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When the Bio-bombs fell in 2140, each country thought they were the only one to have them, that nobody else had managed to develop the perfect conquest weapon: A bomb that killed millions, that could wipe out an entire city even, all without harming a hair on a non-human head. The supervirus that was released from the bombs was a different type in each instance, but the result was the same. Quick, painful death of every thinking, living human being within a ten-mile radius, as the bug was swept into their lungs. What made the bugs so deadly was their lifespan: They lived for no more than a fraction of a second, but super-effecient accelerated mitosis caused them to spread in an expanding shell of death, killing those it came into contact with by clogging their lungs, veins, and heart with their dead bodies.

7.5 billion of the 8.2 billion populating the Earth at the time died in a week. Humans suffered the greatest percentage population loss of any animal that hadn't gone extinct. Those who survived were often sparse, in the countrysides, though some cities had been spared. New Orleans, Toronto, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Eastern Hong Kong, Dublin, and Lyon survived long enough for all missile launching posts to be rendered inoperable before they were hit. They became the new capitals of the World, and for a brief century, the Pax Eona, we rebuilt, reset the boundaries, and tried to scrounge what was left of our great cities, populated now only by dead men.

At the end of the century, the borders had been established. The United North American Empire, UNAE, had taken root in Canada, down to most of the states above the Mason-Dixon line, where their rule gave way to the United Southern Sector, or USS, whose rule extended down to Central American and partially into South America, the lower half of which was held by the Confederação da Baixa da Terra, CBT.
On the other side of the globe, most of Europe, excluding the British Isles, Denmark, and everything north of Germany, was under the control of La Nation du Régiment Français, the NRF.
Controlling native Britain and the above countries, as well as northeastern Russia and Kazakhstan, was the English Parliamentary, EP forces. The rest of Asia and the Middle East was under the rule of the Chinese Barbarics, whom had not organized into a stable government during the Pax Eona and still remained in turmoil, largely ignored by the stable governments. The continents of Africa and Australia, along with most of Indonesia and multiple other islands across the world, were left as nature preserves.

United States Divide
Map of the World
Key: UNAE, USS, CBT, EP, NRF, Neutral, Unsettled Chinese Barbarics.

At the end of the Pax, the leaders of the world realized humanity still had a very aching problem: underpopulation. This was hitting hard, with too many jobs to be done and not enough people to do them. Programs were encouraged, boons given, and aphrodisiacs subtly slipped into the water supplies, all in the name of raising the population. After 100 years of this, the number of humans on Earth was hovering at around 1 billion, when all agreed 3 billion to 4 billion would be required to run efficiently.

Enter Centurion.

Centurion Companies, a massive trust of all the robotics industries in all Nations, came out with the first synthetic human in 2263. A genetically viable, partially organic, walking, talking, thinking, living, and most important, reproducing human-shaped cyborg. Governments ordered millions, and introduced them into the population immediately with full citizen's rights and housing. Before long, census reports marked in at an additional 1 billion humans in just 20 years. This was when production was slowed before things got out of hand, but Centurion was still going strong, developing new models all the time, culminating in the Alpha to Omega lines in 2312. At this time, the trust was broken up by international vote, and Centurion Companies became the name of the UNAE sector of the industries only. Each separate area took on a different name and style of robotics, Centurion in UNAE preferring the humanoid, reproductive model style of the Alpha-Omega lines, RobotaEuro in NRF favoring a decorative but sturdy variety, the MaximaForte of EP going with a simple "large and in charge" gunmetal type, the CBT company, Helio, leaning more towards gears and cogs, and finally the Eros Companies of USS settling on a rounded, traditional style of armor plates. Each company provides it's home country with military robots of the above mentioned styles, making each country easily distinguishable on the battlefield, and also provides regular Lifebots and Breedbots to the population. Only Centurion in UNAE produces the Alpha-Omega lines, being the home base of Centurion Companies in the old times.

Before long, bots were an integral part of society. Equal rights combined with surprisingly little racism made them into friends, husbands, wives. They made, and still make up, 40% of the population. It was too late, and by the time populations started reaching 2.5 billion, governments realized stopping the production of bots would be like genocide. Not that they had any desire to, seeing as some of the most decorated political officials were bots, and the first cyborganic Emperor had already come to power in each nation.

So the bots stayed. Some call it the next step in human evolution. Some call it no big deal. Some say it's the best thing that ever happened. And, as cannot possibly be expressed enough, some... call it hope.

