Secret from the Sea

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Secret from the Sea

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby stealthpanther on Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:56 am

Name: Haukea, whatever someone decides to call her ((this will make sense later))



Fish scattered in a flurry as a large body crashed into the water with a resounding splash. It was all the creature could do to keep patiently waiting for a fresh meal. As much as humans intrigued her, she had no intention of revealing herself to such loud and disruptive ones. Despite how much more isolated this part of the cove usually was, every now and then humans came by and liked to dive and jump off the cliff into the water, usually with several others in tow and making a large ruckus. They would always climb back out of her watery home and scramble back up to repeat the actions until they would finally tire of the game. It was only when they left that she would be able to hunt in peace. Bit by bit, the cove resumed it's normal atmosphere, and the fish went about in casual formations.
Finally, in a flash of white and grey, the fish was ensnared in sharp, predatory teeth, practically swallowed whole by the seal. A few more rapid darts and flicks of the sleek head, and she was content. Now that she was full, the seal decided a nice nap in the late afternoon sun was in order.

Cautiously gliding through the cool depths of her watery home, the mammal inched towards the surface, her whiskery nose poking out above the surface.
With a sudden movement, the creature swam towards the shore, hiding under a canopy from an outwardly jutting expanse of rock. Looking around once more and sniffing the air for any sign of a human, she deemed it safe to come out. She began to shift and squirm, shedding the velvety smooth and slippery seal skin. Her pale skin was warmed by the afternoon sun, eliciting a contented sigh. She had about an hour before dusk would start, and she intended to enjoy the remaining sunlight to the fullest.Image

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