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Virbank City
Reggie kept its eye on Salticidae as she did… whatever it was that she was doing. She never seemed to threaten the young Reginald, but the Aegislash was not one to easily trust a shadow-infused entity.

“I don’t know what would happen to you if you did touch that crystal,” Radegast replied, “In our states at the time, I didn’t want to take any risks.”

Radegast only used one of the web cushions to support his right arm over his lap. The Operative always fashioned the like whenever field dressing was needed throughout their old travels. All it did was make him miss his friends. He never once thought he was a cool sort, but he didn’t feel like it’d be a good use of his time to deny what Salt said. Despite Salt’s words, Radegast was true to his word. After a minute passed, he began searching through the lab for anything that appeared to be something that could help his arm.

“Mega Evolution,” Reggie spoke up.

“Was that what it was?” Radegast asked.

“I’ve seen Mega Gallades before. The hue on the skin matched- power output as well.”

Radegast sifted through the wagon primarily. He wasn’t entirely sure what it meant.

“The Ralts family line are known as the Emotions Pokemon,” Reggie added, “It seems that your emotions contribute to your ability to Mega-Evolve.”

“So I need to get pissed off to get it to work,” Radegast didn’t like that idea.

“Not necessarily,” Reggie replied, “I noticed that the Galladite sparked at times, and the most intense instance appeared when that happened.” Radegast paused his search to stare at the guard of the floating blade. “I theorize that the key is complete dedication to a single focused idea. Anger is an overwhelming emotion that drowns out all others, thus is an easy focus.” Reggie hovered close to Radegast as the Gallade searched, [b]“But it is not the only one.”

“Wait…” Radegast rose his left hand to stop Reggie, “I’ve gotten frustrated a lot the past few days, it shouldn’t be that hard… unless…” The Limiter might be making the transformation threshold harder to reach. Radegast determined this would be something he’d have to figure out once he returned to the Guild.

Returning to the Guild seemed so close, and yet so far…

Blue Heaven Docks and Maintenance
A high class shuttle lands at the Blue Heaven Docks, but no one emerges. However, if one were perceptive, they would see a shimmering shadow slink away to a maintenance hatch.

Blue Heaven Airlocks and Checkpoint
Akuma, stealth camouflage engaged, stalked his way passed the Blue Heaven guards. The low light bent around his shimmering body while a signal jammer shielded him from electronic detection.

Ula'ula Island
The Pinsir put its hands in front of itself as it caught the Bagon, attempting to resist the force of the Headbutt before lifting the little dragon, attempting to perform a Seismic Toss.

Victoria seemed intrigued by Matt taking up the stance he did.

Unova Wilderness
The Magnemite tsked as the young lady brought out her Pokemon.

"Well, that's a shame," Dr. Eckels sounded forlorn, "I was hoping I could at least learn something. But you provide no intel. Soooooo..."

He reached out one of his magnet hands, spinning the dial on the flat device and placing it on the ground.

"I'm going to skedaddle! You be good now, alright?"

He flipped the switch. Immediately, a powerful vortex of wind emanated from it, sending the doctor and Liam flying backwards a great distance. At the same time, it would send Aerys the opposite direction, along with the Beheeyem and Hypno. The would all fly for a great while, the triad of shadow beings beelining for the ocean while the other two went into the forest. The impact on the ground smashed through the solidified crystal around both of them, freeing them from their cages. With his now free arm, the Magnemite Magnet Pulled the sword to his side, Liam with it.

"Grab this please," he beckoned to the Cinccino, holding up the egg-shaped device.

"Oh go fuck yourself," Liam audibly complained before doing what he'd asked.

"That's slightly better," Dr. Eckels lightly commented before pushing the button. There was a click, then a whirr, and then a blip as the two were teleported somewhere else.

All that would remain for Aerys to find when she got back was the chipped Obelisk, the crater, and the flat, cylindrical device. Studying it closely, she would find a series of holes on the outside, where she expected the wind to have come from. She also would find that each dial setting was named with things like Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, and Powder. The setting it was on currently was Whirlwind.

Dracos valley
Just behind Lira was the bellowing of the ceratopsians, coming to the lake for a drink. They easily dwarf her in size, and their formidable horns could impale any who dared aggrevate them. She would not be alone with them for long though, another person was by the lake nearby.

In come Milo, a man with dirty blonde hair and what could best be described is a raggedy mages robe in a mottled brown color. He came to gather water from the lake to drink, unaware of her prescence.

The Rockaverse
"I don't think Blacksun would have been their target if they just let Theory take him without a fight...he must have just gotten in the way and they grabbed him too. Though they likely don't know how much money he has or, they're actually afraid of the Remnants...whatever the case, waiting for them to be out of the wat before we storm this place is a good idea."

Club 47 Back Bar
Bolea Nuurk quibbled with delight. The bartender came over so she ordered a forn pop.

The Marble City


❝ "If you're scared, don't do it, but if you're going to; keep your eyes open." ❞

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|| Fight Song|| Rachel Platten ||

Alice watched Laertes leave, it seemed he would not be staying for dinner. "Celeste, you are free to stay here until you make a decision." Baron Pierce said, knowing that Ophelia would feel more comfortable if her Queen were to remain close at hand. "Thank you, I guess it would be best to stay here for now." Celeste shuffled, dinner was ready, they all moved to the dining room. It pained her to see Laertes go, she didn't understand why Gabriel would do this. "He always has his reasons, but normally he would consult me first." She seemed uncomfortable with the fact that her own brother had betrayed her like this. Alice didn't understand why it mattered, but she didn't like Messiah very much either.

"I want you both to come home, but if he ordered this..." they were Angel Knights, not Celeste's personal knights, they had a duty to their King as much as they did to Celeste. Alice sat in her normal seat, beside Baron Pierce. Echo decided to eat dinner with them as well, instead of up in her room, like she normally would. "What's this called?" She whispered to Rene, wondering what was on her plate. "That's meat loaf, those are mushrooms, and that's a brownie." Rene pointed to each dish so Alice would know. She turned back to her plate and picked up her fork, deciding that she didn't like meatloaf, but she liked mushrooms. She nibbled on her brownie, feeling sleepy from a full day of playing.

"Can Celeste stay in my room?" Alice asked, her eyelids drooping as she began to fall asleep at the table, which seemed to be a nightly habit. "No Alice," Baron Pierce pat her head. "Celeste will have her own room." He nodded to Rene, who lifted Alice up, making sure that she had both Dog and Pog. "Say goodnight Alice," Rene prompted, bouncing her up and down. "Goodnight Alice," Baron Pierce laughed. Rene carried her upstairs, changing her into pajamas and tucking her into bed. Downstairs, Celeste had nibbled on a little bit of her food, but wasn't really hungry. She was more perturbed, than anything, that her family would go behind her back. She was still in a fragile state, it was easy enough to see, but she still wanted to be treated like an adult.

"I'm glad I found you two, or rather, it seems you found me." Celeste tried to smile, but it was clear she was wrestling with her emotions. "I don't know if it's smart to go after Baron Messiah, he-he killed Kitra." Her hands tightened around her fork and knife, they were shaking, recalling that awful day that her beloved's head had been delivered to her in a box and she had descended back into a world of delusions and madness. Grief was a strange thing, especially in Celeste's broken mind. Sometimes she still expected to wake up with Kitra beside her, but no matter how much she hoped and prayed, Kitra was still dead.



❝As long as you believe in hope, you can reach for the stars and smile.❞

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|| Girl Inside || Mika Kobayashi ||

"Are you really sure about this, Aya?" Heron had taken her to the tunnel that lead to the Blossom Tier. "You don't want me to take you the rest of the way?" Aya shook her head, her knees trembling. "Aya can go rest of way." She said, patting her bike's engine. She needed to go home to her father and tell him that she was going to become a knight and work. Wouldn't that be wonderful? He would be so proud of her, it would be as if nothing ever went wrong. Maybe she could find Aspen and the real Aya too, and tell them that she'd become a Knight of Ashia. "If you're sure, but don't think I noticed that limp of yours." Heron pat her head for some reason. "Remember, you're my cute squire in training now, so I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you, okay?"