Various skirmishes are currently taking place in areas set aside for warfare in Siberia, Death Valley, the Amazon Desert, and the Andes Mountain range. These skirmishes have taken the place of full-on warfare to limit loss of the already sparse population. Sides are allowed only 500 armymen, 20 combative bots, and a base. The goal of the fight is to be the last one with a surviving base. A destroyed base means disqualification if you have no captured base to replace it, and the game is only won when one side controls all bases, at which time all players, dead and alive both, are removed.

In home countries, life is continuing as normal. TV is being watched, sports being played, friends found, crimes committed, hobbies obsessed over, and families being made, by both humans and bots alike. They are untouched and unaware of the concerns of the government, and live only to support themselves. For them, the Pax Eona lives on.

Welcome, customer, to Centurion Companies!

Centurion Companies is a UNAE corporation with revenue into the billions of dollars. Our robotics are used throughout the Empire, from the Uvin in your kitchen to the AI in the Grand Space Station, as they have been for more than 200 years!
Our organization has proven it's worth many, many times over, and for our 250th anniversary, we did it again, with our 24 new lines of specialized Cyborganics. These Cyborgs employ all of our latest and greatest innovations in biotechnology and nanotechnology, along with the superior Centurion robotics you've come to expect. Complicated AI systems introduce, for the first time, human emotions. Love, hate, joy, and sadness, they can feel it all, thanks to quantum mimicry, a function much like the learning processes in the minds of children. These models are designed to live as actual humans with boosted or specific attributes, such as parenting, scientific knowledge, strength, empathy, fighting, and many more! Our buyers range from the average civilian to small companies, multibillion dollar corporations, governments, and even the Emperor himself! Take a look at our latest catalog, and see for yourself. Who do YOU know that's a Cyborganic?

Alpha Line

Workbots are, quite literally, the strongest things on Earth. A killer whale wouldn't hold up against one in an arm-wrestling match, let alone a fight. While bulkiness is not required for their power, the government requires that their muscles show, to prevent unnecessary death by conflict. Most of the Alpha line is employed in the construction industry, though a few work as military men. Workbots grow from an infant state, using internal drives to transmute ingested materials into needed ones until they reach adulthood. Their lifespan is around 160-180 years, depending on the will of the bot to stay alive "past warranty".
A typical Strongbot.


Beta Line

Lifebots are exactly like the average human. They eat, sleep, walk, talk, pay taxes, fall in love, fall out of love, work, relax, and anything else a human can do, but no more. They are booted up in an infant form, then grow using internal drives to transmute ingested materials into needed robotic ones until they reach adulthood. Their lifespan is around 70-90 years, depending on the will of the bot to stay alive, as well as medical circumstances.
A Lifebot at rest.

Gamma Line

Runbots contain a liquid-suspension movement system with complementary ball bearings, rotary joints, and extensive smart tissues. They hold the world land speed record for organically based life-forms at 103 mph, and possess flexibility and grace that a professional ballet dancer could only dream of. They are made in infant form, then allowed to grow to adulthood using internal drives to transmute ingested material into silicon and metals for nanobot construction. Their lifespan is around 120-200 years, depending on wear and tear.
A drawing of a Runbot in motion.

Delta Line

Infobots connect to a vast database containing all known information through their mind, and can provide and bit of information from this database instantaneously. They can answer any factual question, have built-in calculators, and are invaluable in the field of scientific research. They are produced in an infantile state and then grow to adulthood over the next 18 years, connected to their information all the while, and able to answer questions from the moment they can speak. Additional features include a set of multispectra eyes, which work in UV, Infrared, X-ray, and Visible light. Their lifespan is around 140-150 years, depending on luck and chance.
An Infobot professor.

Epsilon Line

Breedbots are Centurion Companies' only exclusively female line. They are modified Lifebots with extreme fertility, unrivaled motherly instinct and compassion, and a pre-set self-insemination feature upon their physical age of 18, real age of 36. The insemination function is reactive to their partnership status, and will only be activated if the model is single. From the physical age of 14, real age of 28, they are fertile and can activate the inseminator at any time they wish, this manual control remaining active throughout their partnered life. Any child produced by this model will be genetically human and guaranteed to grow up to be strong, attractive, and healthy. Breedbots have a lifespan of 200 years exactly due to population control and will remain fertile at a physical age of 21 the entire time, and grow from an infant state.
A sketch of a pregnant Breedbot.

Zeta Line

Freakbots are the extreme of Centurion design. Assembled from ten interchangeable pieces, each with ten differently functioning counterparts of the same type, each one is a surprise. Functions of their mismatched body parts include, but are not limited to: Glowing, remote-controlling, ejection, optical drives, temperature control, storage containers, swelling, rotating, unusual flexibility, and talking. Most accentuate their oddness with strange clothes, hair, and mannerism. Freakbots are assembled in an infantile state and grow into an adult form, and have a lifespan of around 120-140 years.
A Freakbot being frightening.

