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Barden, VA
D h a n i Batra
xxxi see you up again wandering so diligent
xxxcrossing your t's as though it weren't irrelevant
xxxthey say formality, this is what they really meant:
xxxthey can be the walk and we can be the pavement

Dhani caught sight of that smirk, and quickly looked away from Atticus. He had more important things to be worrying about. Besides, they had no real relationship to speak of; it had been a fling, a one time thing. Never anything more, and now it would certainly never be anything more. Several people spoke up about the water being unnecessary at this point. Dhani wasn’t sure he agreed; he didn’t exactly trust everyone in the room not to start something all over again. Sure, most of them wouldn’t, but Dhani could think of a few heads that could use some cooling. Then Atticus-Icarus-started speaking about working together, but Dhani didn’t look his way. Instead, Dhani was glancing around the room, trying to look as casual as he could.

Dhani turned to look at Gemini as the water went down, and offered a genuine smile of thanks when Adrian dried off his mask. He nodded, his way of assuring the fellow hero that there were no hard feelings on his part. He had to admit that he was feeling pretty awkward, standing there in his suit but no mask. He didn’t know whether to be Dhani or Paladin, and he was sure it showed. He missed whatever had happened, but before long he heard Red Witch talk about hostages and he whipped his head around, eyes darting over the scene, trying to piece together just what was happening. Luckily Gemini had a better handle on what was going on, and was able to get that situation under control. There were talks of trust, and how any of the villains could be expected to give it. Dhani wanted to ask the same thing. How were they supposed to trust the very group of people who had attacked and mind controlled them just moments ago. But he didn’t say a thing. Instead, he watched as Gemini revealed themselves to be two people, and turned to look around the room again.

A part of him wanted to go check on Kieran, but he knew she would be fine, so he stayed put. “I, uh,” Dhani wasn’t feeling the same confidence that being in costume usually gave him. You’re just Dhani without the mask. He tried to push the thoughts out of his head, cleared his throat, and continued, “I understand the hesitation, and I understand if anyone here isn’t willing to work together, but,” He glanced around, trying to find a familiar face to anchor himself, but as he didn’t find masks particularly comforting, he ultimately found himself glancing off at a support beam in lieu of a friendly face, “Heroes and villains alike are going missing. Turning up dead, or not at all. I’ve been a hero since I was sixteen years old, I don’t know how to do anything else.” He shook his head, turning to look at Blood Witch, “I’m not asking you to be my friend,” He gestured towards Atticus, “But you’re right,” He knew he would catch shit for not agreeing with Kieran, but he pushed on, “We don’t stand much of a chance unless we work together.” He shrugged, as if an indication that he was done speaking, and crossed his arms in front of him.

P R I N C E. N I K O L A F R A N C O
The more Nikola breathed, the more his lungs ached for it. There was a slight soreness with every breath and his entire body felt weak, but he wasn’t focused on that.

He was focused on the siren. He didn’t move when Nikola attempted to scramble away, meaning the siren wasn’t going to force Nikola to stay. He hoped that meant he wouldn’t take him back to the water either, but that was yet to be determined. Part of him didn’t want to leave this siren, the curiosity of finally seeing one in person leaving hundreds of questions in his head, the main one being why he would save a warlock.

And there was no answer given. The siren reached forward, telling Nikola to take a breath. He couldn’t help but flinch at the siren’s hand meeting his chest, his eyes trained on the siren’s face with a mixture of anxiety and fear. He didn’t know why he let the siren touch him, because he certainly didn’t want to be seduced again, but a similar electric pulse from earlier flooded his body.

This time, Nikola felt strength flow back into his body, giving him enough to pull himself off the ground and onto his feet. His body was dry too. He knew well enough the mastery of seduction these sirens possessed, but had only been taught about their affinity for water. He didn’t know how strong this siren was compared to the rest of his kind, but it was to a level a warlock could never achieve. In fact, Nikola has never met a warlock with water magic, it appeared that their hatred of sirens had removed any warlock with that particular talent.

Nikola had been focused on his clothes that he barely heard the siren, looking up to see him drawing back into the water. He wanted answers first, but it felt like his feet were frozen in the sand. He couldn’t make himself move any closer to the water. ”Wait!” He cries out, voice breaking a little as he outstretches his hand.

He pulls his hand back, fearful the siren might change his mind on saving Nikola, and the siren disappeared into the water. He didn’t even know his name, and it was likely that he’d never be able to find out, or even see the pretty siren again.

”Your highness!” Nikola turned to find his knights at the edge of the sand by his forgotten boots and coat. They didn’t dare move onto the sand, but their faces of fear and concern were clear from this far. He look one more long look to the ocean, thinking of the siren, before turning back and meeting the knights at the beginning of the sand.

Unsurprisingly, he was given a lecture and interrogation the entire way back to the palace. Nikola refused to bring up any details of his near death experience, especially the pretty siren that saved him. He still wasn’t to his full strength, but thankfully they hadn’t brought his horse so he had to ride with one or the knights anyway.

They even bought into him losing his way from the city and waiting on the beach for help, though that was another lecture on how he could’ve gotten killed by a siren, which was ironic considering that he nearly did. The lectures didn’t stop at his knights, his father wanted a full debrief of what Nikola had done before starting in on his own lecture. He could hardly listen when his mind was full of questions with no one to ask for the real answers.

Nikola wondered just how much he had been taught about sirens was true. He also needed to know why that siren had saved him. He couldn’t get his mind off of him, the golden tail and soft silver hair and curious gray eyes. The siren was so dangerously beautiful, but also not dangerous to Nikola.

The worst part was he’d likely never get near the ocean again, especially with the knights having found him at the beach. He didn’t know when his father would let him out of the castle again, and would probably add to his security detail.

