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Ĭtpraṽmår Prison
"But then you exchange shackles for beatings - I don't see how that's better for inmates' welfare," said Andrijana, raising an eyebrow. "How are prisoners meant to be rehabilitated if they only follow rules for fear of beatings?" She remembered how even the monk had been visibly upset at the sight of the old woman's clearly beaten face. It was honestly upsetting. Andrijana had attempted to investigate on her own, but no one would cooperate - not the guards, not Drulović, and certainly not other inmates. Even to the medical staff, the old woman had said nothing. Andrijana wondered why. She hadn't seemed afraid. "And besides that, it sounds like you've been yourself. What type of work was it? How is labor physically possible for all? Or not also potentially inhumane?" There were at least thirty elderly inmates here, each one experiencing their own form of physical impairments, which would make it extraordinarily difficult if not outright impossible for them to be put to work even at some of the easier tasks on the farm.

Ferburn City
outfit : here xxxxxxx hex; #006C5D
xxx I'm headed straight for the castle
xxx They wanna make me their king
xxx And there's an old man sitting on the throne
xxx That's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean

Ambrose sighed and changed his focus back to his food after hearing Eli’s explanation for the anchor tattoo. He had only known Eli for a short amount of time, but how they spoke during the other night after drinks, and how he spoke about his family not knowing about him being the closet felt different than how he spoke about the tattoo. But maybe he was telling the truth, maybe he just saw a Hunt thug with it and thought it was cool without knowing the implications of the ink. Or, it was much worse and Eli was someone who worked for the Hunt family and would turn on Brody for being a Maione.

Brody was thankful his own tattoo was currently covered so he wouldn’t have to come up with some sort of story for his own. Though, he did already have an excuse for it since it seemed very similar to the Monopoly money symbol. Brody continued eating the food and just tried to ignore the tattoo for now. “So…” He began speaking, shifting the conversation back to the other topic. “Yeah, I get what you mean. My parents weren’t exactly throwing a party when I told them, my sister was a bit more comforting. But whether that’s because she’s getting more attention from it, or she cares, is beyond me to be honest.”

He wasn’t sure what he said made sense to Eli, his sister Maddy would be getting control over the family business, just behind a closed curtain. Coincidentally after Brody spoke about his sister, his phone began to ring, and based on the ringtone, he could tell it was his sister. Brody was smart enough to have a different ringtone for most contacts in his phone, mostly using the default ones that came with his phone. “Hey, I gotta take this, sister doesn’t call me often so it’s probably important.” He said setting his food aside and standing up to take the call, taking a few steps away from the bench and Eli.

The phone call was short and concise. Ambrose was needed back as soon as possible, something about a possible meeting with the Hunt family. Brody shot a glance at Eli, thinking back to the tattoo. “Yeah, I get it Maddy. I’ll be there soon.” He quickly hung up and turned back to Eli. “So I gotta go, family emergency. Thanks for the food and the view.” Ambrose grabbed his things and gave Eli a kiss on the cheek. He wanted to do a bit more, but was still a bit put off about the tattoo. “I’ll message you.” Brody said quickly as he headed back through where they came and quickly started his bike to ride home.

The Chrysanthemum


❝I put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.❞

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BDA0CB ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #F7B3DA
|| Dear Winter || AJR ||

Winter couldn't wait, she popped into Elise's room to see both her and Serenity were in there. "Are you two ready to go?" Winter asked brightly. They had a full day ahead of them, after all. She hoped that they were as excited as her. "We're going to go house hunting first, I have a whole bunch of listings for us to view." Winter led them back to the carriage, Nemia waiting by the door. "Which listing first, Lady Winter?" Nemia asked, holding her own gift bag. Her eyes were sparkling, it was clear that she was just as excited to go house hunting. No doubt she envisioned herself living in a mansion of her own one day. "This one first," Winter showed Nemia the listing. Nemia nodded, running off to sit in the front of the carriage. Winter sat across from Elise and Serenity, wondering what they had been tlaking about before.

"This one has prime lake front property, I think it might be a bit big for either of you, but I figure it's probably a good place to start!" She chirped, feeling a bit like a realestate agent. "I thought a premade would be good for your first house. Of course, you can always build your own house if you buy a plot of land, but I wasn't sure if you two were ready for that and-" she paused, taking in a deep breath. "Sorry, I'm just nervous. I want you two to like it here, after all." Winter then turned to Elise, "I forgot to answer your question before, but Kore is invited to the wedding. Hades is too, I didn't want to, but I can't exclude him since he's Zeus's brother." Neptune was going to be there as well, the big three all in one place. Winter wasn't sure how it would go, so Zed had made certain that there would be an open bar.

"Oh, we're here! That was fast," Nemia opened the door to the carriage for them. The property had a gate at the front, like most of the estates in Olympia did. It was a two floor home, with a separate guest house around the back. There was also a pool house, as well as a large lake. "It's got eight bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms," Winter started reading the features from the listing. "An indoor and outdoor kitchen, a boat house, an outdoor bar, well, maybe we should just go inside and get a better idea?" She suggested, leading them in through the front entrance. "Wow, this place is so nice." Serenity's eyes glittered, she had grown up not rich, but not abundantly wealthy. There was no staging or furniture, so they could get a good idea of the space. The foyer was quiet large, a staircase off to the side that led to the second floor. There were plenty of tall windows and even a hidden room with a slide that led outdoors.

"So, what do you two think? This one is kind of on the smaller side for the homes in Olympia, although you won't need as much staff in a place like this." She led them back to the carriage, "The next property is a little bit bigger, it's got a better view too." This carriage was located on the edge of a cliff, with a view of the ocean. "The layout to this one is a square, there's a courtyard in the center," Winter explained, "right now there's a pool, but I'm sure you could put whatever you want there." The house featured sixteen rooms with fourteen and a half bathrooms. This one also had a staircase that led you down the side of the mountain and to a small, private beach.

the villain - 2d2a2f - outfit
xxi throw my head back, heart under attack
xxstraight through the chest like a thunderclap
xxyou can burn too bright, burn too bright to see
xxwith the lights out, a shadow of a doubt
He could tell by their banter that they’d been close, and that whatever had happened between them wasn’t still lingering between them or affecting their relationship. But despite seeing how much Markus trusted her, that just put Lucian more on his guard. If they were going to use someone to get to them, to get their guard down or to feed information back to this group they were dealing with, someone like her was the perfect target. But Markus just seemed happy to have his friend back.

The mention of BlackHawk just made Lucian glance away and take a long mouthful of his drink. He’d been on a job with some other villains when the news that BlackHawk had been killed reached them, and they hadn’t exactly mourned him. They were alive and he wasn’t, and that had just made them feel even more invincible. And now that memory jarred with his current reality. He got to his feet and poured himself another drink.

He had to resist the temptation to sigh as Markus said they could probably do with the help. They could, they needed as many people as possible in all reality and if they were being honest with themselves. Because Lucian got the impression that one of these days, their luck would run out and they’d be lucky to make it out alive.

But he still didn’t trust Erin. For her to appear from nowhere, just out of the blue like that, and contact Markus... it felt off. Maybe it was just that he wasn’t used to trusting anyone, period, but he didn’t want to just presume it was fine. He wasn’t even sure about letting her stay the night in case she tried killing them both in their sleep. After the few days they’d had, he didn’t feel like taking any chances.

“Can you give us a minute to talk, Erin?” Lucian said, fixing an apologetic smile on his face. “There’s only one bed so we need to discuss sleeping arrangements.” It was a lie and not a very good one, but frankly he didn’t care if he hurt her feelings at this point. “If you want to go clean up, the bathroom is just down the hall there on your right.”

The Aurora
As the pair of Annihilators rejoined the rest of the strike package and reached the port, they descended towards the sprawling mainland at a low altitude and high speed, having broken a hole in the net of disguised pickets. To the west, a second group of airjets soared at a similar altitude, though these were heavier and slower M/AVT-88 and V/AV-82 AvHawk and Vulture transport craft. The ground component of the operation, a platoon of marine infantry landed at the target after Rampage’s landfall.

Reaching the coast, the airjets dropped their speed and hugged the tree tops. Up ahead in the distance, gunfire and smoke rose - Rampage had just descended on the port, letting their heavy weapon chew into the landing site. Looking up from a handheld, Commander Leon Solomon then handed it off to a Sergeant beside him. He settled into the jumpseat, and looked down the cargo hold to the marines before him.

“Rampage used the storm, who had the turn-around?” Solomon quipped, while the men and women before him all erupted into animation.

“Sonuvabitch - the one time aerocav does their fucking job!” A man snapped, while one marine pulled a pack of cigarettes from his vest. With a grunt, he bent to offer them to another marine across from him.

“Good call on that, I would’ve had them a turn-around for sure. You see one of those weirdos back on the ship? Swear to God, one of them looks like he eats his fingernails.” The marine poked as he pulled a cigarette for himself.

“Well fuck, Pasters wouldn’t stop fucking talking to them when we were uploading,” Another marine snapped, flapping a gloved hand to Pasters, sitting with a SAW-429 between his legs. Pasters tucked his nose up, and then drew a finger to adjust the glasses he wore.

“I studied aeroavionic engineering at West Biko, fault me for having a degree before the military,“ He began, shrugging at the taunt from his comrade. “Are you aware how complex these machines actually are? I’ll break this grate right here and let you try and find the sub-system bus that keeps these belts from auto-opening from power gyration.”

A few of the marines nearby gave a cautious glance at that, first looking down at their boots and then to the straps binding them onto the jumpseats. “You a fuckin’ slam dunk at the parties, aren’t you Pastie?” A Lance Corporal sniped, calmly adjusting the strap on his rig before turning his attention back to the drone of the engines.

“Listen the fuck up, we’re on hot dirt in twenty!” Commander Solomon barked as he unbuckled the rigs, promptly standing up to hold the ceiling of the AvHawk as it began its final descent. “Annihilators are smashing the port up but it’ll still be wild on the ground - we’re out in the middle of nowhere, the Aschen are probably wondering what the fuck a Star Fleet carrier’s doing this far into the Local Region and why there’s a Terran freighting mover out here with a distributing port,”

Policing the many sparsely populated worlds of the Aschen and Terran borders for the Exogarden had become a daunting task, no more importantly in the stretch of space that had become a special department of the Exogarden entirely. Officially the Aschen/Local International Regional Bureau and Apparatus Division, or ALIRBAD, was a policing and peacekeeping force monitoring the borders. With the breakdown in communications with the Garden, the Exogarden’s difficult task was made even more complicated by nearby rebellions and the inevitable growth of smuggling it brought to the sparsely populated worlds.

While contraband was a small concern to the Bureau, weapons were however. Exogarden security forces had stumbled upon a smuggling ring elsewhere in the Local Region some months ago, and had initiated this distant strike. Determining that whatever was travelling along this pipeline was going into Aschen space, the Exogarden had authorized marines of the AlIRBAD to make a deep-strike at the estimated last ‘acceptable’ stop on the pipeline before it was too far into Aschen to be effectively raided.

“Some plastic looking import/export has been stockpiling his way to the Aschen border - and we’vn’t a fucking clue what they’re lugging. Whatever it is though, it needs power, water and air. Day and night. This isn’t some auto exchange for collectors in Langara or Wing City.” Commander Solomon said, signalling for the troop doors on either side of the AvHawk to open without breaking his eyes to the marines before him.

“Whatever’s down there is for something in Aschen space and this is the last point on the journey before the Exogarden will let us invade the Aschen Empire again.” He continued, gripping at a handle overhead with one hand as the other waved. Before him, a hologram spewed into life and threw a blue haze across the marines before him.

A topographical map of the continent came into focus, particularly the small cape of her southern plains where the marines were raiding the port. A small outpost of civilization pressed against the continent’s wild interior, the port was likely used as staging for colonists in the previous years. As time went on of course most places with infrastructure like this, water, power or air, and especially comfortable living, had come to change hands with colonists and armed groups frequently. So much a strike package had been dropped on the place.

