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The Others


a part of “The Others”, a fictional universe by desire99600.

In this story, the line between animal and human blurs, an entire species fights for it's own rights, and magic is everywhere. Please, look inside. [Accepting]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Others”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby desire99600 on Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:14 pm

Year: 2056 || Country: America || City: Valley Springs

This is where I will set the stage for the story, by providing a list of common places found within this fictional world. The general setting of this story is America, however, that being said, the location within the country itself is fictional. The story takes place in the mountains, where the Revolution's Sanctuary is set up, in the forest, surrounding the Sanctuary, and, in the made-up city of Valley Springs. I have done my best to provide you with a full list with many options, but by no means is your character restricted to only going these places. They may go anywhere they like, so long as it's within the story, and if you wish to add a location to this list, just let me know! I'll gladly add it, so long as it makes sense with the plot! Also, keep in mind, while the photos are from real places, I have joined them together to create a fictional space.

The Sanctuary

On the edge of a precipice, overlooking the city of Valley Springs and the Valley which it is named for, sits the Sanctuary. This old, abandoned building was once a beautiful hotel resort location, but due to the rise of government laboratories and a certain radioactive incident in the surrounding forests, it lost a lot of business. Even though it was perfectly safe, it was shut down decades ago and forgotten for years. Then, in the year 2022, a small group of Others happened upon the place. It was dirty and crumbling, but with a lot of hard work, over the years, they managed to turn it into a proper safe haven for Others of all kinds. After about fifteen years of Others gathering at the Sanctuary, a Revolution was born. It was small at first, but over the past nineteen years, it's grown to be massive.

Inside the Sanctuary

The good thing about a hotel, is that there are plenty of bedrooms for everyone to sleep in. In the Sanctuary, the bedrooms have been renovated enough by the Revolution to be livable once more. There are many different types of rooms in the Sanctuary, including suites, single bed, double bed, ect.
The Library
The hotel once had tons of amenities for their guests to enjoy during their stay, including a massive library. When it was first founded, many of the books were useless and destroyed, but after cleaning out the unusable books and collecting for thirty-four long years, the library now holds plenty of useful books. Oh, and a tree.
The Hall
The Hall is one of the most impressive rooms in the Sanctuary for it is the most well preserved. Years ago, it was used as a theater, but now that the Revolution inhabits the building, it is used as a meeting hall. When the Revolution holds meetings, whatever they may be about, the Hall is where they gather.
The hotel's large dining hall is in good shape after all the work the Revolution has done over the years, the large kitchen too. About ten years ago, the Revolution managed to get a little power. The Sanctuary does not yet have full power, but there is power running to some rooms and the kitchen is one of them.
The Greenhouse
If you follow a small, overgrown path behind the Sanctuary, in less then a few minutes, you'll find yourself outside of a large, ornate greenhouse. Years ago, it was well manicured, but now it's overgrown and wild. Still, despite this, it's still a paradise and a good place to find peace, walking the overgrown paths around a once-thriving koi pond.

The Forest

The Forests's of Valley Springs are a thickly wooded, wild place. Humans tend to avoid them like the plague, and if they do decide to venture within, they stick to designated paths and campgrounds. For the Others, however, the forests are a sacred, enchanting place. Even Others who chose to live within the city, among humans often have to venture into the woods every now and then to ease their restlessness. The mountains and density of the forest makes for a perfect place for the government to hide it's labs and facilities, and also the perfect place for a Revolution to stir. Both beautiful and ominous, these forests are teeming with all sorts of life.

The Valley Forests

The Tower
About two miles from the Sanctuary, hidden deep in the forests is the Tower. This is the last remaining tower of a once enormous church. This place is almost unreachable on foot, but a Sly can teleport to it easily. For this reason, the Tower is the leader of the Revolution, Veronica's own private "office". Only she and her parents have been inside.
The Road
After the radiation incident that happened years ago, there was a brief panic. Patrons of the hotel tried to leave at once, afraid they were in the danger zone. It is unknown why the fleeing people left their cars, but now, years later, they still block the road from the hotel to the city. There's a mile of cars stretching into the trees until the road eventually crumbles.
The Tunnels
Following the Road will eventually bring you to an out-of-use train platform and a set of train tracks that extend into the trees. Following these tracks, brings you to a tunnel into the mountain. These tunnels travel underground and can be used by the Revolution as transport all over both the woods, and the city.
The Labs
Government labs, training facilities, and Other prisons are all over the forests and mountains surrounding Valley Springs. The Revolution makes it's mission to find and destroy these places of unspeakable cruelty. Often, they're are disguised as shacks, cabins, or ruins with actual operations occurring underground.

Valley Springs

Valley Springs is a beautiful city. The whole things sits on a large lake, called Spring Lake, from which the city gets it's name. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains except one, making it secluded, but at the same time, open to outside visitors. As with most cities, it is mostly populated by humans. Coming across an Other walking openly through the streets of Valley Springs is a rare sight. Still, there are several Other-friendly locations scattered throughout the city where Others who choose city life sometimes gather. Often, the Revolution visits these places in order to gather information from sources, or recruit downtrodden city-dwelling Others.

The City Streets

The Corner
On the corner of Ash and Belle, wedged between a shady drug store and a sleazy convenience shop, is The Corner. This bar had been pivotal in helping to get the Revolution on it's feet. Many of it's members were recruited here, and the owner always has some good information regarding government operations, for he's a retired government employee.
57th Street Books
Unbeknownst to the humans that like to frequent this place, 57th Street Books is actually run by an Other, who had broken the law to run his own business. His parrot Familiar Taja, can often be seen perched in her cage by the counter. This is where the Revolution meets in the city, for in the back, there is a hidden room with only one key.
Seeing as Others tend to be pariahs in human city's there's a neighborhood in Valley Springs where only Others live. Cleverly, it is called the Otherside. This small neighborhood is made up of tiny apartment complexes owned by Others who have signed the Contract, but it's perhaps the safest section of the city for Others.
Hotel Dunmont
The Hotel Dunmont is a rather interesting place. Owned by a pair of crafty Other siblings, this hotel is not actually a hotel. Humans tend to stay away from it, seeing as it's an Other-populated place, which is good. Because this hotel is actually a place where Others can leave their Familiars, should they have to appear human.


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