But Nikola wished to feel the chilly water again. He wasn’t afraid of the ocean, just the sirens dwelling within it. Except his savior, who he knew nothing about and yet wanted to find again.

outfit : herex|xhex: #cc0460
xxxdon't make me laugh, i'll choke
xxxjust let me cry a little bit longer
xxxi ain't gonna smile if i don't want to
xxxhey man we all can't be like you
Rosie forced a smile as Jaiden said she wasn’t expecting anyone. “Sorry, just said I’d drop in and see how you were doing. I just swung by here on a whim,” she explained. In all honesty, she’d hardly noticed the mess, but she just shrugged. “Don’t worry about it, my house isn’t much better,” she said. She knew that Jaiden had to be struggling just as much as she was, and she knew their smiles were both fake, but neither of them wanted to acknowledge it. Rosie sat down on the couch and nodded as Jaiden asked if she wanted tea. She just smiled sadly as Jaiden asked how she was.In that moment, she decided she wasn’t going to mention Travis. She trusted Jaiden, she was pretty sure that she wouldn’t say anything. But Jaiden didn’t need to hear that someone they’d let in, that they’d trusted, that they’d called a friend, had been a mole. Had been part of the reason that they’d lost people. That they’d lost Markus.

“It’s been… well, it hasn’t been easy. It’s… it’s strange more than anything. Sometimes you… you almost forget, you know? And then you remember and…” She trailed off. “You know it as well as I do, though. How have you been doing? And don’t tell me you’re fine. I don’t think either of us are exactly ‘fine,’” Rosie warned. “You’ve been through a lot over the past few weeks, hell, the last few months. You don’t have to talk about it with me but… talk about it with somebody.” She caught herself and smirked a little. “Can’t quite switch off teacher mode. But it’ll help, trust me on that much.”

She knew it was ironic that she was shifting the conversation away from herself because she also didn't want to talk about any of it. But she could see it in Jaiden's actions that Jaiden needed someone to listen to, or at least, someone who she knew would listen if she needed it. Rosie would make it through. No matter what.

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xxxfly like a cannonball
xxxstraight to my soul
xxxtear me to pieces
xxxand make me feel whole
Hayden was glad at least when Kay decided to talk about it. He was starting to realise that this truly was no ordinary town, if only for the people that lived in it. Maybe his life had just been extraordinarily easy before, but things were different here.

So he just let her talk, wiping away some of the tears when she started to cry again. He wanted to tell her that it wasn't her fault. It wasn't anyone's fault. Even if his life had been straightforward, he knew that feelings weren't. Nobody could help how they felt or who they fell for.

The hug was a surprise, but he hugged her back, holding her tight. He didn't really know what to say to make her feel better, but he knew that the hug would help. He rubbed her back a little as she clung on to him.

"It's not your fault, Kay. People are confusing. But I'm willing to bet most people are nice to you because they want to be nice to you, because they're nice to everyone. And it's much better to be someone that believes too much in the good than someone who only sees the bad. Innocence is valuable because you will always try to help. There's nothing wrong with being innocent... but there's nothing wrong with wanting to be more than that. So what do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Once you figure that out... you can start working from there. And while we figure that out," he said with a smile. "We better eat this food before it goes cold, right?"

Unova Wilderness

Diamond's Aura flared up again and he wasted no time in charging the Slurpuff by himself, aiming to simply kick it out of the way with great force. Nothing special about the kick unless one counted the enhanced strength and speed granted by the Aura around him, but even then it likely wasn't much. Whether or not his attack landed or did anything, Lucy would step forward, a Bone-Rush appearing between her paws. Tears streamed don her cheeks and she gripped the staff of bone tightly to the point where it cracked under the pressure, before charging her former master.

She didn't strike to hurt him, but to get him away from the Slurpuff, quickly hopping back when her diversionary strike worked, and he hopped back a good dozen feet, tossing out a pokeball in the meantime. "Torterra." he called.

Sure enough, Diamond's Torterra slammed it's feet into the ground as it was called out of his pokeball. It, like Lucy, was not corrupted, but it was not as intelligent as its Lucario counterpart, and though there was a struggle beneath its determined eyes, it would follow it's master's orders. Lucy, in poke-speak, pleaded with it to turn on Diamond with her, to help save him from this corruption.

Her words would be drowned out. "Frenzy Plant." Torterra raised up on its hind legs, and then slammed down his front ones. Sure enough, the vines exploded from the ground, attacking not just the pokemon at hand, but also the trainers, while Diamond hopped onto the shell of his massive Torterra, and gained his balance, pressing his palms together, and focusing his Aura.

Tauvyr Tavern
Ulrich Paternosta nodded once, "Rip out th'tongue. A good plan! Shit."

This Feastus concerned Ulrich, more so that the cultists had found industry around the Cursed Wood. The fact that mortals were wrapped up in it was worse news. Mortals weren't safe in the Cursed Wood without protection of someone. Feastus didn't seem like protection. In fact, between Feastus and the Sabbat, it was a wonder the WCPD even let Ulrich through the doors! It was a wonder there weren't flame-lit pitchfork parties attempting to burn this place to the ground.

End smiles. "I suppose that would be true." He stands up and looks around at the empty void. "This was a world, once. Once, there were people here. People who sought to change the world. People who sought to make a creation to last the ages. People who sought to live."

End spreads a skeletal hand across the black expanse before them. "And now they are gone. They've been gone for two years. Despite this, people like you have continued to come and go. They stick around for a little bit, but eventually leave. For they realize this is a dying world. Soon, it will be lost to the multiverse, gone forever."

End turns back to Crimson. "This world will die soon. I offer you a choice, now. You can stay here, in this dying world. I can keep you company, although... I am a very busy individual. You may be alone, sometimes. But we could try and build something new, in this dying world.

"The other choice is to leave this world behind, and venture to greener pastures. There are a nigh-infinite amount of worlds out there. We could travel the worlds, you and I... We could see so many different things together.

"The choice is yours."

The Chrysanthemum


❝Another stepping stone to cross.❞

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|| Azalea|| Nano.ripe ||

One by one, the girls were called in to try out. You couldn't watch or listen in, you just had to wait your turn. Obviously, you it would give an unfair advantage to those with surnames later in the alphabet as you could watch what the other girls were doing right and copy them. Ezra looked increasingly agitated the longer this went on. He looked almost like a wild animal forced to wear a collar and pretend to be civilized. Ame was also getting a little annoyed, though the black eagle assumed that that was simply becuase she was stuck in a room doing nothing but wait. Eventually it was Elise's turn. Whether a girl passed or failed was a mystery as they would not return to the waiting room after doing their audition. Wherever they went, it was a secret. "Miss Elise von Hresvelg, please come up to the stage." Daryl Dixon's voice came on the intercom, calling her name. "Come, Vincent." Elise stood calmly, her faithful servant shadowing her every step.

