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RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

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RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:52 am

Introduction POST

First we’ll start with the basics. I teach differently from the other teachers. What I'm looking for in your posts is how you meet a set of goals I give out to you. It's just a faster way for me to ID any RPG problems or areas you may need extra help in.

Now, for you I'm trying something different. Lately I've posted my lessons within the RPG, but I've noticed that it doesn't always seem favorable to interrupt the RPG with lessons. I will be posting a link to a topic I will want you to read if you get stuck.

Here is the Link to the Lessons:

However, this lesson below is the most important one I want you to learn.

The Promise:

In the world of writing, you make a contract between the reader and yourself.

You make a promise. As to what that promise is- it depends on the story and the writer.

In the flipside world of RPG, it’s no different, though instead of making a promise just to the reader, you’re also making a promise to the other writers.

The World is the first part of the Promise, and following the build of the world is very important.

RPGers rely on team work. As a team, we may be as small as 2 or as many as 12 or more.
We lean on the post above and take details from that sample of writing to further the story along.
Our characters react to what ever is thrown at them by the other players.
This is why the Promise is so binding.

But how do you keep the Promise with The World?

I've already looked at your profile and see you like a darker setting with vampires and all. I'm going to give you a plain setting and see how you run with that.
There will be no need to post a profile or even make one. If you want to, fine, but don't post it here. It'll simply clutter things.

Your First challenge is to:
~Use Lesson One to create an introduction post.
~ Keep a light back story.

Bonus: One physical handicap: Blind, deaf, or both, or physical injury that slows the character down and/or makes the character interesting (optional)

Because I'm trying something new- I'm waiving these rules:
So you don't have to follow them if you don't want to.

~ use a basic human
~ No magic
~ No powers

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshida on Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:28 pm

(OOC: Very nice Edge, I Like how you laid out the fundamentals of role playing in words that i could strive to stick to. Well heres my first go at an intro post.)

Emerging from the depths of the vast forest behind him, Shin frantically ran towards the open plains with one hand clasping what appeared to be a deep, gushing stomach wound. "Come on, this can't be the end." Shin winced, biting down while the other hand used a katana for walking support, a trail of dark red blood followed from behind. Shaky and off balance, Shin's young body was on the verge of giving out. "Not like this, I can't die like this" He stubbornly murmured underneath his breath, a soft ocean breeze kissing his otherwise beaten and bloody cheek. What was this sensation? The roaring waves crashed nearby, sea water greeting Shin's nose without warning.

It was calming...soothing even. Suddenly the samurai's shaky grip gave way, and the blade dropped in unison with its master to the soft, grassy plains at their feet.

What does a blind man see once he dies? The same thing that he has ever seen, darkness. A darkness that burned intensely, an inferno that was far too familiar for comfort. "Can't see now can you Mister Samurai, If only you could see what you look like now Shin...its sickening. I'll let you live just so you can suffer." The voice was deep, and boomed throughout Shin's being before fading away in an echo and back into the depths of his memory.

Strangely enough, a white feather came into focus, and Shin felt a sudden tug on his being...the darkness of the void gave way.

Awakening, Shin could still feel the ocean nearby, and the heat of a fire just feet away. However,Shin didn't feel quite as dead as he did before. Had someone actually found his nearly lifeless body and took the effort to revive him? The thought of charity was repulsive, but perhaps letting go of foolish pride was the best remedy. Letting out a small cough, Shin winced again as he finally remembered what almost killed him in the first place. Guiding a hand downwards, Shin felt newly applied bandages across his chest and stomach. "Hmph, I suppose its not my time yet." Like a child, Shin felt the embarrassment of being so vulnerable and his next track of thought immediately went to that of his only family keepsake. "My sword..." Reaching out vainly, one hand grabbed for the silk blindfold that he normally wore to keep others from staring. Not that it truly mattered for a blind man such as Shin, rather common courtesy given the current appearance of his dull, scorched blue eyes.

To others, Shin appeared as a man in poor samurai attire. The white kimono being one covered in dirt, torn apart and re-sown together. His sandals were of no better quality, for the straps had snapped one too many times and had to be periodically tied together with extra fabric or whatever Shin could collect. The black silk blindfold tied around the badly burnt part of his body was the only piece of material of any value, and appeared as though it stayed tied be it night, day, or even in the presence of a noble. Only one part of Shin's attire would demand attention and or respect from others...the black sheathed katana that hung passively at the obi, its hilt of unique design and perhaps more curved than the blade itself. No doubt it was a custom-made blade by a smith who took pride in their work, for it carries no dents or imperfections.

