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[Universal] Ryokushin Ikari Yuroshima

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Roy Ganamede on Fri Oct 05, 2007 10:04 pm

(Haven't updated anything for over one year, so it's not all up-to-date. Yes, weird family relations, forgive me for that, but at the time it was all for fun. Still is, so yeah, tons of weird things)

Real Name: Shino Ikari Kinote

Alias: Ryokushin Ikari Yuroshima

Gender: Male

Personality: Stoic

Marital Status: Married to Salina Tetsuya Mei

Offspring: Setsuna Sukai Mei (Non-biological daughter), Kemikaru Retsu Mei (Non-biological daughter), Raven Aikan Yuroshima (Biological daughter), Raikoshin Gouka Yuroshima (Biological son), Daikirai Hyroki (Non-biological daughter), Kokuei Mei (Non-biological daughter), Mirumae Mei (Non-biological daughter)

Relatives: None

Mother: Dead

Father: Dead

Immediate Family: None

Blood Type: AB+

Bones Broken: All of his bones have been broken many times, and his rib cage is shattered.

Race: Angel/Demon/Fallen Angel/Human


Angel: 5'9"

Demon: 6'3"

Fallen Angel: 7'1"

Human: 5'11"


Angel: 112 lbs

Demon: 350 lbs

Fallen Angel: 700 lbs

Human: 126 lbs


Angel: Baby Blue

Demon: Red

Fallen Angel: Black

Human: Baby Blue (Naturally Brown)


Angel: Silver (White)

Demon: Red

Fallen Angel: Red

Human: Silver with red tips (Naturally brown)


Angel: In Ryokushin's angelic form his wounds are all healed from the mystical holy powers.

Demon: In Ryokushin's demonic form his wounds are all more sensitive than usual. The cross shaped scar on his left cheek, and his left shoulder, a large scar which covers half of his chest, and is mirrored the same way on his back. The many broken bones on the inside, the only thing which isn't broken, or cracked is his skull.

Fallen Angel: In Ryokushin's fallen angel state his wounds are all cut open and bleeding. The cross shaped scar on his left cheek, and his left shoulder, a large scar which covers half of his chest, and is mirrored the same way on his back. All of his bones are healed for a short time, except for his rib cage.

Human: The cross shaped scar on his left cheek, and his left shoulder, a large scar which covers half of his chest, and is mirrored the same way on his back. The many broken bones on the inside, the only thing which isn't broken, or cracked is his skull.


Angel: Chaotic Good

Demon: Neutral

Fallen Angel: Chaotic Evil

Human: Neutral


Angel: Holy/Ice/Water

Demon: Darkness/Fire

Fallen Angel: Darkness/Fire/Lightning

Human: Darkness/Fire/Earth/Holy/Ice/Lightning/Water


Angel: 1120

Demon: 2120

Fallen Angel: 912

Human: 3121 (Looks 26)

Status: Alive


Fire: Controlling of fire--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Holy, Darkness, Lightning. Spells can include 'Fire Ball' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.

Water/Ice: Controlling of water, or ice--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Holy, Darkness, Lightning. Spells can include 'Tsunamii' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.

Holy: Controlling of holy spirits/elements--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Fire, Water, Lightning. Spells can include 'Diving Arrow' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.

Darkness: Controlling of darkness/shadows--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth. Spells can include 'Dark Epiphany' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.

Lightning: Controlling of lightning/electricity--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Fire, Water, Darkness, Holy. Spells can include 'Lightning Storm' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.

Earth: Controlling of earth--can be mixed with any of the following elements: Darkness. Spells can include 'Stone Rain' or even more powerful moves which are used in combat, or to use in everyday life.


Angel Form: His hair stays silver, his eyes stay baby blue. His scars are all gone, completely healed. He has two large angelic wings sprouting from his back. His leather jacket turns into a white robe, with long sleeves that go two inches passed his hands. He is stronger in his demonic form but he uses this form only to keep all of his mind in check--he doesn't get mad in this form.