For some reason the iittle squid was blushing and she didn't know why. Still, first things first, she needed to go and tell father the good news. "Um, Aya's going now." Heron grinned, waving a little hand. She was going to be late for work, but she insisted on escorting Aya at least this far before parting. "I'll give the registry to King Azel for you to become my squire so I can train you." Heron flashed a fanged grin. "You'll receive a special invitation in a few days, it'll allow you through the gates to the Untouchable Tier. I expect you at the barracks for training by the end of the week, got it?" Aya nodded, sitting on her gravity bike and she set off through the tunnels.

It didn't take long for her to reach the Rubble Tier. Zipping through the city skies on her nice clothes was something, but now she was back home among the dirt and garbage like she belonged. It hurt to pee, it hurt to do much of anything. Itward was a terrifying monster and Aya was almost afraid that Heron was going to be just as bad. But even so this was the only way Aya could become strong enough to protect Cress. "Father?" She called, opening the door, limping her way in, hobbling on her weak shaking legs. "Are you here?"

A punch in the stomach announced his presence to her. "You were gone quite a while, weren't you?" He growled, glaring at her. "What a bad daughter you've been. Aya always comes back home to father, don't you know?" He kicked her in the side as she fell to the ground, grimacing, holding her stomach. "Get up, I need to teach you how to be a good child again." He lifted her by the collar, growling. She went limp, because she knew how to do this. Smile and don't resist, and he'll get bored eventually. Wasn't that always how it worked? "I'm going to become a knight." She whispered, as if saying it again would make it true. "I don't know where you got that idea, but Rubbles can't become knights." He muttered. "A good daughter doesn't go seducing nobles. You're going to stay home with me where you belong."

Solinus City Subway
Gabriel and Agares stood alone in the subway station. The rest of his entourage departed with the luggage and other equipment, ensuring it was properly cared for and reached its destination. Mr. Ereb thumbed through his phone, reading an article, while Agares kept a careful eye on their surroundings.

Kazzei Plains Force Temple
"This temple is home to an abundance of knowledge." The droid replied. It walked passed Warren, servos buzzing and tattered cloak drifting like a phantom. "But the database is incomplete."

Ferry Liberty
Ramuki starts eating his second bento box, hungry foxie. The delicious food, now a bit cold, slips neatly down his gullet

Wing City Spaceport
Irahel arrived from a small flash of light near the terminal for The Pharos. It took her a moment to get her bearings right, but sure enough she knew where she was. Irahel swore under her breath for a solid minute before marching down the terminal towards The Pharos.

After all she had done to get away from this planet, away from her old Master, only to wind up right back here?
No. Nope. Nah. Time to leave.

Baltimore, Maryland
At Valentina's reply, Ada's eyes widened. She was in quite the mood, the drummer thought but couldn't help smirking to herself. She was hungover and understandably so. Added to that, it was probably a feeling she was not used to. Their little night out had been a mixed experience. It was both very enjoyable and amusing, but at the same time extremely frustrating. Valentina was the most anti-social person she had ever met, but it was fascinating to watch her in social engagements. Ada sat and wondered these things and thought of how she fared when men came up to her. If that ever happened. Firstly, it required that Valentina went out which was already unlikely. Ada was pretty sure she was either here or back home playing Halo or something. Secondly, the guitarist was the inventor of the resting bitch face. Valentina would also have to speak to whoever dared come up to her. Ada realized that most men would probably be much too intimidated to make a pass at her bandmate. She pitied the poor guy who'd asked her to go to prom. Ada stifled a laugh.

It was always good fun to listen to Izzie - or any of her bandmates - track her stuff. Ada could listen along and in her mind she would always think of drum-parts, fills, blasts and other little things that she thought would add to the song. She rarely added any of them to the finished version, but saved them for their live shows. In the studio, she usually did what Izzie asked her to do. Their supreme leader was not impervious to suggestions, but Ada knew not to launch too many at her all at once. She'd only suggest something if it was thought through and something she really wanted to try out. When they played live, she didn't ask permission so much. It hadn't been a problem so far. If Izzie didn't like it, Ada had no doubt she would let her know.

Her head turned as the door opened. She remembered meeting him and the rest of his band when they arrived at the studio, but his name failed her. Ada's eyes followed him as he entered, a curious and intrigued smile on her face. She picked up a drumstick from the table to her left and began twirling it through her fingers. She didn't feel like trying her luck anymore with Valentina, so this new arrival was a fresh opportunity to engage in conversation. Rick and Izzie would be busy enough and she knew better than to disturb. "You know each other?" The question was obvious, though perhaps Ada was the only one inclined to ask. If she had been informed of how the two of them were acquainted, she couldn’t remember. But then again, she had issues remembering what they were tracking today as well, so perhaps that didn’t really say much.

Despite the gravity of his situation, Ted didn’t seem completely thrown off. It was a big problem and it was worrying to think what the doctors would tell him next Tuesday, but for now they would manage. There was nothing else to do. Zack followed his friends into their rehearsal room and leaned against an amp. He ran a hand over his beard and took a sip of coffee and listened to what Ted had to say.

He nodded along, agreeing with what he said. “Sounds right.” He said, voice coarse. He cleared his throat and sipped the coffee again, unsure if that would help or make it better. It was good to know that Psychosis were done, so that Sturm could get to work. Being able to lay down some drums meant that they have plenty of work to do, but most importantly it meant progress. So far it had worked out, sharing the studio with the other band. Initially, he had been worried if they would get in the way of each other, but it had gone pretty smoothly. But since that was not an issue, fate decided to maim Ted and cause them trouble on that front instead.

“Come on.” Zack said, shaking his head in mock disappointment. “You can’t tease stuff like that.” It was always interesting whenever Ted had ideas, especially when they came to him after the original framework of the song had been hammered out. Zack himself often had ideas, but was very critical in choosing which ones to present. But that was part of the whole creative process in the studio. Everyone had ideas for songs and so it was their job to figure out which to implement. And they wouldn't know if they had chosen wisely until the record was done.

Blakomet's warp drives rumbled to a start as it bobbed in orbit of Canus.

The world

The world Owner: Lyysa

Judah 1C4966
Jessie 45B6FE
Jessie walked calmly following Heaphataus towards the morgue smiling at the man when he glanced his way. This was the part he always disliked about his power. Once used it lingered, especially on humans. Even a small usage on humans left a permanent fog on their brains, a linger of whatever his gifts did to them. He just hoped that the man would be an easier case then the last one.

His nose turned up at the smell of the dead body and he kept himself at the door covering his mouth. He had to physically stop himself from being sick and hoped that whatever Judah needed would be done quickly. The sooner they left the happier he'd be. Judah's reaction was instant interest, uncaring of the smell or the fact it was a body. He made his way over to the body and pulled at the life force or lack thereof of the body. Before turning his attention to the boiling flesh. His powers made him look mad. Pulling at air and holding invisible strings closer whilst wafting away useless information. Waving his hand through the information only he could see he let out a surprised sound and tilted his head to the side.

He turned on his heels and marched over to Nana not asking for permission before he plucked a petal from the flower and just as quickly headed to Jessie holding out a bare hand. Silent conversation flicked between the twins and Jessie gulped. "Can't you just take the energy then go over?" The shake of Judah's head made Jessie sigh and he took the outstretched hand and allowed himself to be lead over. He cringed and looked everywhere, anywhere but at the body as Judah made the petal expand. Turning into a rose with roots he lowered it down into the flesh.

Judah stared at the rose as it started to decay from the energy and he pushed with his mind. The decay that was growing up the flower stopped and he pushed at it to rescued before flinching and letting the flower go as it too became acid. "The power lingers in the corpses. In theory, touching the corpse with your bare hand will do the same as if Decay touched you. It's not targeting living things, just bio-organic material. Hence why it continues to burn the skin. I am unsure how it treats living human/mutant tissue. I'd need a living subject to be sure but if an accident occurs I think I can stop it." He turned letting go of Jessie hand who looked pale and turned to Ivan. "You can survive this. But it will eat at you whilst you heal. It cannot kill you but your healing factor does not remove it from your cells. In summary, you cannot stop Decay. Be careful." He nodded to Leon and stepped away having finished his testing and went back to being anti-social.

