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[Multiverse] Saladin Akara

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[Multiverse] Saladin Akara

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LordSaladin on Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:11 am

Saladin is a character developed over many years, and although I have never Rped him in his homeland, the history is there. Something that I have developed from my writing IRL, I create the history of my characters in my head even before they come into existence. Mainly because the past events of a character very much determine their current personality and outlook on life. So, here is the profile for Saladin.

NOTE: Physical appearance is according to what he looks like now, although he has looked differently for most of his life. It was after the death of Tayrn, and the events that followed, that his appearance changed.

Name: Saladin Akara (Previous name including all full titles -- Simtar Saladin Akara, Warrior of the Order of The Night, Spokesman of the Guild Council or Warriors, High Mage Sorcerer of the Kayzard, ruling house of the Guild of Sorcerers, Eldest Sitter of the Council of The Twelve of the Guardians of Kelante.)

Age: 2368 (estimated)

Height: 6'7"

Physical appearance:

Saladin is a strong built, muscular man, all parts of his body, seemingly ready to burst, due to the mass of muscle that wraps his body. His thick arms conveying great strength. And his flat, six-packed stomach, and toned chest, show a level of fitness. His legs, claves bulging and thighs obviously strong, show a certain speed and agility. He carries himslef as the Warrior he is, confident and with an assurity that only those who have survived many great battles own. His back always straight and head high. As he stands, his feet seem in perfect alliance with the ground, as though he is connected to the ground.

His smooth, perfectly straight silver hair, falling to his shoulders, accentuates the carved appearance of his face. smoothly shaven, with high cheek bones and a strong, defined jaw and chin, seemed to sonceal his age, making him seem only in his mid-twenties. His eyes, a deep blue, always with a very slight glow, the whites a purest ivory, unless he is accessing his magic, or is in a state of meditation, where they too glow brightly, in that deep blue hue. His eyebrows of silver, thin and perfectly arched, positioned slightly above the ridge of his sockets.

Wearing clothes of black, he looks somewhat imperious. A long cape, fastened to him via a black steel chain resting across his chest, the chain being almost unseen before the dark hues of his garments. his black tunic, worn slightly loose, although still showing his strong physique, designed with a round neck, and ending ay his hips. He dorns black trousers, again, slightly loose. The trousers are kept from falling thanks to the plain black wide belt around his waist, the buckle, again, being made of black steel. His heavy, black boots, large leather soles adding another half inch to his height.

Hidden to most, are Saladin's mighty wings. A giant, twenty foot span, the white, thick, leather-like apendages, are generally hidden inside the back of this man, but occasionally, need will arrise where he will unveil them by choice. At other times, if he was to weild a great amount of magical energy, they will unfold without Saladin's will. Great ridges highlight the overall shape of the wings, like that of a gargoyle. The ridges, like an extension to his skeletal structure, are conncted with tendons of muscle, allowing Saladin total control of them.


Saladin's main weapon of choice would be long, slightly curved sword, always at his left hip. The hilt, golden, bears resemblance to a dragon, double handed in legth, the end of the hilt bears an image of a dragon's head, the length ridged, for comfort and ease of grip, appears to have a pattern of scales on it. The tsuba (guard) was plain, just a golden plate, carved into a slight elliptical shape, narrower on the area where less of Saladin's hand would be.
The long blade of the sword, a shining silver, curving slightly, was smooth, bearing no markings, or indents. It shines a slight blue, matching the aura of it's owner, hen it is being used as a tool for any kind of magic. The edge of the blade is razor sharp, easily slicing through flesh with only the slightest of touches.
The scabbard of the blade is a leather piece, into which is carved the runes of a strange language, although, now, the scabbard is always neatly wrapped in a pure white cloth.

Saladin also carries a heavy dagger, the blade straight, and broad, it is hidden within his tunic and Saladin will only use that blade in the most dire and desperate of situations.


As a sorcerer, he has command over all the elements, Fire, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth. He accesses these through the elementals living inside him, creatures made entirely of the representative element. Although he has accessto and control over all elements, he can only use fire and ice at a moments notice. When using the other elements it takes a small time to gather the energy from the elemental. He can do many things with his magic, including heal, and many damaging things also.
He is also extremely prficient with sword he carries, after many hundreds of years carrying it, the sword has become much like an extension to his being.
Also trained in many Martial Arts, his body is just as lethal as the sword he carries, or the magic he weilds. In hand to hand combat he moves with such speed and grace, it appears as though he is dancing, and yet, this dance is as lethal as any viper. His style is reminiscent of a mix between Praying Mantis and Lau Gar Kung Fu and Wing Chun. He generally awaits his foe's first attack, allowing Saladin the chance to take advantage in the area he excels in, manipulation of momentum, and using it to leave opponents open to attack.