Eta Line

Creatrobots have a significant portion of CPU space dedicated to alternative idea formation, resulting in what is often called a higher artistic ability and creative flair. They excel in the arts, with built-in word processors and gyroscopic hand joints to help them express their ideas in a more masterful way. Creatobots are produced in an infant form and then grow to adulthood, with a life ranging from 150-170 years in length.
A young Creatobot exploring color.

Theta Line

Killbots are exclusively for sale to governments and liscensed companies, being too dangerous for civilian use. They contain the best Centurion has to offer in terms of speed and strength, with the muscles of an Alpha line bot and the legs of a Gamma line. Their internal reactor core is specially shielded for prevention of nuclear explosion caused by it's fission/fusion processes, and each bot in a line is given a specific weapon pertaining to their order created, to create variety. Each weapon is equally deadly, though tend to specialize towards fighting one army unit or another. Killbots have an infinite lifespan, but tend to be destroyed in combat within 1-70 years of activation, depending on the frequency and level of combat they engage in. Bots are activated in an adult body without personality, which develops within the first decade of life.
An artist's drawing of a Killbot moments after battle.

Iota Line

Dextrabots possess extremely accurate hand-eye coordination and finger manipulation, able to separate 100,000 differently colored beads into groups by color within two minutes time, as well as manipulate wires smaller than a human hair without breaking them. If necessary, a Dextrabot can split each finger into twenty individually functioning graspers, and can at this point remove dust particles from a surface without touching the surface itself. Dextrabots have a 100-150 year life span, and are created in an infantile state then grow to maturity.
A Dextrabot juggling.

Kappa Line

Medibots are walking hospitals, built in with all the equipment they need to mend, patch, heal, and soothe. Scalpels and other surgical instruments fit into sanitized compartments in their forearms, always at the ready. Organically grown bandages are also produced in this way, dispensed from slots in the same area. X-ray filters in their optical drives help to diagnose broken bones, and nanobot injections help to heal them. Medibots are produced in an infant state and grow to adulthood, able to use their installed medical knowledge to heal from the age of four until death at around 120-160 years of age.
A black and white drawing of a Medibot prepping for surgery.

Lambda Line

Soundbots possess flawless vocal drives, able to synthesize or play back any noise of any kind. Augmented by "Singskin", a type of shallow speaker functioning through the skin, they are a walking surround sound orchestra, able to play, sing, or say anything in any tone. Soundbots are created in infantile form, then grow to adulthood, using their vocal processors to mimic and sing wordlessly from as young as a year of age. Their lifespan is around 100-130 years, depending on certain factors.
Digital art of a Soundbot recording.

Mu Line

Aquabots have specially modified internal and external structures to aid in their primary function: swimming. Able to keep pace with your average dolphin, Aquabots are greatly aided by controlled air chambers, buoyant plastics, webbed hands and feet, and a sleek, strong build. They can move most bone-pieces in their body, including those of the ribcage structure, to better streamline themselves for the type of swimming they wish to do. Aquabots are built as infants, and instinctively know how to swim from this time, able to keep themselves above water if dropped into it. They live for around 120-140 years, depending on the amount of time they spend in water, which fuels their upkeep drives.
An Aquabot in water.

Nu Line

Beastbots are bots with the appearance and attributes of specific land animals, with Wolf, Cat, and Lizard being a few examples. Fur and facial structures are carefully constructed to look natural and healthy, along with other features such as tails, scales, and claws. Most Beastbots have an enhanced sense of smell, in line with their species, and reptilian Beastbots are semi-cold blooded, being less energetic but not necessarily incapacitated in colder weather. Beastbots are grown from a cub/egg state, learning and growing at a regular human rate. Their lifespan is in the area of 100-120 years, due to unavoidable side effects of animalistic structures.
A drawing of a dragon-style Beastbot.

Xi Line

Wisebots are the most extreme life-extension treatment available to other bot models and certain implanted humans. A personality and memory dump is ordered, then the resulting data is uploaded into the empty Wisebot. Wisebots are frozen in a dignified, aged appearance, and possess little strength and no special abilites, to prevent abuse. Wisebots are also infertile, assuming that the occupant has populated his share in his first life. Wisebots are created in an elderly form and then activated upon upload, then live for the exact limit of 300 years before being memorywiped and reused.
A typical Wisebot.

