[ Spasian Academy ] Sebastian "Von`O`Morchie"

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[ Spasian Academy ] Sebastian "Von`O`Morchie"

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Matthias on Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:54 pm

Name: Sebastian Von`O`Morchie
Age: 9
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 97 lbs.
Weapons: None
Possessions: A single journal containing his writings

General: Currently a fourth year student at the Sparsian Academy. No one could actually say that he was the best or as 'skilled' as some in his class, especially in swordsmanship. It just didn't interest Sebastian that much. This held true for most of his classes except Music and Theology.

Personality: Sebastian certainly wasn't one to be the center of all the attention or one to start a conversation, however, he was an excellent listener to any who cared to relieve themselves of some troubling thoughts.

Throughout his time in the Sparsian Academy, Sebastian hopes to excel in Music and Theology. To be the finest piano player among this realm and sweep dull legs into inspiring actions!. To see all Religions in their own high and low prospects and as an equal faith. These are his dreams.

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