New York
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xxxwhen the champagne blows my mind

The days after the memorial service were hard. The panic attacks kept coming, and they were getting harder and harder to hide. He wasn't sleeping, was hardly eating unless someone reminded him to, had even stopped going around to Erin's to drink. Everybody thought he had done it. He knew it. He could see it in their eyes when they looked at him. Their expressions had shifted from one of pity to one of vague disgust. They knew it but there was no proof. Everything they had on him was circumstantial. But everything clearing him was also circumstantial. It was only a matter of time and he could feel the imposing threat looming over him.

Eventually, one of his bandmates came round to check in on him. Having found Soren on hour 39 of no sleep, he physically drove Soren to his doctor's office. Soren emerged from the doctor's office with a cocktail of sleeping tablets and anti-anxiety medication and an order to come back in a few days for therapy sessions. Soren didn't want to do any of the above, but the medication at least made him feel human enough to get through the therapy session. He'd had two sessions by the time the dinner party came around. The dinner party was less his idea and more of a "suggestion" from his therapist that felt more like an order. But having other people around made him feel a little less terrible, so he agreed.

But when the morning finally rolled around, things didn't play out exactly as he'd hoped. Because he woke up to a call from the cops, asking him to go back into the station for an interview. He begrudgingly agreed and went in as soon as he was dressed. He hoped it was a technicality, something they just needed to clear up.

He was sorely mistaken. They’d gone through Lauren’s phone, and they’d found… well. He had no idea how she’d gotten them. Lauren was smart, but she wasn’t exactly a hacker. But it didn’t matter. The police had thought they had him. They thought they’d found a motive. But two things put doubt in their mind. First of all, they’d crossmatched his DNA with DNA found under Lauren’s fingernails, and it wasn’t a match. Other witness statements aligned with his in that Lauren had been seen alive after he’d left the room. And their behavioural expert had confirmed that his reaction to seeing the photos was that of somebody discovering that for the first time.

But he couldn’t get the photos out of his head. Lauren had had those for weeks. She could have done anything she liked with them. So why had she kept them? What had she planned to do with them? He shouldn’t have kept the photos. They gave too much away, gave too much, but… it was a reminder that he had been happy. That good things could still happen.

He got home and wanted to do nothing more than just… try and deal with the aftermath of this. But instead, he was faced with an afternoon of cooking and prep. He tried to carry on as normal, but quickly found himself getting overwhelmed. So he rang Rebecca, who agreed to come over. The minute she saw his face, she sat him down, told him to relax, and took over some of the prep as he talked. He told her everything. How could he not? He told her about his morning, about the photos, about everything that had happened. And it didn’t make it go away, but it made it feel a little more manageable, calm enough to help her with the prep.

It was only when he looked at his watch to discover that everyone else was arriving soon and realised he was still a bit of a mess, physically and mentally. “Shit, Rebecca. I need to get changed, I need to… I need to tidy up the place… Shit, I need to take my meds…” he said, jumping to his feet and running a hand through his hair.


The year is AC 12020, after the first colony fell. Pervasive mobile-suit warfare left Terra in ruin, again, but Sol Enterprises returned to the news as it released a premier line of nu-type mobile suits, bringing about a hum of peace for the decade.

Quieting unrest in the wilds, a new group of adventurers arose from the ashes.

While the greatest of horrors lurk just beyond the horizon, the Multiverse faces a new threat. Rumours of ancient origin spread like wildfire, scattering the arcane legends throughout the well-connected cluster of leystones lit up like sprites on the fiery wind.


But where must they go? Only a Cartographer would know.

The Academy of Unseen Arts
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“As much as I hate it, I have to go and meet my parents. They’ll be expecting me to speak with them before the ceremony.” Lucia closed the distance between her and Constance, breathing heavy on Constance’s neck. She needed the feeling of closeness, to feel wanted. It was a constant yearning, desperate for physical touch. High-maintenance didn’t begin to cover it. “I will come to you after, meet me at the altar mon cherie?”

Lucia’s nuzzled into the curve of Constance’s neck, hoping her affections would curb the sting. It was no secret Constance’s family history was complicated. If it was up to Lucia she would have been free of her familial burdens a long time ago. However, her parents still had great influence over her life. She may not pass as a loving daughter, but until they could acquire one of those they would settle just for a present one.

“I promise I won’t be long, don’t wait up!” Lucia blew a kiss as she released herself from Constance, waving the rat’s hand with a wink. Admittedly there were other reasons Lucia wanted to excuse herself, namely the little bag of coke still bundled neatly in her cigarette pack. She didn’t feel the need to hide her habits from Constance, but it felt different to take a hit in front of a sober audience. Too much of a performance for her liking.

Locking herself in the bathroom, she set the rat in the sink digging out her cigarette pack to shake out the baggie. It fell into her palm with a few loose cigarettes, she tucked one behind her ear lighting up the second one as she fumbled with the baggie. She stuck her nail into the white powder to scoop enough for a bump. Inhaling roughly, she blocked her opposite nostril making sure no bits lingered behind.

She could feel herself getting distracted by her reflection, piecing her hair and pinching her cheeks. Primping herself for her parent’s live assessment of her appearance. There never failed to be a very loud, critical opinion - their ability to use french allowing them to reach levels of cruelty most reserved for behind closed doors. Lucia had accepted she’d never meet their standards, but they had already done their damage breeding an unhealthy fixation with her image.

Her pupils were slightly dilated, but otherwise she could pass as sober. Truthfully Lucia had stopped trying to be anything more than what people made her out to be. If the people wanted a town drunk, then a town drunk they would get. Whether or not she played the role, it’d be imposed on her. Might as well have fun with it.

When she walked through the doors, eyes shifted towards her with a glimmer of surprise that Constance wasn’t beside her - or rather she beside Constance. Before she met the Southern witch, Lucia had preferred a life in the sidelines. She spent a good portion of her childhood in the spotlight, a child rumored to be of interest to the Dark Lord. When their coven was killed and they fled to the States, it had been a blessing in disguise. The expectation to be something more was finally lifted, here there was enough politics that it didn’t matter that she came from a prominent family in Paris. There were many historic bloodlines that went so deep, the DuBois’ were hardly on anyone’s radar.

Constance plucked her from obscurity. She had seen the potential hovering beneath the surface, watered it and tend to it until it blossomed. Lucia had never been the competitive type, but Constance taught her the fun in it. For so long she had resented practicing magic, preferring to distance herself from the Dark Lord. Constance showed Lucia how to take her anger and channel it, use it to control the world around it. Anger inspired fear, and fear was a powerful motivator - just look at Constance.

Most people in the church were seated, though some stood beside the pews still chatting with others in the coven as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Lucia navigated through the bodies, careful to avoid eye contact on the chance it might provoke someone to wish her a happy baptism. She didn’t want their empty sentiments. Some of them still offered their good wishes, she gave a stiff smile and a nod of acknowledgement and pushed past them.

Sois sage,” Her mother said, grabbing Lucia’s arm roughly to pull her between either parent. Lucia pulled her arm from her mother’s grip, resisting the urge to glare.

Maman, I am behaving.”

Her mother ignored Lucia switching to English, carrying on in French. “We are outsiders in this coven, you will behave and you will be grateful to those who chose to wish you well. Honestly Lucia, you’d think you were raised in a barn. This is what you choose to wear? You couldn’t even find a nice white cardigan or something, you had to wear this cheap tacky jacket to the church? Take this off. Give it to me, I’ll hold onto it. What is this doing in your hair?!”

Her mother threw the cigarette she had tucked behind her ear onto the floor, kicking it out of sight. Lucia had spent her entire life dealing with her mother’s overbearing nature, it’s probably what made Constance feel like home to her. She knew better than to stoke the flames, easier to let them burn out. She slid her jacket off her shoulders fishing the pack of cigarettes from her pocket before tossing the jacket to her mother without another word. Her father quirked an eyebrow, inspecting her dress.