She walked through the hallway towards a stage. There was James Madsen, the actor sent to play as the character Tyler for this trial scene, as well as someone dressed up in a costume of the mosnter. In the audience seating was Daryl Dixon and his nephew, a very bored-looking Ezra Jackson, scowling down at the holo in front of him. "Thank you again for coming here, Elise. Now, I must be fair, so I won't give you any extra points for our past work together." Elsie nodded, Vincent finding himself comfortable in the audience seating as well. "I would not expect anything less." The black eagle said, an air of arrogance about her. It felt like being a raindrop falling to the ocean that was the world of acting. As she played Stacy and James became Tyler, they did their scene, living, breathing the characters they were given. Finally Elise fell to the floor after pushing James away from the monster, giving her life for her best friend's boyfriend. "G-go! Get back to Gwen!" James nodded, guilt on his face. Tears streaked down Elise's eyes as the monster stood above her, rock in hand.

As the monster stood above her with a menacing growl Elise whimpered. "N-now... he'll never know... how much I loved him..." Dixon smiled, snapping his fingers. "End Scene! It looks like you still have your magic, El-" At that moment the rock held by the monster fell, slamming itself onto Elise's thigh. Her eyes widened in surprise as pain engulfed her. "Aaagh! Th-this isn't a prop?!" The stunt actor in the suit gapsed in horror. "Ah! I - my hand must have slipped!" True shock was in his eyes, this was an accident, it must have been. Ezra still seemed bored, but he was staring intently at the scene. "Milady, are you alright? Are you hurt?" Vincent ran towarsd her, scooping her up as Dixon called in the medical team on standby, just in case there was an accident.

"Mister Dixon, how did this happen?" Her leg felt numb now, and it wasn't working. After finally healing her broken arm, was she going to have to have a broken leg now? Ame shimmered into existence, anger in her blue pale eyes. "This wasn't an accident, El. Someone did this. I sensed the power of a Vassal." Rock? Was one of the boys here? But - Elise locked eyes with Ezra and suddenly, a smile came to the bored boy's face. Elise grit her teeth - she didn't want any witnesses to her power. As Dixon fussed over her and Vincent gave instructions to the paramedics, Elise twisted her arm, feeling for any water. She felt it, a pipe below the stage.

Suddenly the pipe exploded, water bursting out through the floor, shooting at Ezra with full force. It knocked him out of the chair, over the side. WAs it enough? No, he stood up, holding his bleeding wrist, a wild fire in his eyes. "What is happening? I must have a word with the owner of this theater, how could this have passed the safety inspections?!" Dixon sounded outraged, now there were two injured. It was clear it wouldn't end there if Ezra wanted to escalate affairs.


Mercedes snickered, grinning. She forgot really, but it was okay, how could you be expected to remember something like this anyways, right? Serenity was now questioning her, but Mercy was happy to explain her reasoning. "They're already looking for us, right? I don't want to have Oliver and a bunch of his black suits surrounding us when we least expect it. If we're gonna have to fight, we'll be the ones to take him by surprise! It'll be two on one, he won't suspect a thing!" Then once they captured him they could find out what he knew, who the other boys were. "Let's go! I already rented a car so it won't get leaked back to us!" Or at least it would get the police off their trail. The Chrysanthemum let you rent vehicles, and they would drive it to an address of your choice. "I might have used your dad's card though..." She grinned, finishing her breakfast. "Come on, let's go! We gotta get to the Opal's Parking Lot by the hour if we want to get it!" She was already one foot out the door, dressed for an adventure.

The Rockaverse
Syra nodded slowly at Ash's request. She felt uneasy about taking Last Rest as their own while the bodies of the former occupants lie in the dirt. The whole situation sucked, and she still felt the sting of being compared to Theory. What were they doing? Truly? carrying around a cannon in the interest of no one else getting a hold of it? What sense did it make? Would they truly be able to defend this place should an army come knocking? No one here owed them anything, and to expect loyalty from these occupants. This was a sticky situation and navigating it would take time.

As they stepped into the Last Rest, the air was filled with a sense of dread as the families inside cowered in fear, slowly coming out upon seeing Syra and the Witch's Thralls. "Look, the battle is over and Gutner is no longer in charge here," She looked at the various residents who now gathered around. She fought the urge to grip her weapon tighter, "None of you are obligated to stay, and should you remain we will not impose anything on you, or expect anything more than coexistence," She sighed, "You may not forgive us, and I wouldn't expect you to, but we are trying to protect The Rock, the weapon we carry, we don't intend to use and are doing what we can to keep it from those that would use it to enslave the planet. If you want to be part of the solution instead of part of a war-hungry society stay with us. We can make lives here and work to protect what is most precious to us," her eyes rested on the various children that clung to their mother's dresses. "We can help one another and start something new. The Last Rest can be a haven for people, a place they can feel safe, but only if we work together. Aren't you tired of fighting for survival? I am, but I will fight to defend a place that offers me peace and stability, now you all have a choice to make, and I can't make it for you, and neither can they," She gestured to Qunith and Talideth, "do you stay here in the safety of Last Rest, or go out and risk your lives in the desert with Gutner."

New Eve Island
While DIN-06 was busy trying to figure out what she'd been dragged into and how to prove who they were when they weren't, by her own words, people--DIN-01 just kinda paused and looked up at the pokemon that came to hover over them. What had that monster just said? Was that a rhyme?? It was the first time she'd ever heard anything rhyme in pokespeak, and she looked to be briefly stunned. Before she could really finish processing what exactly had just happened though, both gynoids were being rather roughly herded into a room! DIN-01 seemed a bit freaked out as she was grabbed, but for one reason or another didn't attempt to attack the trainers manhandling her. DIN-06 also seemed a bit worried, matching her sister's silence for once.

