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Scavenger Hunt

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Scavenger Hunt

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Maxwell Heart on Thu May 11, 2006 9:55 am

After a successful test of the Falcon's weapons, Maxwell headed towards MO-V to help finish his cousins gundam. The War God couldn't help but grimace as the monstrous feet of his Aries landed upon the barren and desolate structural wasteland. Maxwell's brown eyes darted from side to side as he searched for some form of movement.

The massive fist of the Grey Aries reached up and behind it's back and removed it's beam scythe. The crack of the igniting scythe broke the silence and the yellow beam flickered in the shadows that seemed to hang everywhere. The hum of the scythe echoed off the empty buildings. Maxwell started off in the direction that he assumed would be the center of the colony. He kept his guard up and his eyes open for rebel factions.

The Aries marched past buildings further and further into the center of the colony with his scythe and buster shield up.
The sounds of gun shots sent up a warning light in the cockpit where Maxwell sat smoking a cigarette. He ducked in tight against a building as he saw a s quad of blue Leo's getting ripped apart.. Five white Tarus' began to advance upon the Leo's as they began to fall back. As Maxwell watched the battle he noticed his comm light blinking. He wearily hit the switch, keeping his guard up.
The face of a brown haired, blue eyed man blew up on his screen. Maxwell eyed him suspiciously as he started to speak.

"Stranger in the Aries, I am Lieutenant Steven Maddock of the blue Leo's. I call out for aid in the name of my soldiers. Please give assistance and help us fight these Tarus. I give you my word we will help you in any way possible, should you be sucessful."

Maxwell took a huge drag of the smoke and turned off the comm link. He grabbed the controls tightly and the Aries exploded out towards the Tarus models.
He rose the scythe and put it through the back of one. He used the butt end to take out the legs of another before extending his right arm and unleashing a flame burst on the cockpit. Maxwell turned off the scythe and flung it on his back. His hand came back holding a chain rifle. By this time the other three Tarus' had turned around. Maxwell pumped a clip into two of the three still standing. As they fell he watched a pink beam Sabre come through the chest of the final Tarus.

The two remaining Leo's and Maxwell stood there facing each other as the explosions of the fallen suits died off.
The face of Lieutenant Maddock once again appeared on Maxwell's comm screen. The man was grinning wildly and seemed to have nothing but true appreciation in his smile.

"Thank you whole heartily stranger.""

Maxwell took a drag of the cigarette in his hand. His cold eyes pierced Steven's warm blues.

"You lost t'ree of your men."

"But you saved one, and myself. Still a victory no matter how smal."

The Lieutenant replied. Maxwell sat in silence thinking as he finished the cigarette.

"I admire your optimistic nature."

Maxwell replied. The Lieutenant smiled a bit before letting out a small chuckle.

"So stranger, I owe you a favour."

Maxwell took out another cigarette and lit it before replying.

"I am looking for gundamium. Jus enough for one suit."

He replied calmly. The look on Lt. Maddock's face grew grim. This told Maxwell that only other factions were in posession.

"We are one of the many factions not in possession of a gundamium processing area anymore."

"And let me guess, de guys in de Tarus' do?"

"Heh, how'd you guess?"

"Their suits are newer, have more powerful weapons, and Tarus' are all around more expensive to manufacture than Leo's."

Maxwell replied cockily. Lt. Maddock just nodded.


"If you don't want to fight them on 'ome ground I understand. Lives are precisou."

"I gave you my word. Private Staple and I will lead and assist you."

Maxwell turned around and stood there as the two remaining blue Leo's past him. He shook his head as he took a drag. They won't make it back... He thought as he started off after them.

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Maxwell Heart
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Maxwell Heart on Sun May 14, 2006 11:59 am

The two Leo's made their way past the Aries and started off towards the direction the Tarus' had been advancing from.
The three of them moved deeper into the colony when Lt. Maddock had started the small talk.

"So stranger, do I get a name? It would be nice to know who saved my ass and all."

"If you must call me anything, call me Maxwell."

He replied dryly. The small talk did not impress Maxwell.
The continued on in silence for almost ten minutes. Maxwell had the Divine Comedy sitting upon his lap when Lt. Maddock started again.

"So what else do you have done to that Aries? And what's the Falcon mean?"

Maxwell's lips curved up in a smile

"The Falcon of Righteousness, in the war my best friend watched me kill six Serpents in a dive. Like a Falcon, the only bird to kill in midair. As for other modifications, I am sure you will find out shortly."

Lt. Maddock grinned and nodded as he took the lead. The trio then began to slow down and stalk against the walls of a building that uttered sounds of drilling and bubbling and other noises. This was it. Maddock's lead pulled out and ignited it's beam sword, Private Staple ignited his beam Sabre. Maxwell pulled his scythe off of it's back, and he Sabre from his side and ignited them both. Maxwell's lips curved up into a smile as he heard the steps of approaching mobile suits. Maddock hopped out and began slashing. Staple soon joined him and after a second or two Maxwell stepped out and began fighting off Tarus' with each hand. There was a squad of about twenty of them in the building alone. More started to come from behind.

"This is a suicide mission Maxwell!"

Lt. Maddock called over the comm. Maxwell couldn't hear him, his eyes were glowing as he slashed down suit after suit after suit. After what only seemed like minutes, there was no Tarus' left standing. Maxwell put away his weapons and noticed the blue within the white. He then looked up at the other Leo, which was still standing.

"Don't worry about him. He died in battle, the death all of us hope for. Call your shuttle over and load it. I have to return to my HQ and inform them of our victory and that we have re-obtained out gundamium plant."

And with that Lt. Maddock was gone. Maxwell smiled and typed in a few keys on the panel to open up a link to the shuttle he had come on. He then activated the auto landing sequence.

In a few short minutes the tiny ship landed near the factory. He started to gather gundamium and load it into the ship. When he was finished the ship exploded off of the colony and back towards earth. He wished all the best for Lt. Maddock and hoped that they would meet again.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gabriel Faile on Fri Jun 02, 2006 2:41 pm

OOC :: Maxwell Heart and Gabriel Faile are the same person, I just used Maxwell as an alias to keep from being found out in the 3 year jump. I went back to Gabriel as soon as I got back to earth and I'm in a meeting with Arcus Sol now in Paris, but as soon as I'm done feel free to give his cell a call. Doesn't matter how you got the number.

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