Saladin is a calm man, never seemingly showing emotion, and his voice conveys this with every spoken word. A man of reason, he would much rather avoid a conflict than create one, believing words fight better than any sword.
He tends to be a somewhat meek and submissive oerson, however, this may be because he does't yet know the people of this strange world, and how they should be approached. But, when faced with an emergency, or impending danger, he becomes the leader he once was, taking charge with ease, finding people will follow his commands, generally because the words he speaks leave no room for argument. Either because they total sense, or the fact he leaves them no option.
Being a man of clam, he is often found meditating, and does, somewhat, prefer to be alone.
A generally friendly person, he will greet anyone as friend, unless they pose either Saladin or his friends a risk.


NOTE: Here I will explain the situation of Saladin as he arrived in Wing City, to give a background towards his unsurity of the place. A more detailed history of the man will follow.

He was a leader of men, the masses listened to him. He was crowned as the most powerful in the land, for none could beat him. Having control over the Warriors, the Sorcerers, and Guardians, he could do everything he wanted. Then, a mistake bought him crashing down, he was stripped of his rank and title. He was banished to a far away place, no one knew the name, but they banished him there. It wasn't long before he knew exactly why.
As he found himself in the city, surrounded by many people, he realised none knew of whom he was. And many would regard him as a strange man who somehow had found his way there. In a world so different from his own, with things he had bnever before dreamed of, like those large metallic creatures he saw as he first approached Jacon's ship. Like the very fact that the ship would take them to the stars. All these things, which he had no knowledge of at all, made him feel once more like a child. The shame he felt was great.
But still, he claimed to his previous titles, keeping them allowed him to have a sense of home in this place he had been banished to endure.

Following will be a history of Saladin, tracing his rise to, and fall from, power and his banishment. The posts will come shortly, so bear with me.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LordSaladin on Thu Dec 14, 2006 4:23 pm

NOTE: In this first part of Saladin's history, I am going to give a background on his family, which play an important part on both his appearance and attitude.

The Akara family had been in existence since before the final twelve tribes had merged into the land of Kelante. The Akara line was one of Warriors, renowned for their fighting prowess and mastery of the heavy battle ax and battle hammer.
The Akara line had been given a high standing when the Kelante tribe had overtaken the other tribes, and they were given charge over many legions of men. Leading their army with great skill, they were soon considered as the greatest Warriors in the land, as not only did they possess great skill in battle, but their command of tactics was also exempliary.

For generations the Akara family ruled over countless legions, leading the advances against the Homeless as they tried to stop the advancement of the merging of the tribes. And in turn, it was the Akara family which led the entire forces of the Warriors Guild against the Sorcerers. Even though there was great loss on either side, the generals of that army were given great rewards for their planning and bravery.

After the forced alliance between the two Guilds, the Akara were each given a seat on the Council of that Guild. Being one of the highest ranked Warriors, they became overly confident.

It was due to this overconfidence that the Akara family was cursed and destined to be marked forever.
Given charge over the protection of a medium sized town, nearing the border with the desolate land occupied by the Homeless, they felt no need to have troops other than a squad of fifty Warriors. Then, when a raid of Homeless appeared, over 200 in number, the Warriors were overtaken, and the town was burned to the ground.

When news of this event was brought to the Councils of each Guild, a decision was met that the Akaras needed some level of punishment. The Warriors Guild stripped the family of all titles and claims to troops and throwing them out of the Guild, and refusing acceptance of any other Akara into the Guild.
Now, the sorcerers, being much more cunning, placed a curse on the family, marking them forever as outcasts and failures.

So, from that day, all generations of the Akara family were fated to be marked by black, leather-like wings, outcasts and freaks. They were shunned by all in the land and were forced to live in isolation, away from society.

NOTE: I do not wish to fill the site with a history and set-up of Saladin's homeworld, Kelante. So you can find information on however, it is still a work in progress, but will be finished in regards to a full description of the set-up etc of the world very soon.

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