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Show Happiness! ^_^

Postby Matthias on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:08 pm

LOL I'm just waiting.

Celeste drew her legs up slowly in a languid manner, parted them with feet upon the duvet. Eyes closed and she ran hands up the insides of taut thighs. He was on her mind again. This time, she did not mind. She lay back on her wide double-bed, the curtains partially drawn against the bright mid-afternoon sun. Her husband, Sebastian, wouldn't be home for hours. This time was hers.

Celeste had been afraid of the dreams at first, particularly when they had begun to intrude on her waking hours. But now, the sheer intensity of these lucid dreams had awakened something deep within: something innately primal. The slim brunette trembled with the latent sexual thrill that had begun to rouse as she reveled in the sensations wrought by her long, slender fingers. So intent was she on her own self-pleasure that Celeste noticed the slow insistent rapping on her window.

Her eyelids opened a second and then closed again as she continued to drive fingers back and fourth. Hips rising and falling in rhythm with her pistoning motion, something, somewhere in her back-brain, heard the insistent rapping on the window-pane as the wind blew a branch upon it.

"Come in," she called out softly, a sibilant whisper on the breeze.

On the edge of town, in a well-padded comfortable coffin, inside an ornate crypt, thin lips drew back into a rictus like smile that bared two pronounced canine. The vampire Martel was satisfied. The days of sending had proven fruitful. The invite was all he needed; tonight he would feed.
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