Omicron Line

Sneakbots are of high demand as spies for the military, as well as certain corporations. Their specially designed joints move quickly and noiselessly, spring-loaded to lessen noise in jumps and landings. There is also special clothing available to camouflage a Sneakbot into it's surroundings beyond the base-color mimicry it's skin already follows. Sneakbots are created at a physical age of 5 years old and develop personalities throughout the following decade, and are of use as a spy from activation. They will last for around 100 years unless destroyed in a mission.
A fully outfitted Sneakbot in a chair.

Pi Line

Seebots possess superior senses and cognitive skills for gathering information on a specific object or immediate location, and then processing it into a fact. Being within a person's home can lead them to know exactly who the person is, what they look and act like, who they know, and how his acquaintances act and feel. They are also useful as bloodhounds, can see a face clearly enough at 1000m to tell you what eye color and nose shape they have, can hear a cricket a mile away at maximum receptive volume, and can taste poison in a substance before it even touches their lips. Seebots are grown from an infantile state into an adult form and generally last 120-160 years.
A Seebot using visual clues to learn his opponent's cards.

Rho Line

Durabots have the ultimate in robotic, quantum, nanophysical, and bionic protection. Their armor can withstand a direct missile barrage without a scratch, and walk into the heart of a nuclear explosion and come out whistling. For practical reasons, the bulky armor, which makes the bots look like obese humans, can't be used on other models. Durabots are very much in demand for enemy infiltration, but are absolutely useless in a fight due to slowed movement. It can take up to a second for one to move a finger an inch, making even guns useless. Durabots have a lifespan of around 100 years, and are created at a physical age of 7, able to take hits as above mentioned from the moment of activation.
A typical civilian Durabot.

Sigma Line

Powerbots are like an ADHD, ADD, Hyperactivity Disorder kid charged on a gallon of sugary espresso and shot up on adrenaline, ALL THE TIME. Three redundant fission/fusion drives provide them with insane amounts of energy to keep going, and going, and going, and going long than those weakbots that only have one fission/fusion drive! They can run for insanely long amounts of time! They've run around the world! They will NOT STOP! Powerbots are made in a baby form and then grow up into big adults, and keep running for like, 100-200 years before they konk out forever.
A Powerbot unable to remain still long enough to take a picture.

Tau Line

Centurion's only exclusively male line, Manbots are built in the form of perfectly sculpted young men, with customizable features of age, size, tone, voice, and eye color. Every manbot is the ideal husband, and has additions on it's personality drives for humor, comfort, protection, and fathering. For safety reasons, genitalia do not reproductively function until a physical age of 18, so as to discourage teenage pregnancies. Manbots are booted up with a pre-set adoring and devoted personality to their buyer at a physical age of 16, and take 4 years to become sexually viable, then remain at the set age appearance for the rest of their lifetime. They last for 100-140 years, depending on how much you wear them down.
A Manbot at work.

Upsilon Line

Socibots improve a neighborhood simply by existing. Their helpful, cheery attitude can make anyone's day, and set a good example for others. Personality drives with certain inhibitors on aggression and anger make them pleasant and courteous by design, and a joy of helping strangers also embedded in their minds makes them many friends. Socibots grow from an infantile state, making friends with everyone in the schoolyard as they grow. At the age of 200 exactly, their countless life friends and acquaintances have the solemn honor of saying a few words over their artificial friend's peaceful husk.
A young Socibot and her friend.

Phi Line

Techbots are electronically-inclined bots with a very high organic component number, making them much more vulnerable than most bots. They possess all the skills of an ideal hacker: thinking in code, hardware repair skills, flawless memorization of computer languages, 500 wpm typing speed, a USB plugin concealed within a finger for direct control, and much more. This instinctive perfection in the electronic field has made them popular as espionage workers for the army, doctors for robotic communities, and program writers in software companies. Techbots are assembled in an infantile form and grow to adulthood, living for around 120-150 years.
A typical Techbot.

Chi Line

Stopbots are the civilian police force of Centurion. Very few in number, they tend to take up random professions as a regular human would, only being twice as fast or strong as a normal man or woman. They are unique, though, in their ability to control and deactivate bots flagged for crime or malfunction. They can employ other bots to help capture a fugitive if the malfunction is in the HALT drive, or the criminal has disabled their HALT drive. Once this is done, the malfunctioning bot is packed and shipped to the nearest Centurion Companies location, where they are repaired and reinserted to their lives. A malfunctioning bot is an extremely rare event, though certain situations in life sometimes trigger a Danger response in a bot, which removes combat and moral inhibitors. In about half of these cases, the bot becomes unlawful after the danger has passed. This is the only time Stopbots will step in. Stopbots are created in an infantile state and grow to adulthood, instinctively understanding and carrying out their duty from the age of two until death at 200 years exactly.
A Stopbot in the military.

