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Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

a topic in Roleplayers Wanted, a part of the RPG forum.

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Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 6.25 INK Postby Zodia195 on Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:19 pm

In this topic players can talk about what kind of RPGs they like and dislike. The purpose of this is to help GMs find players for their RPGs if they want to invite people to their RPGs. So if you are okay with getting invitations to RPGs, feel free to add your preferences here.

With that, I'll get the ball rolling.

RPGs I love-
Romance- If this is a core concept, then I am 100% interested in.
Anime- In this case it doesn't have to a specific anime, I just love RPGs where you can use anime images.
Fantasy- This is especially true if adventure is involved. Not a 100% guarantee, but if the concept is interesting enough, I'll probably go for it.

RPGs I am Open To-
Mystery- I love a good mystery, but I can be picky.
School Setting- It really depends on the scenario, but generally I like this kind of RPG.
Historical Setting- I've been known to join period pieces. This also includes time traveling.

RPGs I am Not a Fan of- (There are exceptions, but that's rare)
Sci-Fi- I am not a huge fan of futuristic worlds. I wish I was, but I prefer fantasy.
Survival- No matter how interesting the idea is, if survival is part of the RPG, I won't join because I like for my char(s) to survive an rpg.
Non-Original- Unless romance is one of it's core themes, I won't join an rpg based on something else in media.
Horror- Yeah, I don't like being scared. I don't mind dark themes in RPGs.

That's about it. GMs, I recommend checking to see how active players have been also. Like if someone here lists they like Fantasy, but haven't been active in months, then they probably won't answer your PM. Happy roleplaying everyone!

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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Butterfly Effect on Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:25 pm

things i like

post apoc
nation rp
anything that i can be a necromancer in...
time travel
some video game based stuff like the older Final Fantasy games legend of Dragoon and the like

I am not a fan of romance or slice of life rps I don't mind having romance and a bit of slice of life in an rp but not as the main focus of the rp.

Also if you are going to have a confusing code filled super CS I won't join. Also i don't really care for CS that ask for a life story and paragraphs of personality. Why can't we just keep things simple...

Anywho kinda getting off topic there but there ya have my likes and all.
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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby ChaoticMarin on Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:50 pm

Genres I Love
  • Adventure: I love to go on quests!
  • Action/Fighting: And get into fights! Show off some powers, have some fun!
  • Fantasy: Magic, witchcraft, and superpowers~!
  • Magical Girl: Cute outfits, love themed magic, and lessons to be learned!
  • Pre-Modern: Medieval is golden~!
  • Fandom: Some of my favorites are Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo, Pokemon, Mega Man Zero/ZX, Smash Bros/Crossover
  • FxF Romance: I am a girl who likes girls! Makes for a great secondary genre / sub-plot.

Genres I'm Down With
  • Modern/Modern'ish Setting
  • School Setting
  • 1x1
  • Group RP
  • Probably whatever else isn't listed.

Genres I avoid
  • Slice-Of-Life: My muse tends to drain when there's nothing to do but live.
  • Other types of romance: Difficult on the muse to write.
  • Science Fiction/Futuristic: Not my thing.
  • Extrapersonal RP: I have no muse for RPs that don't focus upon individual characters.
  • Gun-Heavy Settings: I find guns to be excessively mundane and boring for how powerful they are. I try to avoid them.
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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Blindsite on Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:20 am

I guess I take a bit after the D&D character sheet building a bit minus the math. That is focus on well developed character development. A quick two sentences or a hastily written paragraph is not a character sheet. And the reason for a character sheet is when someone goes to interact with your character they know how you might respond or interact instead of having reams of OOC and editing. So well developed character sheets is something I like. They don't have to be essays or anything but they should at least give a clear understanding of the character, their personality, their background, etc.

I like world building in an RP, especially the ones involving magic or advanced tech. Just let it loose and see where it all goes. Some of the most amazing parts of an RP come out through collaborative writing and world building.

Genre wise I like sci fi, fantasy, vampires, werewolves, other supernatural, a bit of romance, furry, anything with Plot and anything with plot development. ;-) Also humans are boring and magic is fun.

