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a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeke on Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:25 pm

Zeke and Virgil sat in a deadend allyway, off of another alleyway. Zeke sat there reloading his FN Five-Seven&#39;s and Virgil leaned against the hard brick wall cleaning the blade of his katana with a dirt rag he had found on the ground. It still left a streakless shine on the shimmering silver blade. Zeke watched him after holstering the Five-Seven&#39;s in his two leg holsters. Virgil looked out under his royal blue hair at Zeke as Zeke grinned at him.

"Time to fuck shit up."

Virgil smirked a little and nodded to his sadistic companion. He sheathed the sparkling sword on his back and adjusted his blue finger gloves that matched Zeke&#39;s red ones. Virgil&#39;s eyes gleamed as they stepped out of the allyway in the direction opposite of the port they had come from. A scene had already been created. Now it was time to go higher on the food chain.

Virgil&#39;s heavy black boot splintered the frail wooden doors to their parliment building as he and Zeke stepped in. Guns drawn. The fall of the hammer echoed through the room as everyone in the main lobby fell limp after a few shots errupted. Zeke nodded to Virgil and they walked over to the elevator and lit up cigarettes.

"I love smoking in public places. Just seems to piss people off."

Zeke said as they stepped into the abandoned shaft. Virgil grinned and nodded. He was silent during massacre time. The buzzer rang as they reached the top floor. The quick pull of Zeke&#39;s trigger left the secritary lifeless in her seat before she could even see them. They paused outside the door to the main office to ash their cigarettes on the dead secritaries desk. With one of his Five-Seven&#39;s drawn Zeke opened the door slowly.

"Knock knock."

He pushed the door open. An off shot from a Raging Bull sent the wall beside his face into splinters. Before Zeke had time to react Virgil&#39;s Eagle had pierced the man&#39;s right wrist causing him to drop the massive weapon. Zeke smiled as the approached him. He yelped in pain as Zeke hopped up on the desk and kicked him into his seat. Virgil drew his katana and standing behind him he placed the blade right on his adam&#39;s apple. Any movement would result in a cut. The frightened man&#39;s screams ceased, and a look of terror replaced the one of pain.

"Hi, I&#39;m Zeke, and this is my brother Virgil. We&#39;re lost, and hoping you could help us find something."

"Wh...wha...what is it th....that you&#39;re looking for?"

The man studdered as he spoke. Almost cutting his own throat multipul times. Virgil&#39;s blade stayed steady. A saddistic grin crossed Zeke&#39;s face as the man asked.

"Epyon, and Vayeate"

A shimmer of evil hinted in Zeke&#39;s eyes as he looked at the shocked man&#39;s face.

"You know they have been destroyed since the end of the last war."

"Now now, if you don&#39;t stop lying to us Virgil here is going to have to slit your throat."

"I&#39;ll enjoy it too."

Virgil&#39;s cold voice whispered in his ear. As his blade pressed against his neck. Sweat poured from the man&#39;s pours as Zeke sat there and smiled. He was enjoying this. Then he broke.

"Okay okay! Epyon is in a warehouse on the far North side of the colony, Vayeate an underground building below a landfill on the East side of the colony. Happy now?"

And with those last words, Virgil sank the blade in deep and severed his sweating head with a single push.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Virgil on Mon Oct 17, 2005 11:06 pm

Virgil watched the severed head roll across the pale white carpet, every few seconds leaving a stain. It was a comical pattern, making Virgil grin. He wiped off the blade of the katana on the shoulder of the man&#39;s suit before sheathing it on his back and looking up at Zeke. He grinned to himself as Zeke holstered his two Five-Sevens.

"That was fun."

Virgil said as his smirk betrayed his cold eyes. Zeke nodded and they made their way toward the office door, back into their earlier "work". As they stepped into the elevator they simultaneously lit cigarettes and took a large inhale. The spoils after the battle. With a satisfied exhale Virgil turned to Zeke as the elevator stopped.

"Where to brother?"

