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[Multiverse] Ryuhei Aoi

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[Multiverse] Ryuhei Aoi

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aoi on Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:47 am

Note: Ryuhei was formed with the Crimson Battalion, and will continue to stay with them even here. The Crimson Battalion itself is a Mercenary Faction of ClanNation, located on AnimeLeague, and thus, Ryuhei highly reflects upon said faction.


Name: Ryuhei Aoi
Age: Twenty-two
Gender: Male
Height: Seventy-three inches (6’1”, 185.42 Centimeters)
Weight: One hundred sixty-eight pounds (168 Pounds, 12 Stone)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Race: Human
Job: Crimson Battalion Executive
Alignment: Crimson Battalion

Physical Description:
Ryuhei has semi-short brown hair, which rests just above his deep-piercing blue eyes. His face is a little narrowed, and even at the age of twenty-two, signs of aging from his time of being a Crimson Battalion Major, Executive, and Refugee are taking a toll upon him. He stands at just over six feet tall, and is rather slender, despite having decent-sized muscles. He is not very bulky, but is not scrawny, either. His hands are laced with calluses, which have come from hours of swordplay, alchemy, and physical labor. Much of his look has been passed to him from his departed parents, whose souls used to reside within swords; since the Crimson Battalion reinsertion at Jad, a port city, these swords have been destroyed.

Currently, Ryuhei wears a tattered cape, which was given to him after the Crimson Battalion disbanded. When he received this gift, it was new, but events over the past four months of his life have led to its near-destruction events, though Ryuhei still cherishes it. He continues to wear a form of skin-tight armor, resistant to most low-caliber ammunition at close ranges, and highly resistant from larger bullets at a distance. Over the armor, though beneath his cape, he wears a light traveling cloak, which he acquired in Jad from a kind family that were more than happy to aid him in fighting the zombies before the Battalion came to retrieve him; this is one of his more-valued possessions, as it was less than a week later when the family was morphed by the zombie horde. Lastly, he continues to wear combat boots, with an insulated comfort sole.

Personality Description:
Throughout his exile and reuniting with the Battalion at Port Jad, Ryuhei has gone from a kind soul to a more distant person, reflecting often upon memories he reacquired while in the city, revealing the connected history between Kaji Kuro and himself. Among these memories were the relinquishing of a power, summoned when Kaji yelled the word “Gleipnir.” Ryuhei believes that this power was released by a formerly-dormant alter ego within his friend; the Devil, which, unknowingly, passed partially into him after the Gleipnir was cast. Ryuhei has felt another soul within his body, though he is confused whether it is good or evil; his parents originally told him to welcome this power, and because of that, he believes it is a good spirit, though he lacks any evidence to support this claim.

Before his change in personality, Ryuhei was very cheerful and welcoming, often conversing with the souls of his parents; the latter of which acted as a binding force on his true power. The awakening of the seed-like demonic form within himself is what saved Ryuhei, and indeed, the entire Crimson Battalion, from Jad, though it has forever changed his life, and it cost the destruction of his parents link to the Earth, thus causing their souls to pass onto the afterlife. No one can say for certain if the change within Ryuhei has been good or not, but as of now, the power within him has only been used for just purposes.

Ryuhei now dedicates his time to overseeing spars between Battalion members, as well as the mobility of large portions of the military company. In his free time, however, he often spends his time researching what may be the cause of what, in his opinion, is an entire reconstruction of his personality, attempting to acquire the knowledge of what may be possessing him, or what might have triggered his change.

Character Equipment:
Throwing Knives - Ryuhei always carries an assortment of throwing knives with him, many of which have been engraved with alchemic symbols, allowing him to cast, or dual-cast, elements into the blade, such as the power of Flame, Ice, Earth, and Air. These weapons are useful not only in combat, but in survival situations, as well; they can be used to stun a wild animal, start a fire to cook with, or freeze minor wounds to a close. As such, they are quite a reliable piece of equipment in his arsenal.

Daggers Ryuhei carries one or two of these with him, always. These are the replacement weapons as his close-combat weapons-of-choice. Since the “Death” of his parent’s souls, and destruction of the swords they resided in, these have become a large source of power for him. These weapons are also imbued with alchemical symbols, but are a much more powerful force, due to the larger surface area, and the fact that they are not released upon activation; the force can be concentrated anywhere in the blade, through concentration, and may therefore alter effects and attacks the blades actually deal.

Tattered Cape This cape was given to, or purchased by, Ryuhei before the reformation of the Crimson Battalion. He has always cherished it, but after exile in the port city of Jad, it has become ragged and worn. It has survived combat and the wilderness, and is claimed to have resistance to the elements, such as minor protection against fire, electricity, and water. However, the authenticity of these claims have not been verified.

