Year 2372

Year 2372 Open » Places » United North American Empire (UNAE)

This is the homeland of all Alpha-Omega lines. Any location within the borders of the UNAE can be played here.

Sovereignty: RolePlayGateway

United North American Empire (UNAE) is a part of Year 2372.


Places in United North American Empire (UNAE):

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The UNAE is a Imperial Republic with a two-branch government system and laws of average strength. It extends from what was once Canada and Greenland to the Northern and Western former states of the USA, and is currently the richest of the five nations, but weakest militarily. The fleshy design style of the bots produced here is primarily for civilian enjoyment, and is best suited for espionage and guerrilla missions against the hard-shelled bots of other countries.
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