“Is this the dress we bought you?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“No,” Lucia said, looking down to her dress to smooth the fabric across her silhouette. The dress they sent was hideous, burying her body in poorly tailored fabric. “The one you sent didn’t fit.”

He knew when she lied, though her father had a talent for picking his battles - unlike her mother. She pinched at the fabric of Lucia’s dress, scowling. Lucia had prepared for this, the eventual dissection of her appearance. If they could pick how she wore her hair and dressed every day they would.

“This dress covers nothing.” Said her mother, trying to hide her scowl from others in the church.

“Why couldn’t you wear the dress we bought you?” Her father added.

“Well I wanted to go naked, but I guess that’s against the rules - so this seemed like the next best thing.” Lucia quipped, looking down to the rat in her hands to avoid eye contact with either parent. They gave each other a look she recognized all too well, frustration. Leaning against the pew behind her, she drifted her eyes over the room to search for Constance. She had become better than family to Lucia, one of the few who had come to wholly accept her. Everyone thought she was some injured bird they had to nurse to health, Constance saw her for who she was. Her parents had been trying to fix her for years - Lucia was tired of playing the broken daughter.

“We are lucky this place ever accepted us, the least you could have done was wearing something respectable to what’s meant to be your union with the Dark Lord.” Her mother said under her breath, picking at Lucia’s dress as if she might be able to stretch the fabric to cover more skin. Lucia swatted her mother’s hands away, smoothing out the fabric of her dress.

“I’ve got to go, the ceremony will be starting soon.” Lucia said before either parent could start up again, they would complain about the dress until they collapsed with exhaustion if she let them. They would speak in French to assure that no one would hear them verbally tearing apart their only daughter until there was nothing left, wishing they could re-mold her in their image. She gave her parents a kiss on either cheek, out of ritual rather than genuine affection.

“Behave, girl.” Her father said. It was a wish, they stopped making demands a long time ago. Easier to use guilt to manipulate her. She was weak against them, breaking easily beneath familial obligations. Giving a nod, she gripped her father’s hand reassuringly. They had their own frustrations but they’d had a better way of navigating their relationship into adulthood. He didn’t nitpick at Lucia’s appearance nearly as specifically as her mother did, so that was a bonus.

Lucia tucked her cigarettes under her garter, gauging if she had the time to slip out for one more cigarette. Constance would have her neck if she was late, but Lucia needed a smoke after that interaction. Navigating through the witches and warlocks that lined the walls, she stepped out onto the church steps lighting her last cigarette as a free witch. She was the first to arrive out of those signing their name to the dark lord tonight, it felt like all eyes were on her.

She walked around to the behind the church, hoping to avoid the empty blessings the witches and warlocks wished her. American covens were so rooted in decorum and traditions, it was all a little exhausting for a foreigner - even after all these years. Most of the rituals and ceremonies Lucia had been to while growing up were the ones where the only speaking was incantations. She detested strangers coming to her wishing her happy baptism when they both knew they couldn’t give a fuck about the other.

A flash of fur out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, Pascal sniffing the ground with determination as he approached Lucia. Most of the blood that had been on his maw this morning had faded, though some of it still stained his fur. She had hoped he would find her before the ceremony, it felt juvenile but she wanted him with her when she signed her name in the book. She placed the rat atop her shoulder, squatting down to give his neck a rough pet, the fox barely looking up at her still sniffing the ground intently.

“Come on. Come all this way just to ignore me?” She teased him, grabbing his face with both hands to try to turn him to face her. Wriggling from her hold, the fennec fox forced his snout into the ground. He kicked the ground as if he meant to dig before letting out a sharp bark.

“What has got into you?” Lucia furrowed her brow, watching Pascal with confusion. No matter how wound up he might be, he always melted like butter in his hands. Like her, he was needy for affection. For something to distract him enough to pull away from her was strange. She could feel a sense of anxiety rising inside him, leaching into her through their tether.

He barked at the ground louder, digging furiously then stopping to shove his snout around in the loose dirt before barking rabidly at the church. Lucia stomped her foot, her voice taking a rare authoritative tone. “Pascal, stop!”

The fox froze, looking between her and the church before giving a whine. Lucia bit her lip, chewing it gently - a habit when she was deep in thought or worried. A juvenile comfort, a fixation. Sometimes she’d do it as she would drift into sleep, like a baby with their pacifier. Seeing Pascal act so out of character made her ill at ease, it wasn’t like him to behave like this.

She squatted down, beckoning him to her. “Come, come here my little biscuit.”

Pascal seemed to be considering it for a moment, looking between her and the church before tucking his tail between his legs to run in full sprint back into the woods. Furrowing her brow as she watched him scamper off, Lucia frowned. He had always been erratic, but this was different. She could feel his anxiety. Her arms wrapped across her torso, it felt like they were the only things keeping her upright.

She realized the rat was attempting to nest in her hair, picking up the creature to cradle it in her hands again. It curled up in her palms, calmed by her touch. Smiling sweetly down at the rodent, she was reminded that tonight was a sacred night. Nothing could damper her night, not her parents and not Pascal’s temper tantrum.

“Very well, let’s go do this.” She whispered to the Rat, holding him in her hands like an offering he was heading back into the church.

Millenium Plaza
Toothless sat nearby, the long black haired man wearing black almost ninja like armor simply enjoying a footlong sub near a fountain in the center of the plaza, not far from Millen's Crypt. Infact Toothless could feel some form of an aura coming from the crypt, but paid it little if any, heed. He was starving.

So as he dug into his meal he saw a few new comers to the park nearby, one of them with her eyes covered. And briefly he felt a pang of pity for the blind woman, but then realised that sometimes the blind could infact see better then those who could see. Sometimes Toothless then remembered, a blind person held much more insight than a person with good vision.

The bird wasnt bad either. He never heard either persons name, but he could tell the child was a energetic one. and it reminded him of his own daughterl.

Snowpoint City
The Glaceon shifted uncomfortably at the question, "He uh...well, I'm really not sure if I-"

"I can tell her, Kyla," Bubba suddenly turned around, "Can you watch the door for me?"

"Uh...sure," she stepped away with a nod towards Ako. Soon, it was just Bubba standing by her.

"You already know Vintrell's strongarmin' us," he sounded dejected, "I suppose it's only right to tell ya why."

It was a bright and cheerful day in Snowpoint City. The air was lightly breezy and warmer than usual, thanks to the sun beaming down. Bubba and Michael had taken the day to enjoy each other's company and watch some great Pokemon battles at the Pokemon Gym. They walked alongside the lakeside, had some lunch, and then spent the afternoon watching Candice battle the trainers vying for the Gym Badge. That was the best part for Bubba, since it was a way to examine new strategies and witness other Pokemon in combat. Michael was there for support of his daughter, but they would both go back and forth on certain approaches and styles, how they would counter each move if they were out there, and ultimately list their strategies to one another. It was something they did quite often, even when they were a young trainer/Pokemon duo.

After the last match was over, a decidedly strong victory for Candice, Michael stood up and proceeded down the steps and onto the gym floor, Bubba in tow. The Gym Leader spotted them immediately.

"Oh hey, Dad!" she waved cheerfully, "Candice hasn't seen you in a little while! What's up?"

"Nothing, honey," Michael wrapped his daughter in a hug, "It's a nice day and me and Bubba wanted to stop by and say hello."

Bubba had a small smile on his face as his eyebrows wagged in a greeting.

"Well hello there, Bubba!" Candice walked up and patted him gently on the head, "We need to spar more, Candice thinks. Candice lost a lot of matches today!" He turned to her father.

"Well, maybe you just had a good wave of trainers," Michael jammed his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, maybe...Candice has just been distracted is all..."

"Huh? Not about the packages again?"

"Oh, those are always on Candice's mind!" she perked up, pointing at her head, "No, this time Candice seemed to have misplaced an Ice Stone!"

"Really?" Michael raised a brow inquisitively, "Those aren't cheap to come by either."

