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Sanc Cemetary

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Sanc Cemetary

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zach_Rendar on Fri Sep 16, 2005 2:16 pm

The sun was rising slowly on the small hilltop, a few miles away from the main city. The first feeble rays reflected off the dewy grass, and crept its way up to a beautiful angel-topped headstone, crawling over it to find Zach, sitting crossed-legged in front of the angel, deep in thought. For a few minutes, Zach sat there, drinking in the silence and trying to settle his nerves over what had just happened a few hours ago. It had been five years since he had visited this spot, but it was the most important place on Earth to him. Finally, he spoke.

"Hey Mom, how&#39;s everything doing? I&#39;ve been busy lately, but I guess you&#39;ve heard..."

He held up a newspaper, across the front, Kim Zainab&#39;s article about the attempt on Milliardo&#39;s life plastered across the front.

"I know, I know, it&#39;s not in conjecture with your beliefs... but I tried the whole pacifist thing, as a medic helping soldiers, but it... it didn&#39;t work out. So... now I&#39;m going to try a more active role in keeping peace.

You once said that evil was merely an absence of goodness, so I&#39;ve tried to fill myself with all the good I could, yet everything I do is considered evil... Have you ever had to deal with anything like that?"

The angel atop the headstone stood there, silent and unmoving, yet in its face, one could see the crisp, defined features of Zach&#39;s face, his longish nose, and if its eyes had color, they&#39;d be the same sparkling green as Zach&#39;s.

"Well, I wouldn&#39;t know... By the way, Epiphany is almost ready. She&#39;s come along wonderfully. A bit late for the first war, but with this one so close at hand, I can almost justify completing it. I Know! I KNOW! Nothing justifies the construction and use of war weapons... but think about how many people I&#39;ll be protecting by using it! Please Mom... I just want to make sure that I&#39;m doing the right thing. You won&#39;t be disappointed. I promise..."

Zach let out a deep breath and stared at the angel. It was the last thing his father gave him; a respectable funeral for his mother before he disappeared. Leaving a large bouquet at the feet of the angel, he made his way back to The Flying Dove

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zach_Rendar on Fri Sep 16, 2005 6:27 pm

As Zach left the cemetary, his mind was once again assaulted with memories, most of them nondescript flashes and bangs from his past...


It was an overcast day, an eight year old Zachary and his mother, Alexandra, were out in the open market, the young Zach toting two large bags filled with groceries. Although his dispostion was cheery and bright, the atmosphere of the market was one of grim determination to get shopping done and heading home.

Alexandra Rendar, a radiant young woman, was casually looking over the fruit cart, when the first shrieks pierced the air. The roar of Aires ripped through the sky as more than a dozen flew over the market, causing the people there to break into panic. They broke into a stampede down the market row. The police, sensing a riot rising in the people&#39;s veins, threw tear gas and sealed off the market row with their vehicles, containing the frightened crowd.

In the chaos and confusion, Zach ran the wrong way, away from his mother. He used his surprisingly natural climbing ability to shimmy up a drainage pipe onto a rooftop, where he hid. Alexandra, already hunting for her son, caught a glimpse of his sneakers as he clambered onto the roof. With nothing short of maternal determination, she leapt onto the same gutter to follow her son.

By now, the UESA troops had surrounded the people in the market. One stood atop a truck, pulled up a megaphone, and announced: "The Sanc Kingdom is now under the jurisdiction of the United Earth Sphere Alliance, if everyone cooperates, no harm will come to anyone." The Aires made another pass over the market as the crowd of people muttered.

The troop on the truck then noticed Alexandra climbing up towards the rooftop. "Ma&#39;am, please return to the crowd, otherwise we&#39;ll be forced to use force!"

Alexandra shouted down to the man "My son is on the roof!", but the troop didn&#39;t hear her.

"Ma&#39;am, get down here, or we&#39;ll be forced to fire!" shouted the troop, who hadn&#39;t understood her shout, this caused the audience to let out a cry of anger. The Aires flew over again as they began to shout at the troop on the truck. Ignoring the crowd, he shouldered his rifle to fire a warning shot into the air. Misinterpreting his actions, one person in the crowd threw a rock at the man. It hit him in the face, knocking him off the truck.

Tempers exploded. The crowd surged onto the UESA barricade, toppling trucks and beating troops. One of the made a call on his radio and ordered his fellows to retreat. As the UESA troops fled from the market row, the civilians began to cheer in celebration of their short-lived victory.

Jubilation turned to terror as the Aires MS flew over, straffing the crowd with bullets. Alexandra, who had finally made it up to the roof, covered Zach as the Aires made a second pass over the row, spraying death onto the populace. Bullets riddled the building on which Zach and Alexandra hid. The building, its supports blown out, began to collapse. The maternal instincts in her taking over as she covered Zach in her arms...

When the dust settled, Zach sat up, coughing. He was covered in a hot, wet liquid-

The clouds cleared, and he saw what remained of his mother, crushed under a mountain of brick and mortar. Her body had burst like a sat upon balloon, spewing blood onto Zach, drenching him in the hot, sticky liquid. As what happened dawned on him, a scream rose in him, and burst out, only to be drowned out by the screams of others in the darkness...


Zach shuddered, as though he could still feel the blood soaking his body. One hundred and twelve people died that day, all because he had hidden, and his mother tried to help him. He would never forgive himself for being the catalyst for that day&#39;s massacre...

A solitary tear ran down Zach&#39;s face, and he hastily wiped it away. One of the few traits he shared with his father, was his absolute refusal to cry. Forcing back the other threatening tears, he arrived at the Flying Dove, doing his best to not show any sign of sorrow or regret...

He had outgrown such petty emotions, suchs things destroyed progress, and progress was the only thing that ever mattered.

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