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SinfulSoul (Demonic) vs. Donny (Controlled by Psycho) - RP-b

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SinfulSoul (Demonic) vs. Donny (Controlled by Psycho) - RP-b

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Tue Jul 03, 2007 4:41 am

This is a battle that happened between SinfulSoul (Demonic form) and Donny (Under Psycho's control). This battle IS part of the GWing roleplay and took place in and above Wing City old ruins. This is a direct chat log.

<Donny> -Wing City: A city drenched in blood of both demon and human. The two had just arrived, having set foot atop the only semi-damaged bar, towering down over a street flooded in the blood of both human and demon alike.-
<Guts> goodnight
<Vega> - In the distance, distorted growling could be heard, a pack of demons swaying furiously their tentacally appendages rampaged the streets, on the hunt for schoolgirls.
<Lilyndri> ((lol))
<Donny> (It was specifically stated they were all killed, but whatev'.)
<Donny> (Before, when RP ended here.)
<Vega> (( Sorry, I was just fooling around, ignore me. :p ))
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<SinfulSoul> -=The base of a mountain began to tremble as the beast within began to grow restless. He needed more, his taste of immense power had made him addicted. His body craved more to continue its growth. Already his flesh was turning black and hardening like a rock shell. Crevices in the flesh armor seeped steam from the intense heat that surrounded him. His face seemed nearly unaltered since the last encounter though, as if the new layer of flesh h
<SinfulSoul> adn't reached that extent. But now, the power was strong. He could feel it nearby and he thirsted for it. A sudden crack in the side of the mountain where he laid caved in severed the land mass in half. Threw a gusher of of molten rock, Sinful spurted out into the air with his tattered wings flexing wide. A mixed shriek between the Demon's voice and Sinful's voice echoed out into the city alerting the residents of his presence.=-
<Ander> ::Ander seemed odd, almost shining, as she wandered the city on a strange machine, whiche resembled a sort of capsule, with two front prongs, and a large base at the back
<Donny> "Boy, he is here. I believe I've met his brother--I know of that demon, he will interrupt me. Take care of him." -Donny nods, turning back towards the South in Sinful's direction.-
<Ander> ::Ander's speeder would fly through the city, landing near what should have been Donny's bar The teenager, looked for something with a vigor of someone infused with power..
<SinfulSoul> -=It took only a second to determine Donny's position, his presence was obvious at such a short distance. He immedately bolted from his position in the sky in a direct path towards Donny on the roof. His fists were set aflame as his inner master element coursed through his body. The general red glow in his eyes was immediately consumed by the fire the blazed out from the corners of their slits.=-
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<Donny> -And then it happened--the power. As if a nuke had hit the city, an explosion would occur, Donny's power skyrocketing as he prepared for the battle, leaping from the now decimated bar, leaving Psycho standing on a car. His body closes in on Sinful's position, ready to meet him in the air. They now come into seeing range.-
<Ander> ::Ander would stop, and look at the battle the teenager in awe of their power. She would pull out a camcorder, and take the attle, in schock, as the device silently became a witness to the clash of the titans::
<SinfulSoul> -=His speed picked up as soon as Donny was within visible range. He launched his right fist forward - not to punch, but to lead his body in a direct assault on Donny's center chest. His entire body was engulfed in a flame that made him appear like a comet shooting through the sky.=-
<Donny> -Taking his foe's lunge to advantage, Donny recklessly swings to the right, to pass Sinful until his left knee swings inward for a devastating knee to the gut. Donny's arms sway backwards, leaving him completely open, though he does put full force into this harsh attack.-
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<SinfulSoul> -=His fist slid just by Donny as he swung to the right. His own momentum crashed into Donny's knee sending a surge of pain through his gut. On the impact, his gut cratered inward causing a burst of steam to eject from the center of the blow. But his thirst hungered, it blinded him from the pain and spurred him onward. He didn't scream in pain, he screamed in anger and swung his left clawed hand around to scrape across Donny's chest.=-
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<Donny> -Not so much feeling as if he was unable to dodge the claw, he felt no need to. Rather, Donny sends a harsh left kick into Sinful's left knee, attempting to snap it backwards.-
<SinfulSoul> -=His left claws swung across Donny's chest scraping across his flesh, cutting three lines across the surface of the skin. His claws dragged through his shirt tearing off the top half to reveal the light wound. Meanwhile a leg was coming into his knee that threatened to cave his kneecap in. Rather than try to avoid the attack, he swung his claws down into his foe's incoming shin in an attempt to embed his claws into the leg.=-
