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located in Mygita, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


A dusty rock in another galaxy. Place where most of the Beasts were shove by frightened humans. Part of the Solar Emp. Many deserts and rocky areas. Picture the rock spires and mesas of the West USA mixed with the painted desert, only cooler. Largest Cities: Corines, Sparti


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S-9 threw open the door. "I am!" he said. AUGER had been thoughtful enough to relay the speech to him through a communicator. He looked up, hoping he didn't surprise anyone, and moved towards Hyuga.

A also stepped forward. "Of course. Humans First has always been a nuisance- to REAP and the Navis- to the Wayfarers and the Beasts- to any caring person in this galaxy. It is both a pragmatic and idealistic proposition he is making, and I expect everyone to at least hear it out. If you have any desire to pay Ash and Amy back for the sacrifices they made 2 years ago, I suggest you do it now." He was glad to already have the support of the Wayfarers, and moved to join them.