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[Multiverse] Shiaren

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[Multiverse] Shiaren

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Darksabre on Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:02 pm

Name: Shiaren
Gender: Female
Race: Shaman; A race that is a derivate of the Witch-like classes. Their claim to fame, however is their talismans that every Shaman bears. Most Shaman has a vast multitude of Talismans and Charms, nearly all of them passed down from generation to generation, or stolen from another Shaman, and on a few rare occasions, hand-crafted and imbued with the creator’s own life force. Either way, the Shamans are no force to be taken lightly, for their powers stem from the earth around them. Where there is earth, or sky, or weather, a Shaman will have power.
Class: Ritualist; An elite Shaman group, often branded or noted by their nearly full-body tattoos that tap into High magics at the expense of their health. The tattoos pay tribute to the Shamanic God and Goddesses, and the Ritualist Shaman is often considered to be the Rank of High Priest in correlation to other beliefs or religions.

Height: Five Foot Ten and a Half Inches
Weight: One-Hundred and Forty Three Pounds

Persona: Shiaren, hates all forms of loyalty, and spurns those who would try and befriend her. She also doesn’t like it when people use improper grammar when they speak. Other than that, she’s a fairly normal person.

Description: Lookie Lookie

Shiaren is the proud owner of a full head of lovely grey-black hair, nearly always pulled back into a braid that reaches down to the middle of her back. As with most active people’s hairstyles, there are many strands that float free from their braided confinement and tend to droop down into her dark, pupil-less eyes. Her braid is adorned with a simple, blood-red Shaman’s Charm that serves no noticeable purpose.

Underneath the red shawl with scrawling (call them that and you are dead) white runes and such, she wears a weathered grey-white-brownish shirt, a thin band of chain mail acting as her only source of ‘armor’ in it’s most proper terms. The shirt is loose, and the sleeves are far to large for her muscular, but still slender arms. As such, Shiaren wraps the shirt material with another band of white cloth just beneath her elbow, often tucking talismans and charms into the wrappings for safekeeping. She wears gloves that are the same color as her shawl, and rarely ever removes them or her shawl, even when asleep.

Her skirt is a grey color, with hardened strips of leather at the top acting as some sort of armor. Though it is feeble-looking, it is Shaman-crafted and has some blade-resisting properties. Her skirt reaches down to her ankles, and many little trinkets and charms hang down from her belt, giving Shiaren a distinct tinkling sound that fills the air around her as she moves. Though it appears to be only one skirt, Shiaren is in fact, wearing multiple skirts, each of them thin, so as not to make her look poofy. Shiaren hates poofy.

Her shoes are nearly knee-high boots, with traces of the same red color that is dyed into her shawl near the top of the boot. As with the rest of her clothing, there are various talismans and charms attached to her boots, though these ones are warded with a simple protection shield to keep the mud and grime from marring their beauty.

Main Powers:

Anything ranging from basic earthen-magics, such as controlling plant life or bringing pillars of rock up out of nothing to crush opponents to High Magic weather-control. Weather and metal are among Shiaren’s personal favorite elements to manipulate. She is not all-powerful, but she can make it seem as if she is if the mood strikes her. As with most shamans, she isn’t one to recklessly flaunt her powers, and will more often than not use small, or Low-leveled magics in ingenious ways to destroy opponents. When threatened, or out for a fight, she doesn’t hesitate to prove exactly why she’s a ritualist shaman, and unveils the protective magics about her tattoos, revealing them and their powers to the world.

Familiars: See “Special” below.

Shields: There are a vast assortment of shields that can be summoned, the most common listed below.
Credence- Allows the truth to come forth, often in the shape of a physical, mythical being. Blocks all physical blows, such as punches or kicks; Summons Arch daemons from the deepest layers of hell to provide offensive powers while the Summoner resides in safety behind the shield.
Fascination- Cleanses the Higher Energies and expands the mind to be able to assimilate all pertinent information about the battle as well as blocking all manners of weapons from harming the summoner as well as the summoner’s allies; Summons Faerie kin to heal those behind the shield as well as cast Holy magics if the Summoner is faced with Darkness-based opponents.
Protection- Deflects and blocks all questionable beings and frequencies; Summons Principality and Destroyer demons in times of great chaos and duress. This shield is invisible, and is often in place about Shamans at all times, if the Shaman is of a high enough level to sustain it.

Equipment: Her two blades, shamanic charms that hold no real power, a chain mail shiftlet worn underneath her shirt, packages holding various mystical herbs and foods attached to her belt, and her clothing.

Weapons: There are only two weapons that are with her at all times. The first is what appears to have once been a large sword, but is now about a foot and a half long after having been broken soon after her appearance in Hybrid. It’s sheath is hidden underneath her shawl and goes crossways across her back, from her right shoulder to her left hip. The other is a thin saber, sheathed and in place on her left hip. There is some intricate metal work on the hilt of the sword, as well as shamanic charms on the sheath.

Any other high-magic weapons she claims are summoned when the need arises. Those weapons are listed below:

Shaman’s Axe-Used for massive and chaotic destruction. The axe itself is controlled through the Shaman’s powers, seeing as it is far to large and heavy for the usually slight build of many Shamans. The great Axe hovers above the Shaman when summoned and only moves as the Shaman commands, often growing in size as more blood is spilled.

Shaman’s Staff- Used for casting High Dark Magic, such as Necromancery or demonic Summons. The staff itself is known to spread poisons and diseases by the Shaman who summoned it simply waving it. The staff’s powers often change the appearance of the Shaman, making them seem darker, more evil.

Low magic weapons not worthy of mention, nor description unless used:
-Butterfly Staff
-Kelabit (metal claws)
-Metal-supported fan
-Throwing knives

Special: Familiars:

Akhlut: In Eskimo myth (Bearing Strait, Alaska, Arctic), a meta-morphic killer whale that transforms into a wolf on land, known by the wolf's tracks to and from the sea. A fearsome killer, Akhlut is the father of the sea-wolves and generally associated with power and strength. Image

Hokhokw: Hokhokw is a skull-crushing cannibal bird who plays a role in the Kwakiutl Hamatsa ceremony. A large and very powerful bird, Hokhokw is a messenger of death, and not a being one necessarily wants to see in battle. Poison resides in his feathers, and though he looks more like an understuffed doll than a skull-crusher, Hokhokw is an incredibly fierce bird. Image

Pa-gon-di-ak: The thunder and lightning spirts of the Abenaki. They are seven white-skinned, golden-haired brothers, half human and half bird. At one time they inhabited Lake Champlain. These brothers often appear as one, giant, bird-like creature. Image

Kee-zos-en: The solar deity of the Abenaki. He is an eagle who opens his wings to create the day, and closes them to create the night. Kee-zos-en is a being from the so-called Ancient Age. When summoned, he opens his wings and creates a enormous blast of light, illuminating everything with a brilliant white light. When his wings close, absolute darkness engulfs the entire area, stealing the sense of sight away from all except for Shiaren. As summoner, she is immune to the negative affects of her familiars. Image

Kutaya’I: A nocturnal nukatem (representative spirit of a certain thing), Kutya'i was often a whirlwind. He was extremely dangerous. A Cahuilla woman is quoted as having said "If whirlwind comes and knocks your clothings from the line, you can't pick it up or wear them or Kutya'i will take your tewlavi (life or spirit)." One of the more deadly spirits, as well as one of the most vengeful, Kutaya’I is known for touching an item (such as clothing) and imbuing it with the power to suck life energy from the next person who touches the item. Image

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