"It's weird! Candice is usually so good at remembering where these are. Candice was going to use it to evolve an Eevee!"

"Well, where do you remember last seeing it?"

"In the office! Candice will show you!"

They started walking towards the end of the gym. Michael turned around and motioned to Bubba, "Ya comin', Bubba?"

Bubba shook his head and pointed towards the other direction. He wanted to wait outside.

"Alright, I'll see ya soon!"

A moment later, Bubba was outside, leaning against the wall. He was almost acting as a deterrent to the Gym itself and a physical example of the strength required to get through it. The sun was already below the western mountains, but he could see the final rays of orange light escaping through the range and reflecting off the ocean to the East. He smiled as he took it in.

And then he heard a noise behind him. Curious, Bubba stood up straight and peered around the back wall. From there, he spotted someone ruffling through the dumpster in the back. He couldn't see any defining features, since the person was bent over and already half buried in garbage, but he could see that the person was wearing a nice purple parka and some stunning snow boots. They didn't look like a scavenger.

"Hey!" he called out gruffly.

The voice didn't seem to take the person by much surprise as they slowly lifted their head from inside the dumpster. From there, he could clearly see some defining features. She was a girl with long, flowing blonde hair spilling out from underneath a white wool hat with soft brown eyes looking back at him. She was holding an Ice Stone in her hand, clearly collected from the garbage can. She gave the Abomasnow a soft wave as she slid the stone into her parka pocket and started to walk away.

Bubba didn't even hesitate, immediately approaching, "Stop! That's not yours!"

Without even thinking, he unleashed a Water Pulse, aiming for the legs to sweep her off her feet. The stream gushed forward, gliding across the snow as it caught up to the girl with ease. The force of the water knocked her into the snow face first. The Abomasnow approached slowly, keeping his gaze on the girl while scanning the snow for the Ice Stone. But the girl slowly lifted her head, glanced down…

And started wailing.

The screams were loud, sharp, and cut through Bubba’s head like a razor wire. He recoiled and winced at first, before grabbing a closer look at the girl. He gasped in horror as his eyes went wide in shock. No, no, no, no, no…he kept trying to tell himself. There’s no way I did that. Not with that move. But he knew what he saw and he knew he had been the cause.

Her hand was bent backwards.

The screaming continued, and it started to gather the attention of everyone…particularly those leaving the building. His mind racing in a blind panic, he rushed forward, past the girl and further down the alleyway. He rounded the corner and nearly stopped at the two or three humans that were running towards the sound of the girl crying. He didn’t even think. He just barreled right through, the humans dodging out of the Abomasnow’s way. He left the alleyway, then the street, then the city. He didn’t stop running. All the while, he kept telling himself that what he saw wasn’t real, that he hadn’t actually hurt a human for the very first time in his life.

He didn’t know how long had passed or how far he ran. When he finally slowed down, he knew he was far away from Snowpoint. He took notice of the mountain that overlooked the town, recognizing he was considerably close to the base of it. And the sun had long since set, giving way to the eerie twilight that appeared before complete darkness took over. The wind has started to whip and he felt it for the first time, like mini daggers that pierced through his heart. Or at least, he felt like it did.

He felt something in his paw for the first time and as his breathing subsided, he glanced down to examine it. He sighed and shook his head as he realized he picked up the Ice Stone. Was it really worth it? What could he had done differently? Did he make the right choice running away? And what was going to happen now?

The questions buzzed in his head ambiguously along with so many feelings. Regret, primarily, but also a hint of anger and sadness. All of that boiled down to one resolute option in his mind. He had to go back. He had to atone for his actions. And as much as he dreaded it, as much as it felt like it was out of his control, he had to do it.

So Bubba begrudgingly turned around and started making his way back to Snowpoint City. It hadn’t started snowing, so it was very easy to follow his tracks back out of the forest. It was dead of night when he finally reached the front door of the place he called home.

His steps grew slower and slower as he reached the doorstep, but he willed himself to keep going, eventually pushing the door open with his shoulder. Three steps into the house and he spotted a familiar face.

“Bubba!” Michael was already embracing the Abomasnow, “We weren’t sure where you went. You okay?”

The Abomasnow nodded once before holding out the Ice Stone for his owner to take.

“Huh? Y-,“ Michael collected the item from him, “You went into the forest and found an Ice Stone?”

Bubba looked up, a little puzzled. He wondered,
did he not know?

“These are hard to find. I’m sure Candice will really appreciate this!” a warm smile crossed Michael’s face, “Just let me know before you run off, okay?”

Bubba didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what he could say. He just stood there, frozen in thought as Michael patted his shoulder and moved past him. He’d expected him to look at him like some kind of monster, like how he felt. Instead, there was that same lighthearted tone. He definitely wasn’t a hero and yet he was being…kind of treated like one. Why?

He couldn’t have known. That was the only solution his brain could come up with. He knew Michael better than anyone and he wouldn’t have even looked at him the same way if he had known. Not knowing what he knew about his Trainer.

He had to keep this a secret, as much as he didn’t want to.

Bubba sighed as he concluded, “But you can probably guess what happened. Vintrell came up to me later and threatened to tell everyone what happened. I still have no idea how he found out, but that’s the kind of reach he has in this town. And I’ve been working for him ever since.”

For a while, he looked away, staring out the window. Dawn was starting to break, the beginning of the new day encroaching on the rooftops outside. The wind was still whipping against the panes, indicating it was rather cold outside if the snow hadn’t done that already. As tense and as dire as the situation was going forward, the lingering questions that hung in the air regarding what was going to be done to find Pitch, what was going to be done about Ako and her tenure here…they all simply burned away at the surprisingly warm orange glow of the sun reflecting off the houses. Sunrises were nice.

“I wish I could take it all back,” Bubba went on, “Wish I could hold myself accountable in front of everyone way back when instead of being at Vintrell’s beck and call for years. But I reckon there’s no going back now…” He turned to face the Eevee, a hint of remorse in his eyes, hiding behind that hard, gruff exterior.

Camp Athens
L I V x P F E I F F E R
o f x p o s e i d o n
#00CCCC || Outfit || her cabin

Nothing says "I hate dad" more than a little bit of angsty rebellion. Right? Liv's steps carried her up the stairs, onto her porch, and then through the door of her cabin. Her sopping wet feet, now caked in soggy dirt, leaves, and other debris that attached to their undersides, tracking all over typically clean floors.

She'll take care of that later. For now? Clothes. She tugged things off and stripped until she left a trail of clothing in the wake of her bitter stomp toward her bedroom. Shirt. Skirt. Underwear. Bra. You name it - it's occupying the floor. She wasn't the messy type, but her mind was going a million miles an hour. It was... beginning to feel like everything had just suddenly clicked. There was no place for certain types of people - for girls that talked to dolphins or meditate on the beach. That's not what Poseidon wanted. She just allowed people to stomp all over her. For the Zeus child to do as she pleased, for her own father to show up when he felt like showing up. It's all annoying, and she found herself agitated by all these thoughts.

Hands carelessly pulled open her closet door; nearly removing them from their already feeble hinges. The gods only know how many times she's been in this spot - angry all of the sudden. Annoyed. Needing to do something to someone but incapable of doing so. One by one, articles of clothing flew off of their hangers and onto the floor or the bed. She finally picked her nightclothes and pulled them on.

Of course, she had brought some beers along with her. Of which had been promptly tossed onto the bed leaving only one in her hand to be drawn from while the angst of being Poseidon's unfortunate spawn took her over.

Liv looked herself over in the mirror, standing there as she judged herself from sole to crown. Her head tilted this way and that, acknowledging all those flaws - both physical and emotional - that seemed to be embodied in this sad, small, unimportant body. She didn't look like a daughter of Poseidon. Did she? She didn't feel like one. She deserved a bit more than just his genes - she deserved his pride and paternity. "Sometimes certain qualities have to die in order for others to shine," she reasoned with herself as polished off the beer in her hand. She crushed the can in her palm, tossed it over her shoulder, and dipped into the bathroom.