“We’re inserting in expected heat, right after the last missile strikes. They’ll all be shook, but not all dead, so don’t catch a slug checking a street shop. Now there are three primary locations we’re expecting the cargo to be at: Bravo and Charlie will be on these,” He gestured to the two sites, a pair of orange markers fixing the location. The third sat nestled away from the coast, up the snaking roads into small hills looking over the beaches. “But we’re landing here, on Alpha. Bravo and Charlie are secondary targets, anything from weapons to materiel in there supporting whatever’s moving into Aschen space. We want all of it.”

As the AvHawk soared above the outskirts of the port, Commander Solomon looked out through the open bay door to see an Annihilator loom by, her chin-mounted cannons rattling as a gassing station down below exploded into a swirling ball of fire and heat. “Rampage is tearing the place up, so watch your debris. Don’t assume the Aschen will take this standing down, this raid is going to spook them and whoever is smuggling into this stretch of the Aschen border. Now I know I shouldn’t have to say this, so watch your fucking targets.” The vehicle then began to descend, and Solomon reached over to his seat to grab his G4KS rifle from his jumpseat.

One of the crewmembers stood beside the bay door of the AvHawk, watching the ground approach. As he drew a hand up, a green light snapped to life beside the door. “Touch down in thirty! Ready!”

With that, the other marines stood up and checked their weaponry, the sound of rifles and machineguns charging filled the troop bay. “Who’re the Aschen gonna’ bitch to after this now that we’ve gone black on comms into the Garden?” One marine asked curiously, punching the 30 round magazine into the well of his G4K1 rifle.

“Same as the Terrans and everyone else now - fuckin’ no one, hah!” A Lance Corporal barked, smacking the charging handle of his own G4 and then shouldering it up into his chest as the two lines began to move. Solomon was the first one out, boots crunching against the ground after he jumped from the open bay.

The other marines filtered out the two bays on either side of the transport, quickly moving away from it to allow those heavy engines to fire off and bring the beast back into the air. “Form your squads!” Solomon yelled, waving a fireteam of four marines over to him. A Staff Sergeant joined as well, carrying a ruggedized set on his hip. Staff Sergeant Ferdinand Duncan had a typical appearance of a Tranebian: thin hair, a thin moustache and rough features from a life spent in the sun.

“We’ve got hits on a structure up ahead, Rampage hit the port and it looks like a group pulled back to the offices up ahead. Probably used to be civil utilities.” Duncan began, hefting the ruggedized off from his waist and showing it to the Commander. On the screen, a cluster of buildings up the road into the hills was marked red, blue and green. Red, targets found but yet unneutralized by Rampage, blue for structures that had already been hit by the strike package and verified (from above) ‘clear’ and green for targets that had been observed and found empty, so were thus not engaged. While the Exogarden doubted there were no civilians in the port, they took extra precautions to minimize the possibility of collateral damage.

Even with the best efforts though, the timetable of the operation had not allowed the Exogarden as thorough of a Pre-Strike Observation as they wanted to be. Down the road near the muddy parking lot for a structure, Solomon could make out the burning hulk of a civilian vehicle. What looked to be a sedan had borne the brunt of a direct strike from a barrage of 14.7mm shells. As it burned, Solomon focused his gaze, in the hopes he might learn if it were occupied or not when it was fired on.

Before he got his answer there was the crisp bark of a rifle, and Solomon ducked down into cover when the bullet went skittering off the rockwall he was behind. “Second story, window on the right!” A marine shouted, before him and another planted themselves on the lip of the wall and opened fire. Corporal Nixon Young steadied his G4K1 beside Pasters, who was also set up with his SAW. The two opened fire in a deafening fusillade, which allowed Sergeant Duncan to take Privates Loren and Corey on an advance under fire, and taking cover beside another parked sedan in the parking lot.

“This is Alpha 2-1, we’re engaged at the utilities stations! Watch your upper stories for snipers!”


Elsewhere, a Vulture and AvHawk were descending into the port to attack one of the two targeted buildings found there, Objective Bravo. The Vulture descended to land straight on the roadway, near an empty stretch of docks. Eight marines jumped free as the Vulture was barely feet from the ground, Sergeant First Class Conway Parsons being the first.

“Out and green, marines!” He hollowed out, leading from the front as he disembarked and then began to sprint to the roadway barrier. From the nearby offices the sharp barks of rifle fire grew again, even as an Annihilator overhead bathed the roof of the structure with cannon fire. While the marines rallied under fire, the last man sprinting from the Vulture looked up, out to the waves.

“Hey there’s something coming out of the storm!” He yelled, soon ducking down behind cover. Even with the gunfire and explosions though, Parsons heard something else, something distant. Out there off the coast, the swirling clouds had broken apart and shattered, revealing parts of a sleek ship.

“Who dropped a fucking ship into orbit?!” Another marine shouted, occasionally peeking over the road barrier as rounds chewed into the concrete. Cursing under his breath, Parsons hefted his G4KS into his shoulder and pressed it up over the lip of the barrier. “That’s not the fucking Star Fleet!”

“Sonuvabitch, the Imperials dropped a fucking Reveverence II!” Duncan hollered. Being a Private in the Terran Conflict, and a squad-leader in the following Galactic War, he had seen the Aschen Reverence IIs up close and personal. Seeing one of those massive, sleek ships in person again after all these years drew a scowl to his face. “It’s gonna’ fire, everyone down!”

When that green lance struck the vessel just a few kilometers off the coast, there was a roiling explosion of steam and water, debris cartwheeling into the air as well. The shock wave sent papers fluttering from the windows as they were knocked out from the thundering blast.

One marine was blown onto his back, cursing out through a split lip as he spat blod onto the asphalt. “They found more of those pickets, they’ll glass the whole damn continent!”

As the dust settled from the impact, Duncan lifted himself up from cover just slightly, eyes scanning the sky before him. “If they hit anything within a click of our position we’re in the fallout zon - fuck, back in cover!” He screamed, as a chunk of the vessel’s rudder went careening into the roof of the office ahead of them, breaking clean through one corner and then sending a shower of concrete debris and rebar onto the parking lot and highway below.

With the Aschen supership settled into her loft, any hopes of quick answers would have evaporated. Pickets still lined the coast, in some fifty mile line, and three units had been infiltrated in a triangle around the port. Onboard the Far Sight Lost, they may have brought themselves in close enough to pick up communications from the marines on the ground, though considering all three were engaged in fights practically as soon as they disembarked conversation was brief and sporadic.

“This is Alpha 2 Actual to the Aschen vessel - we are engaged by indigenous combatants at three objectives around the port … “

“This is 2-3, that strike was too fucking close! If something goes off in this port the whole fucking place could go up!”

“Oscar-Mike, 2-3, just secure your objective and watch your timetable!”

"They've got some medium AA around the port sectors, we just spiked a 20mm quad!"

Another transmission had arrived though - this one from somewhere deep outside the system even, it appeared. Unencumbered with distant communications like the Exogarden was with their short range packs, something else was able to speak with the Far Sight Lost much easier.

[Attention command and crew of the Reverence II Far Sight Lost, I am a custodial Expert OS of the Exogarden’s Aschen/Local Regional International Bureau and Apparatus Division, or ALIRBAD.

Three days ago the two ships of Task Force Neulysses began a counter-smuggling operation tracking a shipment that I've determined is bound for Aschen space: further, I determined that this planet was one of the last stops before successful interdiction would become problematic. Currently I am working with the commander of the CNS Elyxion to facilitate communications between the vessels. Please stand by.

Camp Athens
L I V x P F E I F F E R
o f x p o s e i d o n
#00CCCC || Outfit || Beach w/Duke

By the time the son of Hephaestus’ vision slipped into a field of black, the warm waters of the beach rolling across his ankles with the ebb and flow of a morning tide, Liv was standing just inches away. Dark hair blew in the wind, the fingers of the sun illuminating hints of red and gold. Her eyes stared out into the woods that were just ahead, and she just stood there quietly. Thoughts flooded her mind. Emotions flooded her being.

That was the curse of being a child of Poseidon; emotions are always as ever changing as the very sea itself. One moment she reeled in the bitterness of events that have already transpired, and the next she is feeling… horrible with the outcome. When the cold logic of her actions washed over her, she knew she had let the monster, that was her unstable emotional self, take over. When the thrill of anger was gone, there was only that sharp pang of regret.

Duke hadn’t done anything to her. If anything, he was one of the more agreeable Demigods. Yet, as she turned around slowly to glance at his unmoving body, he was laying there in the sand because she had taken advantage of his genuine nature. She tilted her head and continued to stare down at him in silence; her thoughts flirting with several things.

She could walk away and make her point. This would mark her as a threatening Demigod, and this was what her father would have wanted. However, she’d possibly alienate herself from everyone. Her father was right - she is not privileged like a daughter or son of Zeus. No one would spare her for her actions. No one would be able to see her point of view. She’d just be another monstrous spawn of the Earth Shaker. Part of her didn’t mind this idea, but Liv still had a rational mind - even if her emotions sometimes overshadowed it greatly.

She could help him; drag him into the sea and heal him. Water was a natural element of healing, and Poseidon could do it. Liv could do it. But then what happens after? She’d just be another Demigod that talked the talk but never walks the walk. Another big mouth. She would have made threats that she could not go through with. She’d definitely let her father down.

Either way, she doubted that it would matter. Nothing would change. She could stay or leave, heal or not - the outcome is the same. It settles nothing. Neither choice would make her feel worse or better about herself or her father’s approval.

All children seek the approval of their parents. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon that contributes to confusion, hostility, insecurity, and more in both humans and Demigods. Poseidon was hard to please, and though he loved all of his children dearly, it didn’t mean that he had to treat them with kindness. He was either scalding hot or extremely cold. There’s no in between.

She ran both of her hands through her now short hair; a gesture of conflicted emotions that caused her to be confused and painfully aware of herself in this particular situation. With a heavy sigh, she looked back down at Duke and made her decision. Though she’d likely regret it, she knew that this was the best course of action. There was no pride in making an innocent pay for someone else’s slights. She’d settle her scores with the appropriate individuals when the time is right.

She moved behind him, leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Limp bodies are pretty damn heavy, and Duke was no exception to this. Liv was not the strongest, either. She pulled and pulled, the tide lowering a bit and the waves slipped further from the shoreline. She had to drag him back a bit more, and once she got him into a place where he was at least partially covered by water, she fell back onto her butt and cursed his weight. His head ended up on her lap, face up, of course. Somehow.

She closed her eyes, tapped into the gentle side of the sea’s power, and stayed her more dour emotions and thoughts to pave the way for her more docile and friendly nature. That’s how this was supposed to work, right? She was supposed to suddenly feel sorry, which she did, and that she was being irrational - and magically, the water was supposed to do something glowy and heal him.

But nothing happened. Nothing happened for a few minutes, and it was just awkward.

Until Poseidon entered the scene himself, as haughty as ever. His towering figure rose from the ocean, arms crossed over his chest as he walked toward them. The water that shallowly surrounded Duke and Liv began to work its healing magic, and the Hephaestus son would soon be able to awaken with no pain and no snake bites. He spoke as Duke healed, “It seems you are my daughter after all. The rage. The jealousy. The bittersweet thought of vengeance. Alas, you can not yet follow through. You will learn to get past the guilt when you realize that no one will ever care for you the way you care for them. Only then can you wash away the traces of your guilt. If you want my crown, you will have to bear its weight.” It almost sounded like he was reminiscing about himself. He looked down on Duke with a tilted head, then back to Liv. He cared a great deal about his children, but his love was a little more on the tougher side. “Fortunately for you, I was in the area. I would advise you not to use the power of the sea so… recklessly, unless you are prepared to handle the consequences. Wasteful.”

With that said, he turned away and disappeared into the ocean before his daughter had the chance to respond. This just left Duke, Liv and one awkward situation. Yet, she couldn’t find it in herself to just leave the scene, and she most certainly did not want to drag him back out. So, she just sat there, her hands limply laid on his shoulders, as the ebb and flow of the sea all but calmed.

