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Based on a cheesy Sci-Fi Fantasy B-movie Epic. Yor is a hunter from a post apocalyptic future, who tries to use his superior knowledge to lead the tribes into a new civilization, battling evil no matter how ridiculous things get.

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And Unto this world, the purple cave mutant people (Don't ask. I don't even know anymore.) would kidnap an entire village, including a young lady by the name of 'Ka-Laa,' the beast that was the bat-creature circling above that night, before being struck by a stone-headed bolt, by the hunter known simply as 'Yor,' who proceeded to punch the living shit out of the downed beast, and using it to glide into the cave, and missile dropkick the leader of the mutations, ready to turn their purple skin white with fear, as he scissor kicked a bitch, and proceeded to open a makeshift dam within the innermost cave, flooding and killing the people inside, and I'm not just talking about the innocent purple people. Yor massacred both the villagers and the mutants in a double genocide, before proceeding happily off to destroy a couple more, Ka-Laa and Pak there to watch, potentially even aid in the destruction.



The world has been engulfed by the fires of nuclear war. It has scattered the world's inhabitants, forcing them back into primitive tribes mostly, the radiation creating mutant creatures, and resurrecting the dinosaurs.

To make things worse, islands surrounded by storms have sent out giant metal objects: space ships, firing laser bolts below, attacking villages and earning a reputation as UFO's. Word travels around the world of jet black monsters that fire red bolts of flame, who can annihilate dinosaurs in a mere couple of shots while a normal man needs many more arrows for his bow.

Terror and fear have gripped the innocent inhabitants. And only one man can save them: Yor, The Hunter Of The Future. Yor is a man whose history is shrouded in mystery, his only clue being a gold medallion he wears around his neck. With his herculean strength, the superhuman Yor can contend with the dangers of the wastelands with his superior fighting knowledge and power. Alongside him are his companions, Ka-Laa, his woman, and Pak, her protector, as they challenge the flying beasts and dark men who command the bolts of flame.


For those not familiar, here's a fairly thorough review of the film. It's all you really need to see.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Yor (JayZerosnake)




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