Zeke took another large drag of the black cigarette he had in his right hand as they got to the street. He looked up at the afternoon sky and then back to Virgil.

"To the North."

Virgil nodded as they made their way across town toward the north side of the massive colony. A few people whispered in hushed voices as the two walked past tall. Their black jeans hugging their legs and their black boots echoing through the streets with every step. Each wore a black muscle shirt that emphasized their build, and frightened some. Their massive arms pulsed with each swing and on their hands were finger gloves that matched their hair and eyes. There was a tribal tattoo on Virgil&#39;s left inner forearm and a Japanese character on the right side of Ezekiel&#39;s neck. Each symbol stood for "Brothers in Arms" pertaining to the other man. Even though they weren&#39;t blood brothers, they were still brothers.

The two continued to make their way north in anticipation of their new "toys".

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeke on Tue Oct 18, 2005 4:57 pm

Zeke and Virgil began to scour the mostly abandoned warehouses on the north side of the Colony 05. They had not encountered anything buy footsteps so far. Zeke continued to creep fore ward with his Five-Seven&#39;s drawn as Virgil clutched the hilt of his katana and the handle of his Desert Eagle. Zeke leaned out from the shadows between to warehouses and looked up and down the row making an attempt to see if anyone was coming. A man dressed in military green stepped into the poor lighting. Zeke ducked back quickly so he would not be noticed. The boots the soldier wore made a click on the hard cement with every step. The jingling of the Colt M4A1 echoed through the silence as he wearily walked past. Assuming no one was there. He passed the ally without a second glance. There was a the sound of ripping flesh as Virgil&#39;s katana shredded his insides coming through and out the other side. The guard looked down at the blade through his stomach as it turned to the left, then was yanked out. There was no scream, only the sound of his limp body falling into my hands before Virgil and I dragged him into the nearest warehouse. The heavy metal door swung open with a squeak and feel shut after Virgil and Zeke were far inside laying the body up against a few wooden crates.[desc]

[desc]Zeke looked up as Virgil searched the man for some kind of identification. There was a large crate in the center of the massive building. Zeke looked over his shoulder at Virgil and moved toward it without thinking. He pulled himself up onto a crate beside it, then onto another on top of that one. He jumped up to the top of the monstrous crate and looked down at it. Then back to Virgil who stood there looking at him. Zeke&#39;s eyes shone.

"This is it."

He said before punching a hole into the crate and pulling it open further and further. Then the door shut. A planet rumbling alarm sounded. Virgil looked up at the crate where Zeke had disappeared from.[desc]

"Alarm Zeke."

[desc]Virgil said calmly. With that there was the sound of air pressure expelling as some parts of the wood began to crack. Wood on the top erupted in a mass of splinters as Epyon&#39;s hand broke the crate. It sat up. There was Virgil looking up at the most infamous Gundam in history. The Gundam of Zech Merquise himself. As he starred up in awe Zeke&#39;s voice broke from the PA inside it.

"Run Virgil, I will take care of them. Find Vayeate and meet me back on earth."

With that Virgil took off out the door from which they had come. Zeke tapped a couple of keys on the marvelous suit and it stood piercing the roof of the warehouse easily. As he looked around he spotted four Leo&#39;s advancing on his position. Zeke regained his sadistic grin as he closed his eyes and let himself flow through the Epyon. He engaged the thrusters in the feet and landed on the pathway between the rows of buildings as the Leo&#39;s charged down beam Sabre&#39;s ready. Zeke flung the right wrist of the old Gundam launching the tail toward the head of the first Leo. Knocking it clean off he put the left hand of the Gundam right into the cockpit. As he did so the toes of Epyon pierced the cockpit of another Leo mobile suit. Zeke ripped both of the Epyon&#39;s limbs free in one move and squared off to face the remaining two Leo&#39;s. There was a click and a beam sword ignited in the Epyon&#39;s left left hand as the third and fourth Leo&#39;s made their attacks. Too slow for a Gundam with Epyon&#39;s power. They were soon deactivated, with a beam sword mark through each of their cockpit. Zeke laughed as the beam sword powered down and he replaced it on the recharge rack. With a cackle the Epyon took off into the black space above Colony Cluster 05.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Virgil on Tue Oct 18, 2005 9:11 pm

Virgil ran through the alleyways as Epyon shattered the roof. Virgil stopped to look back and watch the massive beast destroy the first approaching Leo unit. Virgil turned and ran towards the edge of the warehouses and hoped the six foot fence easily and silently. With a quick landing Virgil disappeared into the night as did Epyon.