Psi Line

Mindbots contain certain logical pathways in their neural constructs that make it easy for their mind to formulate a probable outcome based on information collected conciously and subconciously. In other words, they can see the future. All information, every sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell that they pick up, even if they didn't notice it, gets logged into their Future Processor. This then uses the diskspace freed up during sleep to proccess how the next day will most likely go, and is accurate 99% of the time. Useful in business, military, and civilian placements equally. Mindbots are created in an infant body and grow to adulthood, lasting for around 190-200 years.
Mindbots can sometimes be disconcerting.

Omega Line

Scanbots are extremely basic bots composed of a simple carbonide-titanium skeleton, AI center, fission/fusion chamber, strength-tuned smart plastic muscles, and necessary organ systems. All unused space is taken up by a densely packed conglomerate of materials and atoms, laced with constructor-destructor nanobots, or CDbots. When a Scanbot uses it's one included speciallized part, an Intricacy Scanner, it locates basic tools and functions and uses this packed mass to create them on it's own body, completely functional. It's fission/fusion drive is a more powerful model, to handle the transmutation of unneeded atoms into needed ones. At the end of a minute to half a minute, depending on the intricacy of the tools being morphed, the Scanbot will have taken on all the functional characteristics of the original bot to a t. An automatic timer will disassemble the bot's additions into base form after two hours. Scanbots are created in an infant form and mature at about half of human pace, as per regular, until an age of around 170-190 years.
A Scanbot reading another bot.


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Character Portrait: Orion Avery 6 feet tall, male, dark, straight hair tied back hanging to mid-back, slender build, relatively close-fitting clothing, mainly in black.
Character Portrait: [O] Megan Excuse me, pregnant lady coming through.
Character Portrait: [W] Ariel Resistance is futile, but makes me giggle a bit.
Character Portrait: [S] Martin It's only my [i]job[/i] to teach. Nowhere does it say I'm forced to be all proper about it.
Character Portrait: "Haken Nambu" One of the yongest members of the Nambu Clan, Haken is a new player to this world!
Character Portrait: Poppy Damiana 5'5", Red-headed techbot, smaller build, glasses, white trenchcoat. Smiles and waves =)
Character Portrait: Ken Blood
Ken Blood played by Kama
Look both ways before crossing the street, because I'll likey be in both directions.
Character Portrait: Grish
Grish played by Morbin
Philosophical Seebot and recon specialist, in short; a well spoken gentleman of action, only replace the monocle with a gasmask.
Character Portrait: Xenophon
Xenophon played by Smiley
I can say the word 'hello' over 200,000,000 ways. Want to hear them all?
Character Portrait: Luca Iver The boy who's trying his hardest not to fit in, and maybe making friends along the way. Maybe.
Character Portrait: Elliott Kovina Kovina
Character Portrait: Rhoan Sykeling You could spot this Seebot's hair from a mile away--but if you're that close already, she knows who you are, what you do, and why you're looking at her.

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SirusP, your character Elliot Kovina has been accepted. Please post in or subscribe to this topic so that you receive plot information and are part of discussions. You can post in the IC immediately, though watch your grammar. I noticed a few careless errors in your character profile. Not to be Nazi, though. I just don't want any immersion broken by a misplaced comma.

Re: [OOC] Year 2372.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the post rate at the moment, one a day seems to pretty good for an RP of our type. While I'd be absolutely overjoyed at more, this is awesome. Doing great guys.

Para, if you don't have time to post, at least try to check in. Everyone else, don't isolate him just because he's gone. He's still an RPer, and I expect you to involve him in your actions as much as any other player.

I'm considering postponing the plot bump for a little while for a few reasons, one of which being that I don't want to shove a shiny new RPer into the big ol' mess it'll make, and another being that I'm still not completely sure on what the plot bump will actually BE. Ideas are appreciated. Big, explainable explosions even more so.

Re: [OOC] Year 2372.

Apologies for lengthy post absence. I only just got my act together in posting for anything, at all. I do have exams over the next few weeks, so posting times may be erratic and spread out.

Re: [OOC] Year 2372.

I submitted a character, I hope his characteristics and history line up with what your image of this time period is. <: Will edit if I need to.

Just as a heads up, I'm going off on a camping trip starting Friday afternoon, but I'll DEFINITELY be checking around after that. 8DD! This setting makes me squiggle with joy inside.

I haven't done any customization on my profile or account in general, I'll get working on that today. Can't wait!!