...Once they were inside the room and let go, a fairly perturbed DIN-01 brushed herself off with one hand. DIN-06 turned to her and folded her arms under her bosom, leveling a finger at DIN-01 from there and lightly shaking it at her as she began to gently scold the smaller robot. "Great, now you've gone and gotten us in trouble with who knows what. You know they could disassemble us and we might never turn on again, right? Pokemon get tired, Blue. You can't just challenge every person to a battle. That's..." DIN-06 gently scolded her sister gynoid DIN-01 gave her a sharply annoyed look in response, however she seemed to adopt a rather gloomy expression partway through Serena's scolding. Noticing this, DIN-06 gave her a funny look, before noticing they had company. Oh, right.

The two gynoids moved to sit down as instructed after giving each other some thoughtful looks about this man's choice of words. Hopefully those chairs weren't of the extremely flimsy plastic variety, as the girls were admittedly a good hundred or so pounds heavier than they looked. Regardless, there was something odd about the way DIN-01 sat down. While one of her hands found its way into her lap, the other hung limply at her side, not even gripping the chair. It was easy enough not to notice whilst they'd been standing, but now that she was sitting it looked frankly odd.

"...I like your singing. It reminds me of a friend." DIN-06 remarked in a somewhat wistful tone, recalling a rather portly figure from the memory that had been imprinted upon her. Tierno was a dancer, not a singer, but the two things complemented each other quite nicely. ...She shuddered a moment later and shook her head, a lightly pained expression coming over her for a moment. This passed just as quickly however, and she returned her attention to and smiled somewhat awkwardly at the man. "--Oh. She's mute, so I might have to answer for both of us. My name's Serena, and this is Blue. We're... robots." Serena explained rather hesitantly.

Sinnoh League
"How disappointing. And here I thought I'd get to see the strength that did away with my Elite Four so thoroughly. If that is all, then please be on your way. This...this leaves me with many grave concerns that I must discuss in private."

Cynthia allowed a look of worry on her forehead. If what she had heard about Melaine's strength from Unova was for real, and there was no reason for it to be a lie, then the UPL was in serious trouble.

Code ~ #0B610B

The rustling of papers could be heard through the empty halls of the university as Althea made her way out of the Student Council room, sliding papers into her messenger bag She was more than flattered and while she generally didn’t really grow overly-excited about anything, being able to help out with the university’s affairs gave her a giddiness she couldn’t explain. The opportunities that the position would give her were unimaginable and she couldn’t wait to lock down the position. She was confident with having the grades and extracurriculars to back her recruitment and was only a little worried about getting the current members to like her. It wasn’t that she was unlikeable - far from it - but she generally liked to keep to herself, which is not how student council members were supposed to be. They were supposed to be outgoing and boisterous, while she was organized and well-kempt.

Puffing out a sigh, Althea paused once she was outside. She inhaled deeply, her hand subconsciously slipping the emerald pendant from underneath her shirt and thumbing across it - the only item that she had from wherever and whoever she came from - and she immediately felt a tad less frazzled as the fresh air cleansed her of her anxiety. Relaxing as she exhaled, she adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder as well as her simple jacket that she wore to fight off the slight chill to the air that was brought with the breeze. A quick glance at her phone told her she had about twenty to thirty minutes before she had to be in class, so with a soft smile, she started in the direction of the university’s cafe.

A quick dash in and out, and Althea was happily sipping on a hot Chai Tea Latte. Her soft smile moved into a slightly more prominent one as the deliciously hot tea began to warm her up. Making her way down one of the many paths leading from building to building, she found a bench that was on a path a bit less traversed but still in the direction of her first class, plopped her bag on it and then dropped down beside her things to enjoy her tea. Her eyes roamed over the few students and faculty members strewn about the area that she was in - a group of three of art majors that she recognized from her art electives, as well as young couple obviously meeting to have a small breakfast date before their classes, and finally a group of three women, one of whom was clearly a teacher. As they spoke and moved slightly, Althea recognized the older woman as the Professor of English, Ms. Evers. One of Althea’s classes was with her and thankfully she was able to sit near the back of the class without much of a problem, but Ms. Evers still would attempt to include her on things so as not to allow her to feel left out. It was a nice little change to the other professors, who either completely ignored her or would go out of their way to single her out, either out of the wish to be nice and include her yet resulting in nervousness on her part, or contempt for her loner status, she did not know. Thankfully, Ms. Evers had somehow found a neutral ground in between the two where Althea was comfortable, and for that she was grateful.

The other two with the professor she didn’t know the names of, which was unusual for her seeing as she had a fairly good memory and rarely forgot names to face, but she did recognize them. Or at least she thought she did; she wasn’t quite sure. Something about them felt familiar, and a strange itching sensation began at the back of her head as she thought about it more. Finally, she shook it off as nothing and turned to her back, withdrawing the portfolio that she was currently working on. She had to pick one of her best abstract works and was debating between two different watercolor pieces that she had made. It was difficult for her to choose, so it was taking some time, especially since it had to be the perfect choice. It wasn't necessarily her future riding on this particular competition, but it was one of the many stepping stones that was needed for her to be able to actually make a career out of her art. The only reason why she was pursuing the degrees that she was was because of her parents pushing her to do so. She definitely held a certain degree of passion for teaching others as well as getting to understand how people function mentally, but it wasn't what she wanted to actually do with her life. Althea let out a frustrated groan, taking another sip of her delicious hot tea to try and level herself once more. She knew her parents loved her and only wanted what was best for her, but what they would think was best for her wasn't what made her the happiest and for some reason, they just couldn't seem to understand that. Closing her eyes for a moment, she drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly before reopening them and steadying her gaze on the two paintings.

Code ~ #088A29

Dead leaves and twigs crunched underneath Ryder’s feet as he made his way back through the dense forest surrounding the kingdom. Tree branches and fresh leaves brushed across his skin, his bow bumping gently against his back, quiver sliding across his thigh with each step. The wild boar that was his fresh kill slid behind him on his hand-made sled, rattling slightly with each bump in the ground it glided over. As he broke through the trees and fresh sunlight assaulted his eyes, he squinted slightly, taking in the kingdom before him. A strange itching at the back of his brain made him furrow his brows even more and he absentmindedly scratched the back of his head. It did nothing to alleviate the itch that was deeper, accompanied by a slight pain, but it was worth a shot.

