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[MxF] Ruining Beauty / Beauty x Bastard

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[MxF] Ruining Beauty / Beauty x Bastard

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SupremeIncel on Sun Oct 15, 2023 6:06 am

Looking for: deteriotation play​ or simple loser gets the beauty scenarios

Hey there, roleplayers! Another LaMer thread coming your way! A bit of background about me as a writer; I'm 25, from Europe, active writer with 8 years of experience, and someone who doesn't ghos! I love listening to other people's ideas, but do have pretty specific stories which I'm looking for as a broader overall theme. I'm not one to just dive into ideas straight away, so if you're here for a sort of "Hey, I like this idea, let's do it." approach, that's not really something for me. I prefer establishing characters at least a little beforehand, as well as plan out a bit of story ahead of time - or at least decide together on where or how we'd like to start things off. It's more fun to try and make every idea and the approach to it unique for each partner if I can help it. Keeps it more engaging, doesn't it? I'm also a big fan of OOC talk, chatting about our scenario and ideas we might come up with, so if you're a fan of gushing over our story on the side, I'm all there for it!

Some Disclaimers
Currently only really looking for OC x OC pairings, set in modern reality
I am open to various spins on our world, (AUs) but still lean towards just boring old base reality, as there isn't a big need for anything extravagant for my current cravings in terms of stuff which wouldn't work in our universe


- "I love losers. They fuck me so greedily."
I'd absolutely love to find someone who wants to roleplay a college age relationship between some weirdo incel and a girl way out of his league. He meets other incel loving whores who are helping him train to reach the skills he needs to bed that one sublime bitch he always had his eyes on.

- falling for the incel rhetoric
YC is one of the beauties of college, always having dated the handsome guys before, but after her most recent breakup, something inside her just isn't the same anymore. Her beauty just always seemed to cause her trouble - whether it was guys just dating her for her looks, jealousy because they didn't wanna lose her, etc.
Dared to interact with the loser, she is met with a personality which catches her interest more than she would have imagined, or maybe even like to admit. Her corruption into believing the incel ideology and falling for the worst person in the room has just begun!​


Kinks I Want to Play: Corruption, uglyfication, old x young, ugly bastard, beauty x lowlife, filth, stench/odor, bad hygiene, creampies, romance, marriage, shame/humiliation
Kinks I Offer to Play: Risk of pregnancy, impregnation, pregnancy, excessive cum, cheating, body worship, anything else not listed in the no section - feel free to ask!
Kinks I Won't Play: Gore, horror, anything hyper or otherwise unrealistic

The general idea:
So, there can be many different spins on this; how our characters meet, come to know each other, think of each other, are involved together, etc. Whether it's a landlord and their tenant, a probation officer and his guilty party, a teacher and student, an internet hookup, two complete strangers or whatever else we might come up with. The important part is that YC is going to be a stunner, while MC is an utter loser himself. I don't want this to be the usual beauty x the beast story though, and instead wanna focus on how MC would pull her into his world of lazing around, enjoying the comfort of wellfare and not having to work, while she was the complete opposite before that. At least moderately succesful in her career, responsible, healthy and fit... but all of that starts to fall away once she's with him. Staying in bed all day, watching TV, cuddling, Netflix and chill; all that is just so much more comfortable and fulfilling than anything she's ever done before. Of course this is going to come with drawbacks though. Just as MC, she is going to suffer the consequences of lazing around and always taking things a bit too easy. Weight gain, lack of grooming herself, not going to work, paying less attention about looking presentable - she'll start to lose every bit of what made her "her" to begin with... To the dismay of not just herself, but others around her. MC would certainly notice hiw his stunning girlfriend is losing what made her so special to begin with, her family will notice how she started throwing her life away ever since she met that terrible influence, potential ex-boyfriends will grief the loss of their former lover and the possibility to get her back someday; everything just turns to shit, and all because of MC. But she just doesn't want to see it. A man who made her feel at ease more than anyone else in her entire life couldn't be the bad one here... Even if he does mistreat her verbally now, too.

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