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Re: Sentinel Of The Wolf

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Tristan barely moved when the heavy chains were wrapped around his body, he growled softly when he muzzle was strapped to his head. If he hadn't have been trying to help Anna he would have fought against them. Although the ammount if chains that were wrapped around his body weighed his body down something awful, after being shoved into a dog cage Tristan stared at Anna's father anger in his eyes.

Wincing at the cattle rods burnt and shocked his body, then with the added cold water soaking into the cage and chains. The pulses of electricity caused him to writhe in pain and growl loudly. Looking at the man as he spoke about his parents,firstly how Tristan looked like his mother and then how they were friends and him and his father worked together it made his blood boil.

He struggled against the chains gasping as more water was poured over him and the other men started to bang and kick the cage, the sharp stab of the cattle prod caused Tristan to slumped against the cage his body tensing tightly then weight of the chains didn't help at all.

Tristan looked over as Anna entered the room, what was she doing here? He thought she was leaving to get away from all this... Sighing Tristan pulled himself up clearing his throat he spoke. " why are you here? You should be leaving, get out of town, I will be fine. " he flexed his hands the chains digging into his wrist.
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