Stifling a yawn, he nodded at the guards stationed at the entrance to the kingdom that was closest to the actual castle itself, so as to avoid any of the common-folk. He’d love to people-watch, don’t get him wrong; it was just that his presence tended to make a majority of the commoners more than uncomfortable. Although he himself had done nothing to directly hurt them, he had seen more than his fair share of the actions of his fellow servants at the direction of their queen, so he couldn’t quite blame them for their distrust and hate.They parted ways, allowing his entry as he was fairly easy to recognize, and he felt himself relax a bit once he was back within the city walls. It’s not that he was comfortable there, just less uncomfortable than being out in the forest. He didn’t know what it was, but something about the dense trees and strong scents of the earth made him feel a type of homesickness and a sense of sorrow that he couldn’t place the reasoning behind.

Shaking the thoughts from his head, Ryder straightened a bit as he reached the front doors to the castle. Throwing them open, he strode inside, kill still dragging behind him, his ever present dark green cloak billowing slightly in the sudden gust of wind. Narrowing his eyes slightly in the direction of the murmuring servants who had paused at his entrance, he made his way towards the kitchen and dining area. He pulled the sled through the door to the kitchen, stopping only when it reached the feet of the Head Butcher. While he himself could have skinned the boar, it wasn’t necessary and he’d rather pass on the duty and leave it to those whose job it actually was to do so.

With only a nod in greeting and no words uttered, Ryder continued on his way, ignoring the annoyed looks that the kitchen staff were giving him. It wasn’t really his fault that the queen ‘requested’ that all meals be freshly caught on the day-of, so he wasn’t going to get his own ego hurt by a few irked servants.

When he reached the throne room, he rapped a passive knock on the large doors and when he was permitted, he pushed open the right door, the wind taking up his cloak ever-so-slightly. Approaching the throne, he avoided eye contact with the Queen, simply dropping to a knee before her, head bowed and cape gathered in hand and drawn over his side.

“I have caught a wild boar for your royal highness, if you would honor me by tasting it once the Royal Butcher and Chef have prepared it for you, My Queen,” he said, his voice coming out softly, soothing like honey to the ears. “I have also located the traitor Rune as per your request.” Looking slightly to each side, he notated the fact that they were not alone, and before simply handing over the information to the Queen in front of others without her request for more detail, he turned his gaze downwards once more. “Their location is to be delivered to the General upon your orders, My Queen.”

Bronze Bolt
Rikki took the time given to head down to the Sick Bay of the good ship Bronze Bolt to stow her sea chest and take stock of things. Fairly standard layout, of course. A few bunks lined up along one wall, with the other wall lined with shelves and drawers presumably stocked with everything the expedition would need. She would have to make a full inventory later, but for now she would just have to take the Prof’s word for it. Dropping the sea chest on the bunk situated against the far wall, Rikki pulled the curtain around to wall off a little area from the rest of Sick Bay. There was no need for the Ship’s Doctor to be any further away than necessarry from her patients, if and when she had them.

Wanting to quickly return above deck, Rikki grabbed a large backpack that served as her field medkit out of the chest and swung it onto one shoulder. After lifting out the bottom of the sea chest, she pulled out a seven-cylindered revolver complete with holster and gunbelt in an almost reverent manner. Other than the extra cylinder, the revolver was a fairly standard one: longish barrel, regular ammunition, cherrywood lined grip. The last thing she pulled out of the chest before closing it were her goggles. Simple and practical, with a blue tint in the lenses, nobody sailing on an airship should go without them.

Satisfied that everything was in order, at least for now, Rikki hurried back towards the main deck. On her way past a set of stairs that led to the upper decks, something made her pause for a moment. It might have been a twinge in her knee, or a twitch in her eye that made her stop. There was a door, in an out of the way place, and only visible if you looked for it. With the shadows and the colouring of the door, it could be easily dismissable to the eye, but Rikki could feel its presence. Several moments passed, how many she didn’t know, when she was roused out of a stupor by the calls on deck, hand resting on the doorknob.

Puffing her bangs out of her eyes and readjusting her goggles, Rikki ran over to the railing to see what was going on. All thoughts of the strange door were completely forgotten as she laid her eyes on the huge chunk of metal. Something about it remided her of the Horned Men she had encountered during her voyages with the Deadalus. The metal thing looked like nothing more than…

“That’s the propulsion exhaust-thinger, isn’t it?” The Doctor asked aloud. “I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know the lingo, but that thing’s just a bigger version of what propels this ship. Something that gihugeic, though… that ship would be massive!”

Rikki peered around at those gathered around the rail, her eyes resting a bit longer on the girl that seemed to be floating at the rail next to her, before staring evenly at the Professor.

“Prof, if we’re going to check that thing out, make sure all your people are updated on their Tetanus shots before we do,” she said sternly, before adding more lightly: “But of course all you Cogsman folks would already be inoculated against whatever metals you work with.”

Government Center West Wing
One among many villans that Terra and Wing City had seen caused the malady of a particular civil servant here today for deposition. While that amounted to 'hurry up and wait' a large portion of the time. Thus up above an anomalous WCPD officer's uniform clung a meter away from the ceiling along a support column. As one got closer it was easier to see the Gardener standing inside of it perfectly still as he listened to the radio. Natural active camouflage of his subtype meant Smudgie had to consciously suppress it thus despite the uniform concealed his outline rather well. Though heard of and rarely seen in his new duties in any case. Drafted after the Elysium crisis Smudgie was one of a terrifyingly small list of creatures that suffered through to Elysium immunity though not without its own sort of permanent scar. Later passing police academy now worked in the beleaguered WCPD in various roles.

This was what brought him to the government center today though it took a judge's order for the precinct to let him out of work. Gifted with an eidetic memory and an indomitable supply of personal energy Smudgie did the equivalent paperwork of a small office just on his own. Though Smudgie's particular brand of calligraphy, even if supremely readable, made any handwritten forms look like religious documents. In a similar fashion, the false matriarch prosecutor or delegates beneath her may have found the very calligraphic attestation in gold ink, dealing with a particular apprehension, something dubious and Smudgie was here to see someone from that office before the trial.