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<Donny> -Suddenly Donny would back out for a few moment, easily dodging the threat concerning his leg, and go into a wild spin around Sinful, attempting to come down upon Sinful with a quick and very powerful flurry of kicks, cocking his right fist as he does so.-
<SinfulSoul> -=He followed Donny's movements rotating his body as Donny spun around him. He used his left forearm and left shin to block the flurry of kicks as he cocked his own right fist back.=-
<Donny> -As he uses Sinful's arm as a bar, Donny swings himself forward and over it, allowing him easy access to swing his right fist into Sinful's face, laying a devastating blow for such a quick maneuver.-
<SinfulSoul> -=Just as Donny began using his left arm for leverage, he used Donny's incoming body to add force to his own attack. He swung his right fist towards Donny's jaw just as Donny's fist came across his cheek. Donny's fist dealt such a blow that his head nearly spun half way around, nearly snapping his neck. =-
<Lady`Alearah> night people. i need rest. or. die! x.x i haven't seen the back of my eyelids for three days now. i think i've deserved my rest, don't you agr-ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz...? Z_Z
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<Donny> -His adrenaline begins to rush, his left arm forcing Sinful's left arm away with a powerful thrust, Donny going in, slamming his head into the side of Sinful's in a powerful headbutt--one which would went the two flying in different directions.-
<SinfulSoul> -=He flew back into the streets of Wing City, tearing into the concrete as he crashed into the ground from such a blow. A few dazed moments later he slowly arose out of his pile of rubble glaring towards his enemy with an expression of anger, which suddenly turned into a smirk. He raised his left clawed hand to his lips as his tongue slithered out to lick the blood that he had collected off of Donny's chest. =-
<Donny> -Swings his heck around, popping it multiple times as he does so before spreading his arms outward. The last time he used this--he decimated half of Wing City, but this time Donny does not plan to miss. This time, it's in an instant that the ball of energy shoots into his front from his chest as he slams his wrists together, causing a massive and catastrophic blastwave to comedown, directly centered towards Sinful.-
<SinfulSoul> -=Just as he sees Donny's movements begin, he could feel the massively mounting power being concentrated from his form. In an instant he launched his body forward towards the massive wave of energy. At the same time he launches his right hand forward letting lose a single sliver of very concentrated dark energy that pierced into Donny's Blastwave that created a hole for him to slip through. He charged through this opening that was rapidly det
<SinfulSoul> eriorating under the incredible power being driven by this blast wave, but he only needed a fraction of a second to send him through the beam for his own surprise attack as he launched his left clawed hand for Donny's face.=-
<Donny> -Donny ducks, the alchemic inscriptions on his body lighting up before his left arm would shoot up to grapple Sinful's right ankle, moving quickly so that a slight afterimage was left in place of where Sinful was attacking.-
<SinfulSoul> -=The massive explosion of Donny's beam crashing into the city behind him is heard. The eruption causes massive heaps of rock and debris to launch into the air. His teeth clenched as he prepared to elevate himself to a higher power threshold now that he has a better understanding of Donny's higher level potential. As Donny began to duck, a sudden blastwave of searing flame launched out of his mouth toward's Donny's body. Rather than being a a
<SinfulSoul> n orange-red in color, the intensity of the heat reflected a blue-white mixture of heat in excess of 3,000 degrees Celcius.=-
<Donny> -Donny would only manage to hardly dodge it--but he wasn't worried. Within Sinful's mind, he would feel a searing pain--a mind blast if you will, in order to stun him for an easy opening. Donny closes in as this happens, sending his right hand with a hardened fist towards Sinful's gut.-
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<SinfulSoul> -=He was taken off guard as it felt like something had struck his mind, stunning him for a brief moment of confusion. Just as he regained awareness of the things around him, he saw Donny's fist crush into his gut causing another craterous impact. Steam fumed out of his flesh as he was struck by the blow and a shriek of pain spruned out of his mouth, but only for a second. He wouldn't let Donny bask in the glory of the blow for long as he took
<SinfulSoul> advantage of the closs proximity to launch his mouth suddenly down into Donny's extended arm, his fanged teeth aiming for Donny's bicep.=-
<Donny> -His left arm would quickly come up with a swift and powerful uppercut, attempting to knock Sinful's chomp attack away into nothingness as Donny begins to charge a ki ball in his right hand--keeping it small as to avoid detection.-
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<SinfulSoul> (( Where are you aiming the uppercut? ))
<SinfulSoul> (( his face? ))
<Donny> (Chin)
<Donny> (Thrusting into his chin with my left arm, the one that was completely away from your body.)