A good how-to guide, some music, and a not-so-great pair of scissors snipped away at her hair. The thick dark strands fell into the sink sort of like they do in the movies. It's a cliche move, but there's a reason why. Sometimes a little physical alteration created a sense of newness. The long hair made her feel... like the sort of kind Liv that people sort of knew and took advantage of. The short hair, however, made her feel... older... wiser. It was hard to describe. She wasn't particularly good at it, but she could forgive the odd uneven strands and opt for styling it away later. For now, she snipped away until her hair hovered just above her shoulders. She left everything in the sink - hair, scissors, the remnants of her insecurities. The hesitance. The thoughts that she could easily be some welcome mat for other people.

She's a fucking daughter of Poseidon. That had to mean sometimes, and it's high time that it did. If it meant that others had to be crushed in the wake of her journey of self-discovery, then oh, well. She didn't come to Camp Athens to make friends, and she certainly has done well at keeping everyone at an arm's length.

So, while everyone partied, Liv drank another beer, popped open her journal, and constructed a training plan for the following morning. She would never rival her father's favored sons if she was standing around hating Pete for abandoning her at the beach, or Alex for thinking she could just cut into whatever she wanted. She'll be damned if Trinity thinks she can just beat the shit out of her without thinking twice the next time. Things had to change. Liv had to change. It wasn't going to be a pleasant change, nor would it be an easy one. Yet, she could feel the hatred, jealousy, and haughty desire flow through her like it was there all along - it just needed to be fueled.

Poseidon watched her, as he sometimes does with his children. She'll be glad that he isn't a doting father. None of these Demigods were going to give her anything of value. If she wanted a place of power later, concentrating on herself more would suit her. Even if that means she was on her own.

Liv cleaned her cabin shortly thereafter and fell asleep. She'd have to be up early tomorrow to beat the others to the training area, and maybe even to snatch a moment of peace at the beach.


Vincere Owner:


XX Oscar Wilson

Oscar's shoulders lost a slight bit of tension as he placed the rest of his items in their intended receptacles. There was something mentally freeing about the whole ordeal like as he changed out of uniform he wasn't pressured as much to complete the given mission. He had more room to process things that didn't seem 'mission-important'.The mental lightness didn't last as he turned his gaze back around to the crying form of Briar. Crying, emotions. The sight threw the robotic minded boy for a bit of a loop. On the one hand, it wasn't his job to deal with this, and why would he even want to? It wasn't like he had expected this. However, a tiny tiny voice echoed out that this was his Briar this was his job to fix. That was ridiculous, there was no way it was his job. His mind was forced to the past and reminded him as team leader when not on a mission it was up to him to help with his teams physical and mental wellbeing. Hang on, he wasn't a team leader anymore, he hadn't even been team-leader to start with, it was Briar who was the team leader. His team had died. All 4 of his team-mates had been declared dead, but Briar wasn't dead. So did that mean Briar was on his team again or was he team-leader? No Briar was a failed asset, right?

A shake to his head allowed him to clear his thoughts as he realised he had been staring at the crying form in front of him. Was he going to do something? Just as he decided that, yes, he was to do something he found his feet walking for him. Arms moving out from pure muscle memory as he wrapped them stiffly around the taller man almost manhandling the others face into his chest. His body was rigid, uncomfortable in this awkward embrace but it brought memories of the past he'd been too keen to forget. Hugging his friends holding them close, finding himself just touching them, even just for a second. He used to find comfort in this, now it just felt cold. His mind mourning the loss of something he didn't understand Oscar allowed his arms to relax, stepping closer to Briar he let his head fall so it was resting on the man's shoulders. He tried to find something to say but his mind struggled to find the words, how did one-stop another from crying? When he was younger this was so much easier. His powers answered for him lifting his hand up to wipe the tears from Briar's cheek in a gesture the showed a hint of gentleness Oscar started to pull the negative emotions away from Briar. Taking the others sadness for himself, allowing the positive emotions Briar had to come forward. Oscar's cheeks felt warm as tears that did not belong to him started to fall. But he stayed where he was curled around Briar like he was afraid the other would start to cry again. Misson success he'd stopped the crying.

Baleon Orta
/say We need to get intel somehow though. What we need is information.

Port Kanderdam
The Blakomet maneuvered from where it was parked into a giant tube, which was from where it would launch.

outfit xxxxxxx hex; #FF4500
xxx If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
xxx Well, I guess I'll make my own way
xxx It's a circle, a mean cycle
xxx Sometimes I wanna fuckin' scream or run away,
xxxI can't excite you anymore


Kaylessa kept her eyes on the lake, watching the moonlight shimmers off of the ripples of the water as Zada talked, though she did notice her pick up the flower crown. Listening closely as she described what little she knew of Alex, as well as men as a whole, though ending on the note that maybe Alex isn’t good enough for her creative nature to be wasted on and doesn’t deserve her kindness.

“But Zada, I enjoy it. Most people just say thank you and move on, he would always say nice remarks. Compliment me. Not just Rosie saying I look nice today, but more personal.” Kay said as her eyes floated from the river over to the crown in Zada’s hands. Thinking back to what he had said to her when she saw him at the town meeting. ”How could I be anything but perfect with you around? You look fantastic as always.” They felt like more than a typical compliment, like they had feelings behind the words.

And it wasn’t just then, the two always had an interesting dynamic while in school and close friendship. Kaylessa always felt like there was something else and assumed with how Alex treated her that they were the same, but right now Kay felt like he just hated her. “Should I say something to him? Maybe say something to Phoenix or Rosie? They know how he is and might know. Though Phoenix wouldn’t answer the door… Maybe he doesn’t like me either… I guess you are right Zada. Thank you.” She said before leaning over and giving Zada a hug, not really asking first nor caring. Kay quickly stood up and ran back into town, leaving the flower crown with Zada.

Taiyou Imperial Palace
Kendra inclined her head, and then slowly stood up. "I have a few of my own calls to make." She regarded William for a moment with another respectful nod.

She began to walk out of the room, a renewed sense of purpose crossing her face.

The Cryo System
"I read the report." Marlene replied. "It was able to strip the primary shielding of a command carrier, that is most concerning, because from what I understand, the Command Carrier uses the latest, most advanced forms of shielding available to us, technically, that Command Carrier should have been able to shrug off that attack."

The Image of the drifting Command Carrier flickered to life in the shared mind space.

"We recovered some debris from their encounter at Molecay, I can arrange for the Materials Sciences division to have samples sent to you for study, the more minds we focus on this effort, the better."

Marlene stroked her chin in thought, and then nodded. "I have a few more errands to run with the Princess, and then we can keep her here, until the situation has resolved."

Marlene turned to Halena, and pondered for a moment.

"I want to set a trap, would you be comfortable being the bait?"

Intergalactic Space
"I'm not concerned about sharing this information with you, I've seen multiple possibilities stem from this, we've either doomed my people, or saved them. If the Asylian attack comes to pass as planned, the Aschen will no doubt fall, but so too will the rest of the galaxy be wiped clean of all life."

Marlene frowned, narrowing her eyes. "The Potentia could be used to cleanse the galaxy, and reshape it to how the Asylians see fit." She frowned even deeper. "This must not come to pass."

Marlene reached to a small chain around her neck, and pulled it forward, a strange, technical yet crystalline object could be seen hanging from the chain. "Those who bear the keys are some of our highest ranking people, the fact they carry the keys at all is a closely guarded secret." Marlene said, putting the key back into her shirt.

"Even if they managed to get four keys, and knowledge of the Potentia, it would be useless to them. No, I fear that Illia may come across one of the sister arrays, and learn of it's existence through those means."

Marlene paced too, as the strange disorienting sensation of FTL washed over them.

The Scylla winked out of existence, for destinations unknown.

New Ketajhi Meeting Hall
Keturah seems somewhat surprised by her father's response, eyes slightly wider then normal as she looked down towards her tail. The orb above her head pulsed with a steady thrum of Light and Power. Yet she held firm to the control over such a seed of Life, as if not even thinking of it's existence. Slowly, she walked towards her father and sat down at his feet, choosing in that moment to take such a position with a smile on her face.

