Sinner's Rise

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Sinner's Rise

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The sun must be setting again, I can tell by the echoing footsteps on the hallway. The heavy boots always come by to light the torches. At last! some light comes through the small opening on the door. Wait... here he comes, 1, 2... at the fifth step after the light starts to shine I see the silhouette pass through my only window. Though his face has always remained hidden from me the guard must be the same one that brings me the moldy bread and a jug of water in the morning. I have been counting heartbeats since he threw them into my cell; 4239 heartbeats was how long it took today, the nights must be getting longer, either that or my heart is finally slowing down to its much awaited end. But now I can write again. Ever since I woke up in this stone room for the first time the days have always been darker than the nights, probably the windows are too far away from the door or too small to let the sun shine through. From what I remember the sun was still visible from outside and yet it would not amaze me to know that it had finally decided to stop shinning its rays onto this wretched earth. Etched on these walls are my previous writings occupying the walls, crowding the stones with pointless thoughts long ago forgotten, but I have no means of erasing them, I must accept it and write over them, for there is no space left...

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