Traveling Cloak Another asset that Ryuhei holds dear to his heart, this Traveling Cloak was given to him by a then-human family, to help him combat the zombie hordes. The cloak is made of a white, soft silk, and Ryuhei often sleeps in it, feeling more comfortable in the cloak than with the cape. After acquiring this item, the family members that gave it to him were bitten by zombies, and since then, Ryuhei has not seen them; he still cares deeply for their daughter, Priscilla, who often helped him with cooking and cleaning the household, despite living in a city over-run by zombies. He thought of her as a younger sister, and was deeply saddened at her loss.

Skin-Tight Armor This durable latex substance is very resistant to low-caliber bullets at close range; so resistant, in fact, that while wearing this suit, it is almost non-effective. Larger bullets are also heavily resisted, but are usually not stopped entirely, unless the opponent is, for example, using .50 Caliber bullets from over 900 yards away. This material is also weather-resistant, shock-proof, and highly insulated. It was acquired by Ryuhei when he was much younger.

Family Tree:
Mother’s Side; Grandmother Elena Aka - 100% Human
Mother’s Side; Grandfather Takuya Aka - 100% Human
Father’s Side; Grandmother Vanessa Aoi - 100% Human
Father’s Side; Grandfather Hashira Aoi - 100% Human
Mother Anatu Aka - 100% Human
Father Artemis Aoi - 100% Human
Ryuhei Ryuhei Aoi - 100% Human

Character History:
Infancy (Ages 1-3) During these years, life was rather quiet for Ryuhei. His parents tended to the village farms, and were also commanders in the militia thereof. Unbeknownst to Ryuhei, his parents were fearsome fighters of one generation, but after decided to have a kid, the couple settled down with friends; a village they had often defended.

It was during these years that Ryuhei first met Serenity Megami, once a friend, and now lovers. The two grew up together, and their families were the best of friends, often times joking about how the two could grow up and fall in love.

Early Childhood (Ages 4-9) As Ryuhei grew older, he was home-schooled by his mother, often learning for two or three hours a day, spending four or five more tending the fields with his father. Life was simplistic; help the village, and the village will help you. Living in a well-respected family meant that Ryuhei had to ensure that he was using proper conduct at all times; most of his schooling was proper etiquette, though his mother also taught him numbers and the alphabet, getting into basic math, reading, and writing.

His friendship with Serenity progressed, and she often came to watch him in the fields when she was done with her day’s lessons.

When he was seven, bandits attacked the village in which he lived, and were driven off by the village defenses. However, the area had been lost by the Ruling Family of the country, and thus, bandits roamed the area frequently in search of money or fight wherever they could find it. This had symbolized dark times for the villager’s, but they continued their daily routines, trying to maintain the façade that everything was alright.

Late Childhood (Ages 10-13) Swordplay became a new fascination of Ryuhei’s. His mother stopped teaching him Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, and History; they began to teach him to fight when he was ten. By the age of eleven, he had received his first sword, and often practiced with his father, and the fields were tended to by other villagers, who were more than happy to do the work of their defending families.

When Ryuhei was twelve, a larger number of bandits then ever witnessed before by their village attacked, ruthlessly. They pillaged and plundered the village, taking anything they could, and burning all else. Artemis and Anatu – Ryuhei’s parents – were in the middle of the battle, the three taking on a half-dozen of bandits, armed not with their own standard weapons; they were only equipped with daggers, and were overwhelmed. They were not killed, no, the bandits wanted to make them suffer, as punishment for killing their “Brothers,” who had died in attempting to destroy the village before.

Ryuhei and Serenity happened to be in the barn when the bandits struck, which was now on fire. Ryuhei had been watching out the door to see what was going on, and looking for any chance to escape with Serenity, though there seemed to be no opportunity. One of the bandits had come to investigate the barn, searching for any valuables that might be located in there. Ryuhei stepped back, unsure of what to do; he stepped on his father’s sword, and wielded it, awaiting the bandit’s entrance into the barn. As soon as the brigand entered, he was slain, Artemis’ sword extending from his chest.

Ryuhei took the sword, as well as Anatu’s, and headed outside, telling Serenity to go try and find her parents. She did as she was told, and Ryuhei headed outside. He found his parents lying on the ground, and out of mercy, killed them both with their respective swords. Little had he known, this action of courage caused their souls to be absorbed into the swords’ hilts, in each of which, an orb rest. From this time on, Ryuhei held a telepathic communication with his parents, who were always watching out for him.

Upon returning to his side, Serenity held a Staff and was in tears; it had been all she was able to recover from her home, and her parents were dead. The two set off with all that they had left – Swords, sheathes, and staves at hand, and walked into a new lifestyle.