Sitting upright, Shin finally began to focus. His senses were much more accute relaxed than when panicked. Already the huts dimensions became clearer, and the sword Shin so desperately needed in his grasp lay close. Probably intentionally by whoever saved the samurai. Grasping his physical manifestation of honor, Shin found his way back to the mat laid out for him...knowing fully well that his strength had not fully returned as of yet.

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:00 pm

OOC: Thanks. ^_^ FYI, this post below I meant to come before you posted up- lol. You're a quick poster, beat me completely to the punch.

Alright, give me a moment to comment on your intro post.

It's very good, better then what I would expect normally. Because of that, you'll have some freedom of asking what you'd like to improve on. In fact please ask. We'll get right to where you think to need some help.

On a basic level this is a very easy post to read and very complete. You introduce your character well and get into him into the setting just as nicely. You've even given an element of mystery as to his past.

On an advance level I would like to see more detailing. More intimate details such as, is this a bamboo mat? Is it a straw mat? Is this a stick and mud hut? What are some of the other sounds? Does he hear people chattering? Or a wind chime? Was it the end of the day where he could feel the heat of the sun or was it a rainy day?

I would also like to see some of his mannerisms as well. He panicked for a moment, so his breathing should be quick until he's calmed. His fingers are probably very very sensitive and can pick up alot of details.

Honestly, it's all minor things- and a lot of it can be looked over because you didn't have a set to work off of.

So kudos for working blind basically.

The Edge of the World

The waves crashed against the docks as the fisherman pulled their nets from the life giving sea. Tonight the catch would feed the children and the wives. Tonight stomachs could be full because they had worked for the catch. So together the men pulled their nets and grunted with effort as they worked together as fish’s silver scales flashed. Their bronzed arms strained to bring in the load, and their backs later would ache with a gentle wife's hands to soothe away the pain before settling into their straw beds.

But the fishermen were also wary of what they pulled from the mother sea. They understood a balance that the sea took as much life as it gave. A grim reminder of that lay on the horizon shrouded in fool’s gold. Dark arms of a broken mast and ship that had given in to the sirens of mystery was the first warning. For beyond the broken and battered ship was was the forbidden island. On it a black monster with objects that the fishermen knew nothing of. For it bellowed out a dark fog that would carry in the wind and smell of rotten fish and some unknown chemicals. It was a dim reminder that the sea had its own secrets and histories that mankind was not allowed to know of.

One such fisherman knew the price of the disobedience of the sea’s sacred law as he pulled the catch from the salty waters. He had known the owner of the sunken ship, and the pain of the loss still dully ached whenever he looked at the mangled form. So instead the fisherman turned his thoughts to the fish the village would sell. What remained of the fish that wasn’t eaten, would be sold to the traders that came by iron cast barges on the days where the sun stayed longest in the sky. Small fish would be pressed for oils and medicines, shells for the artists, pearls for the rich ladies of unnamed cities, and the larger shells for eating utensils would be crafted with care. All of these would end up on the barges that came when the sun was hot.

These were the truths of the village, proved by the massive iron ships that moored now to collect these items. All this in exchange for foods, spices, tools, and the outside world's news.

That was what fisherman knew about the truths of life and nothing else; the young man of seventeen looked to the sea and squinted out to the golden waters as the sun sank. Brown hair hung heavily on the back of his heck, blue eyes focused on the sea, he smiled to himself and spoke softly.

“Tonight will be a good night.” Carefully he looked around, spotting old friends and their boats, they too were expecting a large turnout for the market tomorrow. Iron barges lined the far docks and the voices of different nations barked orders as tents, booths, and tables were set.

Yes, this was the start of something else. Tent smiled and threw his rope to the dock hand. "Tomorrow, can't come fast enough."