"Perhaps this may be true. I know what the Maw can truly be. Perhaps it is my lack of memory which has hardened my resolve. I try to remember seeing mother enter His embrace yet even to this day, fog obscures my sight. I guess from my exposure thus far I could say my perception has been altered. Yet there is such a thing that I would have made a note of in my limited studies"

She continued, looking up at the sun above her head.

"When I see the Light, I see the flame of purity. I feel it's love and warmth upon my fur and in my heart. This fire represents the life of our people. It is our guiding principle and our gift from He who fathers us all"

She raised a hand and gazed up to the orb. She opened her mouth to spreak, and what came out was Agony.


Pain wracked the Weave around the three as the Orb was subsumed, Keturah herself winced as if she was in distress. The orb that once was a brilliant sun now hung above her head was a Void, a hole of Night and Nothingness that caused a visible distortion around the edges. It was as if they were staring into the heart of the Abyss.

"Yet the inverse must be true. The Abyss is cold, dark and hostile towards the Light. It craves and years for dominance, not realizing that the two must be in harmony for the Multiverse to maintain cohesion. To be fearful of what lies in the cavernous maw is natural as mortal creatures. We know not what dwells within the vestige of the Dark. But knowing what lay within it, we become closer to knowing Truth. That Truth is what I seek. What lays in the heart of the Abyss? What dwells within the heart of Erebuz? What machinations drive him towards endless destruction and oblivion? Is it a mindless obsession? Or is it more? If we could be saved, why not he?"

The void above her head grew in small centimeters until Keturah waved it free with a hand. The Void then shrank away into naught but a pinprick then vanished in a crack. Keturah herself looked like she had lost around ten pounds in weight yet her smile remained.

"I know you worry about me father. I worry about myself as well. Yet I shan't be delving into the Abyss alone. I will have Uncle with me to delve the depths of the Abyss, and I will have Leolik to guide me. I know both of them will not lead me astray. I am not timid, nor am I cowardly. Erebuz has absolutely nothing to tempt me with. No power he could ever offer could turn me from my path."

She got up a little wobbily from her position and embraced her father tightly, resting her head on his shoulder "I love you father. So much that it might cause me to burst" She giggled until her stomach growled at her in protest rather loud.

"Sorry Father...mind if I call for food? I'm starving!"

Terminus Cave
The shadows reacted to the spike of fear like moths to a flame. They swirled around Titania and her pokemon like wisps of noxious smoke. Their forms were momentarily destabilized by the ice beams, but the cold energy was ineffective against their equally frozen spirits.

Shadows snapped at their heels and wriggled unnaturally along the walls, distorting the features of the cave into grotesque facsimiles of leering eyes and sneering grins. Their howls reverberated through the cave and filled the air with a predatory dread.

A hole appeared in the shadows’ macabre dance, just small enough for the woman to squeeze through and avoid the spectral claws. A random chink in their circle, allowing her to escape - or a feint to lead her into a killing blow?

There was only one way to find out...

The Undermarket
The young Shadow Dragon simply watched from afar as the scent of death wafted across her nose. It wasnt a lot to trigger her mind into thinking her father was around, he was infact quite busy elsewhere. Turning her purple eyes briefly towards the source fo the smell her stomach rumbled in hunger.

As soon as the cloaked stinking of death being left, Taris stepped to Fenrias stall. It wasnt often that Taris gained information. And from the look of things, this man wasnt selling food as she stood before his stall and pondered what to do next. She needed to eat something. Anything, preferably not a human being

Beaumont Hills
Reagan Venandi

the hunter | #3592a0 | outfit

The night had gone by, perhaps more slowly than it had come. Reagan could not remember if she had successfully closed her eyes or not, or if she was maybe sleeping wide awake in some crazy nightmare scene. A lot of things have been brought to a new and uncomfortable light - she may have seen the Alpha for who he was as a human, and she now had undeniable proof that Riley was something else entirely. The greatest confusion comes, not for seeing them for what they were when the moon rises and the night takes them over, but in knowing that they weren't bad people. Her mother always said that these monsters were so because they were also monsters in their mortal lives.

But that seemed untrue.

She's also pissed at Brook - so pissed that she can't fathom seeing his face without also watching as her palm uncontrollably connects with his overly handsome face. She doesn't know what happened to him or where he went, either, and he let her worry like that. It almost made her sick to her stomach. He's such an asshole.

What was she supposed to do, though? Armed with all of this information, does she just go out into the light of day and roam the school like nothing ever happened? Was Riley going to be scared of her now? Most of all - was there something for her to be scared of? Maybe there was. Maybe there wasn't. She didn't quite know right now.

The first rays of a Saturday morning sunrise peek through the curtains, and Reagan finally rolls herself out of bed. After a very slow shower, if one could call it a shower and not contemplating in a sauna, she tugged on a pair of bright pink leggings, a sports bra, and some running shoes. There are a lot of things to do right now - errands to run. She had to go to the store, maybe get through a workout at the gym, go for a run, take a look over the armory, avoid people if that was possible. Her mother was far too busy with hunter stuff to deal with her today, and Reagan was fine with that.

She spent most of the morning to the early afternoon by herself, but that was just her life.

By the time the late afternoon rolled about, around three pm or so (she wasn't keeping track), she had accomplished all of her tasks and slipped into a t-shirt sans bra, jeans, and some white flats. She didn't look her best - a face without much makeup save for brows and a spot of mascara, a light dusting of pink for her lips. Her hair was obviously towel-dried and laid a bit messily, and the dark circles under her eyes accented her just rolled out of bed look.

She dipped out of the house and strolled down the streets of the town, which are always busy at this time of day. Children were with their parents at the park, families roamed hand-in-hand to this shop or that. It was just small-town America doing what it does best. The only thing that separated it from the rest was that the residents seem to always be a little more alert, but not for all the reasons you might think.

There was police activity at the school; an active crime scene since the Chimera Amanda chomped a boy to death. The Sheriff was there along with other authority figures; many of which operated under the long lineage of hunters and or other Supernaturals since the town's conception. While the Sheriff was not in the know of all the Supernatural stuff, his concern for a death in a town like this was not at all surprising - he was very much on the alert. This place hasn't seen a ton of murders for a long time, just the every now and again tragic accident; like the one that had awoken the Nemeton. That was ruled as an accident, and it was case closed.

This, though, was different. Reagan stood back behind one of the buses; a palm placed on the yellow surface as she peeked around its back corner. They even called in animal control. Everyone who was anyone was here, and that included friends of her mother that operated as a deputy or two and even the principal. The crime scene tape was stretched across the doors of the Beaumont High, and parents were going to get the call that school would be canceled for Monday.

She turned around and placed her back against the bus, looking up at the clear blue skies. She pushed herself away and started to walk in the other direction, making a mental note to grab a friend and come by the school later. Maybe Brook, after she's done giving him a piece of her mind.

The Dolrion Woods
Spike did not like where things were headed, and yet Vitas was a calm woman and her magic spread from her and around her. Making things incredibly easy to keep track of. But her magic was strong too. but was it strong enough to properly calm the Old Wolf ? She hoped so. So naturally Spike kept watch.

As she did so, Vitas and Aldric both entered a brief trance as Vitas magic spread up his arm where she touched it. The magic dancved upon his skin and formed a natural skin coloration. A calming feeling entered his heart and beat back the raw energy that formed his inner demons. calming them all, but it took a bit of doing, and a lot of powerful magic to overcome the strange Eye. the last time Vitas had seen him, the eye was not present.

With Spike keeping watch, Vitas slowly brought Aldic back to the land of the sensible

The Skyfall Crypts
The Couldronmaster and the Old Witch simply turned their attention towards the exit they had entered from. Agatha simply glanced over to her companion and then towards the cultist and the risen 'Trophonia'.

"You all have a choice to make. Ulaerius and I can offer aid against the interlopers who are soon to approach this chamber. Otherwise, we can leave."

Agatha sheathed her knife only to move the cauldron she carried closer to Ulaerius as the necromancer began to weave the eldritch energies in the air causing the dead to writhe and shift within the chamber the cultist stood. The dead who lay dormant in their alcoves stirred and took up arms with blade or club and shambled closer to the due.