Atlas City
"Lets just say...I'm looking for a more unconventional kinda evidence," Henry stated, nodding at Akiko for a moment. "That's where she'll come in handy."

what you gon' do
zzzzzz.zzzzzzzwhen there's blood in the water?
Travis wasn’t sure what exactly he expected to hear from Rosie and Neden, but what the siren revealed was a thought that lingered at the back of his mind for awhile that he ignored and just hoped would go away. He was now being held accountable for his actions, the things he ran away the first time for. Travis wasn’t sure how long he could just hide out at Rosie’s, sort of hoping that a miracle would happen and everyone would just forget about what he did and such. But now a public trial, and that it was upon Rosie’s shoulders. He wouldn’t want anyone else up there judging him, but he knew it wouldn’t be easy for her. Travi wasn’t sure how to react to the news, luckily Rosie kept talking and the others joined in the conversation, giving him time to just sit down with his thoughts for a moment.

Trav stayed quiet for most of the conversation between the group, just sitting idly. He didn’t show a physical reaction to Evelyn Evelyn saying he fucked up nor what the punishment would be if, when, he would be found guilty. He wasn’t scared of death, never one to fear what laid on the other side after a man closed his eyes for the last time. But he was still trying to come to terms with the monster he is, not the vampire side of him, but the side of him that used to be a hunter. Maybe this was the retribution for his sins and the consequence of his actions catching up to him.

It wasn’t until Travis looked up and noticed the others staring at him that he realized they were talking to him, as he lost in his thoughts for a bit. “Sorry, I’m just... thinking.” Travis said as he ran one of his hands over his face and through his hair. He could just run again, but if he ran now, he would have nowhere else to go. The Branded would know about his traitorous actions by now, plus being a vampire wouldn’t be easy to hide from them, and if he ran from Greythorne, he assumed news would travel about the hunter and he would be exiled from any other villages. Either way, he was now a deadman walking, waiting for judgement.

“I need some time to myself.” Travis said abruptly, not really noticing, or caring, if he interrupted anyone. He stood up and made his way into the basement, closing the door behind him. The room Rosie set up for him he appreciated, but being closed off in the basement would give him more time to himself and away from the others.

After his feet shuffled down the stairs, Travis made his way across the basement and slammed his fist into the concrete wall, leaving a miniscule crack in the wall thanks to his vampiric strength. He turned around and slid his back down the wall until he was sitting down, one leg stretched out and the other bent with his arms around it.Travis let out some deep breaths and quickly wiped away a tear from his face. After all he had fought for, the friends he made, and the one place he felt welcomed, was now just crumbling down all around him.

unless i am myself,
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzi am nobody.
“No. What’s causing this, the demon?” Trisstana replied outloud to Zada questioning if she was okay. When she said it was silver it took a moment for the mermaid to remember she was technically a witch now and that silver was one of the things that witches didn’t exactly agree with. She let Zada lead her into the kitchen and pull the burned hand until cold water, letting out a small mumble in a yes tone to being asked about the injury.

Triss kept her hand until the water as it did make it feel a tad bit better as Zada said she would ask Phoenix. She was glad for how quick thinking Zada was, and thankful to have met a woman like his outside of the river waters. Over her life, the small pods of Nixies were close knit, becoming a family of sorts, but Triss never found one she felt comfortable with and enjoyed traveling down the water and through different rivers. But being with the beautiful mermaid, she felt a connection, something she assumed the other Nixie’s felt with each other in their pods. But she felt terrible putting Zada through the current drama she was entangled in even if it wasn’t her fault.

Trisstana didn’t realize she was staring at Zada until she heard the trail end of her asking if it still hurt. “I mean. The water makes it feel better.” Triss said looking back at the water. But there was something else that seemed to bother her. “The water. It feels different. I… It doesn’t feel as natural as it normally does. Now it just runs off of my hands instead of flowing around me.” She paused for a second, turning to look back at Zada.

“You know, the connection one has when swimming in water and letting themself be one with it and letting go. I… I don’t feel it anymore…” Trisstana trailed off. She knew it was because of the body she now inhabited, but she didn’t like it. She never had the thought of what it would be like to live without water, and the feeling she felt now was something that she hoped she would never feel again. Triss pulled her hand out of the water, rather deal with the pain of the burn than be reminded of not being welcomed by something she’s devoted her life to.


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Christine was confused on what she should be doing, her mind was racing at the different thoughts that were clouding her judgement.
She never thought of herself as the best person, but new and strange emotions were clouding her feelings, feelings of people and wanting to hurt them for the wrongs she has experienced in her life.

She bit her tongue as she paced throughout the office, walking up and down waiting impatiently for a text from Marta. She didn't have friends or as much as the word would be called. But mainly it was the fact that it was someone she talked to. Someone she could bitch and moan about how life was treating with her.

When she paced and felt the buzz of her phone she looked down to see the texts from Marta she looked at them and a small smile happened. Glad that she could discuss with someone the craziness of all that was going on. She grabbed it and quickly began texting a reply.

-I'm coming over, I will bring coffee and maybe alchoal depending on how this shitshow goes.

She grabbed her jacket that was sprawled on the chair and turned off the lights, forgetting about the rest of her assignment knowing she could quickly type the rest up in the morning, knowing that it would go good that way as well. Walking her way to the drive through she picked up coffee and grabbed her own drink she kept stashed in her car and made her way to where Marta lived.

Knocking on the door, banging as she didn't dare ring a doorbell. The pounds of her fist hitting the wooden surface, not caring how hard she did it. "Marta, its me! Open up!" She shouted before waiting as patiently as she could for the woman to open the door and they could discuss their new transfixens.

Barden, VA
00J E N A 0 W A I N W R I G H T 000000000000000000|000000000000000 A D R I A N 0 R O B L E S
Image000000000000000000|0000000000|000000 Image
xxx 'Cause I'm a fighter, a tiger, see me walk through fire
xxx Try chain me up but I'll burst through, I'll defy ya
xxx Set me on fire
xxx Watch them conspire
xxx I will defy ya
xxx I'll set them on fire

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBRN - AViVA

xxx Are we just drowning?
xxx Can you please save us
xxx Black walls surrounding
xxx Can you please save my soul?
xxx Causing our own demise
xxx Causing our own

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDROWN - AViVA



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Jena 0 | 0 Adrian

Jena 0 | 0 Adrian

Adrian was relieved when the emotion in the room moved from anger and annoyance with each other to a bit more understanding. He was a bit surprised at Malfyre apologizing, though the surprise ceased a bit as she made it clear she didn’t owe the villains anything, or was it all of them in general. The conversation quickly went back to the reason they were all called here, getting Red Witch back, everyone coming to the agreement of getting Red Witch back. Though it made him think for a second whenAboleth made it known Red Witch was her friend. The mind-control villain seemed the most “nice” out of the group, and Red Witch seemed like the most evil, with the small altercations Gemini and Red Witch had in the city, but now wasn;t the time to question friendships.

It wasn’t long until more messages were exchanged between everyone about Red Witch’s location and their next move, and even quicker for them to start getting things into motion. Gemini would be with BludWynd and Aboleth. Jena was relieved that they would be working with the female villain again after their first mission, and Adrian would be lying if he wasn’t excited to work with BludWynd again, it’s been some time since they had actually fought together.

The three of them were to meet near the eastern side of the warehouse across the street and enter through the third floor. Aboleth had received some information from Icarus about their being an outside entrance that they could enter through and work their way from there. The teams wouldn’t all be entering from the same point, to give them more of an advantage of finding and getting Red Witch out. Adrian and Jena discussed a bit about who would be in charge while they were out, Jena’s fire had a bit more pros than Adrian’s water, since they knew there would be some sort of conflict.

Jena got to the location first and scoped out the area a bit, seeing much security around the building, though it wasn’t long until Aboleth showed up. “Hey there girl, hoes it going? Not much activity I noticed. But might be better security and more on the inside. While Jena and Aboleth were talking, Adrian noticed BludWynd approaching them, well more so noticed the shadows. BludWynd is here, can tell by the shift in the shadows nearby. He let Jena know. Having a second set of eyes and ears within one soul came in handy when one half was busy or distracted. “Oh hey Shadow boy, my other half says what’s up.”

New York

V I V I A NxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD R A K E

Viv was in her own world out on the balcony. Even though Georgie was developing some sort of relationship with Hayley, she had to think about whether she wanted to stay with Ray. She was starting to realize it wasn’t just her feelings for her roommate that she’d finally accepted last night. She didn’t know if she dated him because she loved him or if she dated him to hold onto that last shred of her life back in Mississippi. He was the only one that knew the little church girl that loved to dance, the girl outcasted from her family because she wanted to love another woman. Having that part of herself exposed without her consent made her feel violated, and she didn’t know if keeping Ray in her life would bring more of that feeling. He only reminded her of the ugliness of her former life.

Viv jumped when Georgie joined her, she hadn’t expected her roommate to come out to the balcony, especially not so soon. Hayley must have had something to do and left after Viv came out to the balcony. She’d also been consumed by her ocean of thoughts, so she just welcomed Georgie’s presence. ”I’m definitely not touching alcohol for a while. Puking all night sucked,” Viv answers with a small chuckle, running a hand through her hair and taking a long puff of smoke from her cigarette.

Before Viv could ask Georgie of her own night, only out of courtesy as she had an idea of how it went, Georgie mentioned that she didn’t want things to be weird. Viv felt a sense of satisfaction from Georgie officially coming out to her, but it quickly deflated as she remembered the reason why she was coming out to Viv. ”It’s cool, I don’t care. Hayley… seems cool.”

Viv was still too afraid to admit she was into women, years after leaving her family and finding her place in New York. It was even harder to say anything nice about Hayley when all she wanted to do was take her place. She took another hit from her cigarette before adding, ”My mom… she was one of those conservative Christian ladies. She would never approve of anything like that. That’s a big reason why I left Mississippi a few years back.” Viv wasn’t sure she told Georgie where she was from originally, but this was the closest she could get to admitting why she left and who she really was. Bisexual was a term her mother would never accept, and Viv never really explored before diving head deep with Ray. But Georgie brought out so many feelings in her, and she wanted to explore a new side of herself, even if it wasn’t with Georgie.

Washington D.C.


Seeing Josiah alive and able to sit up and talk with them was a crushing relief for Sapphire. Nightmares of being captured by villains were replaced by a replay of Josiah being almost killed by the beast, causing her sleep schedule to worsen as she was waking up in a cold sweat and tears. This moment here, her roommate joking and telling her to ‘woman up’, it was just what she needed to feel more at ease. Ruby kissed the top of her head, letting the team be alone with their teammate and promising Josiah that she would get Team Omega in for a visit later. Sapphire finally brushed away her final tears, shaking her head. ”You saying you wouldn’t cry if I had almost died? You’re an ass,” Sapphire teases at Josiah’s statement to stop crying. Truthfully, this was the first time she could over the past few days, between the pain from her injuries and the pain of thinking her friend had died.

Dom however, couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he was unjustly accused of breaking Trinity’s heart. He would never think of hurting her, plus it was obvious why she was crying and Josiah was just being an ass. For once, Dom was happy he was acting normal. Seeing the monster claw into Josiah and he couldn’t do anything to stop it, it was a miracle he could talk to the other boy now. ”Obviously you’re feeling better if you have time to be obnoxious,” Dom grumbled. He knew they were all thankful to have Josiah here with them and healing, he just wasn’t the best at showing his emotions. He’d taken his own time to cry and pushed all his frustrations of what he could’ve done more into a punching bag. Training was the only thing he could do when his entire team was hurt, he couldn’t stand all the waiting and all the thoughts of if he even had a chance of saving Josiah that day.

Sapphire nodded as the nurse told them they only had a limited time, but she wasn’t going to leave that easily. She didn’t want to leave his side even when they just came back from the mission and the nurses needed to check on her. She’d snuck in the past few nights, sitting at his side only long enough not to get caught, so she was taking her time today now that she was awake. His question about snacks made her laugh, it was exactly what she expected from him. ”Sorry Josiah, the nurse said no unauthorized snacking while you’re healing.” Sapphire said this in case any of the nurses were listening as she carefully pulled a bag of chips from the small bag she brought with her.

