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Search for a Lead

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tiko on Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:56 pm

Wing City: Gambit's Hotel

(post co-written by Tiko and XavierDantius32)

The hotel room was dark and gloomy, the heavy curtains drawn across the windows. In the heat of the day, the light would normally stream into the large suite touching every corner with its radiance. In this case, the occupants had decided to keep their privacy, reducing the ability for outside eyes to peer into the room.

The dusky atmosphere inside the room was heavy with incense from an array of scented candles studded around a table in the centre. Sitting cross-legged beside the table, the smoke rising around her pinched face, was Adrienne Morales. Her hands twisted in the air, her mind questing out to the hidden meanings within the scraps of paper in the centre of the candles. The Investigator brushed her raven hair out of her eyes, twisting it up into a loose bun, slipping a pair dragon hair-pins to hold it in place.

From the far corner of the room, a dull chuckle resonated across the silence. “You really don't have to do all that shit, and yet you stink up the whole damn room.” Snow paused, nudging the worst of the smoke cloud away with his mind. “One question. Why?”

“'Cause we have guests coming you moron.” His partner snapped back, dropping the moth-eaten letter onto the table. She hauled herself up from the floor, blowing out the candles. “Someone left something in our dead-drop. Wren or some shit.” Still cursing like a sailor, Adrienne wandered across the room, zipping up the body-glove to cover her neck and shoulders.

Staying static, Snow produced his lighter and flicked it between his hands, his deep blue eyes tracking Adrienne as she produced their blades from under the bath. The sword-blades still shimmered in the dim light, the runes on Adrienne's seeming to draw all the light around them, a testament to their power.

“Catch, and get over by the door.” Snow caught the sword one handed, swinging the heavy blade around his body in a swift figure of eight. His lazy steps left tracks in the shag pile carpet, past the low table, and the cage containing the unconscious demon monkey.

Shaking out the muscles in her back and shoulders, Adrienne slid the sabre into its sheath, before taking up position directly in front of the door, tossing a throwing knife from hand to hand, her muscles tensing, ready to react to any threat that should advance through the door. No more than a moment passed before as if on cue, a light rapping against the wooden frame echoed through the darkened room. Wren was if anything, punctual to say the least.

Snow squinted, reaching out with his mind to open the door, readying the longsword to bring crashing down on an assailants skull.

Standing at only about five foot tall, Wren was far from an imposing individual, and despite her humanoid stature her feline features were unmistakable. A thick mane of silver hair, slit pupils, feline ears and tail, distinctly pronounced canines, and a light layering of white fur painted her ancestry quite strongly. She seemed out of place standing there in the hallway of gambit's, a touch too soft perhaps, and seemingly unarmed at that.

Adrienne smiled broadly, extending a slender hand to welcome the woman into the room, glaring at Snow with baleful eyes. “Welcome. I'm Adrienne.” She kept her voice calm and polite, the tone of a débutante welcoming a fellow socialite to a dinner party, rather than a mercenary welcoming a client.

Wren's left ear gave a twitch and she sniffed the air lightly, though whatever had caught her attention she made no mention of and she instead simply took the offered hand. “Heyah. I'm Wren. Wren Sunchaser,” she greeted pleasantly. She sounded relaxed, though her nervous movements betrayed her edginess. Her eyes were constantly shifting here and there and her ears twitched and shifted at every distant sound that reached them. “Trevor recommended you, said you had some talents that might be useful. Shall we talk inside?” she inquired inquisitively.

Still smiling, one hand on the sword hilt at her hip, Adrienne slipped back into the room, waving away the cloud of incense with her free hand. “Glad you found us. In our line of work, we have to be circumspect. Lotta people out there who want us dead.”

As the pair stepped inside, Snow nudged the door closed, locking it with a deft flick of his wrist. He then presented his muscled bulk between Wren and the door, long sword wresting on his shoulder. “Merely a security precaution.” He commented bluntly, idly flicking his lighter, amplifying the flame with a spark of his own. A not so subtle display of power.

