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Screams of Silence {Open}

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Which of these creatures should be included as zombies?

Genetically mutated wolf
Dark Hunters (More advanced zombies)
A large creature that can regrow smaller versions of itself when destroyed
A large creature composed of dead bodies, similar to Gravemind from Halo
Genetically mutated monkeys
No votes
A larger Genetically mutated wolf
Alpha zombies that wield weapons
An intelligent zombie leader
Total votes : 13

Screams of Silence {Open}

Postby DaedraXDivine on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:40 pm

The year 2020 a man named Robert Henry Stephens made a decision that would take the world by storm. He did the impossible.

He built an underwater city. The city was a huge success, people from all over the world moved into the giant utopia and it soon became one of the worlds most famous cities. It continued to shock people when extensions were made making the city bigger and bigger.

By 2023 the city was double the size of new york spreading across the ocean floor, down deep in the blue cold water, Once the city was finished with the extensions, jobs and underwater travel systems were made, tunnels with carts were made to bring people around the city and large roads made from concrete were set down. The glass of the city was reinforced with water proof plastic and reinforced glass to ensure no break was possible.

The city was truly magnificent, but then something changed, something no one saw coming, and by the time they realized what had happened or what they were doing it was to late. Along with the jobs of the city also came scientists. The scientists made a strong chemical that would cure people of any terminal illness, but on the 25th of April 2028 the chemical became unstable, It start creating an affect that killed the brain leaving the body alive.

The first test subjects began showing signs of violence and a lust for flesh. Soon after they became creatures that seemed to attack everything that wasn't infected. They killed the test subjects and abandoned the project. One of the scientists was scratched by one of the infected, but kept it quiet in fear that he would be next to be exterminated.

It took four weeks and already over half of the cities population fell to the disease.

The remaining survivors now run and hide hoping the infected wont find them, the government stopped any transport going in and out of the city to stop the outbreak and left the remaining survivors to die without anyone on the surface ever knowing. The goverment covered it up and said their were to many faults with the city, that it everyone had been killed by a freak accident.

Now the survivors are all alone,down in the bottom of the ocean. No one can hear your begging. No one can hear your Plead.

No one can hear you scream.


1. No spamming
2. No double posting
3. No killing off people characters (Unless you ask)
4. 7 line rule a must
5. Have fun
6. Ask to join
7.Keep Genders even

Sign up sheet
Link to Character page


Bio: "How you got there"
Weapons: "Only 2"

My own character:
Name: Daniel Carver
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Occupation: Security chief
Appearance: (See link)
Personality: (See Link)
Bio: He was offered a job as security chief
of the dome shortly after the war ended. He
accepted and has been living down there
Weapons: His multifunction pistol and his sniper
Other: (None)
Species: Semi-gifted human.

Author's Note:
Alright so the Mutated wolf and the Dark Hunters are probably going to be part of this. We need a tie breaker for the last two.
And please, feel free to join whenever you like.
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