Even Dom grinned; he’d brought some fruit gummies that were sitting in his pocket just for the occasion, and he was sure Trinity had thought the same thing. If Josiah couldn’t do his own snack picking, they would have to get some for him. ”You really shouldn’t be snacking anyway, you need to focus on getting better,” Dom added as he gently tossed the small back of gummies to Josiah. If there was one thing that could cheer Josiah up, it was snacks. They wanted him to know that they were there for him, even with something as small as bringing him snacks. The mission was traumatizing for all of them, but he was the one that actually experienced the near death injury.

Sapphire bit her lip, looking down as she asked, ”Do you remember anything? What are the nurses saying about your condition?” It was a question that had been plaguing Dom as well. Josiah wasn’t responsive when they brought him in, and they’d all seen the extent of the external damage done by the beast. Sapphire didn’t know how much it would affect Josiah, physically or mentally.


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With the diplomatic mission with the Mauhasinian Empire reaching its end, the Imperials were content with how things went. They had made a peace treaty with them which would at least improve relations between the two nations. Of course, things will not improve immediately, it could easily take years or even decades to fully patch things up between the two nations and even then not everyone will be content with peace. However, at the very least not everyone will be ready to go to war at the drop of a hair and another war would not help matters for the Imperium with the wars already still waging against their hated enemies.

Of course as the Empress left, there still remained the others that were gathered. Many had left during the course of this meeting to solve other troubles or were simply done with this and left almost like a petulant child. Whatever the case, there were still a few delegates left and if they wished to negotiate with the Imperium now was the chance now that most everything was complete.

"Ooooooh!" squealed Orcimedes in a rising pitch, practically dancing with giddiness. "Hmm! Yes! Very rousing! Superb entrance!" he commended, stomping over to Maria and squatting down to her level.

"Deep breaths, puff out your chest. Speak with your diaphram, it helps command the tone," he explained, then stood up, taking a breath and sweeping the wyvern skull of his staff dramatically out towards the bandits. "BY THE GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY SACRED FLAME!!" He bellowed, his voice boomed with the authority of a thunderclap, knocking the dust out of the rickety scaffold structures.

"Like that. See how I used 'almighty' as the descriptor for your deity since a holy woman has to respect her own humility: Can't go throwing about phrases like 'Puny Mortals' like the heathenistic non God-fearing Orc I am," he snorted.

"Ooh, also! Ooh, you can add 'OR DIE' as an ultimatum to the end of any sentence to make it more intimidating. Try again... go ahead they'll wait,"
he said, ushering her towards the bandits like a small child.

"So precious," he whispered loudly as he turned back to the rest of the group. He wiped a tear from his eye, though it served mainly to smear more grime across his face. He gave her just the gentlest shove out into the spotlight like a doting parent... a doting mountainous parent looming behind her in the shadows, amber eyes gleaming in the shadows at the bandit leader.

The cunning, calculating gleam of a beast planning its next move, like he would leap out and unleash the unbridled ferocity for which his kind were known. Mercilessly smashing his way through their ranks, as a truly unstoppable wrecking ball of force. The intricacies of this kind of mental duel were often lost to those who weren't trained in the art of battle. True masters of the craft could strike their opponent down with only their gaze, without even having to lift a finger. A master, the bandit leader was clearly not... was that paralysis creeping into their bones as their gazes locked? Or just their imagination?

Orcimedes' thumb twitched, sending a jolt of tension through the air. The orc's presence was overwhelming, and the weight of his intent crushed down on everyone's shoulders. This is what it was like to face a true legend in the flesh... the bandit leader must have flinched involuntarily, as the orc's piercing amber gaze widened suddenly as he sensed his opening. He moved with terrifying quickness, far faster than any object with his girth had any right to, leaping over Maria and charging the bandit leader, his eyes locked straight onto their weakest point.

"HUNDUR!!" he shouted, with childlike glee as he dove to tackle the beast rider and all.

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Him test

Tempus Agency
Lucy pulled herself up on the ladder, even with the dress she was able to do it easily. She ran up the fire escape, being quite tired by the time she appeared at the window she had earlier jumped out off. The room was empty and the door to the hallway was still open. She closed it herself after having a quick look down the hallway. She needed to check the room, and closing the door would stop any maids coming into the room.

She checked the small room, finding nothing more than a bed with untucked sheets, indicating they had at least sat on the bed. Not that it is very surprising… She checked the bathroom and found it similarly empty. Still catching her breath after 15 minutes she sat down on the bed herself. If they left any clues, it wasn’t in this hotel. She had no reason or will to check anywhere else. In fact, she knew she had to go back to her time and reconvene with Jason there. It could wait though. The room was warm, the bed was nice and all was paid for by the rogue time travellers. Lucy laid back and readied herself for a short nap before going back to meet Jason.

Jason anxiously waited for a reply. He just went for an all out defamation of character on her friend. He hoped he had emphasised enough that it wasn’t her he had an issue with.
color=red]”She is not a bad person, no matter what you think. She felt cornered, I mean you literally cornered us in an alleyway, so she lashed out - that’s all.”[/color]
Jason was ready to reply, wanting to point out his rib cage had appreciated the small ‘lash out’ of her friend. Before he could, a man came closer.
”Best to let your husband here take this ma’m, here you are sir.”
As the man said it, Jason accepted the paper from his hand. He thanked the man and softly commented to ‘his wife’ next to him. ”Another one of the wonderful things of history.”

He looked at the paper without really reading it. A bunch of letters staring back at him when his mind was somewhere else. ”…there isn’t so much to fear about you as she thinks…. the irony.”
Jason thought over her words. This girl was alleviating everything. Her friend, him…. and her own capabilities. He was not going to install fear in her from anyone, thinking it was not the right tone to continue in. But before he even could have responded she smiled, stood up and grabbed his wrist, indicating to follow her. I mist be doing something right, he thought to himself, 20 or so minutes ago she was running from me, and now she is pulling me with.

When he heard she was looking for a bathroom or an office he got nervous. Wait up, she is not going to…no, no…she can’t mean that Jason’s face had a confused look on it.
Even though he was confused and hesitant, there wasn’t a moment hesitation to get into the custodian cupboard with her. She stepped into it with confidence, maybe thinking it was bigger than it actually was. Jason knew roughly the size as he stepped into it, stopping as soon as he could close the door, knowing he didn’t step into a Narnia like space.

Even with the knowledge of the small size, he was surprised to see how close they stood together when she turned on the light right above them. He must have looked confused and maybe a bit scared as she stumbled back immediately. ”Ouchie”
Not exactly knowing why, he apologised to her. ”Sorry for that, I..uhh..I think I saw a rat over there.”

The uncomfortable silence lasted. The last time he had a silence like this was at his school dance and he was working up the courage to kiss her. This time, he was not working up that courage, but suppressing the feeling. When she finally spoke, he should have been less surprised. Before he could recover however, he saw her light up again. Practicing magic right in front of his eyes.
Her arms were glowing. It was brighter than he remembered from the alleyway some days ago, but he had been groggy when seeing it then. She opened her eyes to look at him. Her brown eyes didn’t turn white exactly, but the color of her eyes was drowned out by the light that was coming out of them. He had to blink rapidly as if he was looking at the sun.
”You said you’re not here to force me to go with you, so let me leave and don’t try to follow me.”
He still had no idea where she thought she was going. They were still in a custodian closet, a very bright one, but still a closet.
He had to follow her again…, eventually. It was his work and the little talk they had didn’t change that. But he didn’t say it, afraid she would take it the wrong way.

”Tomorrow, Noon, Prospect Park in Brooklyn….at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ arch.”
He barely remembered the date, it normally not being an important part of his daily life. By this time her eyes were so bright, it seemed her whole body was glowing. He had lost his speech over what was happening. His mouth was dry and not working with him, so all he could muster in his impressed state was to raise his arm like hers. A thumbs-up back giving the only indication he agreed with her proposal.

As he looks at her eyes he sees her slowly disappear, like a portal closing behind her. He didn’t even think of checking out the background of what she disappeared into. He could not tear away his eyes from the white glow of hers. With the girl no longer in the tiny storage space, the tiny light was once again the only source of light in the cupboard.
Jason did not exactly know how much longer he stayed in the room, just thinking about what he saw and the conversation they had. He only became aware of his surroundings again when the door behind him opened and a custodian probably got the surprise of his life. In his surprise the big man still had enough sense about him to grab Jason by the collar, dragged him out and pushing him out of the way. ”Get out of here, you drunk!”

Jason profusely apologised, already happy the guy wouldn’t call the cops on him. With no destination in his mind he just walked out of Grand Central, thinking about this encounter. He knew better not to go back to the hotel. It was too late for Lucy to still be here. He already knew it was best to meet her back in the present, hoping she’d have some more luck than he did. He wasn’t sure what he was going to tell her, doubting if he should tell her the truth.
He wasn’t planning on taking her with to Brooklyn, wanting to respect the girls wishes. But he had to tell her something. Lucy was usually very by the books, sometimes she would go passed those books out of curiosity. But those times didn’t happy very often, and probably never if Jason wasn’t involved.

Ready to return he walked into an alleyway, pressed his left thumb under his right arm, and appeared back into the transport chamber back in his own time in HQ. Feeling exhausted he made a bee-line for his room, not noticing much of the people around him or passing him. In his room he walked to the phone first, dialling Lucy’s number. He could see she hadn’t called him yet, but she might be resting. When the phone was not answered he thought she’d not yet arrived back. But he didn’t know if this was good or bad news.
He changed into some comfortable clothes, not even sure what he was going to tell her. As he put his clothes in a bag to return to the ‘Changing room’, his phone rang. He picked it up, not looking at the screen to see who it was. ”Lucy?”

”Sorry Jason, she got away…I..I don’t even think I was chasing her…more like an image of her.” He expressed how he was just happy to see her back safely. He went on to lie to her, saying how he chased the girl, but had lost her at one point or another. He didn’t feel good telling her lies, but he needed to think about what he wanted to do next. He had to meet the girl the next day, he had to convince her to stop. His mind told him not to bring her in to Tempus. Her friend.., yes, as soon as possible, but not the girl herself. He had thought about this since he left the Custodian cupboard. He couldn’t imagine her spending her days in the Dungeon, together with the old man he had seen before his trip.
He knew Lucy and he knew her only goal in catching these magic users was to get them into Tempus, and then trust them to the system. The same system Jason always had his hesitations about. Lucy outranked him, so she might know thinks he didn’t, but he didn’t think she would change his views of the organisation he had been in for most of his life.

”Get some sleep, I’ll do the same. I already send a message to Tracking to let us know if they pick up another signature. We’ll discuss where to go from there when we get the next ping.”
Hanging up the phone he placed an order for some food, while resting his head. When he woke up early the next day he found a plate of cold food on his table, obviously having slept to them bringing it to his room. He ate it cold instead, his hungry body still enjoying it immensely. I’ll probably get a hot dog when I am in New York again.
Towards the afternoon hour he left his room, walking to a department he did not visit very frequently. It was quiet, with just a single attendant being present. This area was used for real time travel, or as the department was called, ’Teleportation’. It was usually used for people going for meetings abroad or for agents to go on vacation or a night out. Jason had used it quite frequently, but he hadn’t been here in over 2 years.
The attendant was not familiar to him, and did not ask him to sign in or anything. He simply picked one of the smaller chambers, very similar to the time travelling ones, and he appeared in Brooklyn a few seconds later.

He was a bit early and made his way slowly to the Arch. He had his leather coat on, his collar high up in his neck. It wasn’t cold, but he was told to always stay aware of cameras. Easy enough in most parts of history, but nowadays not the easiest task. He bought the hot dog he had been looking forward to from the morning. He ate it as he sat on one of the benches looking at the Arch. He was facing the statues on the front, looking at the horses and the detail that was applied to them. His guard was down, trusting she was not planning any tricks.
He had not received any notice from Tracking that the pair had travelled again, so he hoped to see her again in the next 10 minutes, not sure what he was going to say.