School settings have been SO overdone. They're not bad per se, they've just been done to death. So if you must do a school setting do something original like I don't know an academy for slinging magic around in space or something. Or have each study study as an apprentice under an individual master instead of having the typical centralized structure of the modern high school. Like every anime and even half the western media is modeled on "school" and school is just a precursor to work and politics (or maybe work and politics are just like school since no one has really grown up yet). So like I said it's not bad just repetitive. But hey, hot schoolgirls in minidresses so can't really go wrong there. :-)

I also find modern settings rather boring, if not outright disturbing. If I wanted to be set in the modern world I'd read the news not write an RP. I'm sick of the modern world. That's why I read and rp.

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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Daleeria on Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:20 pm

While Daleeria wasn't my first character, she has been my longest surviving character. For a very long time, while I was learning to compartmentalize, and control my anger, I would often formulate it into her stories. Therefore, she has become sort of my alter ego, and once again most likely my oldest character. My avatar is the representation of me that a friend of me drew for my Twitch stream avatar!!!

I found this website a few years ago when I was trying to find a site to do broader RP experiences on. I fell in love with the format and joined in a few success stories and more than a few failures. I've been out of action for a couple of years while real life took its grip and strangled the muse out of me. However, I've decided in these trying times, I really should be writing. It expanded my memory and mind function as well as my focus, and I have so many stories waiting to be told.

I started on a Revolutionary Girl Utena forum back in 2002. I was just gaining independent access on my family's desktop, and this was around the worst of the fallout of my parent's divorce and my mom's remarrying. I buried myself in anime and manga, and happened to find a gem of a place to RP and test my waters in. This was back in the day of ProBoards. Still one of my favorite world building tools, even if I haven't attempted it in about five years. I continued running different forums well into college, and delved into tabletop RP as I got older. I love D&D and have recently been coaxed into attempting the GURPs system of tabletop. Other writing hobbies include poetry and stories.

I'm hoping to find a couple of smaller RPs to invest myself in, or maybe even just one larger one. I do like 1x1 as well via PM. When not on lockdown due to COVID-19, I'm a line cook in a fine dining restaurant. I love cooking at home as well as playing video games, hanging out with my cats, and spending time with my husband.

I typically play female characters, as I am a female and I've never really been good at capturing the opposite gender... However I'm trying to change that and add some variance to my characters (at least my main characters.) I like to really build relationships with my RP partners OOC, because chemistry is hugely important for the IC to work well. Having friendships make it easier to communicate with a group. Most of my female characters are bisexual or lesbian. I have a couple of hetero characters as well.

Types of RP I'm Into:
  • Slice of Life (particularly fond of romance, high school/college, and )
  • Post Apocalyptic (minus Zombie Apocalypse)
  • High Fantasy In Modern or Steampunk settings
  • Supernatural Slice of Life (like the daily ongoings of supernatural societies and families.)
  • Anime or Fandom inspired (I have a list somewhere for that)
  • Coming-of-Age (I suppose this could fall under SoL, however I like to call it it's own category. I enjoy writing stories about people finding their powers, coming into their own, etc. And not just teenagers, I enjoy seeing that breakthrough in adults as well.)

Types of RP I Like, but am super picky about:
  • Sci-fi/Futuristic (soft spot for mechs in particular, but they're also the one I'm most picky about)
  • Vampires (not my favorite supernatural to work with anymore)
  • Robots (AI's, etc.)
  • LGBTQ (I prefer FxF, and I like to work a lot with a partner before starting on an adventure like this. Obviously this can mix with other categories.)