<SinfulSoul> (( Alright. ))
<SinfulSoul> -=He wouldn't bother trying to avoid the uppercut, the prize for sacrificing himself for the blow was well worth the pain. He clenched down onto Donny's right bicep with his teeth just as Donny's left fist crashed into his chin. The effect of this only forced him to close his mouth even tighter as his lower jaw shot upward from the strike. His teeth tore through Donny's flesh while simultaneously letting out a scream of pain that was muffled
<SinfulSoul> through Donny's flesh. The bone on the left side of his chin dented inward like it had been fractured. Blood poured into his mouth which his tongue lapped feverishly through clenched teeth.=-
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<Donny> ..Sinful, I can't control it. -His voice isn't shakey, it isn't strong--just firm. As he speaks, Sinful would seem to be consumed by the same sort of alchemic inscriptions which are tattoo'd into Donny's body.- I've no say in the matter. -He then begins to transmute Sinful, attempting to freeze him over.-
<SinfulSoul> (( Are you looking to end this or do you want to keep going? ))
<Donny> (Your choice)
<Donny> (:D)
<Donny> (It can go on, it's just showing that he has no control.)
<Alucroas> ((Is this going on in conjunction with the current storyline or is this just an exhibition match?))
<SinfulSoul> (( Current storyline, we're mixing a storyline that is going on in GWing and an older storyline from AM. ))
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<Lilyndri|mindless> ((welcome back))
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<Alucroas> ((I might be continuing the fight between Agron and Alutrosity tonight just to see what I can get going.))
<Power> ((Heya, Lyn))
<Donny> (This fight is in wing city, too.)
<Power> ((Lyn?))
<Lilyndri> ((-yawns- er.. yes?))
<SinfulSoul> -=He glances up from the arm towards Donny, for just a brief moment his pupils become visible as he stares into Donny's eyes. Just then he begins to feel his body slowly beginning to freeze. He tears off a piece of Donny's bicep as he pulls back away from Donny. His primary element of fire emerged as his fists and his feet became engulfed in a bright orange flame. From his mouth dripped small droplets of Donny's blood as he chewed on the piec
<SinfulSoul> e of Donny's flesh that he managed to take. He could already feel the immense power that Donny has harboring within him slowly joining his own.=-
<Power> ((Lyn, join #OOC.))
<Donny> -Shaking his arm down, in order to prevent death through bleeding, he recalls the transmutation on Sinful to prolong the fight, using alchemy to merely close the wound which Sinful had inflicted upon it--the bleeding halfing itself.-
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<SinfulSoul> -=He licked his fangs free of any remaining blood as he glared at Donny. His words kept echoing in his mind, Sinful wouldn't let the Demon within him rest without constantly hearing Donny's voice. The Demon shook his head and let out a snarl as he tried to shut Sinful out. =-
<Donny> ...You're just like your brother, Sinful. -His right hand swings out, that ki ball he had concealed earlier coming to live form, exploding outward, being very deadly due to the close range by which the two are.-
<Alucroas> ((A few more questions before I decide on whether or not to join this fight, where exactly above wing city are you fighting, mountains?, sky, above downtown?))
<Donny> (Sky above wing, but only like 40ft.)
<Donny> (Understand: My character has absolutely no control over how brutal he will be, and he *will* go for a kill if he encounters you. I wouldn't do it.)
<Donny> (Or, might go for a kill. Depends on what Psycho feels is neccissary. ;o)
<SinfulSoul> -=He is suddenly struck by the ki ball that sends him tumbling backwards for a few feet before he regains control over his position. He lets out a shriek of anger towards Donny, more at the comment than because of the ki ball. His chest singed as matching craters in his flesh appeared on his chest and gut. He then launched his ball of dark energy out of his left palm.=-
<SinfulSoul> (( If you join the battle, Sinful may also attack, but his primary concern is Donny since he identifies him as the strongest potential for gaining more power. ))
<Donny> -His energy begins to condense around him as he swings a powerful right swing into the dark ball, attempting to knock it back towards Sinful, continuing onward towards Sinful as he does so. His face still has that same blank expression--careless.-
<SinfulSoul> -=He let out a growl as he zipped forward and over the reflected dark ball of energy. He quickly covered the short distance spitting out breath of searing flame towards Donny, more as a diversion to determine the aim of his next attack. He drew both of his arms back just as the golden flames that burned in his eyes suddenly turned black. =-
<Donny> -Donny begins to growl beneath his breath, the moonlight shining down upon his body brightly, an explosion of ice drifting out into the fire to meet it halfway, Donny's eyes beginning to turn to a white sort of color.-
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<SinfulSoul> -=He launched his hands forward as he quickly approached Donny. He continued supplying the flame from his mouth to keep the ice in a deadlock. Meanwhile, from each of his palms expended a total of four black tendrils, two from each hand. They shot out towards Donny's limbs, two aiming to wrap around Donny's forearms while the other two aim to wrap around Donny's ankles. =-
<Donny> -His muscules begin to bulge and rapidly grow hairier by the moment, FORCING the tendrils to begin to stretch out and eventually lose grip. An energy pulse would begin to occur, and before the knew it, Donny had turn into a massive ape, or oozaru sort of being, towering over Sinful in the air.-
<SinfulSoul> (( x.x Goddamn. ))
<Donny> (Bahaha.)
