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Places in Z. A.

This is a list of locations that can be found in Z. A..

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Devan Cary

So, this is what it comes to? This is what happens when you allow someone into your little group? Before anyone knew it, three of the original group was gone, and two of those three were new. And it was all because some dick decided he wasn't going to tell the group he was bitten. But, who would? Hell, nobody! Nobody would say 'oh yeah, by the way, I was bitten by some rabid homeless guy who looked like he was already dead!' No! No one what so ever would say something like that. And yet, when someone does it to there own group, the group is sure to be upset with the now undead Billy who had Devan's switchblade stabbed into his side.

Sick bastard.

He obviously didn't think about the work Devan is going to need to go through to get that damn thing back. But, if it was him that put it there that was, he wanted to return it. Those this way is just messed up. Supposedly, she could do a little fighting and yank the blade out of his side, stick it in his skull, and kill him that way. But she's still a little too beat up for that kind of shit, so she has to do it all another way. She'd shoot him. But her gun, that she hardly ever uses and frankly doesn't even remember where she got it, is in her bag which is...somewhere. So, she'll just have to impro...

Wait a minute. What's this?

Moon had come out of nowhere, her pistol in her hand. She walked right up to Billy, ready to end this all. Billy launched at her in a surprisingly fast jump. It was probably due to the effects of being bitten and being able to go so long due to the small level of immunity in his blood. But, of course, the group wouldn't no this and probably never would. They would, however, figure out it was Billy who was the first to be bitten in the first place, if anyone gets the guts to examine the bodies that is.

Billy stuck Moons hand, the same one holding the pistol, deep into his mouth and bit down. Just as he did, Moon pulled her trigger and a bullet went clean through Billy's spinal cord, killing him intently. Knowing she was bit, and was obviously not going to live, Moon walked off and went into one of the hotel rooms. Devan heard the gun shot and knew exactly what happened, as will the others eventually. Moon had ended herself, not wanted to cause anymore trouble with someone else killing her off. After the slight shock of all that just happened, Devan ran over and yanked her knife out of dead Billy's side and ran off to meet the others.

She came to a seen of...saddened chaos. A state she knew was to come sooner or later. At fist, Devan didn't know what was happening, but then she got the gist of it. Dusty had been bitten, by Billy most likely, and Dusty had bitten the new kid, Aaron. And now someone was going to need to put Aaron down. And who else was going to step up but Zara? To Devan, it almost looked heroic. But she knew this was obviously going to be a hard thing to do. She fought the urge long enough. Devan ran up to Zara and hugged her. She didn't cry. She didn't make a joke. She didn't even look the other girl in the eye. All she did was say:

"After you do this, please don't give up."

Devan just thought that if anyone of them ever had to do something like this, they'd end up giving up. After all that, Devan finally went and sat down and waited for whatever shit was going to happen neck.

"Let's hope this isn't our last supper."