Types of RP I Dislike:
  • Furries/Anthros (I will play however if the story is good enough!!)
  • Zombie Plagues/Apocalypses (I've honestly never seen a survival horror campaign, or roleplay, that's worked out in the long run. In general, I'm also not very good at dealing with descriptions of corpses, etc.)
  • Breakups/Hardcore Drama (If it pops up in a story, of course it plays out. However, I'm not a huge fan of that being a core theme of the whole ordeal. I've played my fair share of college-based, partner-switching, drinking and brawling types, and they were fun at a certain point, just tends to dissolve into chaos and OOC arguments.)
  • Magical Girls (These take a certain finesse, because I feel having colorful descriptions for attacks and transformations is crucial, and I'm not quite good at the frill that comes with these types of RPs.)
  • Time/Dimensional Travel (I can enjoy an arc with time travel in it, however I see it done in most of my sci-fi media and I'm bored of it.)
  • Horror/Thriller (I am absolute shit at both of these genres. I enjoy playing video games and watching movies, but I just don't enjoy writing them.)

I hope everyone is staying safe out there!!!
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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby on Tue May 19, 2020 3:01 am

My first ever roleplay was about a group of orphans sneaking out of their orphanage under their abusive caretaker's nose in order to maintain jobs and explore and the like. Needless to say, I've gone a long way since then- although it isn't actually the worst premise in the world.

I played a lot of female characters when I first joined, then played one male character and have never gone backward, though I would like to at some point. I try to scatter my character personalities but a lot of the time I end up either with a tsundere or a Soft Boi and the occasional smug asshole. I'd like to think that as my writing improves my character realism will as well? Hopefully?

I try to challenge myself in my writing and I like to make the character struggles, internal or external, as realistic as I can without straight-up projecting my own experiences onto them, though I've definitely done that more times than I can count. I like exploring the way characters react to change and different archetypes and struggles, and how they either pick themselves back up from it or spiral into oblivion.

Genres I Love
- Romance / It's very rare that I pick up an RP without some promise of a romantic endeavor (especially an LGBT one)
- Slice-of-life / This is definitely my comfort zone! Slice-of-life romance is my ultimate jam, though I know a lot of people are sick and tired of it so I rarely get to write it
- Fantasy / As long as someone else is doing the world building, I'm down for any kind of fantasy
- Coming-of-age / I wouldn't have thought to put this as its own genre, but @Daleeria convinced me otherwise, and this is probably my favorite genre when I sit down and think. I love dissecting my characters and developing their personalities through the things they experience
- Drama / I thrive off angst and drama in stories, I won't even sugar-coat it

Genres I Tolerate
- Mystery / They can be a lot of fun to write, though they do require a good amount of planning and can easily go off the rails if the writers involved aren't on the same page
- Period Pieces / I love period pieces, I'm just the opposite of a history buff and always have to do research
- Action / I struggle to write fight scenes and my comfort zone is in long, emotional writing, but I like to challenge myself, so action fits in my lineup simply because it's a Challenge for me

Genres I Dislike
- Science-fiction / I love the genre, but writing it requires a lot of world building and general planning, and half the time I just can't find the motivation for a story like that
- Apocalypse / Again, I like the genre, but writing it... dodging tropes is like walking through a minefield
- High School / I have done So Many of these stories and for a while I genuinely loved them, but now that I've been out of high school for several years, they're a lot harder to stomach
- Horror / I'm susceptible to nightmares. It's as simple as that

Writing takes a lot of effort but it's always worth it in the end, and most of the time you can make it fun instead of just Stressful. It's definitely rewarding enough to keep me coming back for more ;)

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Re: Roleplayer Likes and Dislikes

Tips: 0.50 INK Postby ColeMaibara on Sat Nov 13, 2021 10:28 pm

Just gonna post here for the fun of it, even though I've been around a while yet haven't posted much in a long while.

Genres I Love
- Horror: Especially cosmic/lovecraftian horror. I enjoy writing about it, especially since I think horror is very hard to do well (and thus when done well is incredible).
- Fantasy: High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, doesn't matter. Bonus points if it has some interesting quirks to it that make it stand out from traditional fantasy settings (such as magic being close to technology in its application and scale, or using different time periods/cultures outside of a vague 900s-1200s Western Europe).

Genres I Don't Like
- High School/School Drama: Exceptions exist for Harry Potter-types or "magical bard colleges", but if the setting is a realistic school with realistic school drama...that's not gonna keep my interest. I've lived enough of it IRL, I don't need to live it again in fantasy land.

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