Virgil sat in a dark ally as the rain drenched him. A shimmering white cigarette between his lips as he felt the cold wash over him. It would keep him on his toes. He exhaled slowly thinking about how Zeke must have made it off no problem and must be waiting back at the base for him. With a sigh Virgil climbed to his feet and made his way out of the ally toward the junk yard. The clerk shot up out of his seat and ran of to Virgil, he stopped between him and the entrance.

"You cannot go in!"

The clerk&#39;s voice spoke. Virgil brought up his left hand and held it to the right of his face long enough for the clerk to get a surprised look. With the snap of his wrist there was a crack and the clerk&#39;s neck was sideways as his body crumpled to the ground. Virgil&#39;s eyes gleamed as the sound of the body hit the ground. How he loved it. He dashed into the junkyard hiding behind hills he looked for the entrance to the underground hanger that the politician spoke of earlier that day. His footsteps were muffled due to the falling rain, adding to the silence Virgil already had. There it was. He peeked out and found a small building. Virgil had no idea how he knew, but he knew. That was the stairwell. He smashed the lock with the hilt of the katana and threw open the door ready to kill, as always. Virgil stepped in and looked around as the door fell shut. He was wrong, it was an elevator. It began to descend automatically.

Up against the wall to the right of the door Virgil stood with his katana ready and his Eagle in his other hand. As the doors slid open. He stepped out Eagle ready and katana steady. Making his way down the hallway he heard footsteps. Military boots, no where to hide. He sheathed his katana and stuffed his Eagle back into the holster as he placed one foot on the wall of the tiny cordoor before bounding and reflecting up against the other foot and held himself up against the ceiling as three guards exited a one of the three doors in the short hallway. With a silent fall he drew his katana and slit the throat of the last one in the line. He let the body down slowly and slipped down the hallway before dropping to the floor holding himself up with his right hand as he flung the katana taking the second guard off at the knees. His body fell backwards and Virgil dodged to the side. He let out a scream and the last one turned around and began to fire. Virgil fell back as he drew his Eagle and with a hard land on the concrete floor and sank a slug deep into the mans face, the cheek below his left eye. Virgil rose, and looked at the second guard with no legs below the knees. Virgil stood above him and plunged the blade deep into his heart.

Virgil cleaned the blade with the first of the soldiers shirt before re-sheathing it. Pushing open the other door on the same side as the one they had come from he was introduced to a massive room. There it was. Vayeate. It stood there looking down upon Virgil with it&#39;s gleaming visor. Then there was a click. The locking of a hammer at Virgil&#39;s left temple. His cold blue eyes shifted to the man looking straight at him, no fear, no emotion in his deep brown eyes. With a snap of Virgil&#39;s wrist the mans hand was open and the Beretta was on the floor. Virgil turned and broke the wrist in three places before charging off toward the Gundam. Six more soldiers came out of seemingly nowhere. Virgil&#39;s tunnel vision had set in. His objective was in sight, and he would kill anything that got in the way. He drew his katana and swung blindly. Limbs flew and soon the six men were in bloody pieces upon the floor in front of Virgil. His expression never changed. After sheathing the katana he slowly made his way to the feet of the beautiful Gundam.

Lights began to light as Virgil tapped in commands upon the keys inside the cockpit of Vayeate. The roof of the hanger buzzed open and the hulking blue mass rocketed into the black space above the colony. Virgil was on his way home.

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