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located in Mygita, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


A dusty rock in another galaxy. Place where most of the Beasts were shove by frightened humans. Part of the Solar Emp. Many deserts and rocky areas. Picture the rock spires and mesas of the West USA mixed with the painted desert, only cooler. Largest Cities: Corines, Sparti


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Maiko quietly entered the room after everyone else, and when everyone else had seated she remained standing. It was not a matter of whether she as a navi could even eat--a feature the LCA had felt was necessary for what she had been initially designed for--but it felt awkward and rude to sit and start eating when she was not familiar at all with any of the people here. Maiko felt like an outsider in this group, someone who would probably have to be filled in on half of what anyone here was talking about. For the moment, she simply leaned against one of the walls, saying nothing and simply listening, to gather as much of the matter at hand as she could.