Sesha [Multiverse Character Profiles]

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Sesha [Multiverse Character Profiles]

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Name: Sesha Marie
Age: 21
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Style: Sesha wears her hair long and flowing. It’s black as ebony and always hangs over her eyes. It is naturally straight. She uses it to hide her emotions reflected in her eyes.
Eyes: Sesha has large red eyes. They are usually hidden behind her hair. Through these eyes she has seen many terrible things and pain is constantly reflected through them.
Clothing: Sesha usually wears a black tank that clings tightly to her slim body frame. On her wrists she has gray wrist warmers that have many holes worn in them. She also wears a pair of short black shorts and long knee high socks which are also covered in holes. She is sometimes seen in a gray cloak and she wears the hood up over her head when she doesn’t want to be recognized.
Accessories: Sesha carries a long golden staff. She has always carried it, not knowing where or how she got it. She also wears the necklace her father gave her before he disappeared.
Abilities: Sesha has the ability to sense people’s auras around her. She can usually tell if a certain individual is good, bad, or otherwise. She is also very skilled with her staff. She trained for years to learn to wield it properly and effectively. She lived on the streets for a long time and can stand her own in a fist fight.
Personality: Sesha doesn’t like to talk any more than she has to. She will only speak if she is spoken to first. She is unusually quiet and rather shy when in large groups of people she doesn’t know. One bad thing about her personality is her short fuse on her anger. If she is provoked enough she will lash out with rage and hatred. A positive note of her personality is that she is loyal. If you can befriend her hard outer appearance you will have a friend that will stand behind you through anything.
Sesha was born to a merchant and an inn keeper. Her father, the merchant, wasn’t good with his money and business decisions. He soon fell into some bad business deals and got in a mighty fine mess. He had a run in with some thieves and feared for his life. He took his wife and daughter and moved up into the mountains to avoid the thieves.
The thieves’ leader soon found out that he had not been paid in full and set out to find the merchant and his family. He swooped down on the inn where the merchant’s wife worked and within minutes had killed her. He then made his way to the mountains to find the merchant.
Arriving at the merchant’s door he burst through it and noticed the house was empty. He soon caught wind that the merchant had fled to the sea to escape the thieves. What the leader didn’t realize was that Sesha had been hidden within the house for safety.
After she made sure the coast was clear Sesha dared to get out of her tiny hiding space. She was only 6 years old at the time. All she had left was her staff and her mother’s necklace. Sesha lived in the mountains by herself, training every day with her staff. She lived alone for another 8 years.
One day something amazing happened. A young boy from the village came to see if the cottage was haunted, as the rumors had been spread. He knocked on the door and came to find Sesha standing before him. They hit it off immediately.
He couldn’t’ convince her to leave her cottage but he did help her learn the new ways of the world. He also wanted to help her find her father. Sesha found out that he had journeyed across the sea to avoid the thieves killing her as well. She decided that this was the beginning of her journey.
Sesha left her little cottage on her 15th birthday to start the search for her father. She traveled thousands of miles and got into more trouble than any girl her age should have. It’s been six years since she left to find her father and she still hasn’t heard anything from him. She hears traces of his name or where he might be but these lead to dead ends.