Adrienne ignored the surly form of her muscle and turned her attention back to Wren, a sardonic grin flashing across her face. “Ignore the fire-boy back there, he's just to keep the riff-raff out.” An indignant retort met deaf ears as she continued.

“So. What can we do for you, Wren?” tossing the throwing knife from hand to hand, Adrienne settled on the floor, the body-glove squeaking as she crossed her legs. “Loved one run off? Jilted at the alter? Or are you a choir girl looking for an exorcist?”

Wren's postured remained alert as she took in her surroundings and the armed individuals she found herself in the company of. Swords, swords and knives were good she thought. Well not good but certainly manageable. Even the locked door was only a minor inconvenience when there were windows on hand, that is unless they were barred. She would have to get a look at them if she got a chance. Even with her outward calm, she was processing through escape routes and defensive tactics. Her high risk life-style had such thoughts almost second nature to her.

“Yeah uh, nothing like that. Though do you get that kind of work a lot? Cause that seems like it would be kinda boring. But yeah, I'm just looking for some missing people. A-ah client needs them found you see,” she explained, though her voice betrayed the briefest of hesitation at the word client.

A raucous chuckle ripped from Snow's throat, his eyes flashing, the sword point dipping away from his shoulder. “Well, that seems alright. We're damn good at finding people.” The brawny pyromancer slipped his blade into its sheath, and began to flick a fireball between his palms. Adrienne nodded in agreement, smiling up at Wren.

“As my associate has so bluntly put it, our talents lie in finding people. Do you have a picture? Or an item of clothing?”

“Well uh... sort of. I have this, if it'll work,” Wren replied as she rummaged around in her cloak. The pockets sewn into the inner sides didn't seem large enough to hold much, but she still managed to withdraw a full sized newspaper out. The front page article seemed to be an interview with a woman named Dallas Reiger complete with a photo just under the text. "It's not much but you know these people didn't leave much in the way of information to find them you know?" she explained as she offered it across to Adrienne.

A jolt flickered out across the room, like a pebble being thrown into a millpond. Adrienne's eyes flashed a milky white as she took the paper, grimacing as the information coursed through her willowy frame. Her lips started to move, the words sounding out of sink with the words. "..Patronasss.. Magic.."

"Well yeah, I got that much just from reading the article," Wren replied with a huff.

Adrienne flicked back to reality, a scowl forming on her normally pursed lips. "My power works through absorbing the information given in the object. If you had an item made or related to them in any way, I could do more for you."

Snow moved away from the door, his scowl matching his partner. "I suggest you let the boss work, or you and me are going to have a biig problem."

Wren cast Snow a nervous glance before answering Adrienne. “No can do. If I could find an item of theirs, I could find them myself I wager. That article and picture are the only leads I've got at the moment, and the woman in that picture, far as I can tell, hasn't been seen in months,” she muttered. Looks like this would be a waste of a trip, and with both Greeb and Blackjack breathing down her neck, she didn't have much in the way of spare time to be throwing about.

Adrienne wrapped her fingers around the paper again, the wave of power rippling throughout the room again, causing her brawny bodyguard to wince, a spark of flame blooming from his hand on reflex.

"The studio. Its not been the first time its reported on Dallas... New... " She winced, a wave of pain flickering across her face. "Death.... I think Dallas died. I'd need more information to go on. If we could find the actual report, I could scry out whodunnit."

From across the room, Snow chuckled loudly. "Goddamnit, took you a while. So. Want me to find you a paper? Or is our mutual friend going to do it?"

“Wait, you're joking right? You want to find a news report on a murder, in wing city? Talk about your needle in a haystack,” Wren grumbled. “You know, it might just be faster to go through the police reports...” she added thoughtfully. “I think I know just the person.”

Snow stepped forward, scratching the top of his head, doing a great impression of a chimpanzee. "Alright. Perhaps you should get on it then." He yawned and idly flicked his lighter, turning to Adrienne. "Are we still going to be here boss?"

Adrienne shook her head, dislodging her hair from the loose bun. "We'll leave the details with Trevor." She flicked her eyes to the door. "Snow, escort our freind to the door."
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