Year 2372

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The CBT is a small nation located in the lower section of South America with steampunk-stylized robots in addition to the regular Breedbots and Lifebots. Any location within the CBT can be played here.

Sovereignty: RolePlayGateway

Confederacao da Baixa da Terra (CBT) is a part of Year 2372.


There are no Places in Confederacao da Baixa da Terra (CBT).

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The CBT is a confederation of five separate states with an elected president to preside over wars and disagreements, and differing state governments aside. It's the smallest nation in terms of area and population, but the strongest militarily, with it's fifteen-foot tall Matador robots, reinforced heavily with alloy plating, big enough to take down any other bot in a 1-on-1 fight without getting a scratch.
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