[Kelante] Shailao Ketrina

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[Kelante] Shailao Ketrina

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:44 pm

Name: Shailao Ketrina (Shay- lao Keh-tree-nah)
Race: Human
Age: Just turning 400

Physical Appearance: This short teenage girl has green eyes and hair that changes color depending on the lighting. Her face is aleady showing signs of life in harsh weather, but her features are soft with a trace of elf in her eyes and ears.

Abilities: She trained herself in the use of a sling against her father's wishes, starting that almost as soon as she could walk. She is excellent at knife-fighting and throwing, having been officially trained by her father and his men, with up to five at once. She doesn't know it, but a particularly strong electrical elemental has already attached itself to her, and she would find it easy to call upon water should she ever try. With a little extra work, who knows what she could do?

History: Her mother and father jointly run a band of Homeless. They raised her in the culture of survival of the strongest. Though she does know other cultures exist, she has never left the camp, always being watched by four or five of the men while her parents led the rest on raids. Her parents don't dare show how much they care, which she knows, and the men are all distant, because she hasn't earned their respect yet.

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