Demon Form: Ryokushin's hair turns a blazing red color, his eyes lose all emotion that would be left and they turn completely red. He has two dark demonic wings and they always have blood on them once they sprout out. He has the same clothing as he does when he is in his human form except his undershirt is now blood red. All of his scars glow red.

Fallen Angel: His hair is red and he has black eyes. His demonic wings are larger than in his demon form and the blood drips all the time--even if they were already out, they can never be cleaned. Ryokushin's scars glow blood red. They bleed twenty-four-seven and cause Ryokushin much pain. He is tall and weighs much in this form--but it does not show that he weighs a lot because of his height. He is very quick, and is the strongest he can get in this form. The down fall is that he has to kill someone to be able to turn back into his normal form. So Ryokushin barely ever uses this form.

Human Form: In his human form he has silver hair with red tips. He has baby blue eyes and a cross shaped scar on his left cheek. Over his shoulders rests a black leather jacket and black undershirt. Covering his feet were black socks and geta sandals worn mainly in Japan. He wears sapphire pendant around his neck. Ryokushin has large loose fitting black pants. Ryokushin is mainly a calm, collective person but still gets angry from time to time.


Angel Form: Upon turning into an angel his clothes immediately change into a white scheme. He wears a white robe, which the arms cover two inches passed his hands, and white socks with white sandals. His pendant is crystal clear, more diamond, in this form, however it is worn around his wrist, and never falls off.

Demon Form: Upon turning into a demon his clothes take a more 'gothic' turn. His black shirt turns blood red, his overall look is the same except his sapphiric pendant is now ruby, and it hangs from his neck. He still looks partially human, except he has slightly pointy ears.

Fallen Angel Form: Upon turning into his fallen angel he has only the black loose fitting pants he originally was in. His pendant is now a black diamond and is embedded into his chest, which (when touched) will immediately make him angry.

Human Form: Upon resting in his human form he wears a black scheme of clothes. He wears a black leather jacket, a black shirt, black loose fitting pants, black socks, wooden sandals, and a sapphire pendant hangs loosely from his neck.

Background: On his second birthday, his parents were brutally murdered by a pack of wild Demons. That day, he found out a portion of his power when he went insane, and killed all the Demons without knowing it, it was as if he, himself, was a Demon. He still didn't know what he did, and he just burried his parents heads in the ground, and set up a little 'graveyard' of his own. A Demon arose, and said that the boy was to die for the sin of killing Demons. Right when the Demon rushed at the small child snapped once more. It was as if fighting made him turn into the 'Demon' who would fight on command. During the three minute 'deathmatch' he only had one hit on the Demon, which was quite surprising seeing as he killed the other Demons with ease. The Demon halted the child, and looked at him saying 'In ten years, this day, right here, I want a rematch. To the death.' The Demon pulled out a large, double handed blade to only be used by Demons, and threw it right at the child. The child's arm began to bend the wrong way, and it eventually snapped, breaking his arm. He fell to the ground holding his left arm, which wasn't his dominant arm. He had to drag the sword around everywhere. As soon as he looked at the Demon, the Demon disappeared in a flash.

For ten years the boy trained, not ever being able to grab his sword by one hand, and only by two, his weakened left arm healed up after a year of training with it, but it still would crack every so often. Upon travelling the boy was healed by a woman one day before the big 'battle' would happen. And she told the boy that her husband had died due to a pack of demons. She asked for the boys name, and he told her. "Shino Kinote" however to get revenge upon the demons he would have to avenge the loss of his parents, as well as this womans loss of her husband. Shino asked what the mans name was, and she told him "Ryokushin Yuroshima", Shino was already out of clothes, and didn't have any to wear, so she gave Shino the clothes her husband wore, a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, tan loose fitting cargo pants, white socks, and wooden sandals. Shino asked the woman if he could have the man's name, Ryokushin Yuroshima, and she nodded in approval. And on the day of the fight, Ryokushin met up with the Demon. He didn't believe that Ryokushin would show. He commended him on being so 'brave' and told him to put up arms. Ryokushin did so, and took off the scabbard which held the sword. The fight went on for two hours, Ryokushin had hit the Demon five times, but it still wasn't enough. The Demon slammed Ryokushin on the ground, and pulled the sword out from the scabbard, plunging it into the chest of the child. He slices down causing a large scar to go through his chest to his back. Ryokushin was put in hell for killing the Demons, and trained in hell for over a thousand years, he was unstoppable in hell, no one could beat him, except for that one Demon who killed him. Ryokushin, who still looked twelve, was told he would be brought back to life, but he would have to kill one thousand Angels.

