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Salvation [Under Construction]

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Salvation [Under Construction]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dearth on Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:31 pm


Well, this character was created by moi, to be intune with two other characters crafted by two good buddies of mine.

Name: Salvation
Real Name: Vincent Halden IV
Age: 26 Years.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Occupation(s): Former British Secret Services Silent Assault Battalion Commander: Current Freelance Assassin For Hire.

Appearance: Appearance, as with most in his profession, was a staple which he never gave haphazard attention to. A crisp, expertly tailored sand-hued suit adorned his body at all times. The slightly fitted slacks, bore a tuck at the bottom, and ruffled slightly at each ankle, to cascade jovially over the footwear. A three-button suitcoat, of cotton/silk mix adorned the upper body. An obsidian dress shirt, coupled with a matching silk tie, complemented his ensemble perfectly. Upon his right ring finger, he bore a statesman ring, platinum metal with his birthstone, the Amethyst, set in it's center. His facial features gave way to a rather tame mat of hair, cleanly cut and manageable. HIs footwear usually consisted of one of two pairs. A pair of MHS Comforters consisting of 100% full grain leather, for comfort and non-slip, irreplaceable moccasin construction, with a hi-shine polished finish. The alternatives being a pair of Classic BLack Tassels, made in Northants. Classis suede and goodyear welted for replaceability. The latter pair being ones in which he usually completed his "work". At his side, always, was a stainless steel, hollowed walking stick.


Dual Sphinx 2000P 9x21 mm Recoil Operated Semi-Automatic Pistols (13-Round): An upgraded double-action trigger, coupled with LPA tritium sightings make for an almost flawless weapon, whether it be close-quartered, or ranged. A mere 33.15 oz., lighter than traditional 9mm, aids in prolonged holding of aim. The 3.74 inch barrel absorbs 89% of the total recoil force, making it nearly effortless when using successive bursts. A polished mahogany grip with nickel plating make it appealing to the eyes.

Collapsible Aluminum Walking Stick W/ Hollowed Cylinder
Fuck You. I'm In The Semi-Finals.

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