During the same month, the two ran into a mercenary group that had been hired to eradicate the same bandits that happened to have killed the villagers of Ryuhei and Serenity. They were allowed to tag along, and the two orphans quickly learned how to fight and heal, the former skill belonging to Ryuhei, the latter to Serenity. During the travels, Ryuhei felt a strengthened bond with Serenity, and the two made an oath to never abandon one another.

Early Teenage Years (Ages 14-16) During these years, Ryuhei became very advanced with a blade. His speed surpassed most other men in the companies, and he began to take up Alchemy, not content with only have knowledge of Physical attacks. He devoted these three years of his life to Alchemy, and it was also during these times that he met Kaji Kuro, a man of many mysteries. He taught Ryuhei a lot about Magic, and often lent him books of the Alchemic nature. Kaji had told him that during his life, he had wanted to learn Alchemy, but wasn’t very advanced with “That form” of magic. Instead, Kaji had become a Sage, focusing mainly on Elemental Attacks.

Ryuhei found the knowledge of Alchemy to be invaluable, as it helped him to cook, clean, and make desired items out of common material. He could make a whet stone for his blade out of rock, water, and wood, for example. Further, he could imbue his weapons with alchemical attacks, making them much fiercer. As his friendship with Kaji developed, he and Serenity had often been invited over, and they met his lifelong friend, Itoshii. The two seemed to be closer than friends, though neither of them would admit to it; there was an unspoken love, much like that of Serenity and Ryuhei.

As time went on, Serenity had become a Healer, mastering the craft. She often used Staves, but also practiced with light swords, in case the need arise to fight. Ryuhei helped her practice her form, and in little time, she had excelled far enough to be considered a sword-wielding healer.

In this period of his life, Ryuhei made more friendships, and gathered a vast amount of knowledge; some might call this his turning point. He would classify these years as the best of his life, as the mercenary company he was with happened to be very skilled; more so than normal when they Kaji and Ryuhei entered the fray. And, their healers, Itoshii and Serenity, were far above par with Staves. However, one day, that would all change.

Late Teenage Years (Ages 17-19) On his seventeenth birthday, Ryuhei proposed to Serenity, who had said yes. The two were married while still in company with the mercenary troop. Kaji had been Ryuhei’s best man, and Itoshii had been the Maid of Honor. The four developed closer ties, in this time, and happy to express their friendship with the rest of the regiment.

Three weeks after the marriage, the faction of mercenaries had been called upon by a Lording Family, sent to fight off bandits from a near-by village. The pay for this job was to be great, and along with it, a much better reputation was sure to follow. The plan would be the same as they had always used; charge in with the best defensive units, who were heavily armored – they would do as much damage as they could and pull back, drawing the bandits towards the woods, and then the attackers would spring from hiding and slay them. The healers would await their call in the brush, mending the slight injuries taken by the defensive line. And, had things not been finished, the Alchemists and Magicians would lead a barrage of long-range assault, casting fireballs, using transmuted weapons, et cetera, and by then, the village would be lucky to still be standing.

On this day, however, the bandits weren’t a group of bandits after all; they had in fact been an army from an enemy nation, well-prepared and happy to see opposition. They easily defeated, and killed, most of the defensive line, and had slain a multitude of attackers, taking few casualties of their own. This was when Kaji and Ryuhei charged in, not wanting to see their fellow men die when they could do something about it.

As Ryuhei prepared to attack, Kaji had yelled something Ryuhei had never heard. “Gleipnir,” he had shouted; an unfathomed call in Ryuhei’s mind. And suddenly, a large earthquake had begun, the ground split, and from it arose a massive chain. It maneuvered itself, without the will of Kaji to guide it; Ryuhei turned to ask his comrade what the hell that thing was, but it was not Kaji who was there. It may have been his body, yes, but it was not the same person. His personality was difference, and he seemed to be mouthing the words “Kill,” “Destroy,” and “Torture.”

A large wall of energy had cast Ryuhei back, and within an instant, it was all over. The enemies had vanished, the healers were frantically healing, and the entire village had disappeared. And then Ryuhei blacked out, not able to grasp the Earth any longer; it would be two weeks before he awoke again. But, when he did, it was to three worried faces; that of his wife, his best friend, and his wife’s best friend. They all welcomed him back to consciousness, and inquired as to what memories he had held before his blackout. Strangely, he couldn’t remember the events that had taken place, as though his mind were hiding them. However, he knew that it was horrific, and not something he wanted to see again.

Serenity and Ryuhei set off from the remaining members of the troop on Ryuhei’s eighteenth birthday, and it was then that they joined the Crimson Battalion.

Early Adulthood (Ages 20-Present) Ryuhei had advanced quickly in the Battalion, having many mentors and guides. He started as a Cadet in the Final Impact, under a man by the name of Lord Arcanis. It wasn’t long, however, until a change had happened in Leadership, and a man named Anesid Symic had taken the former Major’s place.

