Year 2372

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The United Southern Sector has many Breedbots and Lifebots, but lacks the Alpha-Omega variety, replacing them with inorganic commercial bots of a sleek, compact design. This is the spot for playing any location in the USS's territory.

Sovereignty: RolePlayGateway

United Southern Sector (USS) is a part of Year 2372.


There are no Places in United Southern Sector (USS).

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The USS is a large democratic nation with a three branch government and three consul executive leaders. It's capital is New Orleans, and it's cities include Miami, Mexico City, Rio, and Washington (D.C.). It's the largest nation in terms of both area and population, but weakest economically due to overspending on military programs. The second strongest nation militarily, it's rich neighbor to the north lives constantly in fear of attack.
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