While it started out normal it was the end that likely tripped concerns though all Gardeners wrote as breathlessly as they talked, 'The suspect was seen preparing items for destruction and False Matriarch Police Corporal Roth instructed Patrol Officer Smudgie to fly up and take possession of that steel bin as per warrant while other officers entered the building. Officer Smudgie is qualified for clandestine operations and entered the building through the 3rd-floor window. After identifying the suspect from under a table Officer Smudgie moved in while the suspect's back was turned. Officer Smudgie then took possession of the wastebasket while observing the suspect's movements and exited the room to secure the items. Re-entering the room through a closed door nearer to the suspect Officer Smudgie announced as WCPD and drew service stun pistols while positioned to block suspect's exit by the opposing door passing directly through oncoming officers. The suspect fled the room through the opposing door but Smudgie did not shoot and gave chase to avoid igniting strong accelerants nearby drowning out Patrol Officer Smudgie's senses. As the suspect left the room they ran directly into Patrol Officer Nikolaev then Patrol Officer Nikolaev fell backward to the floor. With all officers present suspect was shortly apprehended and Patrol Officer Smudgie told False Matriarch Police Corporal Roth of the accelerant smell. As smoke entered the hallway False Matriarch Police Corporal Roth and Patrol Officer Smudgie re-entered the room as a waste-bin was seen on fire and a chemical extinguisher was located to put it out with some difficulty. Patrol officer Smudgie returned to the back room where an unburnt waste-bin was secured. Patrol Officer Smudgie returned with a waste bin from before the suspect ignited accelerants. Accelerants were safely neutralized to preserve evidence. Patrol Officer Smudgie put each bin in evidence bags and returned to the precinct to register three unburnt waste paper basket into evidence. Patrol Officer Smudgie also registered another unburnt trash bin into evidence that day with 8 additional sandwich wrappers eaten by Patrol Officer Smudgie. No further unburnt waste bins have been located by Patrol Officer Smudgie at the time of attestation.'

Smudgie's particular scar from the Elysium incident was wild discharges of replication of really anything in its hands at the time. Unbound and drawing hard at the larger aetheric field he replicated items unknowingly once they left his field of vision. It had taken no small notice from other precincts that the one Smudgie belonged to had a net export of pastries, pens, and an abundance of stun sidearms all belonging to Smudgie. It drew hard on the small Gardener to replicate things with power that he couldn't subsequently re-eat but he adapted.

Most officers knew the head prosecutor of course as the elevator opened. The 'floating' uniform custom made for four arms and four legs swivels sharply to look at the elevator as it opened. Smudgie by rote taking note. Smudgie's skin flipped to an inverse of its environment to be better seen as it engaged.

It took a great deal of effort on Smudgie's part to manage not to yell with Eigengrau though now the voice from the transceiver on his uniform was rather monotone as he waved, 'Good morning False Matriarch Prosecutor General Batchelder-Lockerby!'

Victory Square
/say I don't want my sentence to be longer then it has to be, mate.

/say And while you might be able to take a single carrier out, if the Full fleet moves into Aschen space, you won't be able to remove them.

The Milky Way
The 6th Order, a once powerful terrorist faction which has since become less powerful. It splintered after the untimely death of their leader; The Final Order was made up of those who were followers of Hristofor and still believed in his goal to bring order to the multiverse through chaos, and that by destroying all forms of leadership they will free people from the shackles of control.

The Light of Faith was the religious sect of The 6th Order who joined only due to their devotion to Harashaz, manipulated into joining by Hristofor. They instead chose to incorporate The 6th Order's military discipline into their religious teachings, but swore no allegiance to The Final Order. They had no desire to continue their desires - and instead wished to spread their technology to others...especially The 6th Order's former enemy, The Aschen. Due to their tension with The Final Order, they wished to hinder them by supporting their enemy and help The Aschen crush the remnants of their enemy...

...What remained for the new factions...was tough to tell.

The Onyx Galaxy
Lord Xulganak watched with mild interest as the galaxy spun, and he observed the quantum dance between a nucleus and its electron consorts with a studious curiosity. His eyes and ears were spread across the cosmos, silently monitoring the happenings of the galaxy and the civilizations within from the darkness between the stars and the hidden places of the worlds.

A moon-sized space station cannibalized a barren planet in the uncharted galactic wilderness. What little life found there was collected, studied, cataloged, and then sanitized before the world itself was ripped apart and stripped of any valuable resource. The matter would fuel a new generation of droids and ships, which would further extend the Archiver’s reach across the universe. They would harvest, learn, adapt, and build. Xulganak was satisfied.

He turned his gaze outwards, beyond the galaxy. What other matters required his attention?

Parem'Zel Not seeing any real signs of life, Parem continues on his travels. Calling upon the energy of his soul to open a portal to a new realm.

Orion Spur
Somewhere in the Orion Spur
Aboard the Command Carrier; Rosa de Maius

Sailing silently through the void of space, the Rosa de Maius was preparing for an operation, an operation assigned, and sanctioned by the Aschen High Command, to rescue Agent Connors from her holding location in Wing City.

The low hum of the ship's systems filled the interior, a large briefing room had been set up by the Aschen command staff for three people, two Adepts of War, and a Galaxy Police detective.

Haruko Makibi, Detective second class was sitting near the center of the briefing room, going over the notes from Kathryn's case, as well as the verdict delivered by the AXIS international court. While the Imperium wasn't a member state, and the AXIS Couldn't compel them to release Kathryn, the AXIS Could support the Aschen in their attempts to secure the woman's release.

They were going to Terra via the Bifrost.

Sitting next to Haruko was a hulking figure, decked head to tow in Adept power armor, the stench of fumerella leaf filling the briefing room, while a whisp of smoke wafted up from where he sat.

Khaine didn't like all this diplomacy, all this waiting, and he offered a disapproving grunt while pushing himself off of his desk.

