JapanKailana Hallikin

Even a klutz can have good dueling skills.

a character in “Yu-Gi-Oh (kinda) Comes to Life!”, as played by GamerX

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Name: Kailana Hallikin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese-American; From America
Height: 4' 10”
Dueling experience: Kailana started dueling the same time her brother did. However, unlike Jaston, she never quit.


Favorite deck type: Kailana likes D.D. decks but loves to use Gravekeeper's a lot more.
Dueling Style: Shy and reserved with anyone around other than her brother; including her opponent.
Favorite card: Gravekeeper's Priestess (Kailana says it is because she is so pretty.)
+Her brother (most would say a little too much)
+Getting new friends
-People that 'try to steal brother away'
-Being in rated duels at Duel Academy (Kailana is glad they are only optional)
Personality: Kailana can easily be called a continually joyous girl with never ending optimism. As where most would say she is a klutz with everything except dueling, Kailana insists that it is gremlins that want to make a fool out of her. Of course she is joking but sometimes people actually think she honestly thinks so. Kailana loves her brother a lot....and not the normal sibling love type of thing either. Although it is not obvious, Kailana has a brother complex. Even though she has fallen in a forbidden love she still finds other guys she had liked and even dated before.


Duel Disk:
Deck 1
Name: Gravekeeper's
2Gravekeeper's Assailant
2Gravekeeper's Cannonholder
2Gravekeeper's Chief
2Gravekeeper's Commandant
2Gravekeeper's Curse
2Gravekeeper's Descendant
2Gravekeeper's Guard
2Gravekeeper's Priestess
Gravekeeper's Recruiter
2Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
2Gravekeeper's Spy
2Gravekeeper's Visionary
2Gravekeeper's Watcher

2Gravekeeper's Servant
2Gravekeeper's Stele
2Dark Room of Nightmare
Swords of Revealing Light

2Coffin Seller
2Nightmare Wheel
2Rite of Spirit

Extra deck: None
Side deck: None

Deck 2 (Optional, same format as Deck 1)
Name: D.D.
2D.D. Assailant
2D.D. Crow
2D.D. Destroyer
2D.D. Survivor
2D.D. Warrior Lady
D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master
Dimension Jar
Golden Homunculus
2Gren Maju Da Eiza
2Helios - The Primordial Sun
Bazoo the Soul-Eater
2Banisher of the Radiance

D.D. Designator
D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
Different Dimension Gate
2Dimensional Fissure
Chaos End
Grand Convergence
Nobleman of Crossout
Soul Release
Soul Absorption
2Lightning Vortex
Reinforcement of the Army
2Gold Sarcophagus

Gravekeeper's Retribution
D.D. Dynamite
D.D. Trap Hole
Different Dimension Ground
2Dimension Wall
Puro Clock of Destiny
Macro Cosmos
Bottomless Trap Hole
Trap Hole
Royal Decree

Extra deck: None

Side deck: None
Other items: A pendant that matches one that her brother (Jaston) has. Jaston and Kailana got the pendants at the same time as a celebration for getting into Duel Academy.


Family: Both of Kailana’s parents are from middle class families as they are as well. Kailana has one brother (Jaston) that is two years older than her and started school one year early. Her mother (Umi) and father (Davlin) live in America and send money for Kailana and her brother to be able to live near the new Duel academy where they are currently attending school.

Reason for starting to play Yu-Gi-Oh: Kailana only started because she wanted to be like her brother.

Highlights of the past: Kailana has only ever dueled her brother, not wanting to let everyone know that she dueled. Although who could blame her, she was horrible and lost everytime she facced her brother. However, in the time that Jaston stopped dueling Kailana kept going and soon became a fairly good match for her brother. Even though she was a good match with Jaston she refuses to let anyone other than her brother see her duel; let alone duel anyone other than Jaston. The reason Kailana started at the Duel Academy was so that she would be forced to show other people her skill outside of her family.

So begins...

Kailana Hallikin's Story