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Short story?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Elwë Lambengolmor on Wed May 25, 2016 1:09 am

So this is a story I published to my Wattpad a couple of days ago. I havent written in quite a while so Im a bit rusty. Originally this was going to be at least a few short chapters but now I believe I will leave it as a short story as it remains quite open ended and possible to continue later if I desire or leave as is. It was published on Wattpad as "The Fairy Librarian" but the opening section you are about to read was named "The Deepwoods"

The Deepwoods

It was a normal day like any other for Tony as he hiked through the woods. He had been wandering through the woods since he was a young boy despite his grandmother's folktales of fae folk and goblins lurking in the trees. He never paid much heed to her stories but he could tell them as if they were his own tales. He marched on deeper and deeper lost in thought as the wood changed around him. Before he had realized it the woods were unrecognizable to him. The trees in this part of the wood were different, somehow wrong. These trees were older than any he had seen in the woods before, the area was heavily overgrown and gave off an ominous vibe. "Where have I wandered to now" Tony thought to himself.

He came to the realization of one major concern. This part of the forest was devoid of all noise. "Where are the birds? Why don't I hear any singing?" His voice was low as he mumbled to himself. He heard a branch snap suddenly and loudly in the distance and an eerie fog began to move in around him. A sudden maniacal laughter began to emanate from within the fog and for the first time in his life he feared the woods. He shot off in a direction running as fast as he could. He had no sense of which way was out, only a deep primal desire to escape this unnatural fog.

As he ran a small but brightly shimmering light began to appear deep within the fog. He ran onward more and more towards it but the light never got any bigger. Eventually the outline of a building began to appear in the fog and Tony realized the light was coming for one of the windows on the upper floor. Quickly running to the heavy oaken double doors he began pounding as loud as he could. "Hello! Is anyone there please help me. Please!" He screamed and again the laughter began to approach within the fog. He was filled with dread and fear and then nothing but darkness.

The smell of morning dew filled the air, and a small ray of morning light peered through an old and dusty window. Tony slowly stirred in the floor and came back to his sense. He squinted peering into the dark, dusty room. "What fresh hell is this!" He grunted as he staggered to his feet. Behind him the oaken double doors of the building he had found the night before. He pushed them hard but they didn't even make the slightest hint of budging open. Looking back into the dark he took a step forward deeper into the room. Suddenly the lights lit and he came to the realization he was in a large entry way of what looked to be an old library.

"What in the world is this?" He thought to himself as he moved out of the entry hall and deeper into the library.

A strange light flickered as if it was moving deep down the dark hall. Tony walked on and on but the light never grew larger, never closer until at last he emerged into a large room. Even in the dark it was evident the room was huge. The odd light fluttered around the room for a few more moments before stopping. A high pitched child like laughter filled the room and the lights slowly flickered to life.

It was then that Tony realized he was in some sort of old library. The room was filled with shelves of books, and in some cases stacks of books sat on the floor nearly reaching the ceiling. He stood mouth agape looking around the room in awe. How had so many books come to be in the forest. As he looked around the room in confusion he failed to noticed the light he had followed here land atop a stack of books and slowly dim.

"Welcome to my library!" The voice was sudden and wholly unexpected catching Tony off guard and causing him to jump on the spot. "It has been oh so long since I had anyone to come to read my books. So what section would you like to start in?"

Tony slowly backed away apologizing to the small dim ball of light. "Im sorry, but Im not sure how I came to be here. I wasnt looking for your library, but for a way out of the forest. Im sure my family is worried about me and I really should get going now."

He began making his way towards the door that lead back to the foyer. With a loud crack the great oaken doors slammed shut in front of him. "No, you cant possibly go. Its been so long since anyone read any of my books. You should stay and read them all!"
"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost."

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