RXN-03 Nebula

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RXN-03 Nebula

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Delve on Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:40 pm

Note: This is not a gundam model or AC model. This is specifically an entirely custom mech built from scratch, including the custom generator not found in any mech series.

Visual log (subject to change, sketch not 3D model): Reversed legged Protype

Main attributes: Speed and power. Uses natural resources. (i.e. Hydrogen.)

Code Name: Nebula
Model Number: RXN-03
Type: Field-upgrade Battle mech
Machinist: Delve
Origin: Crimson Battalion
First Deployed: N/A
Head Height: 18.0 meters
Base Weight: 51.5 metric tons
Full Weight: 71.7 metric tons
Power Generator Output: 1580 kW
Power Generator Type: Uranium Power Generator
Rocket Thrusters(x8 ): 103,500 kg total (2 on elbows, 2 behind lower leg joint, 4 on the back of the torso)
Acceleration: 0.74 G
Sensor Radius: 5900 meters
Frame Type: semi-monocoque
Armor Materials: titanium alloy
Standard Equipment: Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Sensor Module


1x shield
EMP and Radiation protection device
Thermal Radar
Anti-shock Module
Ultra Compact Battery


2x 60mm Vulcans in head
2x 90mm Gatling Gun , mounted in forearms


2x beam sabers
1x Beam Rifle, powered by rechargeable energy cap


Uranium Power generator uses a fuel tank containing hydrogen, that is super light weight on a mech--compared to it's density. It emits helium as a byproduct, something that is light weight as well. Hydrogen 2 plus hydrogen 3 becomes helium 4 its a nuclear reaction with a whole lot of power--not everyone considers the name uranium, but it is what we will be using in our cars in the near future like a decade or so. It has 0 emit ions and it does not affect environment since it converts it out of the air. Space time is limited, once it's out of helium tanks, it would need to be refueled. The amount of time is only determined on the energy output, when battling.

Anti-shock module: The ability to disconnect all wiring to the uranium powered generator when shocked, the generator is protected by a anti-shock resisting type material. The mech will run on battery power until re-connection occurs.

Back-up energy module: If the mech ever runs out of energy, the Ultra compact energy battery pack that can be used for a limited time--depending on the energy output.

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