xenophon

I can say the word 'hello' over 200,000,000 ways. Want to hear them all?

a character in “Year 2372”, as played by Smiley

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Standing at 6'3", he has red hair and orange eyes, a great face, an orange t-shirt, orange cargo pants, and brown boots. He is almost always seen either recording music, listening to music on a CD player, or singing. He has a relaxed look on his face unless he's singing or recording music.

(OK, I know everything's short, but I stink at long character descriptions. I hope this is enough to give you enough info!)


Generally energetic, but can be docile if nessecary. Caution: If provoked, he can be almost as hyper as a powerbot!
Likes people with great singing voices.
Dislikes cats.


He has CDs in every single one of his cargo pants' pockets, and always has a CD player to play them.


He has no memory of where or when he was made, what model number he was, but at least he knows he's a soundbot.

He has always loved to sing as long as he could remember, and he'd willingly sing anywhere, as long as there was a beat to sing to.

So begins...

Xenophon's Story