Another thought the same as well. Pipe in hand the lean figure sat in the doorway of the bamboo hut, lazily smoking on his pipe enjoying the last of the ocean breezes of the day. A gold light filled the small one room guest hut. It was the last bit of peace this man would know. His strange amber colored eyes flickered over to where an injured samurai was awakening. He watched the man fumbled around for one thing, the strange sword that had a hilt that had gotten his attention in the first place. Watchful, he put out his pipe, lean body ready to spring... But for not... This samurai was peaceful... not to mention blind...

"So friend... You found your sword..." The man mused, once more at ease as his eyes watched, the injured was settling back on the straw mat just fine. "Interesting thing that sword..." The stranger blew the last of the smoke from his lungs to the night air. "But where are my manners? My name is Vale. I am an Alchemist.... Though I doubt that information means anything to you... No," getting to his feet, Vale crossed the room over to where his herbs were out. "The information you'll be wanting is where you are, and how long you've been away right?" Vale's smile was hardly heart warming, rather is was half full of pity, the other half musing.

"You're here on the island village of Bal'Young... Where, if you can't hear it already, there is a market place tomorrow... You and I are both guests here, both strangers, and from the looks of your kimono, both in a lot of trouble." The alchemist laughed to himself as he mashed up the herbs for a salve. "I found you near the port city of Kiru, I had barely enough time to hide you on my ship before someone tried to find the bloody body that had been sleeping in his wheat field. Very superstitious village folk... They thought a white demon had died there..." There was another chuckle.

"Now friend... tell me... At least a name... Or I shall be forced to name you myself. I don't apologize to anyone for any name I give them, but they sure regret receiving any name I give."

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:10 pm

Your Second Challenge:
~ Speak and interact with one NPC of your own
~Speak and interact with one of my NPCs
~Speak and interact with my character.

Higher Level Goals
~ Direct an NPC to a place or get their attention.
~ Imply that a player needs to follow you somewhere.

~Bonus: Your NPC interaction with my NPC and implying they need to go somewhere “off stage”

I know this sounds like a challenge in some respects, but remember to use villiager NPCs to your heart's content. Heck, there's even merchants to use as well.

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshida on Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:07 am

Straight to the point, Shin liked such boldness in those whose paths interlocked with his own. "You may call me Shin." The 'White Demon' said in a friendly tone, slightly chuckling at the man's more upbeat aura and overall attitude regardless of how intently this Vale observed the blade grasped tightly within Shin's hands. "Kiru...sounds about right, I owe you my life then Alchemist, whatever the hell that is." Scratching the back of his short, jet black haired skull Shin's face tilted to the right as the sun settled just over the horizon, the final red ways warm against his pale complexion. Sitting upright on the straw mat, his feet shuffled around momentarily on the bamboo flooring, searching for the pair of sandals laying just outside reach. "Of course, Don't expect me to unsheathe my sword under any circumstances...I could use some peace for once." Although Shin couldn't exactly see the man, the repulsive stench of smoke could be traced a mile away with Shin's sense of smell. But one learns to tolerate, more so for those who take the time to save your ass. Nonetheless, the white clad samurai gripped his katana closer to his the meantime contemplating and digesting the answers to most of his questions. "Heh, White Demon...not too far from the truth unfortunately." Commenting out loud, the statement was more for himself rather then a reply to one of Val's many jokes.

Coming to a natural zen posture, Shin tilted forward before grinning faintly. "The fire flys have come to greet the island strangers." One hand felt around the extremely curved hilt of his katana almost too quickly, each groove and indention registering familiar before slowly but surely standing up. "If I may ask, would you mind properly introducing me to this foreign place." Shin's voice was sincere enough, and carried across the small guest hut easily even with the fire located in the center burning with increased intensity, little sparks shooting outwards and falling like comets across the night sky. "You could say I'm a bit claustrophobic" Chuckling softly, Shin slipped on his sandals...gesturing that no matter what, he'd be getting some fresh, salty air. Not but five minutes outside did Shin find himself in a conversation with a local. A small boy, at most 4 years old skipping about and chasing the numerous fire flys that flew about the open area leading to the ocean just a short distance away. "Can't you see under that thing?!" The child asked naively, one finger picking out a particularly annoying booger that had been bothering the child for the past hour or so. "Only when I listen" Shin smiled wider then usual, enjoying the bright energy such children brought when they decided to share apart of their world with his own. "Really?" The blue-kimono wearing boy asked, a curious smile spreading as he covered those brown eyes with small, cupped children hands. Like the games he'd play with the other kids, he suddenly began to count. "1...2..." In the meantime, Shin kneeled down before cupping his own hands but a foot or so away from the boy. "Open em" The samurai gently said, opening his hands to reveal much to the boy's amazement the devious fire fly he'd spent so much energy in attempting to catch himself. "You gotta be gentle, otherwise they become frightened." Shin smiled, the boy's silence in awe the equivalent to laughter. Leaving the boy to his new playmate, Shin treaded down a grassy path leading to the beach. After kicking off the nearly permanent unusable sandals to the side, the White Demon Samurai cocked an eyebrow while getting a feel for the sand, the curious expression ending with a devilish grin. "Soothing, to think that I'd forgotten the beauty that the Ocean always brought." Speaking aloud, Shin knew that Vale would comment on the necessary and simply ignore the babble.

