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located in Mygita, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


A dusty rock in another galaxy. Place where most of the Beasts were shove by frightened humans. Part of the Solar Emp. Many deserts and rocky areas. Picture the rock spires and mesas of the West USA mixed with the painted desert, only cooler. Largest Cities: Corines, Sparti


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"Should i be worried about this?" Atlis voice echoed through the classroom as he stepped in, he raised his hands in peace indication the lack of weapons he had about him as he moved towards Professor Hyuga "I just need to deliver a message to the Professor, privately of course, and then i'd like to discuss this matter of the Humans First with you." He grinned innocently his face registering more human then Navi, at least, he thought it was. I thought you were just delivering a message?" still keeping the grin on his face, Atlis scowled in his mind, which happened to be linked to Sheeva for back-up and support that was until i heard of this the bounty hunter thought, i might be able to dig up some more information about who i really am.

He swore just then his ship raised an eyebrow. Let's hope you know what you're getting into. Worried? Wasn't programmed to be worried.