Instead Ryokushin decided to train for two intense years. He was fourteen, by looks, and met up with a female. Her name was Sara, she was strong, beautiful, lovely, and kind. Everything someone could ask for. Every single day the two sparred, and she became stronger. For two years Ryokushin and Sara went out, only to get married. This was the only time that Ryokushin was happy since he was a child. One night the two made love, and Ryokushin felt a little different than normal. His body was weakening, and it was as if his body was killing itself. As if a Demon and an Angel were fighting inside of him. After a month, Sara told Ryokushin that she was pregnate, with a baby girl. Ryokushin asked her if they could call the child 'Ryua' or 'Ryuashina'. Sara approved to name the kid Ryuashina, and after giving birth eight months later, Ryokushin vowed he would never leave on his own accord unless something were to happen to the two. After one day of living with Sara, and Ryuashina, Ryokushin had a message saying he had to go to hell. Ryokushin didn't know why, but he told Sara he had to go right away. He gave her a kiss, and ran off. For sixteen years Ryuashina was fatherless. And when he returned sixteen years later, he went back to the house where Sara and Ryuashina were. Ryuashina couldn't believe that Ryokushin thought he could just waltz back in, and then think everything was okay, so she ran off, and Sara appologized to Ryokushin for how Ryuashina was, then ran off after. Ryokushin watched the woman leave, and then walked after them seeing the two cry. Five Angels flew down from heaven, and stated it was a sin for interracial couples to marry, and Ryokushin thought they meant a human marrying a demon. However Ryokushin found out Sara was an Angel, and Angels shouldn't marry Demons under any circumstance.

The pack of Angels slaughtered the taboo child 'Ryuashina' and then the sinner 'Sara'. The pack flew off into the skies and disappeared quickly. Ryokushin's large demonic wings shot out of his shoulder blades, and he flew up after the Angels, but when he reached the atmosphere, he felt a bit weak, and his demonic wings turned white, and more soft. He slowly began to descend from the skies, and hit the ground hard. Once he awoke he was wondering how he turned from a Demon into an Angel. The only thing he could think of was 'Biologically Transferred Fluid' and or having sexual relations with someone. The angelic saliva, and blood that was Sara's was now in Ryokushin. Ryokushin's baby blue eyes shone brightly, immediately he said to himself, 'Finally. . . perfection is coming so close, perfection is almost here. . . I am almost ready to become perfect, but. . . I need to take back my Sara. . . and my daughter.' From that day forward, he trained for many years perfecting the transformations. His human form becoming the minority now, taken over by a Demon, and an Angel. After many years of travelling the horrible land of Purgatory, he was ready to go to heaven, finally ready to retrieve his daughter, and wife from whoever was holding them captive.