Standing amidst the waves against his feet, the soft breeze of the ocean blew about gently...ending and starting up again randomly while ships docked for a short stay and its crew commenced on any repairs, loading and unloading shipments back and forth that unfortunately threw off the whole tranquil point of visiting the beach in the first place. Thinking back to earlier for moment, the wounded samurai's curiosity finally took hold. "What exactly did you have in mind for a name If I refused your request? Considering the manner in which our paths have crossed, I'd like to know as a...memento of our encounter." With the silk blindfold covering the upper part of Shin's facial features, most attempts at reading emotion would be stumped as he'd often kept a neutral pose even during battle. But to the more experienced and trained eye, one could sense the faintest hint of sadness in all his actions, even the happier light hearted ones.

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:05 pm

OOC: Over all that was good, but we're going to work some more on NPC's but we need to get to the next day to do a better, clean cut job of it.

However let's talk about formating for a moment. The whole point of formating is to be able to get through the RPG quickly. There are people like me, who have to juggle work, life, and RPG's and don't have time to pick out quotes, but don't want to skim. And there are other RPG's that can't handle blocks of text- it scares them- literally- and those kids start to skim your posts losing information and giving what can be called misguided posts. Thus why spacing is your friend as is formating.

Below you're going to see one of the ways I've seen some RPGs formated, the bold and italic style. It took me awhile to get use to it, but I kinda like it now, it's easier to spot things. Bold for actions, italic for quotes.

While you didn't break any rules but putting up a long post, it took awhile to pick out quotes. There's another format you should learn to use. Let quotes more or less have their own line with maybe a line or two of action, and let actions be left in paragraphs. Don't worry on the length of your paragraphs. You're already at a level where you shouldn't have to be concerned about length.

Back to what I expect out of your next post.
I'm a big NPC player, more so then alot of other RPGers. It's not hard for me to have 5 or 6 at a time. BUT my aim is not to see how many you can play- but the variety you can bring to the table. One of my favorite NPC's would have the be Dr. White the Vampire- who plays poker with blood packs with other vampires and prefers his tea with sugar and a drop of rum.

With merchant ships in, you can play just about anything.

Next Challenge:
Transition into morning
Build the village a little more, it's a fishing village so there's plenty. My hint would actually be think more Hawaiian landscape then Japanese, but retaining the Japanese building influences as well as some south east Asian influences.
Work with more NPC's- just a line or two will do for each one.

Vale watched from the doorway, his own loose kimono watching as the night breezes brought the cooler air, taking the smoke of his pipe along with it. He smiled to himself as he watched the samurai play with one of the local boys. Tomo the child was called. Vale could recall the child had a fever just about this time a year ago. Now healthy, the child ran and laughed, trying to catch fireflies. Vale also recalled Tomo’s beautiful aunt with some pleasure…

“Oh Aiko, we should have spent that night under the stars…” Vale said in a wispy tone and then laughed at himself. “Nah, she deserved some better bastard then me.”

It was then he noticed Shin coming up to him, the words may have been light and half amusing but the trained eyes knew better… Vale saw some of the pain, almost as bad as the wounds on the body but slower to heal… Emotional wounds always were. Vale looked to the stars and took another puff.

“I would have called you, my assistant, Silent Moe, best cabbage cutter of the East.” Vale was rewarded with a laugh from the child who clung to Shin’s torn kimono.

