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[Multiverse] Sensha Raisen

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[Multiverse] Sensha Raisen

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sensha on Wed Apr 04, 2007 1:36 pm

Name: Sensha Raisen

Age: To his own knowledge he is only around 130 years in age, though rumors say he is an immortal.

Appearance: Sensha stands at a reasonable height of 5'10. His fair skin and green eyes are both characteristic of his long-vanished family line. Silver hair falls down to about his waist, and is normally kept in a pony tail so as not to intrude upon his vision. If he were to ever be caught with his cloathing off, one would find a well toned body, trained for speed and an adequate amount of strength. This may be why he weighs so little, a mere 180 lbs., unheard of for the average male of his size. He normally wears a green cloak that covers everything but his face and hands, this being to keep his jet black leather armor and weapons concealed.

Profession:The name of Sensha is well known in the undergrounds as a master assassin, none that know of him speak his name lightly.

Personalty: One would think, for the first friendly meeting, that Senha was quite the nice fellow. Generally liking company and conversation, he would almost seem normal. However, his personality does a 180 when you are to be his target. Merciless and vicious to the last ounce of blood, he's been known to even blow off his own wounds to persue a kill, and has yet to fail a mission assigned to him. Though he was an extremely lethal weapon, he never seemed to take jobs involving women. This, perhaps, was because of curse. Sensha was incapable of speaking to a women for more then a few momments before being completely entranced by them. He didn't know why, but whenever a pretty lady wanted to speak with him in a tavern....he would lose his ability to talk and become an utterly useless clutz.

Weapons and Powers Sensha's two katars are both customized to his own choosing. Enchanted blades, the tora(tiger) and ryu(dragon{dur}), are both worthy of the rumors spoken of them. Tora's blades, all three being 24 inches in length, were double edged and enchanted to cause wounds to continuously bleed for hours(to prevent healing and leave a trail incase of escape). Ryu, in itself, would seem next to impossible to weild. The massive 42 inch blade was nearly a foot across and the edge had a six-inch rounding to it. One would think it only to be for defense or penetrating armor, but if Sensha were to clench his fist, the secret blades of ryu,(it splits form the one blade into 5 individual blades, each two inches in width), would extend split off from the main blade to shred an already penetrated corpse or give him a much larger hit radius, making it a truly devastating weapon. It's own special enchantment cause the blade to be an equal weight as tora, so he was not offset by its massive size.

Sensha also carries two sheathed katanas, one on each hip, though he is rumored to of never of had them before a job he had taken in a land known as ghale. All that is known is that they are exact opposites of each other, the one on his left hip being of a mirrory silver finish, the other a black so dark it is thought to steal the sun's glory at any chance. These weapons may even be more powerful then his katar's, this being why he had never used them before.

Even though this man came armed to defeat an army alone, he still can cast a few enchantments to protect him from long-range weapons and enhance his stealth.
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Re: [Multiverse] Sensha Raisen

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jadeling Hawkins on Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:22 am

He sounds so cool XD I especially love the bit about him becoming a useless clutz around women....priceless.
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