The Rockaverse
Syra looked from person to person as they spoke of infiltrating Theory's fortress. Building an "army" of Thralls to help them attack from the inside sounded wonderful and suicidal. Sure, there were many who would rather fight and gain their freedom, but they were simply outmatched. Simply holding a gun and knowing how to use it were two very different things. They didn't understand Theory's fortress, and she wasn't even sure she would recognize it now.

"The Thralls are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the armory, of course, while under constant surveillance. Some Thralls were once soldiers, but have been so broken, and are beaten daily, fingers were broken to function as "claws' they can hold something but the dexterity they'd need to fire a gun or wield a blade is long gone. Many would-be willing to die if it meant seeing their masters suffer but many more find their life of servitude no different than their life before Theory took over their lands. In fact, they gained protection from those who'd raid their farms and steal their mounts," she chuckled coldly, for all the pain and misery she suffered at the hands of Theory and his men, so many more were treated fairly and simply absorbed into the fold of the Remnants.

"The best option would be to rally the survivors of Schittle, and get them on our side, Theory taking over their territory likely hasn't set well with them, and knowing the level at which Theory taxes those he conquers, I can say they are suffering, and losing more and more every day. Many will become Thralls because of what they owe, but many more will be left to die in the streets, and once the bodies are moved, it'll be as if they never existed. Human capital is both a renewable and disposal resource for Theory." She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging them into herself. "If you're useful, he'll keep you alive even if just barely, but if you offer nothing unique or of value, he throws you to the side and lets his people decide what to do with you."

She shuttered at the memories, "In other words, a Thrall uprising isn't likely, I'm not saying impossible, but unlikely. Those that do fight won't get us much time, you have to remember, Theory's Remnants are what remained after the war. Those who couldn't adapt to civilian life, or who grew tired of their governments treating them as if they were disposable tools and no the irony isn't lost on me in how they treat the people they conquer. I mean hell, I was a soldier, a guerrilla fighter sure, but they didn't add me to their ranks did they? No, I was used as a toy for Theory and his people, passed around to whomever Theory said, point being, the Remnants break you, some people never recover, and others trick themselves into believing their life is just fine and that Theory saved them. I got lucky, if we hadn't all met at that crashed ship that day, I'd still be behind his walls, I was only saved because of the chaos on that battlefield and luckily found you all and not one of Theory's generals first, and of course, you were willing to protect me instead of treating me as a Remnant."

She sighed, her mind catching up to her rambling, "To get the Thralls on our side, you'd have to convince them that life with the Remnants isn't the best for them, but convincing them would take so much time and wouldn't go unnoticed, someone would talk, tell of someone talking about an uprising and questioning their way of life, it'd fall apart. The people of Schittle are the best we can do to gain quick allies, aside from joining with another warlord, but untangling ourselves from a warlord after Theory is gone won't be easy, and we can't forget the power vacuum we will create by using a warlord to take down the Remnants, we could just be handing territory to another warlord who will then use that territory to turn on us. Theory is a problem, but he isn't the only one, and I want him gone more than anyone of you here, but I've had to force myself to look at the big picture and think about what it would mean if we took him out. We would need to defend those places, absorb those innocents into our sphere of influence, leaving them to the wills of another warlord defeats the entire purpose of attacking Theory, and very few people will go after Theroy simply because they want him gone, no they want him gone so they can expand their own territories and influences."

She shook her head, "I'm sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear, but that's my view and insight on this. We aren't ready by any means, but the "quick way" will only cause us more headaches. Allying ourselves with a warlord will only undermine our reasons for holding the Sceptre, it will undermine what I feel we are trying to build here, a haven for those sick of warlords, if we can gather those people, like-minded individuals from various warlord territories, we'd have our army. Perhaps we send a message, discreetly about what we are doing here, and those that can will join our ranks we build an army of those sick of living at the whim of someone who's deemed themselves more important and become a champion for the average person just trying to live their life."

Dracos Valley
Hermione Meadows approaches the dinosaurs slowly

> _The winds of change paved a rolling sea through the golding fields._

ImageTimothy knew next to nothing about the world Eliana was from. Up until this weekend, these creatures were a myth. A story to tell around a campfire or scare his sisters with. He was still processing that things that go bump in the night also casually eat dinner together in a restaurant that he hadn't noticed until now. But he wanted to help. Timothy could worry about processing the idea of Elias dating a demon another time. Right now, his huntress girlfriend needed help sorting through magical books to find another overly powerful, yet dangerous demon. If it wasn't for Elie putting that card in his hand, he would have spiraled out of control. Glass appeared in his hand and he was instructed to put them on. Without hesitation, he positioned them on his face and words started to appear in the book. To say he was impressed was an understatement. He had to ignore the billions of questions he had and start reading. They were looking for a specific demon. Lucio. Time was funny at this point. Tim doesn't even know how many pages he went through and how many books he filtered through. The name Lucio was scarce and far between. The descriptions varied from "very dangerous" to "do not engage" Some pages were even ripped out or burned. The older the books, the more the name popped up, but it gave even less detail. However, he did appear with the names Sting and Berserk which he hadn't seen up until this point. He waved to Eliana to get her attention. 'Who are Sting and Berserk?’ He asked, wondering why those names were starting to show up more and more. There were no pictures associated and again warnings similar to Lucios. ‘Do not engage’ ‘very dangerous’. ’They aren’t very detailed...some of these books could benefit from pictures.’.


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The gender-neutral term went unnoticed by Anastasia at first. It just wasn't something she was used to hearing. At the Academy, all you would hear was the girls swooning over the guys at the all-boy academy that hosted events with them and male protagonists in cheesy romantic movies. However, she had done some reading ahead for her elective class and connected the dots.

The other young woman didn't hesitate to turn the conversation back to her, not giving her a moment to comment.

"No," Anastasia replied after a moment. "He was my first boyfriend. We were friends for years until our parents announced the engagement. I... suppose I've never dated? I suppose it's too late now."

It sounded so stupid when she said it to someone outside of her circle-- engaged and yet she had never dated. Even her friends had harmless summer flings with pool boys. Anastasia had never even come close to that, never come close to kissing someone else except Leo.

An old forgotten memory flashed through her mind; the after-hour dare game her friends had forced her into and the taste of vanilla lip balm. Anastasia blinked quickly, brushing away the thought.

"So," Anastasia cleared her throat softly, her eyes looking down at the almost-empty plates before back up at Jisun. There were a lot of questions running through her head that she wanted to ask. Anastasia decided to begin with the two that she was the most curious about, "What you said before-- does that mean you like women as well? How did you know?"

Washington, D.C.

Be Gentle With Me

{ethan clark alexander}
{dialogue : #FFAC33 | thoughts: grey }
Don't Break Me
Ethan couldn’t hear his heartbeat in his ears. He couldn’t feel each muscle tensing up on their own accord. He could feel the butterflies fighting one another in his stomach. He couldn’t feel the blood rushing to his head. For the first time in a long time, Ethan was truly relaxed in the presence of another. Not just another. Kairo. His beautiful music therapist. They were swimming around beneath a waterfall enjoying the moment as the seconds passed. Ethan would have given anything and everything to be able to live like this for a long time. To capture this moment in time and be able to relive it for the rest of his days was an unrealistic dream. He can only hope that this moment will revisit him in his dreams and remind him that life isn’t so bad. Unfortunately, like most good things in his life, this moment has come to an end.

The first raindrop was easy to ignore, but the second and third were well placed on his cheeks. The ari changed and the clouds were slowly rolling in. A storm was coming and the two of them didn’t need to be caught in it while in the middle of the woods. Kairo didn’t even need to tell Ethan that it was time to head back. He would prefer to be out of the rain. They made it back to the edge and climbed out. He pulled his shirt back on, but it didn’t help warm him up. It was cooler and being wet was making him shiver. The two of them started making their way back to the condo. Raindrops continued to drop one by one on his exposed body parts, but it was hard to tell the difference between the rain and the remnants of the river. The blue sky quickly morphed into shades of gray as the clouds darkened and took over, but the condo was in sights. They were so close, but close wasn’t enough. The rain began to pour and thunder shook the ground.

By the time the two were able to reach the doors of the building, they were drenched from head to toe. Ethan wrapped his arms tightly around himself, attempting to hold onto the little heat he had left. He trailed behind Kai as he led him up to the door. Once they were inside, more panic set in. Ethan didn’t have a second pair of clothes nor a towel. Any hopes of being able to get back home tonight died off as lightning lit up the sky. He wouldn’t ask for a ride home in this kind of weather. For a moment he stood in silence, looking to Kai who was equally wet and cold. ”I-I..I hate to ask...but I need a towel…” You are using all of his resources. Overstaying your welcome of a married man. Ethan knew his anxious thoughts couldn’t stay away for long. ”And uh..clothes...please..” This whole day has taken Ethan further out of his comfort zone than he had ever wanted to go, but he had no choice. Standing in the middle of the living room, dripping water all over the place was worse.

Once he was able to get the clothes and towel, he quickly disappeared into the bathroom that he was directed too. Ethan locked the door behind him and took a moment to catch his breath. He took his time drying off and getting changed. Ethan wouldn’t mind hiding out in the bathroom for the rest of the evening, but he was sure Kairo would fetch him so he tried to take his time.

New York City

{ theodore havers }


{ dialogue: #FF4000 || outfit: XX }

Darkness hides behind the sun
Sadness comes like the wind
My smile hides the pain
My reality is that of nightmares
I dream a better dream
And I wake up in tears

The Havers Family was piled on top of each other on the couch. Tessa and Theodore were on the couch cushions while Izzy and Hailey made themselves comfortable on their older siblings laps. Everyone is unmoving and enjoying the peaceful moments together as a family. Per usual the peace only lasted for a few moments as the family wrestled for control of the remote. Well the girls fought, Theo was trying to maintain some kind of peace. ”You always get to pick the channels!” Tessa shouted. ”Because I pick good TV shows!” Izzy shouted back. ”Why do you two always fight about this..?” Theodore said with disappointment. ”BECAUSE SHE IS REMOTE HOG!” Izzy screamed. ”ME!! I’m not watching Teen Wolf AGAIN!” Tessa screamed back. ”Bossy Baby!” Hailey said with a giggle clapping her hands together. Theo couldn’t help but giggle at his baby sister’s enthusiasm. Her laughter actually silenced the screaming for a moment.

”Lets watch an hour of Tessa’s choice and then an hour of your Izzy’s. Then you two can fight after I leave.” Izzy huffed and handed the remote over to her older sister, less than overjoyed about having to watch her choice second. Tessa flipped through the channels and landed on her celebrity news channel. Apparently they were broadcasting some party and all the major influential people were going to be there. A loud groan was heard from everyone in the room. If Theo had known they were going to watch celebrities, he would have voted for Teen Wolf. The Havers family settled back into their original positions on the couch, Hailey slowly drifting off to sleep for a nap.

All eyes glued onto the TV as the camera followed the reported question of various famous individuals. Asking some of them about their outfits, upcoming plans, future endeavors, etc. It took more of Theo’s willpower to stay awake than he would like to admit, but a certain image flashed on the screen forcing him to sit up straighter. He had seen those delicate features up close and personal. Those tear stained eyes had looked upon his and that body had been covered in rain. ”Isn’t that...River?” his sister Tessa had asked. Theodore just nodded but kept his eyes glued onto the TV. River was in the arms of some man. Taller and clearly the dominant one. Theo tried to look past the minor feelings of both jealousy and anger to focus. ”River is famous!” Izzy stated with excitement. ”Izzy, quiet. I’m trying to hear.”

The other male was doing all the talking. River looked as though he would rather be anywhere else. Theo had so many questions. Why was a clearly wealthy man on the bus yesterday? Why was he caught in the middle of the rain? Was that why he had $200 of cash to just throw around? The questions were more frustrating because Theo knew he wouldn’t be able to get the answers. Not through the TV. More than anything, he wished that he had remembered to give that fragile boy his phone number. All of a sudden, the camera panned to River falling onto the ground and the feeding cutting to another cameraman. Tessa turned off the TV and looked to her brother.