“Tomo!?” came the sound of a sweet voice. Vale’s heart nearly skipped a beat. Aiko was coming. He sighed and put more pipe grass into the walnut bowel of his nearly empty pipe. She was tall, rightly proportioned and single. The last part was very important to Vale as he tried not to look at the girl in her pale pink kimono, her black hair and star kissed eyes.

“Hai!!” Tomo cried, “Over here Onee~chan!” Aiko came close and gave a polite bow to both men.

“Tomo, it’s bed time.” She said gently and scooped the boy up. “Thank you for caring for him,” she added and the turned to leave… and she stopped…

“Sir,” she was speaking to Shin, “If you don’t mind… I can mend that for you…” Even if this man was blind, surely he could feel the warmth of her smile, Vale thought to himself, otherwise he’s just dense as wood. “Just come by tomorrow morning and it’ll be done.”
With that she left them both to admire the night.

“Well, well… not bad. You’re not much of a strange thing in these parts…” Vale said calmly as he put out his pipe. “Not as strange as an Alchemist, ah, I believe you asked what that is?”

Vale turned to look out at the docks; easily he could spot his ship. It was narrow, but large… A floating laboratory as he wandered the world.. “We alchemists… well… we can fix broken things, and we can heal…. But our true joy is to push the limits of our knowledge. We push and push… and then we do forbidden things…Or at least some of us do. But it’s unlikely you’ll have to worry about that, I’m the only alchemist in the East I know of, many of them are all west, in stranger and more dangerous lands then these.”

Vale looked over at the Samurai, “So Shin the White Demon, tell me… What problems of the world are you running from? We may a well get to know one another… I have a feeling we’ll be running together for a long time…”

The lights across the water were lit and Vale sighed, “Another time… Another morning. Come inside or lay out on the beach, we’re both going to need our rest for tomorrow… I’m selling my wares…. And I’ll find something for you to do... Maybe moving boxes…” Yawning the Alchemist looked over at Shin.

“Tell me what you can do, can you read or write? The villagers think you’re my servant who was wounded defending my honor.” Vale gave a dramatic wave of his hand. “Otherwise you’d be dead. So I suppose there is the option of sending you out to gather clams or fish… I know a lad that would have you…”

The night sky twinkled as Vale stood up and moved over to his straw mat, leaving the other mat for Shin to sleep on. Settling himself in, Vale watched Shin.

“How long have you been blind Shin? There may be a way to fix it.”

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshida on Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:45 pm

Always at ease when close to the ocean, Shin stood with the confidence and sense of direction that only a true samurai could possess while at the same time enjoying the youthful presence running about carelessly like any other child. The laughter reminded Shin of a much more peaceful time in his life, where he could actually watch his own son laugh and play...that smile enough to brighten the worst of days. Slightly saddened by the sudden flashback, Vale's answer to his inquiry was more then enough to make Shin chuckle with a smile.

"Silent Moe huh? Well you certainly have an imagination my friend." Laughing alongside little Tomo who also shared their sense of humor. Until of course, the sweetest of voices echoed throughout Shin's very being. Cocking an eyebrow out of habit, the White Demon could only imagine the looks that such a voice could belong to...but instead listened to Vale's shy behavior to describe everything that he needed to know.

"Thank you for the offer, Miss Aiko...I'll be sure to drop by." Giving a sincere nod, he waved goodbye to his little friend. Making a note of Aiko's gentle nature, Shin turned to Vale...reading whatever emotions the Alchemist had for the woman with a half-amused smirk.

"Well, regardless your heart seems to be in the right place. I'm still not exactly sure what it is you do, but as payment for saving my life...I don't mind serving your for the time-being. That is until its time for me to leave." Being oddly cryptic in his response, Shin took in a deep breath of sea air.

As the Alchemist asked more personal questions, Shin decided given the circumstances to open up. "Revenge Vale-san, I thought that perhaps with revenge I'd find some kind of ease to the pain...but like a wise man once warned me, Revenge Is a dish best served cold..." Shin's tone dropped from amused to melancholy without any warning, but just as quickly returned positive to respond once more. "The feeling is mutual, considering how our paths have been intertwined."