"This girl better be worth something." He said, his Aerilonian accent thick, his voice deep and rugged.

Turning his attention to the door, he shouldered his 20mm heavy magnetron, and moved the fumerello to the other side of his mouth.

Sol: Deep Space
A literal handful of electronics debris spit out from the Shadow Phoenix and floated in a scatter off into space. Immediately after, the warp drives engaged.

Bastion IV
The voice says simply, "We presume you have a way down, humankind. The envelope will persist for a time. This place does not suit our needs for the great city."

Space itself rattles one's teeth as Myrkul's gigantic psycholocomotors alight on the back of the moon-sized obelisk. As if sinking out of space the stars bent and torque as Myrkul slides back into the Immaterium. An upwell of space slams together as a tide though this time Myrkul is keen to aim the concretions away from the planet instead of toward it.





"I am telling you Kazumi, we should have tried to get our younger siblings get into college, or at least posed as high school students ourselves. It's safer that way."

Kazumi groaned at her younger brother, Natsuo. While she would have preferred they had gone to the same learning facility herself, she knew this way was the best and she was going to remind her annoying brother again. Currently they were in a secluded area of the college they were at.

"Natsuo, Velonix wanted a bit of a break from you also. Plus, she wanted to experience high school. At least Yuki will be in most of her classes. At least this town has a school system that has the human school system from elementary to college so you and I are in the vicinity. Trust our sister to call upon us if she really needs us."

"Oh I trust Vel, it's these mortals I don't trust."

Natsuo was just relieved that he had Shadow keeping an eye on his sister. Crows were pretty common in Akita. One crow, Aeolus, was with them while Gust was watching over their shared estate. Still, Kazumi did have a point, Velonix did need space.

"Well, try not to worry too much Natsuo. Or those worry lines will become wrinkles," Kazumi replied with a smirk.

"Tsk! The day I get wrinkles is the day the sun explodes, which is never. Now come on, don't we have our own classes to go to?"

Before the two could move though, Gust suddenly showed up. This got both of their attention for Gust wouldn't be here unless something was up.

"Gust, did something happen at home?"

While Natsuo couldn't speak to every creature like Kazumi could, he could at least speak to birds. Gust quickly explained that Luna had gone out and about. He followed the mouse and saw her getting hurt before a human had saved her and took her to a building in the winter sector.

"Oi, that mouse is always getting into trouble. I better let Yuki know. Gust, let me contact Yuki and then you go to where he is and show him where to go."

Natsuo quickly texted Yuki to let him know about Luna and told him that Gust will show him where to go. He was relieved that Luna stuck to the winter sector at least.

"Poor thing though, I hope she'll be okay."

"She'll be fine. She's a fighter."

"But what if she runs into a tom cat or something else?"

"Now who's being the worrywart?" Natsuo asks with a smirk.

Kazumi makes a puffy face and crosses her arms. Soon Yuki texted back, thanking Natsuo.

I got permission to leave since I mentioned I have a family emergency. Tell Gust to meet me at the back entrance near the gymnasium, I parked my car there. I'll let you guys know what happened when I get the chance.

After texting back a thank you, Natsuo told Gust what to do and the crow took off instantly.

"Now that's settled, let's find that first class."

Nodding, Natsuo followed his older sister.

Keith nexus goes to bunker and builds random things

Dracos valley
Abasi looks at Grimwold, stomach growling, but turns his attention back to the dying titan

outfit xxxxxxx hex; #571616
xxx Yeah someone pour it in
xxx Make it a dirt dance floor again
xxx Say your prayers and stomp it out
xxx When they bring that in
xxx Bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away


Luciana let out a chuckle when Elena commented on her being half-french. “Yeah, but you’re a woman. That makes up for the french side I guess.” She said as she watched the hero click through numerous folders on her screen and typing in commands faster than Lucy could read them. She had to admit, she was good at this. This line of work was definitely safer than what Luciana was used to, and more comfortable. Being able to relax on a couch with a coffee was a change of pace of usually being in the middle of the city causing chaos.

As Lucy finished her coffee she sat her mug down and stood up to look at some of the papers Elena had referenced scattered around her apartment. Though she couldn’t really make a comment on the organized chaos Elena had, Luciana’s apartment wasn’t much better organized than this. Digging through the papers there was a photo that was buried underneath everything, of Elena. But it wasn’t just Elena, but her kissing another woman, and more than just a friendly kiss between two friends. Wait… so she’s…

Lucy’s thoughts were interrupted as Elena made a sound and startled her, quickly putting the photo down, hoping she didn’t see her staring at the photos. After grabbing a random stack of leads, she walked back to the couch and sat down and flipped through it, stopping on a cover page of paper with a heading that looked familiar to her. The Nullify Project

“Hey. This Project Nullify or whatever. Was this some of the information you found in their drives? There was talk of a substance called N I heard about in one of the previous cities I use to be in-” Lucy paused for a second, thinking back to her previous city. “This serum might be it, though not entirely sure what else we can find out about it.” She laid the papers down infront of Elena.


Darius Jori
outfit xxxxxxx hex; #4491D3

xxx All alone in the glass house
xxx Lie awake 'til the sun's out
xxx Pink sky when you come down
xxx Sometimes I wanna fuckin' scream or run away,
xxxI don't know


Darius kept his eyes on the building, watching the people walk around and in and out of the front door, then he noticed a van pulling out of the gate scanning a card to open the gate to get out of the garage. Probably the same card to get into the garage. Darius thought. “They seem to use key cards to get in and out of the gate as well as the garage, could probably get a keycard from one of the vehic-” He was cut off when Ask pointed out the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Well… I guess we can do it your way now, don’t think I have enough twenties to pay off numerous people.” Darius joked as he snuck around the side of the door, to try to surprise whoever it was that opened the door. If it was just some civilians, nothing would happen, if it was them he would have the advantage. As the door from the staircase opened up and three armed men came through the door and faced Ash, who put up his hands in a fake surrender. Before anyone could act Darius smashed a glass bat he had formed while waiting for the men to come up across the back of one of them, quickly taking him to the ground.

