Year 2372

Year 2372 Open » Places » Death Valley Skirmish Grounds

This is the UNAE skirmish grounds, currently hosting a war between the NRF, CBT, and itself over shipping taxes. There are three active bases, one for each country, and the first country to be the only one holding a base/bases wins.

Sovereignty: RolePlayGateway

Death Valley Skirmish Grounds is a part of United North American Empire (UNAE).

There are no Places in Death Valley Skirmish Grounds.

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The Death Valley skirmish grounds are a 20x20m parcel of land set aside by the UNAE for the settling of international disputes through small-scale wars. Currently the boundaries are arranged in an equilateral triangle with a base at each point. Each side has 500 infantry and 20 combative bots. Bases are destructible, and worth nothing once they have been destroyed. You can either capture the other bases to get yourself better chances if yours is destroyed, or go for destroying the other bases straight out. The choice is yours.
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