Further within the catacombs, the graverobber took up the torch and simply nodded and stepped over the fallen zombies and skeletons that the nordic hero systematically seemed to take out. Upon hearing that things were about to get hot, however, Eurander simply held the torch up high to give the fighter more light as they traversed the dark corridors of the crypts.

Norde Keep
Edart landed a strong blow against the Corvid Knight and as the people cheered and cried for the rightful ruler to fight and live the corrupted knight began to make a faulty error as he rushed the injured Malgerius.

"I've got you now!"

Sir. Corven shouted as he quickly sidestepped the rage-induced knight only to bring his sword down upon the man in order to quickly remove the corrupted knight's head from the rest of his body. Houpetorlivaij simply found himself looking from one spectacle to the other as his prize had vanished before his very eyes and the combat taking place seemed to grow even more intense.

'Surely this couldn't be.'

Elio The Wise muttered to herself only to watch as the crown continued to float before them only to then vanish. The Dragon in elvish guise began to mutter a few choice arcane words as 'her' eyes seemed to glaze over looking for the magical signatures in the air in order to locate the crown and the culprit who decided to make their presence known in such a manner.

The Corvid Knight would fall upon a single knee whilst clutching his side regardless of how his strike landed. His eyes also fell upon the last place of the floating crown and dismay filled his soul. The Kingdom of Skyfall would remain in unknown territory without a proper ruler and darkness would befall the people of this fine empire.

Dogs in God's Vineyard
Asking for help, on her first mission as pack leader. The thought galled Anna, at least until she stamped down on that folly of pride. Two Dogs surely as experienced as she, if not likely more so, had fallen prey to the lurking danger here, and she had an obligation to much more than just her own safety.

She was silent for that long moment, brows furrowed with thought, only belatedly looking back up to Margaret. "You are right. We need to look farther back, find a pattern. Inquire about any other missing women." The thought drew out a deep frown from Anna. The most obvious motive for such a crime drew a cold fury in her heart, but she couldn't let such thoughts distract her from the task at hand.

A deep breath, in and out. "We will send word to New Life of our difficulties in finding the trail and the danger that represents, that there is more at work here than any simple criminal or sinner. Bolstering our numbers would be a boon. Perhaps the arrival of a second pack would force the culprits into rash action."

Silver Forest
The forest was quiet.

Quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

But it was not a pin that dropped. No, not a pin but a person.

Within the beautiful verdate dense forest was a peaceful clearing. Crystals grew upon a rock and tree trunks in a haphazard fashion with no clear direcdtion other then anywhere in various shades of color and style.

the crystals sparkled, and lightning danced upon the edges as energy built up between them in the center of the clearing. An explosion of raw power grew from a small black orb and outwards before revealing something, or rather someone. The woman crashed into a tree trunk and briefly laid still.

Her eyes snapped opened a moment later as she felt it across the universe but why was she still alive ? She had destroyed Vision, destroyed the Mind Stone. But Thanos still used it, still did it.

The headache kicked in. The woman hissed softly. Once it faded Wanda managed to get a clear picture of where she was. She wasnt dead. Thanos hadnt chosen to kill her off. Vision was gone. Now where was she ? She saw crystals all around her. And her back hurt. Sitting up she saw where she had... landed ? Crystals were smashed and arranged more or less like a makeshift chair, and they hurt. She stretched her back and pieces of crystal fell off her.

Now to find out where she was, and why there were crystals around her. A single pair of eyes watched from a crystal far off, but able to see through the shards like spyglasses and cameras

The Aschen Rim
A lone ship, hardly larger than a fighter, materialized at the edge of one of the Watchtowers’ sensors. It was slick, black, and shimmered in the starlight. There were no visible weapons on the vessel, but a foreboding aura surrounded it that was as cold as the void clinging to the hull.

The ship sent a signal to the Watchtower - a simple hail.

DV Nightshade requesting permission to dock. One passenger. Proposal for assistance in war effort.

Port Solinus
Sometime later, Gabriel and Agares walked through Port Solinus to their destination. Their cargo had been inspected, dismissed, and was in the process of being shipped to their destination.

Lord Tigris ended the transmission from the Inquisitor and cupped his scraggly furred cheek in his pawed hand. He watched the Aschen ships carefully and pondered the situation. The Alliance had favorable relations with them in the past, but only Ha’Ari knew what state their political theater was in. How likely was it that this was the same empire they knew?

“Open a channel to the Taiyou.” He commanded.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Admiral Ayako.” He began. “As a courtesy, I am obliged to give you a status update on the operation. Our team of specialists, led by an elite Inquisitor, has made contact with the survivors of your countrymen - including the princess - and have neutralized the threat. I was informed that they are attempting to recover some sort of artifact for Her Highness. Presumably, you would know of what she speaks.”

Rikkisopi Cave System
“Then I suppose we should inform them of the situation.” Thabo grimaced. “... Before anyone does anything rash. Admiral Ironclaw won’t bend while he draws breath.”

Inquisitor Thabo held a device up to his mouth. It was a thin disc of crystal encircled by a band of silvery metal.

”Admiral, this is The Shadow.” He said in his native tongue into the communicator.

”What is your status, Inquisitor?”

“The VIPs have been recovered and the threat neutralized. We are in the process of recovering an artifact for the princess. I advise informing the Taiyou authorities of the development… lest we have balefire dropped on our heads.”

“Acknowledged. Good work, Inquisitor. Give the princess my regards.”


Inquisitor Thabo replaced the communicator and turned to his Taiyou associates. “Crowned-Prince Tigris Ironclaw, High Admiral of the Khroniktan Alliance, sends his regards. He will inform the Taiyou admiral of our status.”


Alium Owner:


XX Sato Itsuki
Yamada's dismissive response to the very real possibility of death has Itsuki's blood boiling for a good long moment, but he forces himself to contain his frustration. The last thing he wants is to snap at Yamada again- he still feels guilty for snapping at him the first time.

The frustration easily melts away, however, because Yamada's explanation for this unexplained rooftop rendezvous is... touching. Sincere. Heartwarming.

It warms Itsuki's heart a little, and now he really feels guilty for being so rude.

So Itsuki can't help but smile. It's a little awkward, a little guilty, more than a little uncomfortable. But it's a smile, and Itsuki honestly doesn't remember the last time his smile wasn't fake.

(Probably during one of those conversations with Yamada, but Itsuki doesn't want to admit that.)

Thank you," He says, fidgeting with the strap of his bag. "And I'm sorry. I don't think it was fair of me to snap at you like that. I just... I'm not used to people trying so hard to talk to me, you know? Most people at this point either leave me alone or stick to platitudes."

Anyways, you should probably make a copy of that key and put the original back. If staff start asking students about it and they find it on you, you'll be instantly busted."

Itsuki looks around the roof and thinks. They can't stand too close to the rails, since someone could see them from below. And, you know, since they could literally fall to their death if they're not careful. Most of the roof is a mess of leaves and dust, not exactly appealing for a picnic - God, why is he thinking of this as a picnic? It's not some damn date! - but his eyes land on the stairwell, encased in a small building just like in pretty much any romance anime ever.

It's tall enough that the debris from nearby trees shouldn't have made it on top, and though there might be dirt from rainwater, it'll probably be cleaner than the rest of the roof.

Itsuki smirks and gestures to the platform. "
What if we sit up there?"

Tethys Ocean
Amongst the scattered islands in the ocean were some palm trees, beneath them lay a beast that looked remarkably like a man. This strange being, which was known to some as Magnus to some looked exactly like a man but had many key characteristics to differentiate him. His pigment was light gray which kept him somewhat hidden in the shade. Adorned on his head were a pair of forward facing horns like a bull but striped black and white. Lastly on his rear was a long spindly tail which ended in a spade-like spike, it would whip back and forth passively as he slept.

He opened his mouth wide to yawn, showing off his innumerable fangs held in his maw. His teeth looked ideal for rending flesh from bone.