Theodore abruptly stood up, waking Hailey in the process, and began pacing back and forth in the living room. ”I-I have to go get him. He is in trouble. He needs me.” Theo stated rambling off about how Rin needed his saving. The adrenaline kicking in and feeling the need to play a hero. He didn’t know where River was, but he was willing to search the city. He would turn over every brick, stone, and flower to find that man that had managed to get into his head yesterday. Theo needed to find him. He had to. He- ”Theodore. Sit down.” Tessa stated firmly. Theo’s thoughts paused and he sat on the empty space on the couch. ”River is surrounded by a lot of people. Someone will be able to help him. You cannot. You have to go to work.” Theodore doesn’t know what came over him, but he just nodded. He stood back up and gave all of his sisters. ”I will see you all in the morning.” He made sure to have all of his things before walking out the front door to catch the bus.

Image Image

Raelyn was desperately trying to take her mind off the events that had taken place. She wasn’t nearly as hurt as the other three on the couch, but she was trying to fight the urge to break down. Benjamin had died. She almost lost Izzy. Her new found friends were on the brink of death themselves. And Rowan. Rae let out a sigh. In the midst of trying to make sense of whatever feelings she has for him, she was close to losing him too. Not in the same sense as Izzy. Something about him was off. For the first time since seeing him, she had been scared. The last moments felt like they had happened so slowly. Time didn’t exist until this moment. Rae was hyper aware of the darkness that was looming outside the window as the moon was high in the sky. Her hands were trembling and she released a shaky sigh. Rae wiped the tears that threatened to fall. She immediately started directing Jade around the kitchen. She settled for making chicken noodle soup. Simple. Easy to digest. Required no energy to digest. While also promoting healing.

Belle couldn’t believe that they had won. Survival was not part of the game plan when she set out to protect these humans, yet here they all were. Battered, bruised, and still kicking. Well all but one. If there was any way that Arabelle could have saved him, she would have. That was a declaration of a war. A war that they were underprepared for. Belle settled further into the couch and ignored the throbbing pain in all of her muscles. The center of her pack was radiating energy and she did her best to ignore it. Belle glanced over to Izzy and was just happy to see him sitting next to her. There weren’t any words that could express the relief she had. Slowly she took hold of the farmer boy’s hand. ”See I told you, you wouldn’t lose me.” She said almost playfully, with a smile.

It didn’t take long for Raelyn and Jade to return to the living room with everyone’s food. Rae let Jade make sure that Izzy was able to eat and reach his bowl. Belle took hold of her own bowl, taking in the savory scent of Rae’s cooking. Raelyn wanted to personally bring a bowl to Rowan. He seemed so lost in thought and stuck in his own world. She offered up the bowl to him. ”I hope this helps you feel better.” The farmer gal offered up her best version of her signature smile. She wanted to look as unphased as possible despite the need to collapse into a million tiny pieces.

Cre' Est
Cretas and Lemnia waved to Collen as he went about his duties, and Cretas bounced her daughter, much to her delight, before tickling her with her free hand.

"Ready to meet the Captain, love?"

Lemnia nodded, and the pair went up the stairs beside the wheel and knocked on the doors to the Captain's Quarters.

"Come in." Came a muffled voice.

Cretas opened the door and walked inside. As she shut it, Lemnia took in the sight of the Captain sipping at a mug. Their eyes met, and the hair on the back of Lemnia's neck instantly stood on end and she turned her head to hide behind her mother as she turned around.

"Greetings, Captain."

"Miss Cretas. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if-wait... You didn't used to talk like that, did you?"

"I talk to my crew as I would another sailor. But for you, I think a more eloquent manner of speech is warranted. Don't you agree, as our esteemed leader and guest aboard our vessel?" He asked with a smile.

"Hm. Well, I don't think special treatment is really warranted. I'm just a cartographer. But I appreciate the sentiment."

The Captain stood up and walked around his table, giving Cretas a short nod as he looked at Lemnia who was still hiding her face over her mother's shoulder.

"And is this who I think it is?"

"Indeed. This is my little sun and stars, Lemnia. Love, say "hello" to the Captain, please."

Lemnia slowly turned her head. Putting on her best brave face, she smiled for the Captain and said "Hi."

"She's as beautiful and charming as I could imagine. Well met, young lady." He said pleasantly.

He took Lemnia's hand and gave her a bow of his head before letting go. Lemnia quickly retracted the hand, wrapped it around her mother's neck, and went back into hiding.

"She's a little shy."

The Captain chuckled.

"Not a problem. I'm sure we'll become good friends before journey's end."

He walked around the table and sat down once more, gesturing to the fruit bowl he had on display. "Would you care for some fruit?"

"Oh, thank you so much. But I've eaten my fill today and couldn't possibly indulge another bite lest my poor stomach explode."

Both of them laughed. And Lemnia began to tremble in her mother's arms. Hoisting Lemnia into a slightly more comfortable position and height, Cretas stroked her hair and back.

"Well Captain, thank you for your time. I wanted to take a moment to get you two introduced. Now that you have, I think it's time to take this one below deck for some rest."

"Of course, miss Estallamos. Be well. And miss Lemnia? I wish you a pleasant rest."

Cretas gave her a little bounce, and Lemnia said "thank you" before Cretas left the room. As the door closed, the Captain walked over and locked it as his smile faded and he took a deep, deep breath.

"Aye... She's exactly what we need, isn't she?" He asked seemingly to nobody in particular.

His hand gently stroked the wooden frame of the door in the same manner that one would stroke the hair of their lover before making his way to the back of the room to look out the window once again in silence.

On deck, Cretas took Lemnia to the bow where she sat on the railing.

"You okay, love?"

"He scared me." She squeaked.

"Aww, love. Don't worry. And try not to judge too early, okay? He's not that bad. You'll see."

From his perch on the mast beam, Tora watched and listened to the pair before glancing back to the Captain's Quarters doors. His glare hardened slightly, and he looked down at Lemnia who happened to glance up and see him. Giving her a smile and a wave, Lemnia smiled shyly and waved back.


Outside Owner: Brynhyld

/say "Hi! How do I play? What do I do?"

Ruby Flask
Kyren Sullenfall settled in, laughing subtly at the inquiry, feeding into his braggadocio.

Oh, only the biggest of beasts that Gaia has, you know. There's nothing like a GARGANTUA to slay after it's been tyrannizing a poor little farm village!
he chortled.

Kyren slurped into his Arcane Ale, hefting the glass into the air with a deep draw on the glass.

Incense burned at the center of the gravestone, before which a woman sat cross-legged. Faint lines of water ran down its length, almost invisible against the stone's grainy texture, down to the base where offerings of food, flowers, and small candles could be seen. Izumi sat in silence for a while, her gaze fixated on the engraved characters, and her ears open to the sparse, dwindling chirp of cicadas.

"Hey, Sachiko. It's me again! As usual. Weird how I always end up back here, huh? Even though I seriously hate thinking about things that make me sad. It's hard not to, to be honest... Every day, I -- well, maybe not every day -- but recently I've been thinking a lot about how I wouldn't be here if you didn't... you know... do what you did. It feels like I cheated you out of your life somehow."

Sheepishly, she scratched the back of her head as she thought back to earlier that morning.

"I had a small fight, er, disagreement with Mio-chan the other day. I was sorta wondering aloud if it was really okay for us to be retiring and leaving things behind in the hands of these vulnerable, impressionable young kids, and your name kinda came up. I said, 'If Sachiko were here, she'd still be fighting with the best of 'em, she wouldn't have just given up like we did!' She didn't say anything back, but I've never seen her look so pissed off... I guess I'm actually just hiding from her until she cools off, hahaha..."

Izumi felt her knees crack as she rose to her feet, giving her arms a light stretch as she spoke.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring all this drama to your grave, you're probably trying to rest in peace and all that. I just needed to get this off my chest, and you always listened to what I had to say. Even if it was something stupid."

The incense stopped burning. Izumi knelt down to blow out the candles and gathered the offerings around her grave, clearing the space for one last cleansing from the pail. As she let the water spill from the ladle, she wiped away her own tears with her sleeve, crinkling her puffy red nose.

"We miss you."

Then, suddenly, she noticed something far above her head. In the darkening sky -- as if to grant her some kind of sign from the heavens, a thin streak of light pierced through the air and arced down into the horizon. She blinked. Like a mesmerized child, she found herself drawn to the glow, half hoping in her heart that it meant something after all. Facing back with a final bow, she turned around and parted ways with her old friend, to somewhere that wasn't home...

Starlight Point
Starlight Point, B-3 Military Airport

A muggy sun rose above the sweltering coastal temperatures of Aslund’s seaboard, broken clouds stretched over the waves and a mid-day heat steamed the sands below. On the tarmac of Starlight Point’s B-3 air field, the heat was even worse. For the marines of squad Omicron 3-2, waiting in formation next to an empty Jethawk was the worst part of their day. Staff Sergeant Alyx Stamatios stood with one hand draped across his chest, the other holding a small tactical pad. While he studied the mission briefs, five other marines lounged about, trying to sit in the shade of the Avhawk or avoiding the hot asphalt as much as possible.

“This is fuckin’ bull, Sarge. Why couldn’t they get some locals to run some MPs to Wing City?” Corporal Fortunato droned, prying the helmet from his sweaty head and dropping it to the floor before him. Another Corporal, Yiavannis, pulled a piece of jerky from a small bag, popping it between his teeth as he leaned forward onto his shins.

“Aaaaah c’mon Fortchie, think how long it’s been since we’ve hit Wing City! Last time we were there we spent our weekend of leave in a drunk tank, huh?” Yiavannis teased, lobbing a tiny piece of jerky at Fortunato, while Stamatios only grunted.

“Ain’t nothin’ for us to do today for Team Leads so, it was this or pull gate duty.” The Sergeant replied bluntly, then tossing the pad onto a seat in the Avhawk’s mid-cabin. “We’ve got some contractor and a marinjaeger at a fifteen hundred hours meet with some suit in the Government Center. So you five just strap in, shut up and keep yourselves quiet for the two hour flight yeah?”

Fortunato and Yiavannis both seemed to groan, while the three other marines were simply busy not melting and only nodded along. Corporal Walker was seated near one of the Avhawk’s two skids on its main fuselage, cradling his MG-40 up against his shoulder before he looked up. In the distance he spotted a rugged, floating square burning down the tarmac. Upon further inspection he realized it was a Pygmy, a small, soft skinned grav-skimmer used for shuttling personnel around on base. The little four-seater zipped down the shoulder of the runway, occasionally swerving around a parked Avhawk or some other airjet.

Stamatios noticed the skimmer too, and began stretching a pair of tactical gloves over his hands. “Looks like there’s our payload.” He said, rapping a hand on the pilot door. The two men exchanged a silent order, and after drawing his visor down the pilot of the Avhawk began to crank the machine to life.

“You think I can redeem the miles from gigs like this?” Fortunato inquired to Yiavannis, who simply shrugged as he adjusted the strap to his rifle. Fortunato seemed convinced however, pressing a hand to Yiavannis’ shoulder. “Nah nah, follow me here - you take your miles you’ve spent on transit to your post. Half of those, and then every mile flown and/or driven when deployment ends.”

“What fucking island holiday are you gonna’ go on?” Stamatios replied back with a blunt tone, leaning against the door of the Avhawk as he watched the grav-skimmer approaching. Yiavannis seemed convinced with the Sergeant as well, giving an idle shrug.

“You don’t strike me as the kind to wake up and be like ‘Oooooh, let’s spend a weekend on Diomede’.” Yiavannis said, exaggerated movements and all as he brought a hand up to fan his flustered features.

“Nah, I’m mostly talkin’ like, goin’ to Famegost for Dia del Desaparicion. Or to Kylern during Mad Month, get some ball games in.” Fortunato delivered, flicking one gloved finger up. He needed more time to explain himself, apparently. “I could claim just a third of these miles that’s like, four, five vacations a year boys - that’s, well that’s just brilliant.”

“Four vacations a year to places that might be damn near across the Garden from each other? Not even an extended deployment would get you enough miles for like, two. Where you from, Forchie?” Yiavannis asked as he drew a cigarette from his breast pocket, then fishing a lighter from his chest rig as Fortunato answered.

“On the far side of the Veil, in the Eastern Republics.”

