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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Glitchy_SiSen on Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:15 pm

Fianlly, after working up a profile for SiSen. i finally can post it up.

Name: SiSen

Nickname: Sen

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual. SiSen rarely ever has feelings for others on the account of how cold hearted she is. There was one person that she ever loved. But the sudden death of him had left her cold hearted and bitter to everyone and anyone.

Occupation: Student, Observer, Club-goer, and experiment-maker

Age: Eighteen

Birthdate: October 15, 2034

General: SiSen is about 5‘5‘’ and is consider short for being a human. Her skin is pale due the little skin she is exposed to because she only leaves her apartment at night. She is very thin and lanky. Her eyes are a dark lime green. She is consider very beautiful and most of the times uses her looks to get what she wants. SiSen also has many piercing. She has two green balls in her left eyebrow and three in her ear. Her main ear piercing, she wears dangling bio-hazard earrings. She also has circuit tattoos and both sides of her shoulders and neck. SiSen also has long, sharp like fingernails painted black.

Hair: SiSen’s original hair color is black. She dyed certain parts of her hair to be lime green. She always keeps her hair up. Whether it be in pigtails and a ponytail. She ever rarely keeps it down. SiSen’s hair, when its down is past her hips.

Clothing: SiSen’s always wears a face mask. Once in a while, she will sport a pair of UV reactive goggles. She wears a metal choker with a thick, plastic wire surrounded it. SiSen always wears PVC. Her usual outfit is a black top that has square holes going down the middle of her torso and down the front of her arms. The top curves leaving the sides of her torso exposed. Under her bust, she wears a lime green corset with black, buckles. As for a bottom, she usually wears a loose, black PVC skirt. She also wears UV reactive lime green fishnets. Then she wears knee-high buckle platform boots. These boots allow her to stand 6’0’’ tall.

Favourite Music: Industrial, Techno, Gothic

Likes: Dancing in clubs, playing dress-up, being in solitude, singing, writing poetry and music, making experiments.

Dislikes: People, ignorance, arrogance, dishonesty, liars, being who judge, watching experiments before her eyes.

Interesting fact: Her eyes are completely green due to a experiment she tried to conduct when she was younger. No one knows exactly what it was, due to the fact she likes to keep quiet about it.

Personality: SiSen is a very cold person and is not consider the most friendliest at the clubs. Most people try to avoid as meeting eyes with her would usually result a burn mark in the forehead from her clove cigarette or a mouth full of absinthe in their face. SiSen really ever talks and mostly writes in her diary. She can usually be seen talk to herself a lot. No one for sure knows what she is saying because its mostly “Gltich” a language she made up. She rarely ever smiles and usually looks angry. When she does talk she is short and to the point. SiSen is also very intelligent and is the top student in her high school.

Smoke or Drink: Clove cigarettes and absinthe.

Fears: Being left with people. Closed spaces with people surrounding her. A person talking to her. Another experiment gone wrong.

Type of childhood: SiSen has had a fairly normal childhood till she turned sixteen when her parents were mysterious killed. She decided that she didn’t need them anyways. Her family always hated her. Every single one of them. Since then she lives in a small, run-down apartment on the 5th floor right across her favourite club, Neon Rubber.

Self perception: SiSen sees herself as being better then everyone else. Though she will not openly express this. She thinks that the universe could very well maybe centered around her. She is always trying to finds ways of figuring out the meaning of existence and if there is really a point of living at all.


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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Raeus on Wed May 02, 2007 6:36 pm


Perhaps your character would work well with my latest. I purposefully leave mine a bit more vague, as he develops differently in each storyline, but I think Sen looks like the kind of student that Raeus (my character) might like. Are you looking at a futuristic setting, or more contemporary? What kinds of supernatural elements are you comfortable with?

Let me know fi you find a decent campaign...we could have a good bit of fun together!


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