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YG Entertainment

Its been your dream to be a superstar. And now, as a trainee for YG Entertainment. Get ready for your dreams to wildly come true,with a price.

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"So..you wanna be a worldwide star ? Thing is..so does everyone in the world. In order make it to the top you have to be the best, and beat the best. Here at YG Entertainment we hold a plethora of trainees each year but now we are certain who we want to make it to the top. There is a total of 8 trainees. 4 Boys, 4 Girls. both will be split into two groups and will fight it out till there is one winner in the final performance.

If you want in just sign your name on the table and audition..until then. Arigato

-YG Entertainment


Face Claim: Bobby - Team B || Taken by Me

Face Claim:Crystal Kay || Reserved by LilyNile

Face Claim:Luhan - EXO ||Open

Face Claim:CL - 2NE1 ||Taken by

Face Claim:Jung Kook - BTS ||Taken by RawkFist

Face Claim:Yuri - Girls Day ||Reserved by Luna Delta

Face Claim: B.I. - Team B ||Open

Face Claim: Amber - F(x) ||Taken by paokikipao


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[font=Palatino Linotype][center][size=200][b] Insert Name Here, or you can go to [url]http://fontmeme.com/[/url] to make a Title for your character.[/b][/size]

[img]Insert Static image of charrie[/img]

[size=150][i]"Insert Character Quote here"[/i][/size][/center]


[center][img]Insert gif of charrie[/img]

[For trainees it may be 15-20






Literate Players Please
FC's are changeable
Password is Happy Thanksgiving :)
No Godmodding, Metagaming, or Powerplaying, etc doing so will most likely end in you being removed from this roleplay.
No Flaming/Trolling, Arguments should be kept in a friendly manner
Please reserve your FC in the OOC before you submit it.
You may only play/reserve two charaters
You can change a face claim if you so desire, post about it in the OOC or PM me about it so I can change it immediately.
Do not post in the IC until I have made the first post, and until your CS is accepted.
Romance is encouraged, but should not be the driving force behind character relations.
Character relationships will be explored in this roleplay as a part of development.
No one lining or chat speaking, at least 1 paragraph (five sentences) in IC posts..
All Roleplaygateway rules apply, please respect them.
If you have any problems, or want to add some addition you're not sure about to your OC's character sheet, please feel free to PM me.
Dedicated players should try to post at least twice a week.
Please try to interact with other characters.

Most of all, enjoy kpop :D

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