Name: Kayame Nigori
Age: 16
Height: 5’3
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Style: Kayame has very bright blonde hair. She always wears it pulled back and tied with a ribbon. The ends she curls so they bounce when she walks. She always manages to have some loose hairs that play around her eyes.
Eyes: Kayame has huge bright blue eyes. She always seems to have a childish sparkle and when she smiles her eyes light up. Her eyes are filled with kindness and sometimes a deep hidden sadness.
Clothing: Kayame wears a black dress that is off the shoulder. The sleeves are actually long but they stop right by her shoulder so she can show off her collarbone. The front is rather low. She also has a black lace chocker necklace that she tied on with ribbon. She is usually barefoot. She also has a pair of blue monarch butterfly wings protruding from her back.
Accessories: She doesn’t carry much on her person.
Abilities: Kayame has the ability to fly for short distances. Her butterfly wings can let her hover around for some time before she needs to stop and rest. She also has the ability to cure small wounds. She can also control small gusts of air. She uses these to push away enemies that are too close.
Personality: Kayame is a truly caring person. She loves the world around her and doesn’t want to see anyone in pain. She loves to talk and is very bubbly. Her first impression of everyone is kindness and she wont’ hesitate to introduce herself to everyone. A bad point of her personality is that she can be very sarcastic at times.
Kayame was born in a kingdom far from here. She was born amongst a group of fairy people. When she was little everyone knew that there was something different about her. She didn’t have the same wings as everyone else did. The village had long dragonfly type wings and this girl had more butterfly wings.
At the age of 5, the village made Kayame their leader because the legends had said that a girl with wings of a different race would help lead them out of destruction. So started her life as a Princess among her people. She tried to lead the village to the best of her abilities at her age but tragedy struck.
A great famine swept the area. Food was scarce and the people turned to Kayame to get them through this tough time. At her age of 13, she had no idea how to find food or even where to begin looking. She tried apologizing to the village but they wouldn’t hear of it. The counsel met and decided that she wasn’t the chosen on but she was an unlucky sign.
On her 14th birthday the counsel decided to exile her from the only village that she had ever known. She traveled a very long way to an elderly couple’s house. They took pity on her and brought her into there home. She lived with them for two years and they taught her much about the outside world.
The day before her 16th birthday she told the couple that she was going to start her life for herself. She didn’t know where she was going or who she would find but she wanted to see the world. They helped her pack and the dawn of her birthday she set out to see the rest of the outside world for herself.

Name: Raye Erif
Age: 18
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Style: Raye likes to wear her hair down so it sways when she walks. She had bangs that hang just below her eyebrows. Her hair is a deep reddish brown color and she makes sure it always looks healthy. Occasionally she will put ribbon in it to seem more formal or dressy.
Eyes: Raye has deep brown eyes. Within these eyes you see a hint of mischief. Deep down her eyes seem to be drawing you in to her.
Clothing: Raye dresses somewhat like a school girl. Her shirt is black with white poufy sleeves. She wears a yellow scarf around her neck also. Her skirt is black and ruffled and she likes to keep it short. On her feet she wears a pair of black high heels.
Accessories: Raye doesn’t like to waste time carrying personal things but she does have a small pistol strapped to one of her thighs. On the other she has a small knife in case of close combat.
Abilities: Raye has a very seductive side which she uses to get what she needs from the male race. She uses her body to win over enemies and allies alike. Raye also has the unique power to control fire. When she is happy its usually just small fires for lighting torches or little fireballs that don’t do too much damage. If you upset her she can unleash a full blaze and surround the enemy with it.
Personality: Raye has a very outgoing personality. She loves to be the center of attention and can get jealous if she isn’t. She likes to think that she is the most beautiful person in the world and will do anything to be reminded of it. She likes to flirt with any male in the room. She can have quite a temper if she doesn’t get what she wants though.
Background/History: Raye was born on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Her mother and father were deathly rich and Raye always lived in the lap of luxury. On her 13th birthday she had to follow the island’s customs and go up to the edge of the volcano and throw in something of great value to her. This was to keep the island gods happy with the town.
On her 13th birthday Raye headed up to the volcano with one of her most expensive lockets. She came to the edge of the volcano but instead of throwing in her own locket she threw in a locket she had found at school. It slowly faded from sight and a huge fire broke out.
A goddess stepped out of the flames and glared at Raye. She told her that she had to sacrifice something of her own and yet she chose to be selfish and use someone else’s item. The goddess was pleased with Raye’s choice as the goddess had done the same on her 13th birthday. The fire goddess blessed Raye with more beauty than the village had ever seen and also with the gift of fire.
Raye came back down to the town more beautiful than all the girls and also very powerful. She soon was the queen of the school. She had all the boys she wanted and could keep the girls away with her fire.
After graduation she decided that the island had become somewhat of a bore in her eyes. She hopped on the next plane off their and is now traveling the world and seducing men from all across the globe. She has learned how to fight and can protect herself in any emergency.
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