Yiavannis let out a low whistle at that, while Private Webkin sat beneath the tail boom of the Avhawk to avoid the heat. “You dummy all of those places are damn near a thousand lightyears from each other. You even know how much travel you’d have to log?” He quipped, a sharp Caprican accent making Fortunato shrug.

“Just plannin’ for some vacays guys, fuck me I guess.” Fortunato grumbled. While the other marines heckled, Stamatios cradled his rifle across his chest as the Pygmy crawled up towards the Avhawk. The speeder rumbled to a stop, two of the three occupants soon disembarking while the driver, a Major, drew his finger up towards Sergeant Stamatios.

“You’re wheels up in fifteen and back in five hours. Do not get your sorry asses lost in Wing City!”

Stamatios only waved to the Major as a Warrant Officer and a Terran departed the Pygmy. The Warrant Officer adjusted a headdress wrapped around her neck, and then extending a hand to the Sergeant. “Staff Sergeant, Senior Officer Irina Osman, Paramilitary Police - this is Doctor Rahil Kawandi, from the Center of Blight and Disorders Outter Veil Institute.” Stamatios gave a quick handshake to Irina, and then tipped his chin towards the spindly looking Doctor clutching a tablet bag.

“It’s nice to meet you Staff Sergeant, but we must hurry! I have very important information to bring to the Terrans!”

Kawandi was a narrow, thin man, his dark skin taught against narrow bones and sharp features as the Major planted a pair of shades across his eyes. “I’m unaware if you’re familiar with addiction distribution Sergeant, but what I have right there - “ The doctor began to prattle on, encouragingly holding that tablet bag as Irina simply rolled her eyes and gripped Kawandi by the elbow.

“Just give it three hours and you can spin the whole story to the Terrans, doc. Let’s get airborne!” The Avhawk was cleared for departure in moments, and was soon churning through the air above eastern Aslund, the grasslands racing to the interior of the continent crawling away as the airjet cruised towards Wing City.

Dogs in God's Vineyard
Anna had thought she was ready for such a responsibility, but now the burden weighed heavily on her shoulders. She knew most of what her father and Horatio had faced together, but none of the stories she had been told had been such a danger, such a heresy in a center of the Faith's land. The Ministry would not be wrong to bring a wrath down on all who had failed their due vigilance, Anna thought to herself, but it would mean little if the true culprits were not brought to the Lords justice.

Sonia was right. To leave was to allow the heretics to escape into the night. Her hard gaze flicked to each of her fellow Dogs. "We stay. The King of Life has charged uswith rooting out evil. We can't leave this be any more than the two of our own who gave their lives could."

Then, she looked to Charles with a slow nod. "But we can't simply stand and fight. We need to find the heart of this and that means we need to be able to move within the city." She pulled at the edge of her leather coat, then gesturing to the varied weapons that she and the other three carried. "We can't walk the streets as Dogs. Pistols and knives we can conceal, but we need to blend in with the locals. Buy ourselves some time. Then under the cover of night, we root out the heart of this."

Sky's Edge
As the Aschen fleet prepared for the operation, several dozen additional contacts began to filter in through the blackness of space. Roughly a dozen additional Aschen warships flickered into high orbit above Sky's Edge, the Reverence II 'Esteem' was among them. Once in position roughly one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers above Admiral Clegg's fleet, the Esteem began to initiate tactical maneuvers.

The arriving fleet showed up as shimmering green icons on the holographic display, and Admiral Clegg offered a scowl as EVE chirped to life.

"Admiral, I'm receiving revised objectives from the Esteem."

"Keeper of Abbasid, this is Esteem Actual, disregard all black file protocols disseminated by Intelligence, and revert to standard protocol, you've done your part, now let us do ours."

Admiral Hanley's voice echoed through the Keeper's CIC, and Admiral Clegg simply shook his head.

"Acknowledged, Esteem Actual, taking position now." The Admiral replied as he keyed the comms.

The Esteem, and her escort fleet took position, moving into an elongated delta formation as several hyperspace windows began to open up, and roughly a dozen starships that were uniquely not Aschen. Each of the new type of vessels were much smaller, more streamlined, and vaguely resembled bluewater ships, those who frequented the trade circles would recognize them as warships of the Taiyou Empire. Each one of the Taiyou ships bore a blue stripe along their hull, and their radio identifiers showed them as peacekeepers operating under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Defense Force.

With their movements coordinated, the Esteem, and the small floatilla of Taiyou ships began to move towards the planet below.

Hanley had already began the planning phase, they would first seize control of major population centers, as well as major infrastructure points, from there they would move out into the jungle. With strong beachheads established, the Admiral knew it would only be a matter of time before the rebels had been routed.

Slowly, Hanley grabbed the railing of the Command Console as the Esteem shook slightly, slipping into the transition point between vacuum, and atmosphere.

Government Center
Aeka nodded. “I have nothing further.” She said, turning over to Hokushin, and nodding. The monk took his place back at Aeka’s side.

“I will take the blame for your tardiness.” Aeka remarked as Netawatwees left the room, and Hokushin started to lead the Princess out of the small conference room, and into the lobby. It seemed all so tiresome to her, the Aschen were quick to drop their end of the matter when Shimizu pressed them, but the Terrans did not waver. Aeka could respect them slightly for that. She smiled to herself at the remark that the prison wasn’t a nice place. No prison ever was.

For now, despite Kendra’s objections, the status quo would have to remain.

With that in mind Aeka followed Hokushin out of the lobby, and back through Government Center.

Cascadia College, Washington State
the world is full of beautiful places.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzlet your heart be one of them.
Monet couldn’t help but grin as Isaac teased them. They didn’t mean to be pushy and practically parent him, but they didn’t always know how else to express that they cared. They were also projecting their worries about their younger sister onto him. Monet couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty for being so far away from her this year. The Grey family had their first Christmas without their mother the year before, and now Petra had gone through her first holiday season without her only sibling. There had been a lot of firsts for their family in the past few years.

Monet couldn’t be there with their sister, but it was easy to take that worry and guilt and use it to fret over their friends. It would fade quickly, just as it had before. Even in that moment, as Monet greeted friends and complemented outfits, the sense of worry and guilt seemed to melt away. Everyone was having a good time, and so would Monet.

Hatch’s arrival was a welcome one, in Monet’s book. They grinned at the compliment, and quickly fired back with, “You look fantastic, and I feel underdressed!” It was mostly in jest; Monet was comfortable enough in their own skin not to be too bothered by the way other people were dressed at a house party (even if they still couldn’t quite wrap their head around wearing heels to an event like this). They were glad to see that Hatch and Isaac seemed to be getting on well enough, and when Hatch asked about the holidays, Monet shrugged.

“I was here. It was… Nice and calm, mostly. Kind of nice, really.” That was a total lie; Monet had hated being alone. It was too quiet, boring, and slightly depressing. They were due a little excitement.

However, an upset Isabella Vayne was not what Monet had in mind. Silently, Monet said a thankful prayer to no-one-in-particularly that Hatch had been there to hold Bella back. They weren’t sure there were many others at the party that Isabella would have allowed to restrain her. “Really? Come on, Isabella; I know it’s upsetting, but this is a fucking party. Shit happens.” And this is why you don’t wear your fancy new furs to a college party. Monet was fairly sure Isaac wouldn’t dump his drink on someone on purpose, but even if he did, not many people would really blame him for targeting Isabella Vayne.

Tokyo, Japan
Image Image Image Image

ImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxkanayama takashixxx

"Alright. I'll be there. I assume I don't need to tell you not to talk to me at school."

Takashi raised his eyebrows. It wasn't like he was planning on going through his day with the intention of avoiding Sato at all costs, but regardless if he wanted to or not, he doubted he would have time to break away from his group of friends to talk to the loner. Admittedly, Takashi was a little miffed at the tone of the other teen's statement; he had been perfectly nice to Sato, and there was no reason for the other teen to hate him. Sure, he did blackmail him . . . but given the circumstances, Takashi could have done a lot worse. He was sure Rina would've been merciless.

"Goodnight," Takashi echoed, his mouth moving more out of reflex than out of genuine care. He hung up only when he heard silence from the other side of the line. Takashi kept the phone clasped lightly in his hand, before he set it down and continued to work.


The school day continued on as always. Takashi hung around with his gaggle of friends, along with the other athletes and popular girls and attractive guys who were in his social circle -- never with people like Sato. He moved through the day, struggling to keep up as always in the classes that were more difficult, though his composed, warm-hearted demeanor never revealed a crack in its pristine shine.

However, during midday, when the barely-there glow of the sun shined directly upon the heads of the people in the courtyard and walkways, Takashi found himself in a position of deja vu. He had fallen slightly behind his friends and Kousuke again, and as his sharp gaze lined up with an enclave between two buildings, Takashi noticed a gaggle of bullies, and a familiar-looking teen being subjected to their relentless punches and strikes. Sato.

Should Takashi help him? Sato didn't even seem like he was a victim, with the slack, almost bored manner in which he allowed himself to get beat up in. Then again, regardless of who Sato was and how he was feeling, Takashi probably should go and help him. He was popular and respected within the school -- as arrogant as it sounded, Takashi had some status, and presumably, if he went to help Sato, then the school would rally behind him, and not the bullies.

Would they really stand by his side, though? Takashi knew he was held up to the heavens by the school's near hero-worship for him, but feelings that sponsored popularity were fragile. Takashi was a fickle string of interest that lingered in people's minds; he hadn't won anyone's heart, and so few in the top rungs of the school's social ladder did. His popularity could so easily slide down the drain if he made the wrong move. One day, he could be worshipped, and the next, he could be shunned.

Sato was a loser anyway, by school terms. He had no friends, no social life, no extracurriculars -- all he was was that basic guy sitting in class, with a perfectly kempt uniform and perfectly neat hair and plain wire-rimmed glasses. As Takashi so eloquently put it, Sato was the plain, mid-toned gray swatch among swathes of bright neons and charming pastels. No one cared about Sato. There was a chance that Takashi saving the other teen would make the color gray trend among the student body, but it was just as possible that Sato's desaturation would infect Takashi, turning his bright, golden sheen into a pale husk of what it was before.

Before Takashi could pull himself out of his reverie to make a solid decision, the bullies left. Takashi lingered on the edges of the scene for a few more moments, his eyes trailing Sato's defeated body, before taking a deep breath and walking off.

Takashi would see Sato that night for tutoring. Hopefully, the other teen understood his difficult position.


Jessie Carter
| Slytherin | Parseltonguex| #026e4f |

Jessie’s attention managed to be broken up part way when she heard a small scuffle coming from the direction she had been looking at previously. Familiar, but hushed voices seemed to be having a conversation, and the young Slytherin looked back over her shoulder to see Cas having pushed Shane into the table, and was clearly threatening him. She couldn’t help but form the smallest of smirks on her face at the not so subtle display between the Gryffindor students and Hufflepuff Prefect. Shane was an utter asshole, and she couldn’t blame Cas for coming to her defense. She watched as Cas walked away, giving Cassie a small high five, and gave the Hufflepuff an approving nod and wink. Looking over at Raegen as she noticed them coming in and gave them a small wink and smirk in return for the thumbs up.

Shaking her head for a moment as she folded her arms over on the table before taking the napkin that Eden offered and patted herself dry as much as she could, it was better than nothing. She gave Eden a small chuckle at the comment of Shane being a dickhead, “You can say that again, yeah.” she muttered. But at his retort of her suggestion of revenge, she gave him a genuine smile and nod as she giggled somewhat energetically that lasted but a moment. “This is why you’re my favorite.” she grinned as she momentarily ruffled his hair and grabbed him by the chin.

As Eden mentioned Cas, she nodded, “Oh of course. Shane should know not to fuck with us by now. Cas is always on his ass about this shit. If he even had an iota of brains he’d know that by-” she quickly took a short pause as Ophelia sat down, not wanting to bring down the poor girl’s mood or cause her any unnecessary stress. She already had more than enough shit to deal with in her own life. They weren’t exactly as say Ophelia and Eden were but, Jessie felt like she needed to look out for her specifically, putting her health conditions aside. She just didn’t know why.