From there, Shin allowed his new 'master' to lead the way back to the guest hut. Inside Shin picked a close spot to lay down his prized possessions, and then looked over his most recent addition to the collection of battle scars that were easily noticeable all across his body. Again, another now asked about his obvious handicap. Laying back on the straw mat, Shin turned his head to where Vale could clearly see his face before removing the silk fabric that covered his now useless eyes. Underneath one could see a solid burn mark horizontally placed across both eyes and ending at his hairline, the eyes themselves a dull blue color as they seemingly looked into nothingness.

"I have been blind for several years, a price that I payed for being a young, and naive man who bite off more then he could chew...however the loss has humbled me in more ways then I could verbally explain, and in battle always given me the upper hand. Although I'm unsure of the powers your profession possess, curing my eyesight would probably hinder me more so then aid."

Slowly but surely finding the rest his body so desperately needed, Shin awoke early the next morning to get a good start on what needed to be done. The sun's rays against his sensitive skin warmed the Samurai up for the cold sea air that blew in from the south, making things just right as Shin found himself back on the beach catching fish next to a rather good sized merchant ship from the main continent, its sails however appeared to be foreign. "Come on and get everything you need to be HAPPA!!! (happy)" A short, stout merchant shouted from the deck of his finely crafted vessel...holding up a variety of trinkets ranging from children's toys to a pair of shades that were so dark only a blind person wouldn't mind wearing them...a fact that led to the inevitable distraction this merchant was about to provide for Shin.

" there!" The obnoxious man gave another shout, pointing downwards with his sausage fingers to a lone figure standing in the ocean, hands catching a couple of of fish before storing them away in a basked hung over his shoulder. "Nani?" Shin asked, slightly annoyed as the merchant's entourage carefully carried him down to the beach were he could get a closer look. "Hmm, you seem to be the type just needing a pair of glasses. You know, make up for your handicap with a little touch of 'cool'." Greedly rubbing his hands together with a twinkle in his eye, the short stubby man opened up a chest full of wares...holding up the glasses. "No thanks...I'm busy." Shin coldly replied, sighing as he went back to what he was just doing.

Slightly annoyed himself, the merchant really needed some extra cash for a good time...the rest would be spent on his workers and ship repairs. "Do you...have any toys?" The Samurai asked suddenly, catching the merchant's hopes once more as he shuffled through the chest to pull out a pinwheel. "Why yes I do Mister Samurai, how about I throw in a pinwheel with your purchase?"

Figuring that no matter what this guy was going to try and overprice him, Shin really just wanted something to give to Tomo before heading to his Aunt's house. "Deal, take the money and go." The white demon commanded, throwing some money in the man's direction as he collected on his new possessions....
Walking into the heart of the small village with a pair of 'cool' shades covering his sightless eyes and a pinwheel in his grasp, people scurried around frantically trying to get everything prepared for the festival. Other merchants set up temporary shops as masks were set out on display and food being prepared to be cooked. Already monks from the distant temple to the north had come to celebrate as well, their heads concieled as they continued to repeat their mantras and traverse the town in an orderly fashion.

Accidentally bumping into a local who was reading a particularly interesting book on Bushido, the young teenager boy was startled to see an actual samurai with daisho and all beginning to ask him something. "Gomenasai, do you know where i might find Miss Aiko's place?" Shin asked in a gentle tone, scratching the back of his head as he bowed politely. The young man gave a nod, eyes wide with a mixed feeling of surprise and awe before finally answering. "Just around the corner sir" Patting the boy on the head, Shin gave another nod as he went on his way, one hand feeling the grooves of his sword hilt as samurai from the local dojo passed by, giving a snarl and making a rude comment about ronin whilst passing.

Finally at Aiko's residence, the white dressed samurai politely made his presence known, and awaited for a reply.

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Re: RPG Adcad Yoshida and Edge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:48 am

I have not forgotten to post. I am working on it now. Will hopefully have something completed tomorrow night.

Bloody hell, my monitor died so I'm stuck until I get my other one set up.
Sorry about that. Ok, I do have most of the next lesson ready, but not the post.

For the next post expect a time jump. Then two to four more posts from you- and that should cover it from me. We'll do a review and have you out of here. ^_^


That's part of the last Lesson from me. Honestly, I don't think you're going to need to worry over it.
Thanks for being patient with me, I didn't have this lesson all prep'ed but it's the hardest lesson you'll get from me.

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