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Youkai Street » Places

Places in Youkai Street

This is a list of locations that can be found in Youkai Street.

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Komorebi Village

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A genuine smile over took Miyako's forced one at the prince's compliment. Often she was complimented for her service and looks but never had someone complimented her tastes. Or at least, never someone who had such high standards as Ryuunosuke. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I am honored to receive a compliment from someone with esteemed tastes such as yourself." Miyako hesitated a bit before addressing Ryuunosuke by his title, unsure if his statement about not being their as royalty but merely guests extended to dropping titles.

Before Ryuunosuke had the chance to respond Takumi rushed across the bar and threw himself at the prince and despite herself Miyako chuckled. "Miyako-chan~! I'll have what our prince is having~!" Miyako looked to Ryuu-sama for confirmation but he was too busy trying to seperate the snake god from himself. ❝Had you bothered to look around you, you would have been able to discern that 'what our prince is having' is right in front of you. Would you kindly care to release us, you damned snake?❞ At Ryuu-sama's words Miyako decided to take a few steps away from the table and simply wait, deciding that she would let them work it out themselves but staying close enough that if she had to she could break up a fight. As she waited Miyako took a look around the bar, her eyes quickly locating each of the girls and following them for a few moments, suprised yet relieved that they were taking the responsibility Miyako had given them seriously.

As she started to move her gaze back to Ryuunosuke and Takumi her eyes caught Chiyoko entering the bar and Miyako was shocked to see her with humans. Sure there were a few humans in town who were pets or were in a relationship of some sort with a youkai, which was rare but happened, but these humans were far too young to be companions and Chiyoko didn't keep pets. Miyako watched the group sit at a table and be served by one of the girls with her head tilted to the side and a small frown on her lips.

"Killed by the prince? What a lovely and passionate ending~!" At the strange statement Miyako focused back in on what was happening between Takumi and Ryuu-sama. She was half afraid that she had let her attention drift long enough for Takumi to get the prince into a killing mood but thankfully he was just greatly annoyed. Then Takumi chuckled, as if only just realizing that Ryuusnosuke had requested his release. "Imposssssible. You're shaking mi'lord. I couldn't possibly let royalty freeze to death. Let me warm you..." Finally Miyako felt like she should cut in and end this. Stepping forward Miyako looked at Takumi with a genuine smile. "I know you mean well but you are obviously bothering Ryuu-sama. As you know Takumi-san usually I kick out people who bother other patrons but if you release Ryuu-sama and put some space between you two I will allow you to stay and drink with him." Miyako paused to let the statement sink in for a moment before looking at Ryuunosuke. "I hope you don't mind, Your Majesty. You are both very important patrons and I would hate to offend either one of you." Since she was pretty sure Takumi would only come back if he was kicked out and Ryuunosuke remained she figured the best she could do was get the snake god to give the prince some room. A few moments after she had finished Miyako heard Chiyoko calling for the other patrons to welcome the humans but she remained focused on fixing the current problem.

A small, forest village with light that leaks through the gaps in the trees.

Youkai Street

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Nao had been so busy, with her nose basically diving into her lousy phone, she had not noticed the other woman's arrival until her voice sounded: "Ayiyi, are you having trouble with your phone, dear? Reception is really poor out in this little old place sometimes." Nao looked up in surprise, realizing it was an older woman with glasses who looked very friendly... and harmless.. (Thankfully) Very different from the others they'd met in this place.

The woman continued: "Seeing as I don't recognize you, you young folk must be from that one village over yonder, Korembi, am I right? Did you get lost this late at night? Only nocturnal animals and strange people wander around at night so deep in the forest, especially around this old place. Don't worry, though, because this old lady is willing to help. Ayi~, where are my matters? I'm just an old lady who just talks too much. You may call me Chi-Chi, that's what my grandkids called me." She held out her hand as to offer it to Nao and Kyo."And who might you youth be?".

Nao rested her eyes on the woman for a while - traveling from top to toe looking for a tail or ears, studying this "Chi-chi" person, trying to decide wether she was someone to trust or not. Being a bit older and actually looking like an ordinary human being was reassuring. The woman's aura was just screaming "friendly grandma" and Nao relaxed a tiny bit, her shoulders sinking probably an inch. Kyo, who was standing in front of Nao seemed to feel the same - considering how he answered her with their names. It all began so well... Then she heard "dork" followed by "old lady" and blaming the woman to be strange or an animal - Nao just wanted to do a facepalm and roll her eyes, but instead she placed her phone back in the pocket of her dress and cleared her throat while giving Kyo the death stare. "Thank you kindest for introducing me Kyo, minus the d- word of course" her voice was soft and humble, but filled with irony. Nao was not all mad over the rest tho, since she also wondered what kind of people lived out here in this "not so abandoned" village...

Instead of apologizing for his bad manners and step in, Nao stayed where she was. It was kind of nice having Kyo like a "protecting wall" in front of her. Plus, she was not very eager to shake the strangers hand. Instead she did a polite curty bow and smiled towards Chi-chi. "Excuse our manners. Youth this days.. You know.." she mumbled tilting her head slightly to the left. Sure, the lady wanted to help. But how smart was it to go out there in the dark forest with a stranger, even tho she looked like friendly grandma. Just the thought of how dark the forest was right now made her feel a shiver down her spine. Darkness... Her right hand traveled to her pocket just to make sure the flashlight from erlier was still there - and it was. Once again, she was relieved and she raised her gace to watch Kyo and the stranger.

"And im actually agreeing with him. What are you people? And what is this place? The residents we met earlier was... peculiar... indeed. And we thought this village was supposed to be abandoned.." she said, not moving her eyes from the woman.

A town full of Youkai.