Hey, Phi. And eh, You know. Just Shane and his usual shit.” Jessie muttered, before she took a bite of toast, letting Eden explain things. Her eyebrows raised as she shot a quick glance over to the Hufflepuff table across the hall, “Aaand it looks like there are now paper otters on their table…” she chuckled slightly, damn Mac and her shenanigans. Giving the Gryffindor a small wink of approval.

Jessie rolled her eyes once more as her brain went back to the comments aimed from Cassie about the game, letting those small ones roll off her back like water to a duck's back. Sure, they lost a few to Gryffindor, but...They won some, and today would be no different. She could feel it. They had to win at least once more, pride be damned. She wasn’t in the mood to lose.

For what felt like the third time in just an all too short amount of time, Jessie found her attention being taken back to the direction of that one spot of the Gryffindor table, but only to see Cassie sitting down right next to her on her left, as Eden and Ophelia were on her right. The Slytherin rolled her eyes as an exasperated and overd-dramatic breath escaped her lips. “What didn’t he do?” she mumbled dryly. “First, he’s a royal pain in everyone’s ass, pretty sure you can agree that much, Cassie. And second, he seems to get off on only ever really targeting me, for whatever reason. So, there’s that.” Jessie stated plainly, before taking her cup of water and took a sip. Which she almost immediately choked on at Eden’s mention of the Dance, she knew exactly what he was trying to do. She shot him a glare as she placed her cup down, “I retract my earlier statement, you’re the absolute worst.” she muttered.

Jessie soon side-eyed Cassie as she swiped a piece of her food from the plate. A small grin creasing her lips for just a moment before it disappeared. Deep in thought. For just a moment.

You also could just ask if you wanted to share my food, right? You don’t always have to steal it, I thought that was against Gryffindor House rules. And please, we have better things than just toast compared to you lot, trust me.” the blonde said with a small wink before turning to look a few seats down from the table, locking her eyes on a small, fifth year, male Slytherin student. “Hey shortstack, pass the jam spread, please?” she questioned with a short whistle. Kieran shot her a glare as his eyebrows knitted together for a moment, “Why…?” his voice was low, as if not wanting to answer the request behind it as his mouth was full with food.

The young Slytherin leaned in close across the table, keeping her voice low, “Because I will break you with my god damn boot if you don’t? Now, just pass me it, please.” putting extra emphasis on the please. Kieran’s eyes widened slightly, but not before rolling his eyes as he picked up the small plate with various jelly and jam spreads available. As it was handed over, another hand grabbed the plate and walked onto the other side of Cassie as the figure sat down. “Oh come on. Astrid, I’m not in the mood for this shit. Why do you always have to do this to me?” Jessie questioned with an annoyed tone as she looked over at the dark haired Slytherin. “No, but your reactions always are worth the extra effort.” Astrid stated, her light Scandinavian accent coming out for just a moment. Jessie shook her head, “You’re all going to kill me one day, I just know it.” Jessie stated dryly, placing two fingers to either side of her head. Astrid chuckled and handed Cassie the plate of jams and jellies for the toast, “There you go, Sweetheart.” she flashed Cassie a smile before quickly eating some food as she too woke up rather late. She’d need the food for the extra boost of energy for the day. Smiling happily.

With a small sigh, Jessie lifted her head back up and craned her neck to look back at Cassie, propping left leg up onto the bench, keeping her foot flat against the bench as she rested her arms atop her knee, “Alright, so aside from stealing food from me, and terrorizing me. What else are you doing over here, Lightborn? You don’t usually bother me unless you want something from me.” she eyed the red haired Gryffindor up and down for a moment, “So, what is it?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, not once taking her eyes off from Cassie. Waiting patiently.

Cabin #4 Hades

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Preza Beach
Liren Amakija He began running northwest

The shrouded claws
The echoing chirps of the birds in the trees carried across the crowded jungle. In the distance the sounds of growling and roaring could be heard, signs of a struggle perhaps?

Lake Dineasair
Shiny Gallimimus squawked, startled by the new arrival. It sprinted away with the steady thud of its webbed feet.

When it came to warlock royalty, Kal didn’t know all, but the pointers he’d been taught if it ever came to a point where he’d have to defend himself against them on land had been enough to identify Nikola as one. Sirens were avid believers of avoiding physical confrontations with warlocks wherever possible, though were taught how to fight them if necessary, but the main lessons were that members of the royal warlock family not only specialized in certain types of magic, but were also marked with a tattoo. One that was distinct to the rest of the warlock species. Kal had recognized it on the spot the day before when he first met Nikola, as he’d spent hours studying about what they meant. If there was one thing about the young prince that was true to the siren nature, it was his knowledge. Trained to not only know about the world around him, but also know how to manipulate and use it to his advantage. On top of that, Kal had something most sirens didn’t. Experience.

He’d spent enough time on land to know which lessons were true to fact, and which needed to be tweaked a bit. He’d met just about every species imaginable. And now, he’d finally met a warlock in person. When it came down to it, even on land, Kal was not at a large disadvantage. He had both the books and street smarts necessary to protect himself, and if he truly wanted to, could easily persuade Nikola to do as he pleased. Ironically enough, believed him to be the most harmless. The thought made Kal chuckle quietly. In truth, he would never hurt Nikola. It would go against everything he believed in. But he had the means to easily do it, and that is what made the situation so amusing.
Kal hummed in response to Nikola’s tellings about how sirens were painted as evil beings, but he couldn’t disagree. What Nikola was told wasn’t too far from the truth, even if it didn’t specifically apply to Kal himself. ”Don’t be so quick to let your guard down.” Kal warned as he continued to walk. ”Just because I helped you doesn’t mean others will. In fact...most of that is true.” There was a very low, almost non-existent chance that any other siren he met would do what Kal did. ”Besides…” Kal slowed down his pace, glancing up at Nikola as he spoke his next sentence. ”What makes you so sure this isn’t all part of my elaborate plan to kill you?” He was joking, of course, though he wasn’t sure if Nikola would realize it.

Sorn was rather surprised at how quickly Iria’s anger seemed to dwindle. If she had to guess, she’d say it was most;y directed towards Nikola. Of course the vampire was fully aware of the bad blood between the species, so she knew better than to take said anger personally. Were she one of the too, she would most likely be weary herself. Iria, however, seemed to relax a little as they spoke. She explained her relationship with Kal, and Sorn was oddly relieved. She wanted to believe it was because she didn’t want to see Nikola heartbroken by the news that his siren boy was spoken for. However, deep down she knew that it was more of her being glad Iria wasn’t. At least that’s what she hoped.

She could fully relate to the siren’s explanation of why she was protective of Kal, though Sorn wouldn’t exactly say Nikola was an idiot. In fact, out of the two, she often tended to be that. ”An idiot, huh? I’ve always thought sirens to be mentally superior to other species.” Sorn joked. Of course she knew what the girl meant. Five minutes spent with Kal was enough to confirm it. He appeared to be whimsical, the type to often find himself in trouble. The exact opposite of Nikola. Though Sorn knew there were a million ways this could end badly, perhaps spending some time with him was just what Nikola needed. If anything, it would be a fresh change from his life spent within the warlock castle walls.

”Well…” Sorn hummed, Iria’s question filling her head. ”Honestly, they don’t.” she admits, briefly recalling how she and Nikola had met. ”Warlocks are not the type to make friends with anyone, and if I’m being honest, Niko is the only one I actually like.” there was a slight smirk playing on her lips. Though it was a bit of an exaggeration, it wasn’t a lie. Sorn had met many warlocks during her young vampire life, and most were arrogant, a-class assholes. Nikola had stood out to her the second they met. At first she thought it was due to a crush, but in the end realized it was because he was kind, caring, humble unlike most of his people.

”We met at a banquet. I was very young, but old enough to know when someone was being ingenuine. And then I met Niko. He didn’t fit in with the rest, and I liked that.” the retelling of the story almost made Sorn worry for her prince’s safety again. She knew he was easily persuaded, siren or not. ”I’m sure since that day, our parents have wanted us to get married.” she added with a giggle. ”But unfortunately, we’re not each other’s types.” she didn’t want to give too many details to this girl she’d known for less than ten minutes, but she did hope that Iria could read between the lines.

New York City
Evelina was staring off the side watching some people walk by, a bit of people watching while taking a sip of her drink. She turned her head back was Jeffrey asked her a question, a bit of a spontaneous one that caught her off guard. “Like, right now, right now?” She asked before he said if they could still catch a train if they hurried. Eve wasn't exactly sure what to say, the little date was going well so far, but to go outside the city with someone she just met, so late, and one the first date. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't a tad bit cautious or thrown off by the question.

Jeffrey continued talking about the stars, that he could possibly show her some constellations. Eve was thinking of saying now, but when he asked if she was comfortable with it, she felt a bit more at ease. “You know, fuck it. Let’s go. But if you do end up being a serially killer, I better end up in the documentary about you.” She said with a wicked smirk as she grabbed her things and stood up. “Oh, and you aren’t buying my train ticket. You can pay for yours, but I know the way around the subway to get away with paying for tickets.” Evelina had taken the train more times without paying than times when she did paid, it was easy enough to jump a turn-tile and quickly outrun the glorified security they had in the booths. "I'm assuming its the U-Line that heads out of the city? Pretty sure there's an entrance around the corner." She continued as she started to head the entrance.

Evelina was a bit worried Jeffrey would judge her and maybe not like her for doing “illegal” things like not paying for train tickets, but what type of guy didn’t like a bad girl at times. She stayed ahead of Jeff for most of the walk, slowing down once they got to the entrance and walking beside him as they went down the stairs. Eve stared at him a bit with a smile subconsciously, quickly darting away when he caught her stare. Once they got to the end of the stairs, the turn tile and payment for tickets was right around the corner. “So… you wanna head through and pay first and I’ll meet you on the other side? I promise I won’t ditch you.” Eve asked, and nodded as Jeffrey quickly bought a ticket and went through to the other side.

Eve hung back for a minute, but knew she had to hurry as the train would be approaching soon. She quickly saw her chance as a group of friends had a group ticket and was scanning through and slid between them flawlessly, giving a smile and mouthing thank you to one of the guys, tho he was probably just confused. “See, that easy.”Evelina said with a smile to Jeff, but quickly felt a tap on her shoulder and hearing a voice. “Excuse me ma’am…” Eve froze for a second before turning around and seeing a man in subway security uniform behind her, a bit more on the older side. Before he could say anything else, she quickly ran and tugged Jeff behind her. “Run! Lets go David!” She shouted, purposely using a wrong name. The two of the weaved between people and bumping into others. “Excuse me, sorry, coming through.” Eve quickly said.

She saw the train had arrived at the station a few second ago and was getting ready to leave. Luckily someone saw the two of them running and held the door for a split second just in time for the two to get inside and the doors shut behind them as the train started moving. Eve turned back and saw the security guard and stuck her tongue out at him before taking a seat, with Jeff, giggling a bit to herself. “Heheh, that was fun wasn’t it?” She said, before realizing she was still holding Jeff’s hand and quickly let go out, a bit embarrassed. “I promise no more rowdy from me, I’ll let you buy the return ticket.”

Sector 60324
A small probe drifts through the expanse of space, strangely sleek and alien, yet obviously built by human hands. It seems to broadcast no discernable signals.

The Yl'l'tei Galaxy
Floating within the endless vacuum of space, the armor clad walking parasite was suspended in animation as it drifted along. Said parasite was far far away from its research facility, and it was searching for a place to be. Every now and again, it'd click a button on its wrist to activate the jetpack within the suit, giving it a bit more momentum. It'd at least figured out how to do that with the suit, if anything.

What was once Travis was now gone within this primal mind, it was searching for something...something to examine. To get a feel for the world. Despite being a monster, it was not immediately violent. It wished to learn before spreading. However, violence would be met with violence as the beast controlling Travis would wish to defend its host to the best of its abilities...and with this fiend, the 'best of its abilities' was quite a terrifying sight to behold.

For now, it continued to float towards the galaxy before it. Perhaps a ship would come by...