<SinfulSoul> -=He pulled back the tendrils into his hands as he stared up towards the giant ape. He flicked his right hand in a horizontal slice in front of him tearing through the fabric of reality. He reached through the rift, and yanked a sword out whose blade was made entirely of a an undefined dark matter. Where the sword's blade began and where it ended was concealed by a dark black haze, but the very tip of the blade shined a bright white giving it
<SinfulSoul> some definition to its length. As he tore it free from the rift, black tendrils reached for the sword trying to take it back. Just as quickly as he had made the rift, he closed it to prevent the uncontrolled beasts from the opposite side from venturing through.=-
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<SinfulSoul> (( We will need to end this soon, I have class in a few hours and I need to get some sleep. I already got the piece of flesh from Donny that I need to heal and complete the transformation, so probably a couple more rounds and I'll find an eject button. ))
<Donny> (Aight
<Donny> )
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<Donny> -As if it were nothing, Donny opens his massive mouth, a beam of energy blasting outward towards Sinful and the ground. All while this goes on, Psycho finishes his Wing City mission, leaving the point in the ground he had used to meet with Terra to head back to Donny.-
<SinfulSoul> -=He suddenly lurches up into the air and towards Donny as the massive beam came towards him. He appeared to literally run along the top of the beam towards Donny. His feet singed with each step he took, causing steam to arrise again from his feet. The black flesh under his feet even began to boil as he grew within a few feet of Donny. As he rushed towards Donny, he dragged his blade down low behind him ready to strike. The tip of the blade c
<SinfulSoul> ut into the surface of the beam as if the dark matter was drawing energy from it. =-
<Donny> -Donny's right arm swings upward, attempting to swat Sinful away like a fly as Donny takes a few steps back, also readying for another assault if need be in this form.-
<SinfulSoul> -=He lept off the beam and on top of Donny's nose, traveling up the giant's snout. As he lept onto Donny's snout, a massive paw towards him trying to swat him away. He swung his blade up from its lowered position to meet the incoming hand with its point. As he made the arcing swing, the energy that had been drawn from the beam into the sword as he approached Donny was released, aimed for Donny's right eye. =-
<SinfulSoul> (( Probably one or at most two more rounds, then I'm gonna hit the eject button. ))
<SinfulSoul> (( Donny? ))
<Donny> -With maddening speed, the massive oozaru would swing around to the right, rolling as it does so, Donny's tail slapping up into Sinful from behind, attempting to slam him into the ground with it.-
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<Donny> (Sinful?)
<SinfulSoul> -=He is then struck by the tail from behind, sending him in a barrel roll towards the ground. Just before he hit the ground, his body burst into a raging blaze. He knew he would need his body in peak form to be able to handle a behemoth of this magnitude. His body burned in the blaze of his own creation as he pondered for just a brief moment on what to do. He then let out a shriek that mixed Sinful's voice with the Demon's, it seemed like he
<SinfulSoul> was dying. In a way, the demon felt he was as good as dead for even thinking about retreating from battle. The thirst for more power outweighed the want to kill Donny. The blaze soon died, leaving his blackened ashes in the ground. A black ooze seemed to seap from these ashes, digging into the crevices of the earth and scattering into the deepest realms of Terra's crust.=-
<SinfulSoul> (( Change Earth to Terra* ))
<Donny> (lol)
<Donny> -Donny grasps his head, screaming out into the night as he returns to normal, Psycho joining up with him moments after.- "You shouldn'tve made me make you use it, boy."
<Donny> (Done. :P Cya man)

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