Upon reaching heaven, Ryokushin hadn't expected to see the one person who mattered the most, he never expected to see the one whom he promised to protect. He didn't expect to find his cousin, Ryoushin, and what's more, he didn't expect he would have to fight him upon arrival, or ever. The first bout ended after four days of battle, and Ryokushin proved too much for the brazen angel, so Ryoushin sent Ryokushin down to the Human world (Purgatory) again. Ryokushin decided to let Ryoushin have his way for the time being, and Ryokushin knew, that a new age of war began. Now Ryokushin was twenty-five years old, and he was feeling the emotions he had left, hatred, anger, loathing, coming back, and what was more, they were toward his cousin. It took him so long to find the man he was hoping to keep safe, the man he promised to his parents, no less, that he wouldn't let harm come to him. It took him this long, to find someone who was now pure evil, even though he was an Angel. Ryokushin was fed up with all of his 'crap', and was ready to kill Ryoushin. By the time the Angel caught up with Ryokushin, it was too late. Ryokushin had mastered every technique he could, every technique in the 'book'. The battle Ryoushin put up lasted longer than the first bout. It lasted five weeks, and finally Ryoushin absorbed the soul of his cousin. The Angel said to himself, 'Finally, I am the strongest alive.' Ryoushin's body became more weak, he could feel a second heart beat, it was in his stomach, three weeks this occurred causing him to wonder what was going on. He was beginning to grow more weak, and more pale, his face was pure white, his body shakey, about to explode. Little did Ryoushin know that it was Ryokushin, he was feeding off of the life force of Ryoushin.

Once Ryoushin had a pure white toned body, Ryokushin burst out of Ryoushin, sending his body parts flying against the walls. Ryokushin was standing in a bloody, naked form, his eyes glowing black, his final form, thus far, the disturbing Fallen Angel had been born. His red hair shone in the light of the heavens, and in the end, his wife, and daughter weren't found anywhere. He was really distraught about the whole thing, training so hard for the two of them, and for nothing.

After a year of being on earth, once more, he found a woman. It was a full moon, and the woman was chained up, shackles on her wrists, and ankles. He didn't want her to be enslaved any more, and she told him she didn't want them off, but he didn't listen. He sliced the chains into pieces. After he had done so, the woman looked into his eyes, she wasn't sad, or mad that he did so, and her silver eyes shone in the moonlight causing Ryokushin to become more entranced. It was as if he was staring into the eyes of his mother once more, his feelings grew for the woman. After that night was finished Ryokushin never returned to the place again, however they met once more at his house, she was aimlessly wandering, and he told her that he would be more than glad to live with her. He was twenty five, and she was eighteen, and he knew he loved her after only a few days of being with her, yet learned more about her before telling her how he felt. After a year of knowing her, he asked her if she would accept his hand in marriage.

Ryokushin was in a house with his wife, and daughter. Setsuna was only seven years old, however she looked thirteen (longer story), and her friend Daikirai lived with them as well, but left every so often. Ryokushin and Salina married two years later, after being engaged, and the two were officially husband and wife at midnight, on January first, New Year's Day. Many years passed the emotions between the two lovers grew. The night Salina transformed into Mikirayu (her other half) Ryokushin met up with her. He didn't want to kill anyone that night so he sent Caedo (his fallen angel form) out. The two hit it off quickly and killed children and men while eating their remains. Before morning came Caedo and Mikirayu shared a soft passionate kiss. The two new, and psychotic, lovers became enwrapped in the raging emotion between them, loving each other like many could never do. At this point, Ryokushin and Salina began to make children of their own. Only one child came, though; Raven Aikan Yuroshima.

Years later Setsuna begins to fall in love with Angel, Ryokushin's angel side. Ryokushin had no objection to the two, knowing Angel couldn't ever hurt Setsuna. Their own family began forming many many years later, having only one child. While Angel was loving Setsuna, Ryokushin (the demon form) began to love a young girl who was about the age of six. Her name was Hyrosetsu Cloud. At first he began to help her out for "money" to keep her coming out to him and talking to him. She had to leave for four years, and he waited out in the rain, snow, blizzards, storms and even in the unbearable heat. She came back and the two went on a long journey. Hyrosetsu was now ten and despite her age she was falling in love with the demon. After their journey she was thirteen, and already living with Ryokushin.

The two married when she was fourteen and after that they began thinking of having children. One year later the human Ryokushin was resting near his mansion. His non-biological daughter, Daikirai, came up and began to snuggle against him. She was beginning to ask him many things, one of which happened to be if he would help her conceive a child. Salina told Daikirai it would be fine since Salina couldn't deny the love Daikirai had for her "father." She loved him more than anything. Nine months later she birthed a beautiful baby boy; Raikoshin Gouka Yuroshima.~More to Come~
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