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located in Kanto, a part of Samurai Champloo: Swords of Six Dragon, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Kanto! High-class and heavily populated. Enjoy your stay!


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((I have permission to post for Dosetsu until Cynoc returns))

Dosetsu couldn't help but let out a smug smile as the old man put the young girl from before in his arms. She seemed as if she was going to protest but was cut short by a small surprised gasp as she closed her eyes and clung to him as he jumped to the roof nearby, then a slightly higher one and over the wall. She mumbled about hating heights and then made him put her down as the started to run again. He became slightly impressed by how she seemed able to keep up with them and then wondered why she even had a smoke bomb maybe she was a spy, but now wasn't the time to worry about that.

Akiko couldn't help but like the feeling of being carried but hated the fact that she was so high up with no control over her body and the second the man was on the ground she got out of his arms and followed after him. "It's a good thing I got used to running from bullies growing up I guess," she thought as she ran close behind the two men. They turned corners to get lost in the alley ways while soldiers still chased after them.

She had been so focused on following the men she didn't notice the guards that had climbed on the roofs. They threw a net and it just missed the two men, but Akiko could see the mesh of the net fall around her. She fell but quickly reached in and grabbed her tanto, she cut the net ad was about to start running again when a guard grabbed her by her hair and flung her back to the ground and restrained her and started to tie her. The two men seemed about ready to start fighting when they guard stood up with Akiko, now fully bound and had his sword held to her. "Drop your weapons and surrender or your partner her will be executed right her right now without second thoughts.

"Sorry," Akiko said to the two men feeling like she's the reason they were now in a tight squeeze. They were surrounded by guards on the ground and a few on the roofs blocking any escape routes the men could have taken. the younger swordsman seemed ready to try to take all the guards down if not for Akiko behind held with a sword to her throat and he was the first to give up. The old man did as well seconds later and they were tied like Akiko and brought back to where the daimyo was now sitting with a large bowl of different fruits some other guards had just brought him.

The three were pushed to their knees and one of the guards and over to the veiled platform and bowed deeply to the daimyo inside. "Mi'lord the two men fighting and a woman who helped them flee the scene have been captured and are here now. One is an older swordsman still very able bodied and the other is a younger swordsman who seems to be adeptly skilled as well. The woman we believe may be a spy as she posses smoke bombs, a tanto, and other small items on her person." the solider explained to him while staying bowed.

"I'm not a spy," Akiko grumbled as she glared down at the ground angry with herself that she was the reason the two men were now captured. The guard holding the rope she was tied with jerked it roughly and ordered her to be quiet. Now they waited for the daimyo's actions.