Anesid was different; hands-on was the term for it. Under his authority, the troops trained with blades for a good while before being tossed into a flaming building, told to retrieve a dummy before it burned to death. It was during this training that Ryuhei met someone he considered to be his sister, Crystal.

The two, along with a few others, were then taken into a secretly-created squad named Grandeur Oblique, which was for the most elite of the Final Impact soldiers. This group was given a set of their own barracks, and the most hi-tech equipment of the age for training. Despite that, there was one thing Ryuhei had trouble getting adjusted to; seeing Crystal change right beside him. She seemed rather calm with it, but Ryuhei had always been rather reserved.

After Anesid had taught them all he could, the squad was handed to Izra, who had an even tighter grip on the squad than Anesid had before him. However, it wasn’t long before Ryuhei learned Izra’s one real weakness, and shortly after that, the squadron was dissolved. Ryuhei and Crystal were promoted to the ARC Force, under command of Major Snake, and group of elite soldiers; these men were even better trained than those of Grandeur Oblique, and took Ryuhei, as well as Crystal, under their wings. Snake was laid back, and easy-going, which seemed about impossible, seeing as how he was leading a Red Orchestra Squad – ARC Force (Advanced Reconnaissance and Combat Force). Snake later went into Inactive Duty, and Ryuhei was promoted to Squadron Major.

He was promoted often, and quickly, climbing the rungs of the promotion ladder, and as a Major, he really had a chance to help the Battalion. It wasn’t long after he received his position that the Battalion was disbanded for four years; however, he used this time to hone his skills and stay with his wife, until he’d heard rumors of a faction called “R.E.D. Cell.”

This new faction had been causing quite a stir, and it was later revealed why; they were re-animating the dead to serve as soldiers, filled with nano-technology that deformed and decomposed the bodies of these soldiers. They soon became zombies, and began to infect many civilians. The Battalion was re-established, and Ryuhei reclaimed the position of ARC Major - his squadron was assigned the task of entering Jad, a port city, and kill as many of the zombies as they could. They were overpowered, however, and the Major was lost in the city for nearly six months; this exile allowed him to see another side of life. He spent his time and energy attempting to liberate the city of zombies, killing packs of them at a time.

When all seemed lost and hopeless, the Battalion re-entered the city to try and save him. R.E.D. Cell had also come, however, to find him and kill him. These assassins needed to silence him, to ensure he could not recount all of what he had seen on the island throughout his time of exile and perseverance.

During this encounter, his swords were stolen by the enemy, but were later destroyed as an alter-ego was awoken within him; the same one that had been within Kaji Kuro. It had been rooted in Ryuhei like a seed when he had experienced its might the night Kaji used it. The memories came flooding back to him now like never before; dots started to connect, and he had called upon this power. Embracing it, as his parents had directed, led to a form of self-control over it, though his parents souls left his body. They were the seal that had held it dormant for so long, and their protection was no longer there. Further, the swords that housed their bodiless forms were shattered, and the enemies were overrun by the horde of zombies, which then drowned itself in the harbor surrounding the city.

The nearly-dead city had been liberated; the Battalion’s Major had been saved, and nursed back to full health, leading to a condition better than he was before he left for the city in the first place. While his personality has changed a bit, the character within has not. He remains good friends with Kaji, though he has not informed his friend of that occurred late in the second Port Jad encounter, feeling it best to be an unspoken subject.

After his recovery, Ryuhei was given command of a large portion of Crimson Battalion’s ground forces. This was displayed through a promotion to Commodore, an Executive Board rank. Over the years, he had always coveted this rank, but was never sure if he were ready for such a prestigious spot. However, he trusted the decisions of the other Executives, and embraced the position with open arms.

Skills, Powers, and Abilities:
Alchemy By using the power of transmutation circles, Ryuhei is able to apply different elements to his weaponry. However, he can also use his alchemical ability by using the circles on surfaces, such as the ground, walls, or virtually anything else. Each circle has a different effect, much of which is based on the desires of the alchemist. Each of his weapons is imbued with a transmutation circle on the hilt, in order to give him an array of options when it comes to attacking an opponent.

Assassination Ryuhei’s dexterity allows him to sneak around when he needs to. One of the advantages of this stealth is the ability to assassinate unsuspecting enemies. Though he rarely uses this ability, he considers it a useful one, in the event that there are more enemies than he can handle in melee combat.

Teleportation Ryuhei has gained, very recently, the ability to teleport to areas that are in-synchronization with spirits, such as cemeteries and hospitals. This is due to the fact that the alter ego within him, the Devil, has been awoken. Furthermore, others with the ability to teleport to aforementioned areas, such as Kaji Kuro, can teleport using Ryuhei as an anchoring point (the point of appearance) when they decide to use the convenience of this method.

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