After taking out the first guy, Darius assumed Ash could take the other, but he noticed they had a sort of ear bud in, probably for a radio, but might block some sound. Fuck… Ash’s powers might not be as efficiant. Before Darius could do anything he was tackled to the ground and him and another of the men rolled a few feet away exchanging hits. Darius was on his back as the man pulled a knife and was trying to get it to his throat, Darius was fighting against the man's down strength, but could feel the sharp edge of the knife touching his neck.

The next thing Darius knew the man was next to him and he watched as Ash hit the man until he was unconscious, looking around and seeing he had already dealt with the other one. “S-sorry…” Darius stuttered out as Ash helped him up, “But thanks, so might be good to say we should head out before backup arrives?”

Camp Athens
xxIliana Remington-Taylor ~ Demeter
xxxxxxxxxx#4A766E ~ x
The silence was a comfort to Iliana as she headed for the main hall. In the recesses of her mind she could recall her life with her late father at times like this. He too didn't like noise of the city and around the time of his death was planning on moving from the suburbs of Atlanta to the countryside since he had made enough money to move. He would have loved it here. Thinking about him almost brought tears to her eyes, but Iliana resisted as she went into the main hall.

She was so lost in thought though that she didn't even see Daniel wave at her and literally jumped when he spoke to her.

"Hey. Come on over, take a seat, sit. I rarely bite," he said, gesturing to the seat in front of him.

Mentally scolding herself for not paying more attention, she came forward and sat down. What did he want, she wondered.

"I don't believe we've officially met. I know you're Heath's sister, right?"

Technically they had met last night, but then again did Iliana ever tell him her name? Perhaps she hadn't. She quickly wrote down a response.

~Yes, I am Iliana Remington-Taylor. Heath is actually my adopted brother. After I lost my father when I was 5, his father adopted me since my mother couldn't keep me in Olympus. And sorry for 'talking' like this but I can't talk at the moment.~

Daniel then smiled and mentioned her dance with Mason. Oh, yeah, that. Iliana still didn't know why he danced with her. Maybe it was to annoy Heath? She had recalled Heath's face, he hadn't been happy. Finally Daniel introduced himself formally, but Iliana already knew his name, she heard it being said by others and Daniel himself. She wasn't going to tell him that.

~So you're Andy's brother then? Momma told me she was Hecate's daughter. My mother is Demeter.~

She wonder if she should tell him about last night. She hated being the barer of bad news, but he had a right to know. But if Cherise had helped Andy then she should be okay. And Andy had looked okay by all appearances, but Iliana knew better then anyone how appearances could be deceiving. She was trying to decide on what to say when Daniel spoke to her again.

"I got the feeling it wasn't your most comfortable scene last night. Big parties, booze, games then the...whole storm. What do you like to do?"

He was correct, she wasn't use to parties. It hadn't been all bad, but she still knew she would never get totally use to something like that.

~I've never been to a party like that before. And I am sorry about the storm, I added to it because I got emotional myself. I love gardening, it's the one thing I never get tired of doing. And I love making flower weaves.~

After a few more minutes of silence, Daniel asked her about dating. Dating? She didn't know the first thing about it. Oh she knew the story of her parents as well as Heath's parents, but that hadn't involved 'dating'. And Heath, being the protective big brother that he was, tended to scare away boys.

~Um, I am sorry, I don't know what dating even involves. I've lived a pretty sheltered life and I've always been shy. I was home schooled most of my life. Is there anything you need help with though? I can try to help if you need it.~

Suddenly her stomach growled loudly, indicating she needed food. The act caused her to turn as red as an apple.

Iter Caprica 1
Marcey Gillian thoughts were very much a mess. She knew that she had to keep things looking as if she was on board with the activities of the Aschen, but the person who harbored her focus of anger and clear disgust was a part of the upper echelon. He caused her so much pain...

"The day I trust anyone but myself again, will be the day the lords of hell possess my soul and rip it to shreds."

But then she would no longer be her. No. Not even the highest level of powers above or below cared about the fate of a measly little insignificant hurt puddle of anger that was Marcey. No. Indeed this place was like a haven to those who already exist here. To those who already are born and raised in The Empire, things were like that of peaches being pick in the most ideal weather conditions; to be brought to the most welcoming home before consumption. Of course no one talks about the machine that forces the thoughts of the public to think the entire process was somehow without hard labor, destructive advantages being taken for the wealthy, and the capitalistic profit that come along with it. Well, maybe not the ASCHEN! Right? They'll have you believe themselves perfect. Right up until you see that they allow those with power to get away with the things they do. Hmph!

Marcey continued to walk, she would happen upon a beautiful park. Just down the road, not far from where she was. She could see children playing. Which drove up her anxiety and feeling of disdain. Because it reminded her of her own lost and wrapped in the arms of the afterlife. Once more, because of him. Just because he simply did his 'job'...

Who would choose their work duties over their LIFE duties? Aren't children supposed to come first? Before Marcey knew it, she was standing in front of the park.

Caprica City Cosmodrome
From her spot down in the spaceport, she looked up at the Aegis field.

"All that over not wanting his permits checked." She said, clasping her hands behind her back. She turned to face away from the sky as she tapped her communicator.

"Defense teams stand down, you did good out there." She said, stopping to look up at the sky. "Disengage the veil, have Admiral Hanley instruct her forces to stand down. I have what I need." Marlene added. "Without specialized maintenance, any Aschen installed upgrades will ultimately fail." She said, turning to her agent. "If they can escape, they can invade. We had a poor performance from all reaction teams." She said, moving down the jetway. "But a man like Falcor is a man of reputation, it will be very onerous to carve out a living for one's self when no one will hire you."

"I want a facsimile of the Cobalt Glaive constructed, and a black ops team assembled. I'm going to ruin this man, in every way possible." She said with a wicked grin.

She turned back to Halena. "Our friend played the Asylians, and Admiral Thauce the same way he played us, someone like this must not be allowed to continue. I threw everything at him, and he shrugs it off..."

"Curious... he was able to interrupt my abilities. I must find out how." Turning back to her agents, she scowled.

"I want all relevant data forward to my office immediately." She then turned to Halena. "We need to meditate on this."