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Scowering the Colony

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Scowering the Colony

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Claude Faile on Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:08 am

A massive blue shuttle ceased to a hault on the runway of colony 03. The door fell open and the stairs to the monstrous ship and Claude stepped out. The shuttle was embroidered with a blue falcon. The symbol of his father, Claude&#39;s was green but he did not own the shuttle. He stepped off onto the ground of the colony. His eyes started to dart around wondering where to look.

He quickly made it threw colony security and was on his own to scout the colony. Claude rented a vehicle from the closest available place, at this point money was no bother. It was a hunter green Katana 3600. He hopped on the speed bike and took off towards the inner colony. Claude couldn&#39;t help but wonder where the hell to look first. Then it hit him, there was an abandoned Space Leo factory on the South Western edge, that was his first stop. He revved the motorcycle up to 4000 and jumped a gear. The front end lifted as the rear wheel accelerated with incredable speed. The laws of the colony did not apply to him. He was a citizen of Earth.

Claude pulled the bike to a hault outside the wire gate. He walked it into the trees to hide it. With a sigh he jumped up and hopped the fence in two quick leaps. He landed in a crouch with his palm open upon the cold dirt. He slowly stood up to his full height in no real hurry. Nothing in this place was of any value to anyone anymore. No weapons, no gundamium, nothing.

Claude pressed himself against a wall beneath a window as the blue light of security flashed passed him. He silently opened the window and lifted himself in. He reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a tiny metal flash light. With a click a tiny light was emitted and began to search the room.

After searching several rooms Claude finally came onto a few ancient terminals that appeared to still be plugged in. He prayed for power as he sat down at one and turned it on. He exhaled as the green light flashed on the tower below his knees. A sly grin came to his face as the cursor on the screen flashed before the "C:\". He began to type vividly. Excitment poured through him as he was given the brief hope that the schematics for Heavy Arms might actually be there.
The computer let out a beep and the technical design for Heavy Arms rose to the screen. Claude grinned like a school boy as he began the download to a silver disk he plugged into the USB.

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Claude Faile
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Claude Faile on Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:53 pm

The download completed with a flashing red light. Claude couldn&#39;t help but grin as he unplugged the jump drive. Then it happened. The light from a flash light sweeped up the floor and into the room where Claude was sitting.
"Hey! What&#39;re you doin in here?"
His green eyes glowed in the light as he leaped up from the chair and bounded across the room and threw his heel up into the mans chin before he even knew what happened. Claude was not the strongest person out there, but he was fast. He had the mans gun in seconds and stuck the other man heavily across the back of the head with it. The body crumpled.
He dragged the unconsious body further into the room and rolled him over. His eyes spread open as he saw the tag under his name. GiazaZ.
His teeth clenched as he heard footsteps began to approach and a couple of faint voices. It was time to leave.
Claude ran into the corner to the right of the door and jumped up while turning around. He suspended himself with two hands on the room and one foot on each of the walls as two other men walked in. When they caught sight of their co-workers body the went over to him giving Claude time to slip out quietly.

As the green bike sped down the road Claude found himself wondering if he killed the guard. He shook it off as he patted the USB jump drive deep in his pocket. He couldn&#39;t help but grin as he dropped the clutch and the bike launched up on it&#39;s rear wheel and took off.

The bike skidded into the parking lot of the rental place and he tossed the keys back upon the desk before walking back to the airport. As he entered the sliding doors and saw a shocking sight. The GiazaZ officers were talking to the airport security. No doubt telling him to stop and search any foreigners. Claude hung his head and pressed himself against a wall. Time for action.

He ran out from behind the wall and landed a kick with his left foot on one of the soldiers chests and his right foot pressed down upon one of the guards heads. He tucked and flipped gently over the metal detector before taking off into the terminal. Two more guards slid out at the end of the hall and Claude ducked as the began firing. He ducked down and slid below them. His extended his right foot and knocked on of the rifles directly up as he shot up and grabbed the guards outstretched hand pulling it behind his back and shoving him at the other guard as Claude stepped back and caught the falling weapon. He turned down the hall and began to run. Running past guards and waiting areas He dodged in an out of people while keeping low.
As he pasted the last area he started off down a tiny hallway toward the private terminals. Three more guards ducked out of a terminal Claude jumped and put one foot on the wall on his right and pushed himself over the guards while landing his right foot on the wall above them before dropping too the ground and ran. He threw up the gun as he saw the shuttle and started to fire. Then he dove out of the window and ran towards the ship as fast as he could. He threw the weapon to the side and flung himself through the door. He landed on his stomach and rolled over before kicking the close button with his foot.
He threw himself onto his feet and jumped into the controls.

"Teeme to geet de fuck oot of &#39;ere."

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Claude Faile
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