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located in Mygita, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


A dusty rock in another galaxy. Place where most of the Beasts were shove by frightened humans. Part of the Solar Emp. Many deserts and rocky areas. Picture the rock spires and mesas of the West USA mixed with the painted desert, only cooler. Largest Cities: Corines, Sparti


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Maiko took only a moment to consider it. Here was an opportunity for her to use the abilities, given to her by the LCA for destructive and hateful purposes, for a purpose that would actually be helpful to others. Humans First, as she gathered, was a human supremacist organisation that was racist towards all other races. Maiko looked upon that line of thinking as little more than conceited idiocy. The races were all essentially the same to Maiko, with their own advantages and disadvantages. No, she owed nothing to Team Silverose, and Humans First had never directly harmed her in any way, but all the same...

"Yes. I will help you," Maiko murmured quietly with a nod.